8 thoughts on “Craplets & Bloatware Survey Results

  1. I keep a depository of all the installation files I might need on an external hard drive. OK, they still have to be installed (and updated in most cases) but those files to hand certainly speeds up any system rebuild.

  2. I have 3 icons in my Sys Tray. I abhor startup programs. If it’s not needed, it’s disabled or turned off, even the display card junk.

    How often do you need to reset the display settings?? Me, never.

    I made a slip-streamed disk with Win XP SP2, when I updated to SP2. I left off all the extra crap, so when I ever have to reformat, they don’t ever go back on.

    I recently had to use it and it’s sooooooo nice not to have to decrapify.

  3. With my PC being a good 3 yrs old I have reformatted the HD a number of times and I can say it honestly takes me the better part of a day and a half to get everything off or on as the case may be. I end up uninstalling all the crap and then have to install all the progs I do use that I would prefer to have preloaded and then get everything right.
    I just counted and I have 14 icons on my Sys Tray…Woo Hoo…

  4. It would be nice for the less knowledgeable of us if someone were to do a short article on how and what to remove that would not come back to haunt us in some future session.

  5. In the past I have remove most, if not all, of the above craplets. Fortunately, the only software that came with my current PC was and OS – and an OS on a proper, tangible disc, to boot (tortured & very contrived).

  6. When I got my Toshiba laptop I knew very little about computers. A few years later I know a ton more, and every time I reformat the thing (often, because it gets bogged down quickly no matter what I do, the thing is an ancient beast) I have to uninstall a zillion OEM utilities, offers, Antiviruses, and all sorts of other stuff. It takes me literally hours of work to get that computer semi-clean, even with PC Decrapifier. Companies would save money if they didn’t include and develop all this stuff, I’m boggled why they do it.

    For once I want to get a new computer and boot it up to find a clean desktop with a notepad file on it. The file would contain basic computer maintenance info, links to free and commercial versions of common antiviruses, antispyware, firewalls, defragmenters, and diagnostics, along with instructions to update and use them frequently. Also, some links to helpful sites such as this where you could get more info if you wanted it. It’s a dream that I fear may never see the light of day 🙁

  7. I’d love to see who takes the prize for the most craplets. It would be nice if computers came with a decent AV too. Why is it always Norton or McAfee? Both resource hungry, neither of them any good. When my Fiancee bought a new laptop before Christmas, I spent a good two hours removing the pointless crap.

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