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What’s New at PC Pitstop, August 2000

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Greetings PC Pitstop user, and welcome to our first newsletter! Because you’re a valued visitor to the Pitstop, we want to help make sure your PC is always running in top shape. So periodically, we’ll update you on what’s new and exciting at PC Pitstop, including new tests and diagnostics, anti-virus updates and more.


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Make sure your connection is pulling its weight with our new Internet Connection Center’s Ping and Bandwidth tests. These tests measure the round-trip time for packets to travel from your PC to several Web sites, as well as your actual transmission speed or throughput. If your connection isn’t up to par, the Center also provides tips on improving your speed and connection. Back to top


We’ve updated our monthly virus signature file-our list of “in the wild” viruses scanned for at our site. If you ran our virus scan before August 2, then you need to update your signature file before running a new scan, in order to receive the most up-to-date virus check possible. Haven’t scanned your system at PC Pitstop yet? Check in immediately to make sure your data is safe from a lurking virus. Back to top


To help bring you real-world-tested products that we’ve used and believe will improve your daily computing, we’ve opened our e-commerce doors. We’ve partnered with some leading retailers and commerce sites-including Gateway and bring you discount deals on Pitstop-recommended PCs, hardware, software and books. Visit now to receive a $25 discount on select Gateway PCs! Back to top


If you haven’t tested your PC at our site lately, browse over to the Pitstop to make sure your PC is still running in top form. We’ve added a Standings category that shows how your PC ranks against the rest and offers upgrade options, plus a version of our new Internet bandwidth test. Back to top


Ever wonder what we do with all that information we collect from PCs? We invite you to browse our updated Statistics site to see for yourself. Find out how PCs “in the field” are configured and used: What’s the most popular CPU speed, amount of RAM, CD-RW and DVD drives, the hottest plug-ins and much more. Plus, get detailed looks at Napster and the free ISP market. Back to top


About PC Pitstop

PC Pitstop, LLC ( was formed in February 2000, and offers users a unique way to make sure their PCs are running fast, stable and secure-all through a free, Web-based interface. PC Pitstop runs diagnostics on users’ PCs to identify things that might help improve performance, and offers solutions through detailed tips and AutoFixes. PC Pitstop has adopted a stringent privacy policy that protects any personal information submitted to us.


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