Microsoft – It’s Go Time!

I received this email the other day from an old associate.

Dear Rob,

Why does PC Pitstop keep bashing Vista? Isn’t it like biting the hand that feeds you?

Your Pal,


This email really gave me a pause because they are right. It hit me like a ton of bricks. PC Pitstop needs Vista to be successful. We are part of the Windows eco system, and in many ways, it is not in our interest to bash Vista. But on the other hand, it is not in my nature nor the company’s DNA to ignore the realities of Vista.

Here’s a great example. I began playing with Windows Movie Maker long before Vista was introduced. I find it enjoying, relaxing, and entertaining to make personal videos. But now that I have upgraded to Vista, it is frustrating and annoying. In fact, I have given up. The reason is that Windows Movie Maker crashes under Vista.

I figured I was doing something wrong, and I googled “Windows Movie Maker Has Stopped Working.” As this link shows, EVERYONE is having problems running Windows Movie Maker under Vista. The first entry is in November 2006, and the most recent April 2008. The problem has been going on for 18 months with no fix from Microsoft on something as basic as Windows Movie Maker.

No, I am NOT bashing Vista again. I am trying to make an important point. Sure Vista has its problems, but now it is over a year later. Microsoft should be working like mad to fix the problems. This is what scares me. Sure Vista has got its problems, but I don’t feel the urgency to get it right.

Microsoft, please wake up. Vista is your flag ship product. Remember when Bill Gates perceived that Netscape was a huge threat to Windows? Almost overnight, the company was turned on its ear. Every hand on deck was focused on making Windows and Office compatible with the internet.

There is a new threat to Microsoft’s stranglehold on operating systems, and it is not Linux or Safari. It is internal. The enemy is within. The list of Vista’s problems is long and well documented. Wary consumers are moving to alternate operating systems at an alarming rate because the problems are being fixed so damn slow.

Lately, it is depressing the number of people moving to Macs. Many at the upper echelons of what was once Gateway have moved to Macs. Wives of PC Pitstop employees have moved to Macs.

So that’s step one. Focus the company on making Vista a solid operating system that is fast, reliable, and a feature set that blows Apple and Linux away. But there is still more work to do.

Frankly, the Apple commercials make me sick. The reason my stomach turns is because they are attacking Microsoft. They are not going after Dell, HP, Intel or NVIDIA. They are going after Vista. And what does Microsoft do? NOTHING. You guys need to do something. I’ve been a Windows user ever since Windows 2.0. It’s been close to 20 years. Make me feel proud that I am part of the Windows ecosystem. Respond to the Apple’s ads. Slap those punks back into place. God knows you have the money to do it.

I sincerely hope this blog makes it back to Redmund. All of us are really counting on you guys.

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84 thoughts on “Microsoft – It’s Go Time!”

  1. Microsoft would not make the money they do if you all knew a little more about hardware and software. To me windows 98 was good enough to do anything I needed and I build computers.

  2. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”.

    MS, how about extracting your cranium from your colon and realize that XP works–and works better than your highly touted “Vista” OS–and rather than foisting a new OS on us, you’d better serve your customers by keeping them happy, or at least trying to give them what they want ie. Vista bug fixes, the faster the better.

    BUT, keeping XP as a viable option takes away from your bottom line…so here’s MY bottom line: I’d rather switch to either A) the Linux OS or B) a Mac product before I get Vista (or whatever your next OS is called) rammed down my throat…

    Get the picture?

    ‘Nuff said…

  3. I,ve been useing computers for 7 years now. Started off with 96 on an old 486, up graded to 98 then to xp .I have not bought vista but have had the pleasure of trying to fix it on other peoples machines.Ive learned how to repair computers over the last 5 years and currently repair computers in my Small town. I was introduced to mandriva about 4 years ago but it was too tech based for me .Then i got introduced to Ubuntu with version 6.?? upgraded to 7.04 with no problems and am now running 7.10 . its magic to have an operating system that doesn’t get full of viruses spy ware ad ware etc. you don’t have to bloat it with anti virus anti spy ware and anti ad ware tools that constantly have to be updated and create more bloating…ive now turned a few vista machins into dual boot XP- ubuntu machines for friends and have advised the best thing to do with vista is put the disc in a packet and send it back to microsoft with a message saying thanks but no thanks — you have lost me for good .. mabee if more people do this they might decide to fix it Cheers


  4. iwork for a webhosting comp doing support, an I also repair computer in Ft. Laud Florida. I have Used windows since DOS 6 and have used windows since 3.1. Every version of widows was met with the same cry, “It dosen’t work, it crashes!”. peopple call me cryint that they cannot publish with theiw websitewith some OLD app on XP, and cry when told it is no longer supported!!
    And as for MAC users, they seem to me to be really mentally challenged!
    Linux users listen, on any day our list of Linux boxes that are down is longer than our Windows boxes! YES Linux can crash! Ease of use? Try installing MySQL or writing a .htaccess file! PC users have a tough time with these but MAC users are totally lost.
    And whiners, OEM PCs issues are 99% hardware related, not OS. AND they expect thay 5% leaving the plant will be dead within 90 days. Vista did not kill your HD, or or any hardware, company beanpushers and lack of QC did.
    All my XP Pcs (4) and Vista pc (2) and Server 03 (2) work because I dont install junk like Google dssktop on ist and wonder why it is soooo slow.
    Norton products seem to be another problem for PCs, blocking mail with no warning,
    Hey, Leopard causes sam thing on many MACs.
    Spend some time in support and you will understand that most PC issues are caused by bad user chioses

    1. Jimmy Bollocks

      You said it “users”… Chair to keyboard interface.
      But singling out Mac users is unfair. An idiot on a computer is still an idiot whether OSX or Windows or Linux. Most Mac users want uncomplicated access. They are rarely techies. Things work most of the time until these low tech users try to fix things themselves. Generalising the Mac mindset based on your experience is unfair.
      I am a mostly Mac technician in a large high school (200 faculty, 2000 students, 400 computers- 10.3.9 to 10.6 OS X). I am the only tech. Show me a similar organization, with a similar diversity of users, and computer models (eMacs to the latest iMacs), and then tell me how many techs it takes to support them. I bet it’s more than one.
      I do have to say, however, that W7 is reasonably easy to get used to… I wonder why. Could it be that it is somewhat similar to the Mac GUI?

  5. To Christopher .Vista is NOT faster than XP . Comparing not on benchmarking but my own tests on several systems. Vista Tends to take double the time to do the same process . Don’t jump on the M$ fanboy wagon just yet, But don’t knock it either. In another year hopefuly people will be saying X-what?

  6. A lot of problems running Windows Movie Maker? I have used it a couple of times, and haven’t had any problems.

    To Frank King….. Vista drivers will load whether they are Microsoft Certified or not… you just have to tell Vista to load the thing even though it isn’t ‘Microsoft Signed’.
    If you are trying to manually install updates and it tells you that you are ‘not authorized’…. sorry, but you are NOT on an administrator account, or someone has SERIOUSLY messed up your settings.
    As to running slower than XP? No, it runs FASTER than XP in most common situations, don’t believe what the benchmarking programs say about Vista’s performance, there are some serious problems with the benchmarking programs.
    As to surround sound… I’ve talked with people who are using Creative sound cards, and they can get surround sound to work.
    Blue screens? I’ve NEVER seen a Vista blue screen except when a piece of DRM that a program uses has a problem with it, and I know that I am going to get beforehand because the installation prompts warned me.
    Computer not waking up? Probably the reason for that is because someone has been fiddling with settings and told the computer to not wake up on the movement of the mouse or press of a keyboard key.

