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PC Pitstop collects and analyzes information about running programs during our full system tune-up process. This lets us spot emerging trends in new viruses and spyware, and it also helps us to identify benign-but-unneeded programs that many systems are running.

A file name alone may not be enough for positive identification. PC Pitstop can make a more definitive call when you run PC Pitstop Exterminate, our full tests, or our quick spyware scan, using information such as the company name, product name, or install directory.

Search the database for a program: (e.g., weather.exe)

Not on the list?

We’re adding to this database on a regular basis, with our emphasis being on programs that pose a threat in terms of resources, system stability, privacy, or security. If you’d like to contribute to this list with a program that isn’t yet recognized, post a message in the “Viruses, Spyware, Adware” section of our forums. Please include the following information:

  • The program file name (e.g., progname.exe).
  • What the program does. Does it come with a particular application or piece of hardware?
  • Is it a safe program, or is it some type of spyware?
  • Can the program can be stopped–is it really needed? What functions may not work if it is stopped?
  • How should the program be stopped or removed? Does it have an Add/Remove Programs entry, should you use MSConfig, or is some other procedure required?
  • Links to information about the program on the Internet.
  • A link to your test results.

Browse the database

If you prefer, you can browse the database to see all entries.

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