Vista Trends

Microsoft launched Vista Business in late 2006 and Vista Home in early 2007. Our research shows that in July 2007, Vista was found on 12% of the PCs running the PC Pitstop online tests. Our research also shows that Vista is significantly lagging the historical XP launch ramp by almost 57%. In the six months following the XP launch in 2001, the operating system had grown to be found on over 28% of all PCs. Vista’s prevalence, after six months from its consumer Vista Home launch, sits at 12%. For the people that have switched to Vista, the July 2007 stats show that
almost 60% have the Home Premium version of the operating system. Vista Ultimate, which appears to be slightly losing share, came in second at 21%. Home Basic and Vista Business followed in the mix at 14% and 4% respectively.

Vista Operating System Penetration

Comparison of Vista to XP Launch Ramp

Vista OS Product Mix

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