Printer Survey Results December 2007

The initial analysis of our December 2007 Printer Survey results.

Novice Users

54.8%…All in One Inkjet
4.3%…All in One Laser

Intermediate Users

47.5%…All in One Inkjet
3.9%…All in One Laser

The typical inkjet printer owner spends about $80 annually in the $30 billion dollar a year ink-jet cartridge market. (Lyra Research)

28.7% of respondents using XP and 40.7% of those running Vista have experienced a driver problem with related to their printers.

5.6% of respondents using XP and 2.6% of those running Vista – are ‘Not Sure’.

Novice Users


Intermediate Users


Advanced Users


Overclocker Users


31.7% of Novice Users & 20.8% of Advanced Users says it took at least 30 minutes to network their printers.

Independent data shows wireless printers represented 1 percent of the U.S. market for the first nine months of 2006. For the corresponding time in 2007, they had grown to 7 percent.

Of those who say they primarily use their printers for text – 92% describle their usage as Light or Moderate.

Of those who say they primarily use their printers for photos, 57.1% describe their usage as Moderate or Heavy.

“OEM printer vendors do not consider home photo printing a sustainable driver for the desktop inkjet market and are looking to high-volume office applications to bring in the revenue they need.” (Lyra Research)

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