Single and Multi-processors Trends


Systems with multi-processors, once found only on servers and other extreme high end performance systems, have found there way into the general consumer arena. The percentage of systems running PC Pitstop’s on-line diagnostics and having multiprocessors grew from just over 1% in January 2006 to almost 30% in January 2008. The percentage of portables that have multi-processors has reached almost 40% in January 2008. A comparison of Intel to AMD shows AMD with a slight edge in both desktops and portable platforms as a percentage of their respective number of system with multi-processors. However, as shown by our monthly CPU analysis , Intel still leads AMD with approximately 64% and 78% of total desktops and total portables respectively, in January 2008.

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Percentages of All PCs by Number of Processors

Percentages of System with Multi-processors

CPU Manufacturers’ Percentage of Desktops with Multi-processor by Mfg.

CPU Manufacturers’ Percentage of Portables with Multi-processors by Mfg.

Intel Dual Core Family – Prevalence Trends

AMD Dual Core Family – Prevalence Trends.

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