13 thoughts on “New from The PC Pitstop Tachometers – You’re Not Me

  1. I gotta say, very well done. Great words, singing and the music is awesome. I agree with Chris’s comment back on 4/29/08…this should be a mandatory play on radio stations all over the country. Perhaps a backdrop to a 30 second spot on TV on idenity theft?

    I experienced something similar back in July of 2007. My saving grace was I caught it within a week and froze absolutely every account I had, banks, credit cards, etc. I also logged onto all 3 credit bureaus and filled out a fraud alert.

    Someone has got to get a handle on this before thousands if not 10’s of thousands of people lose everything.

  2. how can we get an mp3 of You’re not me?

    Who is the singer?
    Can we get a copy of the lyrics?
    Some words are a little are to hear.

    It’s a catchy tune for a huge problem.


    P.S. Are different people signing the other songs such as about Vitsa?

  3. How do I download it? There was a link for each of the previous songs they did, but a link is missing from this one.

  4. cool song,it kind of summed it all up .
    The thing about I.D. theft..it really is a scary thing .Because it can ruin ones life or make it really hard to get things together so the song makes us think about it ..and we always keep it in the forefront. Thank You!

  5. Lol!
    Echo what David said.
    Actually very good content and tune!
    Have I missed something here, or are the ‘Tachos tecchies turned tunesmiths?!

    If the ‘Tacho’s are going to be a regular “appearance” here then bring it on as I reckon there’s more than a little talent there, well done!



  6. Great lyrics, great singer, good band…what’s not to like? It would be nice to publish the lyrics. It’s hard for folks with impaired hearing to get everything…

  7. Fitting…..twice so far, my first time I was able to nip it quick, no damage… now I have someone using my user name on Ebay racking up thousands of orders… 3 weeks so far and Ebay has yet to stop her, but then again, Ebay makes money on these transactions. Might be the reason they haven’t resolved it yet.

  8. Great! Didn’t know whether to groove or laugh. I give it an 9 of 10. Reminded me of some ’80s soft rock, which I love.

    One piece of constructive criticism. There was a noticeable difference between the instruments and the voice. This could be due to the sharpness of the singer’s voice. This made me wince a couple times while listening. However, I do have a sensitivity to sharp and high-pitch noises, so it could just be me.

    In conclusion, keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing more!

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