Prevalence of Canadian Digital Media Sharing & Copying Sftwr

A January 2007 news story reported that according to a Twentieth Century Fox investigation, as much as fifty percent of the world’s pirated movies come from Canada. The article cites that the Canadian Copyright Act, as well as the internal policies of police forces, make it extremely difficult for them to crack down on movie piracy. The focus of the article was on the practice of “camcording” of movies in Montreal movie houses.

While PC Pitstop doesn’t have the ability to see what is going on in Canadian movie theaters, we are able to take a look at how Canada compares to other World-wide regions for the prevalence of PC peer-to-peer file sharing, DVD decryption and ripping and CD audio recording software applications.

Based on our research, Canada appears to fall in the middle of the pack of the World-wide regions for the prevalence of these three software application groups. Our results do little to support the premise that Canada is a safe haven for digital media piracy.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Applications

DVD Decryption and Ripping Software

Audio CD Burning Applications

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