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Microsoft’s Gaping Security Hole

Have you wanted to try PC Pitstop Optimize before buying it? Well, now you can. Our new version of Optimize lets you run a complete scan and see what changes we’d recommend for your PC. Plus, Optimize has some additional checks that are not currently available in our online tests. If you want us to make the recommended changes, you can purchase Optimize for just $29.99 and help support our site.
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A Peek Inside the Spyware Greed Machine

An aggressive New York State attorney general has filed suit against spyware maker Direct Revenue, and in the process revealed incredible documents showing the company’s greedy and consumer-hostile actions.
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Australians Lead the World in Antispyware

Did you know that PC Pitstop’s valuable research is updated monthly, and that you can read it for free? Our latest report shows that Australia leads the world in the use of antispyware programs.
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Your Opinion–Worth $100?

We want to know what you’d like to see at PC Pitstop. Please fill out our quick survey; it takes just a minute, and you be entered in our drawing to win a $100 gift certificate.

Windows Tip: Don’t be a Slave to Email

Does your email program play a sound whenever you get new mail? Do you drop everything or interrupt what you’re doing–even a phone call–to check that mail? Turn off the sound and you may find that you’re more focused and productive. If you’re busy, can’t go for half an hour without checking mail? In Outlook 2003, click Tools, Options, Email Options, Advanced Email Options and uncheck the “Play a Sound” checkbox. In Outlook Express, click Tools, Options, General, and uncheck “Play Sound When Message Arrives” checkbox.

Got your own cool Windows tip? Post it on our forums; if your tip is selected for a future newsletter you’ll win $100!

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