Portable PC Battery Statistics

It’s no secret that portable PC’s are becoming more popular with users. With the recent portable battery recalls, we analyzed how people’s portables were powered up while running our on line tests. Our research shows that a little over 10% of the portables tested were running off their battery and approximately one half of one percent were powered with AC and the battery removed.

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2 thoughts on “Portable PC Battery Statistics”

  1. As I was saying before that stupid phone became intolerable. The Dell still has its original battery whose only purpose is to serve as a UPS for our all too frequent power outages. Is it likely to have any life left in it by now? It still works but I don’t know for how long. Does removing the battery actually do any good? Obviously the UPS function would no longer be of use. At times I would like to take it to my shop 22 miles away but I feel it might be necessary to take the charger as well. Comments?

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