PC Pitstop’s 2nd Year

Read Rob’s message about maintaining hard-drive health (11/00)

PC Pitstop is now 2 years old. Let’s all close our eyes, make a wish, and blow out the candles. PC Pitstop has been officially alive for 2 full years. And just like an infant, we have learned and gained a lot of experience in our 2nd year.

If I were to use one word to summarize our 2nd year, it would be partnerships. Here are our key partners, and what they mean to us, and also what they mean to you.

PC World – PC World is one of the big daddies in PC Media. We have partnered with PC World in several different ways. First, we changed our colors and site navigation to integrate with PCWorld.com. Secondly, we worked with PC World to create the best darn XP readiness test in the world. Thirdly, PC World sales people sell PC Pitstop ad space.

Ask Dr Tech – I am personally very proud of this relationship. Ask Dr Tech is a young aggressive company, just like PC Pitstop. They are also pioneering a new way of solving PC problems, just like PC Pitstop. It’s called fixed fee technical support. Unlike 900 numbers, or other pay by the minute schemes, you pay for a solution. In this way, a technician is motivated to solve a problem quickly and expediently and economically.

Crucial – It is great to have Crucial as one of our partners. Hands down, they have the best prices, best delivery, and best memory products on the web. It’s a match made in heaven.

McAfee – The people at McAfee have a great virus disinfector which compliments our virus detector greatly. Plus, we are finding that close to 8% of the PC’s have a virus! That is far too high.

But more important than our partners are the valuable lessons that we have learned. Overall, our second year was a tough year for Pitstop. The internet bubble burst, the US economy went
into recession, and September 11 made us all re-evaluate our priorities. But throughout it all, we are still standing and stronger than ever. In fact, thanks to our partnerships, we have been profitable for 3 consecutive months. Two years seems like such a long time ago, but our vision is still in tact, and seems more achievable than ever.


Rob Cheng
CEO PC Pitstop LLC

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1 thought on “PC Pitstop’s 2nd Year”

  1. Thanks Pitstop for those 2 yrs so far.
    Your articles have helped me immensely to maintain my PC health.
    I always look forward to the weekly email & regularly keep a link to certain articles for future reference.
    Would I be right in thinking that one contributor actually lives in coastal sunny Queensland Australia?
    If so …way to go mate! 🙂

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