PC Pitstop Processor Survey


The initial analysis of our February 2008 Processor Survey results.

75.6% of those who say they currently use an Intel processor – consider AMD to be less expensive.

20.4% of those who own AMD processors – think that Intel processors hold their value better.

69% of advanced users think that dual core processors best suit their computing needs.

50.4% of advanced users perceive extra value in 64 bit processors.

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4 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Processor Survey”

  1. Quite informative this survey.

    I’ve used AMD processors except for the very first PC a decade ago that had an Intel P-166 in it.

    There is an ongoing war of performance that Intel seems to win most of the time by small margins. For me, the value seems to suggest AMD as the better deal.

  2. I’ve have used both Intel and AMD dual core processors. By far, the Intel handles overclocking better, and Windows XP runs much smoother. The few extra $’s are worth it.

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