    As to the last thing….. the “Windows is looking for a solution” thing…. it is actually telling Microsoft about your problem, not really ‘looking for a solution’, that is a secondary process and not the main one.

  7. I hate Windows Vista. I bought a new computer in January when Vista first came out. Drivers were not available. A lot of new Vistas drivers won’t load because the don’t have the microsoft certificate. Window Update still shows nothing in the update history (automatic update is on). If I try to manually install updates it says I’m not authorized (I am the administrator). When I load programs windows that need an input come up behind the window showing. Windows Vista requires more memory and runs slower. I bought a surround sound video card. Vista doesn’t support surround sound. I get blue screens. Sometime the computer won’t wake up. When things don’t work I get a screen saying Windows is looking for a solution – but it never has any solution.
    XP is so much better.

  8. I have to thank Microsoft for making Vista. Fighting with it for the past 6 months has forced me to look more closley into the Linux OS. I am testing it on 2 of my machines now and I will be dumping Microsoft in the very near future. Why should I pay for something that dosent work? I am not that stupid.

  9. I worked my way through College by repairing other people’s M$ computers. Almost always os problems. I have a macbook and a mac mini – I have yet to have a problem with either of them in the last 18 months. Carry on Microsoft, at least you keep techies in business!

  10. VISTA IS USELESS. The biggest upgrade is visuals that hog resources. Everyone is talking about how hardware manufacturers should start releasing working vista drivers. Ever think that the reason they don’t is because they know Vista is useless? And Rob Imhoff is right. Move to open source, its much better. And all of the security warnings, if they were occasional people might actually read them but having them every other click? Even if they say something important people will not read them because they’re so damn common. XP is good. 98 (apart from instability) is decent. Vista is not, and doesn’t even have the potential to be, half-decent. Being able to call it a bad OS would be an improvement. Microsoft is going down hill, not that they were ever perfect to begin with. If the likes of Mozilla made an OS, now that is something I would invest in…

  11. People have to move away from Microsoft. Use Sun open office instead of microsoft office. Use firefox instead of explorer. Noone has made a case why Vista is a worthwhile improvement over XP as far as I’m concerned. Vista runs slower on your system. To me, that’s a step backwards. Look at the i-phone. The smart people are working for Mac not microsoft. Microsoft is fat, lazy, corrupt, evil and incredibly inept. It should be against the law to sneak code into an “update” or “security patch” that disables older software that works fine, such as office 97 in order to force you to buy new microsoft software. Obviously microsoft thinks they can get to the point where they can disable their old software on your machine so that you must pay them every year. Problem is…they’re too inept. Every year when your “subscription” runs out, your “new, improved software” will freeze, burn and crash. Stop using microsoft, people!!

  12. I bought an HP laptop recently with Vista installed on it. I tried to load a new copy of WordPerfect on it that was advertised as compatible with Vista. Several programs — including Movie Maker– started crashing. I tried updating drivers, but it only made the problems worse. I ended up reinstalling my OS and trashing WordPerfect. (Oh, but I hate Office!)

    Most of the problems come from the fact that John Q. Public has no choice but to purchase a Vista system if he buys a computer off the shelf. This gives Microsoft a skewed view of the world, since they see Vista as a great seller. In truth, if I could have gotten an XP machine as readily and as cheaply as I did a Vista machine, I would have gotten the XP machine. Chalk that decision to “When is a bargain not a bargain?”

    Most of my objections to Vista come from the ‘feel’ of the operating system. It’s kind of like switching back to AOL after having used Firefox for 5 years. It’s maddeningly frustrating to do ANYTHING. The system seems geared to all the little Grannies who just bought their first computer and don’t know the difference between RAM and USB port. Those of us old crackers who started out with DOS find this move to make the OS more ‘user-friendly’ to be an oxymoron.

    Microsoft has attempted with each release to make the interface more accessible. Consequently, the system gets more cumbersome with each release. Granted, most of my problems with Vista arise from the fact that I just don’t like it, but at some point Microsoft needs to ask themselves why people react so negatively to the product and why software companies seem to be writing it off.

  13. I started my computing experience way back when with a Tandy TRS80 with 4k RAM (upgradeable to 16k!!). I then graduated to Apple IIe, then to MAC 512k, MacPlus and a few more MACs after that.

    I had to change to PC circa 1996 because of software compatibility problems with other people. I’ve gone through the gamut of Windows operating systems from 98SE to Vista and, in my opinion, XP Pro is by far the best.

    I purchased a new computer with Vista Business pre-installed and had nothing but problems from the get-go. My software wouldn’t work; my printer wouldn’t work; my satellite internet connection wouldn’t work (I live in a rural area with no access to ADSL) and the problems were ALL Vista-related as my peripherals all had Vista-compliant drivers. I wiped the HDD, re-installed XP Pro, and am now back in the land of the smiling people!

    The comments in this forum about Microsoft only being profit-centric are completely valid – the consumer has no place in their reasoning. The MAJOR problem is that Governments are also profit-centric, and that’s why the Microsoft monopoly is allowed to fester its way throughout the world. The taxes reaped from Microsft are enormous!

    When Governments decide that *people* are the reason for their existence, and not money, then maybe something can be done.

    In the meantime, the people should just vote with their feet and install an OS which works – like XP Pro.

  14. It seems to me that Microsoft, in spite of numerous law suits, has become almost obsessed with forcing their products, particularly Internet explorer, MSN messanger and MSN search engines. Most everyone I know with Vista, has altered their registry and everything they can to prevent Microsoft’s hijackers from resetting their homepage and preferred search engines. It seems that they are so obsessed with forcing their products on the market tht their products are becoming written with that in focus instead of smooth and easy performance. I do not like Mac computers, jut my personal preference. I have begun the process of changing anything I pheasibly can away from Microsoft. I can’t afford the necessary time it takes to combat their constant hijacking and resetting my preferences to wht THEY want my preferences to be.
    When googling some of these problems, it is clear that most people are tired of Microsoft doing this type of forced marketing and are doing the same things to get away from microsoft.

    As far as Windows Vista, well…tht is another story in itself. in a nutshell it sucks, period. The networking and internet on it greatly reduces the performance speeds, many programs crash under it and they changed the interface around so much that doing a simple search on your computer is a major undertaking. Heck, even a simple task like running a command (START, RUN, type command” is almost impossible). Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot, or rather groin, with this. If they just get back to making quality products, they would not need to force their other products on people, they will use them on their own just out of quality.

