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What’s New at PC Pitstop, May 2001

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Greetings! Spring is finally here–which means it’s time not only for cleaning house, but time to take a virtual mop and bucket to your PC and Windows, too. And PC Pitstop has all the tools you’ll need to give your system a full checkup and a good dose of spring cleaning. See below for the latest updates at PC Pitstop.



Remember: It’s a good idea to give your PC a checkup every month. So if you haven’t visited the Pitstop and tested your PC in a while, stop in now while you’re still in spring cleaning mode. Our full suite of tests checks everything from your system and memory to resource-hogging running programs to Internet security settings–and it takes only a matter of minutes. Plus, you can always run the following tests whenever you want. So check in now!

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We’ve updated our Anti-Virus Center with the latest list of “in-the-wild” viruses from around the world. If you ran our virus scan before MAY 2, then you need to download the free list (called a signature file) and re-run the Pitstop virus scan to make sure your PC hasn’t been infected.

While you’re at it, run PC Pitstop’s full suite of tests ( to make sure your Internet and e-mail security settings are properly in place. It could save your PC.


We love offering our free tests to you and the millions of users who visit PC Pitstop. And we get lots of e-mail from users giving their thanks (you’re welcome!) and asking how they can give back to the Pitstop. Turns out, there are number of ways you can help–from outright donations to letting online merchants know you came from PC Pitstop when you shop online. And we’ve made it all easy to do…Visit to find out more.
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PC Pitstop, LLC ( was formed in February 2000, and offers users a unique way to make sure their PCs are running fast, stable and secure–all through a free, Web-based interface.


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