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Tips & Tricks Winners

Month Tip Winner Location Prize
February 2009 Go away please, getting rid of thumbs.db files
Kenneth Virginia $100
David North Carolina $100
Scheduled and hidden scheduled tasks
Carlton Canada $100
76 Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts
Elaine California $100
Setup user account on a separate drive than Vista
Jeffrey Missouri $100
January 2009 Create desktop icons for shutdown or restart
Keith Puerto Rico $100
Open Source, Security Tools
Kim Washingto $100
December 2008 Online onscreen virtual multilingual keyboard, from any PC everywhere
Stern Israel $100
November 2008 Use system restore when you can’t boot your PC
Willie Florida $100
Favorites, Good bookmarks
David New York $100
Windows Recovery Environment
Joesph Michigan $100
Before you connect a nw computer to the internet
Randy Canada $100
Running different versions of Firefox and IE at the same time
Donald Arizona $100
October 2008 Your HardDrive Revealed
Stern Israel $100
Disabling AdobeUpdater the Easy Way
Faith Georgia $100
7,000 Free Downloads
Donald Arizona $100
Open CD Drive without power
Elaine California $100
Fed Up with Same Old Login Screen
Alan UK $100
Sidebar Gadgets
Donald Arizona $100
September 2008 Tip for encoding with Nero 8, put your cores to work
Shawheen California $100
Add security tab to XP Home properties, set permissions without having to boot into
G.Finley North Carolina $100
Browser keyboard shortcuts, great list of shortcuts to speed up your browsing
Simon Missouri $100
Solutions for .docx files
Paulo Brazil $100
Browser keyboard shortcuts, great list of shortcuts to speed up your browsing
Simon Missouri $100
Internet shortcut icons changed to generic icons, refresh
Jeri Washington $100
Control panel addon Vista
Jerry Texas $100
August 2008 How to print a folder fiile list from Windows Explorer
Elaine California $100
XP Tweaks, Bad Tweaks Richard Canada $100
Bill Indiana $100
Rename Multiple Files
Don Arizona $100
Ebbay Missells
Bill Indiana $100
July 2008 Yahoo, Hotmails
Richard Canada $100
Sound Effects
Charles Indiana $100
Folder Thumbnails
Ron Minnesota $100
June 2008 Prevent XP from Deleting Restore Points
Mark Rhode Island $100
Wireless Network Setup Guide
Jon Indiana $100
Vista Drive Icon
Kevin Oklahoma $100
May 2008 Lost Recycle Bin
Richard Canada $100
Spot Fake Emails
Alan UK $100
April 2008 Free Online Classes
Joe Michigan $100
Outlook on the Desktop
Jon Indiana $100
Best Quality YouTube
Stern Israel $100
Icon Restore
Elaine California $100
MS Word Tip
Stern Israel $100
March 2008 Free Home Music Server
Bruce Massachusetts $100
Get out of trouble by creating a new task
Willie Florida $100
Importing favorites from MSN to Firefox
Donald Arizona $100
February 2008 Disable Windows Auto Updates
Jeri Washington $100
Clean & Copy When Scanning
Brian Australia $100
Total Copy, to copy & move faster
Paulo Brazil $100
Noisy Fans & How to Fix Them
Richard Canada $100
Tiny URL
Shawnheen California $100
January 2008 Firefox – multiple home pages in separate tabs Vinny Conneticut $100
Send big files & Photos, Drag & Drop
Charles Indiana $100
How To Secure Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 & VISTA
Alexander New York $100
December 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts Arthur Texas $100
Online shopping tips Jerry Texas $100
Like everest but more info
Allen Illinois $100
November 2007 Want a New Bootscreen? Jeri C Washington $100
October 2007 Process Explorer Edward B Canada $100
September 2007 Save All Open Docs Mindy Texas $100
Super XP Tweak Guide Chris Arizona $100
August 2007 Vista Speed Boost Bryan W California $100
Valuable Vista Tweaks Michael W Indiana $100
July 2007 Sharing Keyboards and Mice Charles C Indiana $100
Play DVDs in Vista Media Player Jeri C Washington $100
June 2007 Screen Capture Made Easy Jeri C Washington $100
Opaque Icons Edward B Canada $100
May 2007 Make Your Own Icons Mindy R Texas $100 Amazon Card
Add Item to Send To menu Charles C Indiana $100
April 2007 Caps Lock Tip Edward B Canada $100
Full Test in Vista Matt Indiana
March 2007 Firefox and Vista Richard G Canada $100
Free Applications Bruce C Massachusetts
February 2007 Page file Ken R Texas $200
Run as Admin
Outgoing Firewall Doug T North Dakota
Run Command
January 2007 Vista Gadgets Ken R Texas $100
Forward Email Minnie Texas
December 2006 Power Button Richard Canada $100
Stop Auto-restart rmcvey Florida
November 2006 OpenDNS Steve R Texas $100
Foxit reader Amarjeet G California
October 2006
Open multiple start menu
Paulo T Brazil $100
Regain HD space Bill J Indiana
September 2006 Increase security Raymond G Canada $100
August 2006 Internet 10 Commandments Joesph Michigan $100
July 2006 Open IE faster Allen S Illinois $100
June 2006 Limit System Restore Space Doug T North Dakota $100
Enlarge font sizes Steve H Florida
Big Print with Mouse Randy M Texas
May 2006 Turn off XP eye candy David B Ireland $100
Windows + D Paul H United Kingdom

