Digital Music Survey

The results of our July 2006 Digital Music Survey are in. We have completed our detailed analysis showing some of the interaction between responses. Generally, the younger crowd have indicated that they are embracing digital music and its technology.

Favorite types of music by age group. Rock & Pop ranks highest for all ages except the over 60 folks.

How people are finding out about new music by age bracket.

Music listening habits by age group.

Number of songs downloaded in the past month by music listening groups.

Nearly 80% of those surveyed under 20 own an MP3 player. For those under 20 who own a MP3 player, 54% own something other than an iPod. Nearly 30% of those 31-40 who say they own a MP3 player own an iPod.

People are downloading songs and ripping CDs for their MP3 players.

iPod owners are using iTunes as a source of downloading music.

The popularity of downloading songs and albums appear to decrease with age. People under the age of 30 appear to be downloading a large amount of music.

The under 30 crowd is more likely to find their music on Limewire, Napster or Kaaza. Whereas, the 31-40 age group is more likely to use iTunes.

The younger crowd is still buying CDs. At least 20% of those surveyed under the age of 30 have purchased 10 or more CDs in the past year.

People that buy a lot of CDs also download a lot of songs and albums.

70% of those under 20 rip all or almost all of their CDs.

Number of live music shows attended in the past year by age bracket.

People who enjoy live music shows are also downloading music.

The luxury of satellite radio has yet to become mainstream.

The overall survey summary results are shown below.Over 77% use the internet to find out about new music. Almost 70% have downloaded at least one song in the past month. 60% own an mp3 / iPod player. Over 47% rip most or all of the CD’s they purchase and 21% subscribe to satellite radio.

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