  15. I bought a new, dual core Athalon 64 in Jan. 2007 with Vista pre-installed. It was a mistake. The hard drive died in May. I replaced it with a new, larger drive. After reinstallation, Vista wouldn’t register, saying the activation code was already registered. Then, IE opened and sent me to a survey for people using pirated software. It was ridiculous. I had used Vista from Beta 1 and was a fan, until then. I called the activation phone number and the person at the other end would only sell me a new license. For God’s sake. I offered to send or fax a copy of my purchase from New Egg and got nowhere. So, I’ve become a Linux user

  16. A recurring theme in the comments here is that Microsoft’s goal is to maximize profits, not maximize user satisfaction. Frankly, this is why the free market works as well as it does. (I appreciate that not everyone agrees with this, so no comments on the flaws of the free market please) The problem is that Microsoft is a monopoly not unlike your electric or water company. If your electric company was unregulated, and worked to maximize profit, it would reduce development and maintenance expenses as much as possible, and would only address power problems and electrical outages that they couldn’t be ignored. Microsoft is like Standard Oil around the turn of the century, and Bell Telephone in the 1960s. As Lilly Tomlin said (I’m dating myself here), “We don’t care, We’re the phone company, we don’t have to.” Microsoft has no incentive to improve its products because there’s no serious competition. If Congress had not broken up Bell Telephone we’d still have rotary princess telephones, and cell phones, if Bell Tel allowed them at all, would be prohibitively expensive, and would be available in only a few styles of “brick” phones. Congress missed a golden opportunity to break up Microsoft a few years ago, I won’t comment on why, but until Microsoft is broken up, or a viable competitor arrives, users are not likely to see any serious improvements in computer operating systems from Microsoft. Microsoft comes out with new versions of its operating systems to force users to “upgrade,” thereby generating income. That’s it. Microsoft justifiably doesn’t care about users beyond how much money they can get out of them. That’s what Microsoft’s shareholders expect and deserve. Microsoft will not care about users or improve Windows until there’s a financial reason for it to do so, and that will only happen when it’s more profitable to care than to not care.

    For those who say it’s not Microsoft’s fault that Vista works so poorly, its the hardware vendors fault. I simply cannot let Microsoft off so easily. If Detroit automakers still had 90+% of the automobile market, and they changed production entirely to cars that ran on hydrogen, we would not accept the excuse that it’s not their fault that hydrogen fuel isn’t available, its the oil companies who haven’t upgraded their stations. There’s a huge installed infrastructure established to work with Windows XP, Microsoft should be permitted to ignore that infrastructure and blame users and component manufacturers for not wanting to invest huge amounts of money to fix an incompatibility that Microsoft created solely to make more money for Microsoft.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve never tried Vista, and have no intention of doing so any time soon. So I can’t comment personally on Vista’s faults, but the negative comments on Vista are enough for me to decide not to stick my finger in that electric socket. As someone else wrote, I’ll stick with XP until Microsoft stops supporting it, and as long as I can after that. Beyond that, my daughter uses a MAC for grad school, and it’s looking better and better. I’ve also built quite a few computers from the ground up, so my next one will probably have some flavor of Linux, just to see how that goes.

    For those of you who like Vista, more power to you, but the general discussion suggests that you are in the minority. There’s a saying in marketing that, for ever consumer who complains, there are 10 more who never complained, but just stopped buying your products. So the voiced complaints are just the tip of the ice berg.

    Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  17. I have tried VISTA. In my opinion, it is just another product that got RUSHED INTO MARKET by Microsoft. It has more bugs than Windows 2000 had. It crashes at the slightest test of multi-tasking.
    Of Course, Microsoft is doing NOTHING about it. I am sure they will come up with a NEW FIX or OS, that they will be GLAD to let you PURCHASE.
    They have made their money and in my opinion, have LEFT BEHIND the people that put them where they are today!
    Most NEW MACHINES are pushing VISTA. I don’t know why? I have several friends that have upgraded to VISTA and have had NOTHING BUT, problems. In one email my sister in law was told BY MICROSOFT. “If you don’t like the system, WHY did you buy it?”
    Since Microsoft controls both XP and VISTA, they should make it an optional choice in NEW MACHINES, not one that you are just STUCK WITH!

  18. is widely used that the thing that makes us humans differ from other species of animals is that we can pass things on by writing our knowledge down initially in books and making it available to everyone else who cares to read it. That has been the secret of our success and lead us to be at the top of the food chain in this world.

    So the greatest invention by mankind in my mind has to be the “world wide web” by Sir Tim Berners Lee as it opened up knowledge on virtually anything to virtually everyone very easily from their own home.

    I make this point to impress upon you the historic importance of computers and their applications in the development of our civilisation.

    When we consider the development of our countries we believe in democracy in electing our leaders to move us forward into the future. Typically governments are very rarely voted in for 20-25 consecutive years as their ideas as time goes on get stale and less appealing in a constantly changing world. Indeed after many years some might say that their actions were more aimed at clinging on to power rather than the further development of their citizens.

    So back to computing how is it that we have had a single omnipotent benefactor for the last 20-25 years in Microsoft and their Windows Operating System for pc’s ?

    For such an important aspect of helping human development this cannot be in all our best interests.

    Whilst I celebrate the user friendly product Windows that Microsoft launched all those years ago, I do feel that we have got what we have been given by Microsoft and no serious peer debate with consensus as to the direction of future operating systems has been carried out. This simply has not been the political process as Microsoft is a company aiming to maximise its profits which does not necessarily mean the same thing as producing the best operating system for the future development of mankind.

    Indeed if you consider Moore’s law that computing hardware power doubles every 18 months, this shows that in 12 years since 1996, hardware has increased 2 to the power of 8 which is x 256 more powerful. So if you remember running Windows 95 in 1996 like I do and comparing it with Windows Vista in 2008, are you getting 256 times more speed or capability from your 2008 computer running the applications that you run? Quite obviously the answer is no, as far as speed to the user is concerned when running the key applications of Word processing, Spreadsheet, Database and Web Browser. The web browser improvement is due to broadband connectivity and not the OS. Windows Vista is a product of very little benefit over its predecessor XP and has been shown to be the case by people voting with their feet and downgrading from Vista to XP as Vista has been shown to be less reliable than XP.

    At this point you could think this seems to be a Microsoft bashing, if history could be replayed in computing over the last 25 years it could equally have been about another company who dominated the OS market and became the omnipotent decider of how computing develops.

    In summary I think it is time to say thank you to Microsoft for giving us their advancement in pc computing but now is the time to say goodbye to being led by an omnipotent force.

    We need to look at how the market forces which lead to omnipotence can be replaced with a system more befitting of the importance of the impact computing has to the development of mankind. After all we would not stand for a market driven private company running our country would we?

  19. After reading all the comments I have come to the conclusion that the majority of the people having issues with Vista are either running outdated drivers or are using incompatible software. I have installed Vista HP on my old socket 939 X2 system and it has run great from day one. The secret to my success was that I researched first if all my hardware had working drivers and then verified if my software played nice with Vista. In the process of doing that research, I found that Nero was incompatible and that my old printer was not supported by Vista. I made the decision to buy a new printer and use something other than Nero for my burning needs. Because I was willing to dump any software or hardware that did not play nice with Vista, I have had nothing but a positive experience. Everyone I have helped with building a new computer or upgrading an existing one to Vista has had nothing but a positive experience.

