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Welcome to PC Pitstop. Or if you’re a returning veteran, which many of you are, welcome back. We sincerely appreciate your visit to our site, and I hope that we can help your computing experience in a positive way. Whether that’s autofixing a problem, or learning more about your PC, or finding a new online PC guru friend.

I want to share two very important sponsors of our site. Sponsors are important because they help us meet our goal of keeping the site free. On the other hand, our sponsors must provide a superior deal to our users, or else we can be viewed as just schlocking product to make a buck. I believe that we have found the right partners that will help us fund the site, but at the same time give our users great services and products at great prices.

Our first partner is Crucial Technologies. Crucial is one of the larger memory manufacturers in the United States, and they will be sponsoring all of the memory pages on our site. This is one awesome company.
I recently upgraded memory in all six of my PC’s and I bought all of the memory from Crucial. They have by far the best prices, and sometimes by a lot. For example, my Gateway Solo 5300, I upgrade from 128 to 384 MB of memory. Gateway and others wanted over $250 for the memory and Crucial was charging $45. Furthermore, Crucial throws in shipping and a 10% web discount. Given the fact that memory is so cheap, and Crucial has the best memory prices, it seems like a win-win for Pitstop and also for you.

Our second partner is Ask Dr. Tech. This company provides live technical support either by email or telephone. This completes one of our key visions for PC Pitstop: To be your one stop shop for all of your technical support problems and issues. Up to this point, we have provided a wealth of free tools and diagnostics
that we hope will enable a quick and cost free solution to your computing problems. Now we have taken it a step farther. With our partnership with Ask Dr Tech, you can feel confident that no matter what your problem the solution is at Pitstop. First feel free to use all of our free tools and diagnostics, and if you still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it, Ask Dr. Tech.

Here’s the best part of all: The Ask Dr. Tech prices are fantastic! There are two types of support, per-incident and per-annum. Per-incident support costs only $9.95 for email support and $19.95 for telephone support.
You can also get a one year subscription for $89/year. If your PC is out of warranty, or you just have a problem that no one else can solve, Ask Dr Tech. You can’t lose with these prices.

The one thing that we ask, is please go through PC Pitstop to use these services and products so that Pitstop gets proper credit for your purchase.

Good luck and Happy Computing.

Rob Cheng
CEO, PC Pitstop LLC

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