June 2006 Newsletter

What’s New at PC Pitstop – June 2006

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In This Issue (Focus on Vista)

  • Commentary: Vista – RAM Guzzler
  • New Test: Try our Vista Readiness Test
  • Windows Tip: For those with reading glasses…
  • Research: Close to 3/4 of PC’s are not Vista Ready
  • Windows Tweak: Recover previous hard drive space
Vista: RAM Guzzler

After considerable delay, Microsoft released the hardware specifications for their much hyped operating system.
Rob takes a look under the hood to see what it means for all of us. Learn More

PC Pitstop Optimize
Speed up your PC. Run our free Optimize scan and identify ways to get a faster and more reliable computer. Get better performance without the expense or difficulty of adding new hardware. Run a free scan
PC Pitstop Unveils Vista Readiness Test
How does your PC stack up to Microsoft’s Vista specs? We are pulling the covers off our latest PC scan – The Vista Readiness Test. It’s fast, easy, and it’s free. Find out if your PC is Vista Ready. Learn More

Windows Tip: Recover Hard Drive Space
Windows utilities such as System Restore and the Recycle Bin, by default, chew up large chunks of your hard drive. FlyFishingRules2 shows us how to restore precious GB’s of storage space. Learn More

Privacy Scan
Your PC is storing a mountain of personal information about you and your surfing habits. We’ve developed a free and powerful privacy scan that lets you see the personal information that is at risk. Give it a try, it’s free!
Windows Tip: For Our Pitsters with Reading Glasses

Several tips came in this month about making Windows easier to read for our far sighted Pitsters. Shogan191 explains how to change Windows default setting to get larger fonts. Next, Rmc wrote on how to enlarge text in emails using the control key. (Shogan191’s Tip)(RMC’s Tip)

Free Driver Scan
Hardware manufacturers frequently update their Windows drivers to improve the performance and stability of their products. If you have a peculiar problem with your PC, quite often it can be resolved by an updated driver. Check out your PC’s driver status, with a free driver scan. Scan For Free
Research: Over 70% of PC’s are not Vista Ready

Our research shows that over 70% of PC’s do not meet the Vista hardware spec. Worse yet, 80% of portables and businesses are not Vista ready. Prior to the XP launch, less than 40% were not XP ready. Learn More

Free Spware Scan
If your PC is acting strangely, or acting sluggish, quite often spyware is the root cause. Check out this free spyware scan from our partners at Computer Associates. Scan for free.
Got a Windows Tip or Trick?
You can win $100 if your Windows Tip or Trick is selected for our monthly newsletter. Just join our forums, affectionately called The Pit, and make your submission in the Tips or Tricks section. Even if you don’t have a tip or trick, come join our growing and happening online community. Join

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