    One major problem affecting Vista, but is not the fault of Microsoft is all the crapware that comes installed on new PC’s. Ed Bott recently took possession of a Sony Viao that Walt Mossenburg bought and turned it from a dud to a well working machine due to all the crap installed by Sony. I suspect this is one of the major causes of people complaining how slow, unstable and buggy Vista is. The answer to this issue is to find a vendor that is willing to sell you a pc/notebook without all the crapware. This is really an issue the OEM’s like Sony and HP are causing by improper testing, improper setup, poor drivers and tons of crapware installed.

  20. Quoting:
    “Jonathan Says:
    April 11th, 2008 at 8:52 am
    Unfortunately, I dont’t think Microsoft is to concerned about all the problems Vista has. They are already in the works for their next operating system, Windows 7. The way I understand it Vista and Windows 7 are like Windows ME and 2000. To me, Windows Vista is just an operating system they had to put on the market before Mac released Leopard.”

    Jonathan is completely incorrect with his statement! Windows Vista was starting to be developed alongside if not before XP! Does anyone remember “Windows Codename ‘Longhorn’?” This was the basis for Vista! That said, now I can move on.

    I recently (1 week to be exact) upgraded from Windows XP Home SP2 to Vista Home Premium. I agree, I needed to upgrade more than just the OS here. As my system stood, it was compatible with Vista Home Basic, but I wanted Aero! I went and purchased a new video adapter, which in return required a bigger power supply, and I needed more RAM! So, after $200 in hardware updates alone, I upgraded to Vista on one of my machines. I really can’t complain about the $200 in hardware updates since my PC is a Gateway from 2002. It came all decked out with the big features of it’s time — Intel(R) P4 3.06GHz processor (Socket 478), 512MB RAM, All-Format DVD+/-RW optical drive, etc., etc. Anyway, back to Vista…..

    In the one week that I’ve had it installed, I have had no issues, zero, ziltch with the OS. It runs just great on my machine (faster than XP did)! I have had no issues finding drivers for any of my peripherals (I sure got LUCKY there)! I highly recommend Vista (but make sure you know something about the capabilities of you machine before you dive into installing Vista!)

    It’s been said over and over again, Vista is not compatible with all hardware. And why is that? Because the hardware manufacturers, yes, the guys that build that sound card, that video card, that printer don’t want to write drivers for that to work with Vista! It’s not Microsoft’s fault that these companies want to live in the past or worse yet, possibly lose consumers. Don’t dump MS stock, dump their stock! For example, everyone was so hyped about Linux! “It’s the ultimate gamer’s OS and it’s free,” they said! Everyone started installing Linux, either a clean install or dual boot. What happened? They found out that they couldn’t find drivers for all their little toys to work with Linux. They didn’t attack RH or any other distributor of Linux like they attack Microsoft!

    Come on people, get your heads out of the clouds and use some common sense here. Okay, someone has issues with Movie Maker, another person has had no issues with it. It’s possible you received a corrupt copy of Vista, or was the one that worked properly the corrupt copy?

    All I’m saying is that Vista is the new kid on the block, and everyone needs to get their punch in because they’re all afraid of it! It’s not your classic Windows look that you’re used to since Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP. Not everybody likes change; change can be SCAREY to most people. That’s the only “problem” I can find with Vista. Personally, I love it! Apple, you can keep your machines that cost $1600 or more; I’ll take a machine that costs $400 that can do all, if not more, than a Mac.

  21. My company has had enough, we no longer own a pc, we all have new Macs, what a relief.
    Can’t afford a new Mac for home, but a work subsidized unit is under discussion.
    Up yours Windows

  22. For awhile I was interested in Vista, then after hearing all my friends remarks and frustration with Vista, I’m happy to still be using XP. Also, my friends have reinstalled XP and now wondering what to do with their lemon called Vista from MS. When there is no longer any support for XP, I will either switch to Linux or some other operating system. Long ago I trashed the space hog Office Word, and switched to Atlantis for my word processor. It is my personal opinion that Greedy Bill really don’t give a damn about customers other than to milk them for all he can get. Actually, much of the computer industry has become like MS, and they are charging outrageous prices for JUNK assembled in foreign countries that pay their workers less than a dollar a day. Greed appears run rampant in the computer industries, and they have a great teacher named Bill Gates.

  23. I’ll be in the market for a new computer in about a year or a little more, I hope. I will only buy a PC if I can’t afford a Mac. When I first started using computers in the early 80’s, my university department was a Mac department. I used one at work, and I bought one to use at home.

    When I changed jobs I moved to a PC because of the compatibility problems back then. I’ve been a PC user ever since because they are cheaper.

    But this time, I’m saving my money, repairing my older machines, and upgrading them on XP for as long as it takes me to afford a Mac again. Apple is the better computer and OS. I miss my Mac and I won’t be happy again until I have one. PC’s have been one lesson in frustration after another, and I’m getting off this bus as soon as I can.

  24. err… RedmOnd…
    My old desktop crashed for the third time last summer, and I thought “great! now I can have that laptop…”
    XP crashed a lot with some of my favorite programs (mostly genealogy and iTunes), so (believing in Microsoft — and even though I would have to buy new software) I thought Vista had been out long enough to work out the bugs.
    Yes, I got Vista, and am sorry… For something with such all-out hype for us to convert to, the follow-up has been more than disappointing – but I keep hoping for a miracle.
    There are so many updates that I can no longer open my MS Office Suite… For a long time I couldn’t use my printer. and these are main guts of my work.
    Limping along, frustrated. If God was in the computer business, wouldn’t we all be happy campers?

  25. My name is Ernie from Denver, Colorado and I want to clear up some common misnomers and misconceptions about Microsoft, Vista and computer operating systems in general. I will make this brief as possible. I have been using Vista for 2 months, upgraded to service pack 1. I am very pleased and love Vista way better than XP Professional. The internet runs faster, the graphics are better, the design is more with eye candy and it runs smoother and faster. This all depends on the user. The problems you are experiencing with Windows Movie Maker I NEVER experience. But I mostly use Nero since it does more. There are worse problems with all the other operating systems and they will never come close or even replace Windows. There can only be one central fuge in this world for computer operating systems and we do depend on Microsoft for a great many things as well as Symantec for the best internet security program, that by the way works with BOTH 64-bit and 32-bit Vista FLAWLESSLY. 64-bit needs to be the central fuge also for processing as CPU processers are already 64-bit and Microsoft is behind that but PROGRESS REQUIRES EVERYONE. Keep that in mind. Keep the updates and your computer SECURE. This is easy as 1-2-3!

  26. Honestly, and this is from the standpoint of one who builds and repairs systems and subsequently instructs and advises people on software choices and uses, Vista is right up there with ME as far as quality is concerned, I haven’t switched from XP, I don’t advise anyone who asks me to switch, the average user doesn’t need the aggravation that Vista affords, it’s like a non-stop beta test, WAKE-UP Microsoft, how about a little quality control/service/support here…

  27. My significant other bought me a laptop last year for my birthday. It came with Vista. The reason he bought it was……..we both like to play the Simm game, I wanted to be ablet to sit in bed and play while he watched his wrestling or whatever. I can only play the game for a few minutes before it completely crashes. If I don’t stop and save, I have to start all over again, which I have done many times. I love Microsoft I believe they got a raw deal on all the lawsuits, I always thought it was so cool to be able to buy a packaged product that taught me how to do all this stuff (I’m 56). But, I am not impressed with Vista it is very frustrating to have a wonderful lap top that I can only check email, and google.
    Get busy you guys, fix it.

