About PC Pitstop Tests

PC Pitstop’s tests are implemented with web pages that use Javascript and an ActiveX control developed and signed by PC Pitstop. The tests are conducted over multiple pages to reduce the size of the data being sent back to the web site and to provide you with better visual feedback about the testing process.

Part one of the testing collects data on the configuration of the computer. This includes CPU type/speed, types and sizes of disk drives, video resolution, BIOS information, memory configuration, Windows and browser version, plus a list of the programs that are currently running on the computer.

Part two of testing exercises your hardware to determine how well each subsystem is working, and sees how quickly your system can perform some common tasks. The tests check the performance and health of the CPU, memory, disk drives, video, and Internet connection.

Once all that data is collected, it is sent to our server so that we can analyze it and tell you about ways that you can make your system run better and faster. You’ll get a full report on the data we collected and our recommendations based on the data.

Ready to test? Let’s go!

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