Survey Winners

Month Survey Winner Location Prize
February 2009 Economy Survey Paul Minnesota $100
January 2009 PC & Cell Phone Usage Survey Alfred Maine $100
October 2008 Community Survey Ken New Hampshire $100
September 2008 Online Backup Survey David Massachusetts $100
August 2008 Malware Survey Stephen Australia $100
July 2008 Social Bookmarking Survey Peter Canada $100
June 2008 Optimize 2.0 Survey Henan Texas $100
Tech Support Survey Rod Texas $100
May 2008 Driver Alert Survey Frances Nevada $100
Craplets & Bloatware Survey Dennis New York $100
Windows XP SP3 Survey Fred UK $100
Driver Alert Survey James California $100
April 2008 Search Survey Tony California $100
March 2008 Newsletter Survey Gary Georgia $100
Optimize Survey Jim Ohio $100
Optimize Survey Lawrence Pennsylvania $100
February 2008 Driver Alert Survey Joanne Canada $100
Driver Alert Survey Shane Australia $100
SPAM Survey Christopher Kansas $100
January 2008 Photo Printing Survey Art Oregon $100
December 2007 Printer Survey Michael Wisconsin $100
October 2007 Drivers Glorieux G Belgium $100
September 2007 You & Your PC Survey Peter H Australia $100
August 2007 Spam & Phishing Survey Alan P South Dakota $100
July 2007 Windows Accessory Survey Ed V Michigan $100
June 2007 Online Video Survey Steve T UK $100
May 2007 Obsolescence Survey Sharon P Ontario, Canada $100
Disk MD Survey Arthur M North Carolina $100
Exterminate Survey Judith M New York $100
Optimize Survey Jo H Florida $100
April 2007 Gaming Thomas B Mississippi $100
March 2007 Vista Attitude Elwin P Malaysia $100
February 2007 Emma K United Kingdom $100
January 2007 Printer Jerry S Missouri $100
Optimize Daryl R Minnesota
December 2006 Hard Drive & Storage Lewis M Texas $100
November 2006 Password Don O Australia $100
October 2006 PC Safety John W Texas $100 Amazon Card
September 2006 Wireless Gerald S Kansas $100 Amazon Card
July 2006 Digital Music $100 Amazon Card
May 2006 Keyboard Shortcuts Pamela M Wisconsin $100 Amazon Card
April 2006 Software info Peter H United Kingdom Software Licenses
March 2006 Erase Robin R $50 Best Buy Gift Card $50 Amazon Card
February 2006 Newsletter info Larry Texas $50 Amazon Card

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6 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Winners!”

  1. Back it up using ‘Backitup’ by Nero

    Nero’s Backitup utility works well however will not save any WinXP system files which are in use – these files are locked under orders from Bill Gates.
    To completely back up your main XP partition (C), create a second partition (D) on your hard drive. Load XP into both partitions. Drive D XP is crippled such that D’s XP cannot contact the internet and therefore D will not be subject to viruses etc.
    Now run Nero’s Backitup utility from partition D to save C. C will be completely saved, since no files are locked.

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