  28. I bought a new Dell computer a year ago with Vista pre-installed. Some of my most important programs would not install or run properly on Vista, so I decided it would be cheaper to buy and install XP rather than upgrade my reliable old programs. But I also wanted to keep Vista around for “future use” (for when everyone would hopefully get their act together). After a lot of work, I actually was able to install XP so that I could boot to either of them. My computer now runs so much faster and trouble-free that it’s amazing. Once in a while I boot into Vista to see what I’m missing, but it’s like the proverbial molasses in January compared to XP. To me, Vista is just a pretty face that can’t do any real work! Or at least it can’t do any real work in real time on my machine.

  29. I have a new laptop with Vistya and have had it crash twice this week after installing windows updates. THAT MAKES NO SENCE! They have updates to improve the new version of windows and even updates are crashing Windows. What’s up?????????

  30. I’ve used Vista Premium 32bit for 1 year now. I’m crashing in Windows Media player and Outlook (why I am crashing in Microsoft programs is a mystery)and some other programs. That’s almost tolerable. What really bothers me is that I can’t install more than 4GB’s of RAM and it will only use 3GB’s.Considering the amount of RAM is said to be a big factor in running Vista efficiently then why this stupid limitation? I guess I could switch to 64bit but I wouldn’t be able to use half my software because of unsupported drivers. Who is the genius at Microsoft that thought up this configuration? The frustrating part is that if everything worked like Microsoft says it should it would be a pretty nice operating system with the exception of the RAM issue.

  31. Blows away Linux???

    For Vista to “blow away” linux and mac it would have to actually work! Do they include an office suite for free? Can I get away without having to buy anti virus and anti spyware with Win ? No!
    That’s not feature rich IMO . There’s plenty of ideas that windows has ripped from linux and Firefox, and at least they did it right .MS can’t say that they did.If the number of specialized programs for linux approached windows’ list of progs. then there would be no need at all for Windows .The Linux distros are technically superior OS’s.

  32. Im 72 yrs old and stopped listening to people who gripe too much. There has got to be a reason,just like the people they gripe about have a reason. I have been running MS Vista for about 6 months. The only problem is it keeps me from thinging too much…..Thanks MS

  33. Marjean Schroeder

    I went from an XP OS to a Vista Home Premium and love it. I have had no operating problems at all. It updates automatically and all the programs that came with the computer function very well. I used to miss XP, but now love the Vista OS very much. Sometimes I think it’s the operators, and not the OS.

  34. I tried Vista for 4 longgg months and finally decided it was just another Win-Me so I got rid of Vista and went back to the very reliable XP-Pro. Microsoft doesn’t care about the consumers like they claim they do. They’re all about money…robbing the consumers blind. My next system will definitely be a MAC. I want a stable system…not something that is going to be changed from time to time.

  35. I’ve been hearing from those folks who have used Windows XP SP3 (beta). They all say that it is the greatest and least vulnerable OS ever in Microsoft’s pocket. The only reason that it’s not available via updates or downloads is that it would terminate the horrible life of Windows Vista.

  36. I had a couple of driver issues when I first installed Vista, but they were easy to figure out and solve. Since then……flawless. I edit video, I have a media library with 20 000 tracks that works every time, and I surf endlessly with no issues. It’s set up on my home network,and it’s fully accessible from my opther XP machines in the house.

    The secret?

    It’s not Vista that’s the problem, it’s Microsoft’s addon software. I use Adobe for video and graphics, a great program called MediaMonkey for audio, and FireFox for the internet.

    Look, if you’re gonna make a choice, at least be informed about it.

    Oh, and I’m not just using Vista, I’m using Vista64, which I’ve been told is so problematic that it’s unusable.

  37. I have been thinking of buying a new pc for some time now but decided to wait untile sp1 came out for vista. I have used several friends pc,s wih vista and was not overly impressed.
    I have now made my choice keep old pc running XP and buy a mac for for new machine.

  38. I have had the Vista for six months
    and Would go all the way back to windows 98 if I could.
    Vista is a big joke and I’m tired of
    spending at least one half hour a day
    just trying to keep it going.
    Dell Computer is no help at all and I’m starting to look at Mac’s.

  39. I have had XP for many years with very few problems and have enjoyed it however recently i went and bought a new laptop with Vista installed and i have had nothing but problems with setup and operation. I formatted the laptop and installed XP but guess what the compatabilaty issues were so bad that i had to reinstall Vista. Not happy at all.

  40. In December I purchased, from Staples, a new HP Pavilion a6212n with factory Vista installed. I wanted a machine with XP but there weren’t any available with-out special ordering and a two week wait time. It locked up and dropped it’s DVD drivers with-in the first week. It also would not operate a new Epson printer or my older Microsoft Picture-it Program. Microsoft does not offer the Picture-it program in any form now, and I had lots of projects that were still in the Picture-it format. I really don’t think Microsoft knows what works with Vista and what does not work. They’re just letting the general public test drive there their OS for them. They were in a big rush to get it out there and didn’t care if it ran correctly or not.
    Staples had to do a hard format to fix my first lock-up. While I was picking up the reformatted machine, I talked to the tech to see what would have to be done to change the OS from Vista to XP. Before I had all my programs loaded back in the machine it lock-up again and the DVD drive stopped working again.
    The machine went back to Staples where they Installed XP. The tech had a little trouble finding XP drivers for all the hardware on the Pavilion but within a week he had everything up and running. My new Epson printer and Microsoft Picture-it work just fine. The computer has been trouble free with the XP OS for 5 months, and without the Vista OS to bog it down is a extremely fast machine.
    Getting a new machine with the new Vista OS should have been a pleasant experience. This was not a pleasant experience. I can see why some people are switching to Apply.
    And one last comment, about the Apple Advertisements— Some times the truth hurts.

  41. I have never likes Microsoft because there always problems with all of there Softwares ,and get always getting updates that not good and they do not test before it goes on the market all they care about is money money but no one else. This is why Bill
    Gates is so rich. So we better of stay with Window XP for awhile longer until the Vista is all fix. Wait about two years before anyone go out buy a new version of Microsoft Windows.

  42. Affonso Americo

    Boys, if you notice, Windows Media Player uses to hang up a lot too.
    Third party softwares like Itunes do a better job under Vista.

  43. I have seen so many of my customers have problems with vista that I have been recommending that anyone looking at buying a new pc get one with XP installed on it. I do believe that in most cases it is a hardware issue and not an OS issue. I have seen some models of HP with vista “fresh install” that wouldn’t run correctly, and I have seen some models of Dell “fresh install” that have had no problems what-so-ever with vista on them! I recommend that if you have to use Vista than choose a pc manufacture that does the best when it comes to customer services and support.

  44. I have been using Microsoft operating systems since Windows 3.0.

    Now I am disabled/retired and will not have to run a lot of business applications. I do a lot on the internet now. Mac, here I come!

