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What’s New at PC Pitstop, November 2000

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Happy Thanksgiving, PC Pitstop user! Since our last newsletter, we’ve been very busy at the Pitstop working on some new tools and features to keep your PC and Internet connection running in top form. So why not take some time now or over the holiday weekend to swing by the Pitstop for your regular PC check-up.


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Internet Connection Center

We’ve updated our Internet Connection Center with new tools to help you get to the bottom of sluggish connections and sites. iCheckConnection is a downloadable utility that pinpoints problems if you are having trouble connecting to the Internet or to a specific site. It also verifies that a site is running properly and measures the bandwidth and latency between your machine and any site. Our new nslook utility is also available as a download and lets you look up an IP address from a DNS name, and a DNS name from an IP address–helpful for getting to the root of spam or network security attacks.
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Anti-virus Center

The latest version of our virus signature file–our list of “in-the-wild” viruses scanned for at our site–is now available. If you ran our virus scan before November 8, then you need to update your signature file before running a new scan. This will ensure you receive the most up-to-date virus check possible. Haven’t scanned your system at PC Pitstop yet? Check in immediately to make sure your data is safe from a lurking virus.
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Research Center

We’ve taken an extensive look at two of the Internet community’s hottest and most important developments–Napster and the free-ISP market–and published new, free reports on their progress. The Napster report takes a unique look at how the controversial app has affected the PC community and high-end technology adoption; the Free-ISP report details the growth and performance of free ISPs and how they compare to pay giants AOL and MSN.
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Privacy Policy

At PC Pitstop, your privacy is our number-one priority. We take it seriously, so we recently updated our Privacy Policy to help address all your privacy concerns. And we’re proud to announce that the Better Business Bureau has certified PC Pitstop as a member of the strict BBBOnline Privacy Program–a set of guidelines dedicated to protecting user privacy over the Internet.
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We’d like to thank all our users for their feedback and questions posted on our BBS ( and sent to us via e-mail. To help answer some of your common questions, we’ve updated our list of frequently-asked questions with more information on results from the Pitstop tests, as well as problems encountered during the tests. Thanks for your feedback . . . keep it comin’.
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Rob’s Pit Blog

Pitstop Mechanics Lesson

Also new to the site are a couple informational articles on disk health and RAM. PC Pitstop CEO Rob Cheng offers sage advice on keeping your hard drive healthy–and consequently protecting your priceless data. Also, check out “RAM: The Poor Man’s PC Upgrade” for advice on upgrading your RAM and why it’s one of the best and most inexpensive ways to boost PC performance. Back to top


About PC Pitstop

PC Pitstop, LLC ( was formed in February 2000, and offers users a unique way to make sure their PCs are running fast, stable and secure-all through a free, Web-based interface. PC Pitstop runs diagnostics on users’ PCs to identify things that might help improve performance, and offers solutions through detailed tips and AutoFixes. PC Pitstop has adopted a stringent privacy policy that protects any personal information submitted to us.


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