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Since PC Pitstop opened in March 2000, we’ve tested and optimized more than a million computers. During that time, spyware has become a growing problem that threatens the stability and performance of your PC.

Our statistics indicate that more than 20% of PC’s have some sort of spyware active in memory, stealing CPU cycles, using up system resources, delivering unwanted advertising, and often creating system instability. Worse yet, spyware can threaten your privacy.

“Why is that program running?”

Look up hundreds of files in our known programs database!

Why do companies make this kind of software? Because it makes them money. This is the worst news of all; your loss is their gain, which means they’ll keep trying.

More and more companies are entering the market to exploit this alarming trend. Together with our partner, Pest Patrol, we are continuously updating our databases to find these unwanted programs. The job is getting tougher as makers of this software adapt their tactics to avoid detection and hide their true intent.

Fighting Spyware

PC Pitstop believes that just about everyone will avoid spyware once they know the full story about what it does and the effects it has on a PC. Everyone knows that a virus is bad news, spyware can be just as bad for the performance and reliability of your PC. And it’s not just computer users who are affected by spyware.
Many advertisers are not fully aware of the tactics that spyware makers use to lure users into installing the software, and they don’t realize their ad money is encouraging even more aggressive tactics. So we’ve created this site to educate both users and advertisers about spyware.

How can you protect your PC and help eliminate the spyware threat?

Do you have questions, or want to share some experiences about spyware?
Join in our forum!

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3 thoughts on “Spyware Information Center

  1. Me too! I have just gotten a jailbreak! I had to shut down my computer by taking the battery out, just to stop the blitz! I have PC matic with supershield,But I cant run the scan..These pop ups take over! The problem I am having is trying to get any support. The questions listed under tech support have nothing to do with being hacked, Now what do I do?

    • If you’re referencing PC Matic support, you can click on the link that says “My issue isn’t here” and fill out a ticket that way.

  2. I have purchased PC Pitstop Exterminator and it uncovered a Trojan but is unable to remove it. Here is the message: Trojan-Dropper.Win32.VB.Botmap!cobra (v)
    Threat ID 319452
    I have run PC Pitstop Exterminator 3-4 times but can not delete this threat.
    the TTraces: Type: 4 PermissionTV Player.exe

    Can you help me?

    Thank you!

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