  45. I have to agree, Vista has been nothing but trouble since its release, I have had many people bring me there laptops etc because something is wrong with it, and its always something to do with Vista, I advise anyone buying a system to buy it with XP installed or with no OS and install there previous XP OS, and not a system with Vista already installed.
    I stuck with XP as I had tried vista and Longhorn as it was previously named long before it ever was released in the UK and tried it on several different computers over the years, all having problems with the OS, now this is fine considering many of these were back in the beta days, but now vista has been on the shelf for quite some time and yet still it does not run correctly, so I would certainly never buy or advise anyone to have it installed on there machine, stick with XP its a much more solid platform to use.

  46. Movie maker crashes mostly for me when I tell it to do too many things at once. To stop this i load up task manager to the system tray. I only click on stuff and ajust things in movie maker when the cpu usage is low.
    When dragging clips to the time line, the cpu usage shoots up and depending on how long the clip is it can take quite some time analizing it. Doing things to it while its still thinking makes it more likely to crash. just wait until the cpu usage has stopped before adding more clips or editing the existing clips. This should reduce the crashes alot, it did for me anyway…..I use XP by the way

  47. I have installed Vistaa Business on my Ibm Think Pad, this is running better than my XP Pro. but again I need XP Pro for programs that will not run under Vista. Can I do a dual boot,I tried to re-install XP Pro. but am told that I cannot instal this as it is an older system. I think I need to re-partition my hard drive but do not know how to do this,anyone help?

  48. Still using Windows 2K. No Problems.

    I have seen the anguish of friends and colleagues as their XP and Vista boxes crash due to a a lack of enough memory, or the infamous “thermal event.”

    Unless Windows makes a better product than the win2K that I am running, I do not see an upgrade in my future any time soon. And, if something unfortunate was to happen to my box, then I will purchase a mac or linux until I feel comfortable with Microsoft’s products again.

  49. I have been running the 64-bit version of Vista for more than eight months, and it has worked flawlessly and been very fast the whole time, with just one exception, and that was when I purchased and ran Pitstop’s Optimize 2.0 program, which was supposed to be compatible with Vista. Well, Optimize 2.0 hosed up my system pretty good, and when I complained, the idiot from Pitstop tried to tell me it was my fault because I should have known that if their ads didn’t say it was specifically for Vista x64, that it wouldn’t work with x64. Although they did refund my money, they are still not telling potential customers that their product hoses up Vista x64. The lack of honesty from this company makes me highly disinclined to ever buy a product from them again or to ever believe any of the crap and propaganda they spew about other software companies. As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t Microsoft that is the problem here, it is Pitstop.

  50. i love vista but i’d trade it for a fatal brain tumor as ive spent near on $9gs building a kick butt comp only to have vista kill it

    mr gates pls explain why my p3-800mhz 64MBram xp laptop thrashes my new quadcore 3.33gig 8GBram 1TB hdd pc

    it hangs it stops to think and best of all it likes to upgrade by way of tellin me what i have to do not what i want to do
    ((oh and yr malisious software program id like to tell him where id like to put it …how many time do you need this junk its malisious))

    re: movie maker dont make me cry it dont work!!
    the only thing ive found to make vista work is to strip it back to classics and make it run like “XP” and turn off the security prompts
    and kill off the so called areo look

    in responce to another statment made MS should tell its investers its going to be a tight year as we are going to put the profits back into making a product that works and fix all the faults taking back the market share from that pair shaped mob (inturn making more profit the next yr)

    P.S. lmao bring back DOS cos DOS does hehehe
    Win is a no win
    P.S.S. PC PITSTOP rock’s downunder (aust)

  51. My XP Pro 4 Year old updated ram and new audio Vid, Zips along daily, while the Seniors I work with All had to purchase Vista, are giving up. Microsoft Didn’t think about Baby Boomers with Vista. Of 18 Seniors 11, returned and bought Mac, 5 just returned and stopped with internet, 2 I found Comp stores still hanging onto XP, and installed, now happy and learning computers. My small experience shows that Vista had better get in gear soon.

  52. After using every version of Windows since 3.1 I finally converted my workhorse machine to Linux. Since then (going on 3 months now) I have not had a single hardware compatibility issue. The machine has run without, reboots, crashes, blue screens, closing applications. Furthermore it runs at least 50% faster. Two other machines in my home are still running windows because of applications that are not yet available in Linux. One is a PVR – the other is Canadian Tax software, which may never be available in Linux.

    The most stable of the versions in my world was W2K, just not real “user friendly”. (I know an over used term!) My next PC will be without an OS so I can choose myself.

    By the way I still have one old unit that I fire up occasionally as a fax server that is running successfully and is very stable on Windows 95!

    I do agree – Microsoft needs to resolve their issues with Vista, and it appears hardware manufacturers also need to get compatible too. However, I do not agree that hardware suppliers need to withdraw their non Vista compatible products, just ensure thet are labeled accordingly!

    Lastly, if the PC world loses faith in MS products then Microsoft may pay the ultimate price, lost or diminishing market share. The next thing LINUX, MAC and possibly something (or someone) will be the new kings of the PC marketplace.

    Just look at the North American Automotive industry if you don’t believe that could happen!

  53. Ten weeks ago I built a my knew machine, when I ordered the parts, I ordered Vista Home Premium, (64 bit).
    When I finished the build I powered up, put in the Vista disc and got a clean install with no problems.
    Ten weeks later, Vista is still functioning prefectly.
    Is it better than XP? Good question. I never had any problems with Windows XP, (32bit), either.
    I guess some people are luckier than others.

  54. My mom, in her sixties and a Windows user before I was, says Vista is “not so bad…you have to go through more steps to do things.” That doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation. A friend who is a teacher says her school now has Vista on all its computers and it is not user friendly.

    My experience since Win95 has been that with every new OS, they hide more and more things from the user, I suspect so we won’t call and complain when we mess everything up. But since a whole lot of people have been using Windows for a long time now, don’t you think most of us have learned what not to delete at least?

    I just bought a Dell and got XP Pro ’cause I don’t want to deal with Vista simply because of the things I have heard and read. If and when Microsoft improves things, I will consider it.

    As for Movie Maker, I used it on ME and it crashed constantly. I never even tried it with XP; I bought real video editing software instead.

  55. My career on the West coast began in 1975 and I have owned (I think I’m correct) every version of Windows ever offered publicly. I drove past the old original MS campus on SR 520 two times a day on my way to work and back and I felt a kinship toward a budding enterprise. I have always been nothing but a staunch Microsoft and Windows supporter.

    Now let’s get down to Vista. I own 3 copies of Vista, 1 Ultimate (Black box with Willie’s signature) and two copies of Home Premium. I can evaluate my Vista experience in two words, “IT STINKS.”

    I have WHQL hardware manufactured in the last few months on all computers and 2 of 3 are Vista Certified. All machines suffer the same problems:
    1: Hangups for no known or discernible reason
    2: Refusal to shutdown without a hardware reset
    3: Loss of LAN and Internet connectivity upon recovery from sleep mode.

    These things aren’t occasional occurences. They are 3 or 4 times daily happenings.

    I have never experienced anything like this in any OS that I have owned and I am damned unhappy. I think that MS has had a year or so to correct this mess and they haven’t done anything except to waffle and try to buy out someone else to add to the BS factor.

    My thoughts are, first they should either “fix up” or rebate customers for faulty software. Next best idea is to get rid of “baldy” and hire someone who knows the business. Enough of the marketing crap for Wall Street. Now consider the customers.

