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Anti-Spyware Workshop Exposes Industry Antics

PC Pitstop CTO Dave Methvin just got back from the Anti-Spyware Coalition Public Workshop. He showed pictures of recent ads that clearly target young children to install unwanted software, even though the software claims you must be 18 years old. Is there a way for the Federal Trade Commission to stop this kind of child and computer endangerment? Dave thinks so.
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Fragmentation Dropping as Drives Get Bigger

Drive fragmentation is one of the biggest performance killers any PC can experience. That’s bad news, but the good news is that the average PC has a more free space on its drive than it has in the past. As a result, fragmentation is going down. Still, the best way to keep your drive running at its fastest is to clean up junk files and defragment your drive at least once a week. If the built-in Windows defragger doesn’t do the job, consider using Diskeeper.
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Sony recently announced that they would stop distributing current We know that email inboxes can get pretty crowded nowadays, so we want to make sure that you look forward to getting our newsletter. To do that, we want to know what you’d like us to cover in each issue. If you follow the link below and fill out the survey, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a $50 Amazon.com gift certificate. It’s our way of thanking you for subscribing to the newsletter.

Performance Tip: Trim System Restore’s Fat

The Windows XP System Restore feature is a lifesaver, but it often sucks up much more disk space than is necessary to provide a safe set of restore points. As a result your drive may experience slower performance and greater fragmentation. To change the disk space used by System Restore, click Start, Control Panel, System and go to the System Restore tab. Select the C drive and click Settings. Move the slider until you are using less than about 1500MB, but do not set the value for less than 400MB. For most systems that will offer at least a week’s worth of restore points. Repeat for other non-removable hard drives you may have.

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