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The results of our November 2006 Password Survey have been tabulated. Below is analysis that show how responses varied by age and pc expertise followed by the overall summary results.

General survey results show that approximately 26% of the respondents use common words, dates, phone or address numbers as their passwords. Over 38% of the respondents indicate they reuse or recycle old passwords and 62% indicate they only change their passwords when they perceive a security threat or issue. 17% of the people indicate that they write their passwords down and stick the list on or under their monitor, keyboard or desk drawer.

On a more positive note, over 53% use passwords that are either unrelated words or random mixture of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. Almost 52% use passwords with a length of 8 – 10 characters. Over 20% indicate that they change their passwords at least every three months.

Overall, an amazing 37% remember their passwords by committing them to memory only; ranging from 70% for individuals in the less than 30 age bracket to 25% in the 60 and over group.

Survey analysis by Age Group and PC Expertise Levels

What is the general quality of your passwords?

How many characters (length) are your passwords?

How do you come up with new passwords?

How do you remember your passwords?

Do you use the same password for accessing different accounts?

How many different passwords do you have?

How often do you change your passwords?

How often do you need to have passwords reset?

Survey Results Summary

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