    I’m awfully old for a new OS but Linux is becoming more appealing everytime I see Ballmer’s face.

  56. Hmmm…

    I just don’t understand why it seems to be the same kind of people, who always have the same kind of problems with every new Windos OS.

    I suppose you don’t hear much from us who have never experienced any of the problems your kind are always whining about, but we do exist and perhaps we are just too busy not having problems with the Windows Movie Maker and other programs on our machines.

    I think someone at PC Pitstop should research this phenomenon further and do an article on why some people just seem to be cursed in this manner.


  57. Funny, I had no problem with my last OS upgrade. I went from Mandriva 2007 to Mandriva 2008. OOP’s those are not from Microsoft, are they? But on the bright side, everything from my 3D rotating desktop, to my DVD recorder works. Go figure.

  58. A note about the Vista connection problems. Like I posted I only use Vista on a dual boot basis and it is on a custom build socket 478 P4 3.5 oc’ed, with 2gigs of dual channel, and a little G-Force 6200LE (low end agp). 1 dvd/rw sata,1 dvd/rw IDE, and 3 IDE HD’s, and though I dont get great “vista” scores, it runs fairly quick and except for the few programs needing to restart that vista so graciously gives me the oppoptunity. But no connection issues. However my brother bought a new toshiba laptop that came with vista ultimate and he is having major issues but I have tracked that down to ISP issues. I always thought it was kinda neat of vista to take care of my connections automatically just like XP. Once a tech support agent always one, at least for family and friends who “remeber” that I used to be one.

  59. I bought a new HP Pavilion last June with Vista Home Premium. My previous PC was an Advent, six years old, ran under XP Pro and was pretty well trouble free. The HP has been the best and most trouble free PC of the seven I have had since 1994. Not only is Vista trouble free, it looks for problems to resolve. Norton 360 is one of these. After a scan it says that an essential update is required and downloads an installer file from Gear. On a reboot Vista says it has encountered a problem and will attempt to repair it, which it does. Norton online help tells me that this file is required. It is there before the scan but not after it. It is there after Vista repairs itself. It appears to be a Norton problem but, I could join the mob and blame Vista.

    Vista also tells which programmes are causing problems and how to deal with these. Also, it recognises and repairs corrupt files saved on disks (and those of my friends). I could go on.

    The only equipment from my old setup that needed replacement was the BT modem, but AOL replaced that with a modem router which is better, being always on.

    The only people I know with Vista problems are all upgraders and who have old software and periferals. One of these upgraded because he could not get WIN XP to work with these!

    I have not updated to Service Pack 1 and will wait until the PC asks for it.

  60. I have been a windows baby since 95 and PII’s with 48MB was the 440 Hemi of PC’s and have self taught myself everything I needed to know to keep my digital recording studio, which was my pc running. The audio software I purchased in 96 for Win95 worked also with Win ME, and XP. Though I have yet to try it on Vista, in fact I have yet to do more than play with Vista on a dual boot basis to see what programs work and what doesn’t. I have used windows movie maker in ME and XP and the only problems I have ever had was audio sync issues. But with the video codecs ever changing you have to keep up with the latest codecs I have learned. But it’s never crashed. Now I don’t hesitate to reformat EVERY time I get a blue screen of death so needless to say I couldnt begin to count the number of times. But what I have noticed and used to document are the variances associated with the reinstallation of software, drivers, and windows updates and the order in which you do them and the system effects they may or may not have. But until microsoft can actually make Vista as functional and “stable” as XP (a stable as that can be p: ) I will continue to use XP. The have much work to do and they best get to it quickly.

  61. With the way that MS is going with Vista, I am becoming very proficient with Liunx and I am seriously looking at Mac for the next box. I am not a techie but I am a serious user

  62. I bought a new HP laptop three months ago with Vista Ultimate 64. Aside from unexpected reboots in the middle of working on Excel spreadsheets, not being able to boot and having to do a restore on the reboot, numerous updates including several to the BIOS, I appreciated that it weighed less than half as much as the average bowling ball. Since installing SP-1, the boot time has gone from 5+ minutes to 1 minute 37 seconds and there have been no unexpected reboots or boot failures. Given enough training wheels, this horse might learn to run, but it has been a slow learner. Never buy a new MS OS until after the SP1 and limit upgrades to new and high powered pcs unless you really enjoy trying to debug faulty software.

  63. I completed a new build in January 2007. I installed XP Prof x 64 with the intention of upgrading after Vista SP1. After what I have read here and elsewhere the upgrade will probably(not definately) take place after SP3.
    Hardware manufacturers – I agree, their promises of customer support is not all it is advertised to be. I still cannot get proper drivers for XP x64 for my HP PSC2355 printer. I will never buy HP again.

  64. Glad I still have my Win 3.1 disks safe. Dell will still supply XP Pro instead of Vista but you have to pay extra. Says it all doesn’t it?
    I video editing -suspect that DVD players are blocking their use and the programs that involve DVD and CD creation because their software is finding blacklisted software on peoples PC’s. These problems are very, very time consuming to resolve. An MS engineer -based in India took over two and a hours to get my MS updates installed on my Dell XP. That was a month ago, now I have a critical update that won’t install again -seems I am going to seek an MS engineer’s help again.

  65. I’ve been using vista since the it was first release, i agree there are still a number of problems with it but i have only had a few. with the reference to creative, it has come out they have been purposfully writing bad drivers for their sound cards to make people upgrade to the new ones. i believe it is definatly a move forward.

    with regard to specifically memory usage it uses all it has avaliable, which is a good thing, why have it there if it’s not going to be used? I think hardware manufactureres tried to push it onto to low spec pc’s though.

  66. D. Dunlap wrote:
    “Vista is surprisingly stable if users are aware of the hardware and driver limitations of their own computer. The PC community and those who offer “constructive reviews” of software and hardware would rather complain about Vista (the popular thing to do) than take any personal responsibility for doing something wrong in setting up your own system. If you don’t know how to do that, get someone that does to do it for you”

    With PC maunfacturers themselves offering a downgrade to XP or even posting insturctions for users to downgrade their own machines, I think it’s a bit more than just having the right “set up”. Sure companies should put out Vista compatible drivers but from a business stand point why should they invest the money and resources until enough users are actually on Vista? The only way to get more users on Vista (besides forcing it on them when they buy a new PC/Laptop) is to make it more stable and appealing – which MS has not done so far. I originally thought Vista was fine but everytime it updates using Automatic update – I get neverous because it seems something stops working.

    If I said I have a great software program – but to use it you have to completely overhaul your PC or at least wait several years for updated drivers to come out, are you going to rush out to buy it at $100+?

    I want to see Vista succeed and I want a stable OS, but Vista just isn’t there yet. Hopefully (like XP) it will get there, eventually…

  67. AMEN! When I went to update my computer, I decided to build rather than buy,even though my last attempt at building was not completely successful,just so I could have a good computer with a very good, stable operating system–XP!! I got exactly what I wanted; fast, powerful and stable and an OS that works!

  68. Unfortunately, I dont’t think Microsoft is to concerned about all the problems Vista has. They are already in the works for their next operating system, Windows 7. The way I understand it Vista and Windows 7 are like Windows ME and 2000. To me, Windows Vista is just an operating system they had to put on the market before Mac released Leopard.

