The Future of PC Pitstop: TechExpress

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WELCOME to the Future, everyone! And thank you for visiting PC Pitstop.

More and more people are learning about the power of a Pitstop. Our traffic levels are growing by leaps and bounds, and we are so happy to play a role in your computing experience. But we’re not resting on our laurels. You see, we have a vision.

We want to be the sole Web destination for all your computing needs. We will accomplish our goal by developing technologies that make the entire experience simpler, faster, less cumbersome and more personalized. And so, I am happy and extremely proud to present the next step toward this vision: TechExpress.

TechExpress endeavors to be the quick and easy solution to your technical issues and problems. Right now, we have researched numerous links to solve specific problems that you identify. And, in the future, we will be adding ActiveDiagnostics, which will automatically isolate the cause of a problem and provide an AutoFix to rectify it. Quick, simple and easy. Keep on coming back. Over time, TechExpress will get better and better.

But there’s still more to TechExpress. In a simple one-step process, it also lets you forward your PC Pitstop results to anyone with an e-mail address. To whom would you send your results—and why? Anyone that can help solve a problem you’re having. This could be your buddy at work or the techie down the street–or most likely a support technician from your PC manufacturer. And the Pitstop tests provide a remarkably informative map of your PC, so once the third party can instantly ‘see’ your PC, the entire diagnostic process goes much more smoothly. You and your chosen third party can focus on fixing the problem rather than identifying it.

That’s right. We’re automating the entire process. We know that you didn’t buy your PC to spend hours on hold with tech support to fix a minor problem. We know that you would rather spend your time computing and learning instead of fussing with an overly complex operating system. And, lastly, we know a lot about these crazy PCs, and we will pour that knowledge into this Web site and our technologies.

Not to be redundant, but: Welcome to the Future! And thank you for visiting PC Pitstop.

Rob Cheng
CEO PC Pitstop LLC

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