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Here’s a special shoutout to all the Pitstoppers in the Louisiana delta area. Our prayers and heart felt concerns are with you as you go through this incredible disaster. It is times like these when we truly realize how powerless we are to bend this world to our own human desires. I am sure that I am not alone, as I watched hour after hour of television, of the slow developing tragedy developing down in the bayou. The entire world felt the pain down south, but there was little that any of us could do but watch the events unfold.

In many ways, the same frustration overcomes me when I think about spyware. PC Pitstop entered the frey in January 2003. We integrated free spyware and virus scanning into our main diagnostic tests, and we made a commitment to create the most complete body of work on spyware on the web. Despite the fact, we have a spyware center with 15 different spyware articles written by respected industry experts, and despite the fact, that we have helped millions of users indentify and remove spyware from their computers, the problem continues to grow. They are making millions as they confound users and slow down PC’s.

Last month, I had the pleasure of doing my first podcast with Larry Magid who works at both the New York Times and CBS News. The topic was, of course, spyware. Take a listen at your convenience. I keep hoping that there is a magic tipping point or epiphany where the entire world wakes up and realizes the deception that is inherent in spyware. Until next time.

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