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What’s New at PC Pitstop, October 2000

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Hello again, PC Pitstop user. It’s been a while since our last newsletter, but we’ve been hard at work implementing some new features for you. Here’s what’s happening at the Pitstop. (And remember: You should visit PC Pitstop regularly to help make sure your PC is always running in peak condition. If you haven’t tested your PC lately, stop in now for a tune-up.)


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Full Tests

We’ve beefed up our full suite of PC tests to include more accurate analysis and an Auto-Fix for your Internet connection. Our complete tests now also examine and save your download and upload speeds, as well as ping times–and let you know if your connection is up to par. If it isn’t, your Internet test results will offer an Auto-Fix that you can use to optimize your settings and, hopefully, improve performance. As usual, the standalone Internet tests are also available from our Internet Connection Center: Internet Connection Center (but only the full PC tests will save your last scores and offer the Auto-Fix).
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Anti-virus Center

The latest version of our virus signature file–our list of “in-the-wild” viruses scanned for at our site–is now available. If you ran our virus scan before September 6, then you need to update your signature file before running a new scan. This will ensure you receive the most up-to-date virus check possible. Haven’t scanned your system at PC Pitstop yet? Check in immediately to make sure your data is safe from a lurking virus.
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Want an easy way to share your Pitstop test results with a friend, colleague or IT tech? Look for the new E-mail/Print a Page feature at the bottoms of all test and results pages. The option makes it easy to quickly e-mail your results to anyone in a compact and easily readable format, or save a hard copy using a printer-friendly page.
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Product Store

In addition to the great recommendations and deals in the PC Pitstop Store, you’ll find that we’ve upped the Pitstop discount on select Gateway PCs to $50. Plus, we’ve updated the configurations for our recommended mid-range and high-end systems–and lowered their prices. In the market for a new PC? Stop into the Pitstop Store now. And make sure you use the coupon code — PCPIT50 — when ordering your PC to make sure you receive this exclusive discount.

Plus, keep in mind that every time you buy from PC Pitstop-featured merchants such as Amazon.com via our site, we get credit for the sale. And that credit helps us develop more features for you and keep our services free-of-charge. So if you’re going to buy from Amazon, click first on the Pitstop Store, then on the Amazon link in the left column. Yes, it’s a couple of extra clicks, but it’s very important to us (and you).
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About PC Pitstop

PC Pitstop, LLC (http://www.pcpitstop.com) was formed in February 2000, and offers users a unique way to make sure their PCs are running fast, stable and secure-all through a free, Web-based interface. PC Pitstop runs diagnostics on users’ PCs to identify things that might help improve performance, and offers solutions through detailed tips and AutoFixes. PC Pitstop has adopted a stringent privacy policy that protects any personal information submitted to us.


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