We Are Not Complacent

I can’t believe that another month has passed since my last note. Time is flying–and so is PC Pitstop. I want to personally thank everyone who has visited our site and given us feedback. We love feedback at PC Pitstop, and we hope that you find our message boards informative, entertaining and responsive.

In addition to your feedback, we’re starting to get some nice industry feedback, too. ZD-TV mentioned PC Pitstop a few times on their nationally syndicated “Screen Savers” program. The response was overwhelming–so much, in fact, that we had to add another server! We were scrambling for a while, but everything is back to normal. We know your time is important, so our goal is to provide a useful and speedy service.

One thing we’re not at PC Pitstop is complacent. You may have already noticed that we’re beta-testing our new anti-virus control. That’s right, anti-virus! For free, of course. We’re working closely with Panda Software, the number-one anti-virus software company in Europe. Why Panda? First, they’re a great company and easy to work with. That counts for a lot in my book. Second, they have a great product. Since most of the viruses come from outside the United States, we felt Panda’s virus file was more comprehensive than its competitors’. Oh, I almost forgot: Since we’re checking viruses online, you can always be sure that you are checking for the most recent viruses.

If you’re a software or Web-site developer, or you just have an interest in the PC industry, watch our site during the next couple weeks for our revamped market research section. There’s a ton of useful and free information that should help you make those tricky development decisions. If there’s some other piece of information or research you need, just pop us an e-mail, and we’ll try to figure out a way to work together.

Well, I better get back to work. We’ve accomplished a lot in the last month, and there’s even more to do in June. Talk to you next month.

Happy computing,

Rob Cheng
CEO PC Pitstop LLC

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