  69. I’m a user, not a PC pro. My experience with Vista has been miserable. It took me weeks to get it truly functioning on my home PC, and I have never been able to get the function that converts jpgs to email format to work. Even MSFT themselves couldn’t tell me why it doesn’t work in lots of cases. That can’t be a hardware compatibility issue! There is a tremendous opening here for a competitor to MSFT.

  70. David Dunlap is so so correct in what he says.

    Remember when XP was released?

    Everyone complained about it and many did not even move to XP until SP2 was released.

    It is time the hardware manufacturers got off the own backsides and follow Microsoft with the development of new Operating Systems.

    Sound was and is a major problem with Vista and like David Dunlap, I have been with a new computer with having only Vista installed on it, and I still cant resolve my sound problems without spending around $150 for a new sound card compatible with Vista.

    Creative are still selling Sound Blaster 5.1 and are not providing drivers for it to run on Vista. This is wrong … totally wrong.

    Hardware manufacturers need to get of their backsides and support ALL operating systems with their products or remove the products from sale.

    It is that simple.

    If hardware is being sold without drivers to run it on the latest Operating Systems then it is quite simply being sold under false pretences.

    In Cretive’s case, if they have no intentions of updating drivers for their Sound Blaster 5.1 card to make it Vista compatible, then they should quite simply withdraw the product from sale … period.

    That is just one example but in saying that, I love Vista and just like XP I got the Vista Ultimate disk as soon as it was available and took the time to learn it quirks.

    Vista istelf as an Operting System is just so so much better than XP and my own XP machine which sits beside get used occassionly but the OS, the look and just about everything else about is …………… well BORING.

  71. I bought an Acer laptop with Vista on it and when I loaded Itunes on it Vista made the CD Ron dissapear. When I contacted Itunes they said it was MicroSoft’s problem so I contacted MicroSoft and they said it was ITunes. I got so fustrated I washed the hard drive and loaded GOOD OLD RELIABLE XP on it and BINGO e verything ROCK SOLID and working just fine

    WAKE UP MICROSOFT, VISTA IS Bad. I was in a computer store the other day and a guy was trying to buy more memory to speed up his Laptop and he said he just upgraded from XP to VIsta and things were running extreamly slow.

    I told him the memory would help but the biggest help would be to go back to XP



  72. Ive been running Vista for about 6 mths no real problems except for printer drivers to start with,even Canons update for my laser didnt work but that down to canon not Vista.On the whole OK I like the diagnose and repair

  73. Vista

    I have had Vista ultimate for about 2 years now with little problems. I think it is a bit more stable than XP although i really hate installing things on it. I agree that perhaps Microsoft should consider adapting the OS to operate a bit more efficiently. Perhapse they could spend their 40Billion dollars on fixing the OS rather than buying Yahoo!!!! They might make more money in the long run.


  74. It has always been a splinter in my mind. Driving me mad. It was a question that drove me. What is Microsoft?

    Microsoft is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes.

    Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? What is real? If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

    We are slaves. Like everyone else we were born into bondage. Into a prison that we cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind. The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.

    I took the red pill.

    I don’t think I’ll ever install another MS Operating system on a bare metal machine again. It would be a waste of resources. Not only that but it’s easier to delete that way.

  75. Obviously folks, it is the employees. If the company does not work, the emplotees do not work. Surely they have the brains, or maybe not. A ouple of years ago Microsoft started a beta website builder. It was like a bunch of amatuers awaiting the public to tell them how. Of course there was Front Page. Now Vista and several other pieces of software come out signifying someone does not get it.

    The damn job is to cushy and pays too much. It happens to the best. Sell your stock.

  76. Frankly, most of the problems that people attribute to Vista are related to incorrect drivers or hardware manufacturers that have chosen to SLOWLY roll out support for Vista. I have been using Vista since the beta 1 release, and switch full time in February of ’07. I have yet to have any major issues (and far fewer than I ever had with XP). I have only had a few minor irritants, and EVERY one of those was related to hardware. THe worst problems were related to a so-called driver update program that made many wrong recommendations (yes it was from PC Pitstop). In direct response to the post above, I’ve had absolutely no issues with Movie Maker or the DVD maker, and have used both almost weekly for over a year.

    Mac OSX has the advantage of only having to support a small subset of hardware, since the manufacturer limits support to their own computers. Linux is not and never will be a viable option because the open source nature precludes universal compatibility. It’s the old adage of too many cooks…

    Vista is surprisingly stable if users are aware of the hardware and driver limitations of their own computer. The PC community and those who offer “constructive reviews” of software and hardware would rather complain about Vista (the popular thing to do) than take any personal responsibility for doing something wrong in setting up your own system. If you don’t know how to do that, get someone that does to do it for you.

  77. I’ve had nothing but trouble from movie maker in XP, and haven’t even bothered to try it in Vista. Overall, Vista was my defining moment, my next computer is a MAC. I do not want an operating system that uses all my computers resources even with all the ballyhoo switched off. I want a computer that can do the work I require of it, without being steamrollered by the Op Sys. Good bye Microsoft.

  78. I built a vista machine about the same time I purchased a Macbook. The Macbook is prefered, I have made movies easier using the Macbook vs. the Vista machine – although the Vista machine is faster. The Mac’s DVD also was better quality. I’ve also noticed network issues with Vista – I will suddenly loose my internet connection and after a while it will be back. I will say, however, that I have been impressed occasionally with it. For instance, when setting up my VPN (for work) it did not connect but Vista did tell me to make sure the firewall was allowing traffic for UDP port 4500 – wow! A specific help message! Not a “something somewhere went wrong so go get the system administrator!” message. Of course today I had some window updates that required a reboot and the internet connection was then lost – so I selected “diagnose & repair” and Vista again found a problem with the TCP setting and corrected (although I didn’t change anything so I guess I’m just impressed that Vista broke itself but then fixed itself).
    I actually find the Mac commercials intertaining and there is some truth to it after all.
    Perhaps Microsoft got too confident that no one could challenge them since most PC makers have Windows as the OS of choice – although I have seen a “downgrade” option on some websites -imagine that, when was the last time you thought it was good news that you were being downgraded?

  79. I have XP pro and I am also having problems with windows movie maker crashing everything I try to run it. Mayhaps it is the movie maker itself vs Vista. I do, do updates.

  80. Indeed!

    When Microsoft stops to marketize the Vista but starts to improve it inside? Yeah, all major PC-makers – especially notebook-makers, ’cause I know it by my job, – are switched now to Vista in all of its instances, but anybody thinks about users? About usual middle(wo)man-from-the-street, who tries to work effectively his/her routine job or wishes to enjoy, for example, with Home Video?
    Surely, Vista has the best selling attributes for self- selling and based-on-it PC – it’s lucky strike to implement integrated performance calculation subsystem into GUI, but… deeper to forest – bigger guerillas !!!

    So, something like this way my thoughts are runnin’ … 😐

    But I sincerely hope that Steve B. & Co., with “little” help from retired B.G.3rd, will overcome all internal hazards and polish their OSes & Apps, like they do with 2K/XP !…

    I believe in IT, indeed!…

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