14 thoughts on “New from The Tachometers: Spam – Leave Me Alone”

  1. vista is fine.have in on my year old system with no problems.maybe it’s alot to do the use of the computer that gives it such a bad rep.i use Vista ultimate and it is way better the xp.the look is amazing.just get a computer worthy of using Vista.hey if you have only 1 gig of ram i feel sorry for you.i have a total of 4 gb of memory with much more room for expansion.thanks for those of you who think Vista is “ultimate”

  2. Vista, Vista, Vista!!!! hehe

    Love the songs hate the Spam!!!

    Spam-leave me alone!! has gotten to be my favorite, even though I loved the rest also!

    I love the added Video memory sharing in vista…but do not care for the functions they took out of home premium(ie FAX!!! etc.) you add a few good things…ton’s of bad things and call it better???

    Well as a Protein Folder for the pitcrew @ pcpitstop.com…I am not impressed…my daily average went down with vista…so I reinstalled XP on the new vista machine and ….WOW just look at my new numbers for science and research!!!!

    Love the Songs!!!

  3. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however a site like PCPitstop has gone way overboard in bashing Vista. I have been using Windows since version ONE and Vista is far superior to any previous version. Those that did not wait for the various vendors to update their drivers for Vista, of course had problems. Those of us that waited for the updates had NO problems. Wake up and smell the coffee PCPitstop and quit bashing a monumental OS. Been using it for over a year and have yet to have any problems what-so-ever.

  4. Loved that, I’ll be laughing the rest of the day. I booted my computer into Vista the other day, was watching one of those Tutorials on how to use it and it BSOD’d right in the middle of the tutorial. If I boot into it I can usually go eat a sandwich and maybe catch a movie while all the AV’s and Updates , and Antispyware programs do there thing so that it actually works. Of course PC Pitstop makes a living from trying to make the flaws in Windows less noticeable, But I just use Ubuntu, It runs rings around Vista! Oh, and it doesn’t cost anything either!

  5. Yah…Like the songs but I don’t have any real issues with Vista either. I just disable all the annoying security bits since I’m well versed in PC security, and since I just built a new box all my h’ware is easily able to handle Vista 64bit, and all my programs run just fine. Love the Aero interface and colorful themes I can build too! I HATED the old W95/98/2k brownish grey drabness and blocky squared style. XP started putting color and style into the OS and Vista finally killed all the old style ugliness for those of us that could move past our “out of date comfort zone”. I can’t understand those folks who buy a colorful new OS and then spend days trying to make it look like their old OS…MOVE ON PEOPLE!!! Add some Color to your lives…get out of the 90’s!

  6. OMG that is way too funny!! I think I like the spam song better than either of the Vista songs! (and I have Vista lol) DOWN WITH SPAM!!!

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