Windows XP SP3 has problems


On Wednesday, May 7th 2008, Microsoft released the long awaited Windows XP SP3. Almost immediately hundreds of users registered complaints ranging from complete crashes to looping reboots. Similar problems have accompanied previous service packs and are usually the result of conflicting software.

Now, a few days later, it’s known that many of the reports are specific to HP Computers with AMD processors. Copies of Windows intended for Intel-based machines were used by OEMs on AMD-based computers. According to Microsoft the blame sits squarely on HP and possibly other OEMs

For Free XP SP3 Help and Support, visit this link:
Help and Support or call: 866-234-6020.

Jesper Johansson, a well respected MVP in Windows Security, has been helpful in identifying this problem and was quoted in a May 12th Article from Gregg Keizer of ComputerWorld. “The problem is that HP, and possibly other OEMs, deploy the same image to Intel-based desktops that they do to AMD-based desktops”. Many of us already know the problems associated with installing the wrong drivers on a system and this is exactly the same situation. Thankfully this problem is restricted to HP desktop models and does not affect their laptops.

In addition to the above problem there is a separate “no boot” situation specific to the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard, which also is designed for AMD processors. If you are seeing the error code: STOP:0x000000A5 after installing SP3 then you can use a USB flash drive as a temporary fix. Once you’ve installed a USB flash drive or other secondary storage device you will be able to boot your computer. This certainly is not convenient but will help until the problem is properly solved.

A flurry of fixes immediately after releasing a major service pack is nothing new to Windows users. The unlimited configuration possibilities almost assure there will be some necessary adjustments. Microsoft seems to be reacting quickly this time, with updates coming every day since SP3s original release.

There is no doubt this problem will be rectified but PC Pitstop cannot recommend installing Windows XP SP3 at this time. Information on the issues addressed with this important update can be found in our recent article “Windows SP3: The Long Journey“.

For those who have already installed this service pack and are experiencing problems, we suggest referencing Microsoft Help and Support document KB888372 dated May 6th, 2008. In some cases the fix can be as easy as using your Add/Remove programs utility to remove the offending service pack. You can find assistance with SP3 removal from this Microsoft Support Document “How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 3 from your computer”. Keep checking with us for updates on this important service pack.


Jesper Johansson

Endless Reboots

Information Week

Windows SP3: The Long Journey

Microsoft Support Document

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289 thoughts on “Windows XP SP3 has problems”

  1. Hi, I found this blog post while looking for help with Microsoft Silverlight. I’ve recently switched internet browser from Google Chrome to IE. After the change I seem to have a problem with loading sites that have Microsoft Silverlight. Everytime I go on a page that needs Microsoft Silverlight, my browser does not load and I get a “npctrl.dll” error. I cannot seem to find out how to fix it. Any help getting Microsoft Silverlight to function is very appreciated! Thanks

  2. Hey guys, know i’m kinda late on this one… But I stay away from xp sp3 update totally! I’m a computer technician, and on a few occasions, I’ve had to uninstall this update for some of my customers. I’ve seen it slow down systems to major blue screen crashes. And guess what? after the uninstall, system works fine. I reccommend the XP SP3 build, not the update!

  3. I somehow let XP SP3 get installed a couple of weeks ago , Toshiba Satellite 1135 Pentium 4.0 , now it seems to reboot over and over at start up , and recovers from a error then starts working and then sometime freezes up .. very intermitten . Removing XP SP3 tonight

  4. I installed a copy of XP SP3 and that is when my problems started. System slowed down massively – taking many minutes to boot up. Very very slow to login and start up. Random crashed. I thought I had a disk or hardware fault. Replaced hard disk and reinstalled. All ok… re-applied XP SP3 – (still not realising it was this that was the problem) – then all the symptoms returned again.

    Finally reverted back to XP SP 2 and all is well in the world again.

    I am running a HP laptop with AMD Processor. I have seen lots about a reboot loop with this combo, but didn’t see that personally. But system fan was constantly running and laptop got really really hot (again thought h/w issue) but since going back to SP2 it’s fine!?!?

    I am going to stick with SP2 for some time yet.

  5. I’ve had a fresh install of Win xp pro on an MSI Mobo NEOp4, damn thing now has been having USB issues that I can’t seem to find a solution to. Other than that everything else is gravy. I can’t believe I’m goin through this, I bought this copy so I wouldn’t have to upgrade to Vista, which alone has been having that exact issue plus much more with software alone. If this is something that continues, I’m heading straight for Linux, I’ve become tired of dealing with annoying issues like this from MS… @least in the open source community there are people who are willing to help solve issues rather than play the blame game agianst each other.

  6. I installed a 60 day trial of windows trial was up and would not let me reinstall cause I have no key.
    I tryed to reinstalled windowsxp pro with key but it does not let me in because it says I have to activate the trial windows frist and
    I can’t.How can I get rid of this trial information to stop it so I can install the other windowsxp pro.

  7. SP3 problems will they ever get fixed. | Myst

    I installed Sevice pack 3 from a Windows automatic update. I have an AMD processor and also experience update problems. after lengthy download my computer rebooted without a hitch, possible because I have a D-link Wirelessconnector in a USB plug… But what I noticed is that it took out my working Anti-Virus killed the update & Scan facillity of this Ant-virus and having recently been hit by a trojan and having to restore my PC, I didn’t take any chances. I’ve removed the XP Win Service Pack 3 using Xp’s sytstem restore and I have switched my automatic updates off.

    Can anyone advise if this service pack 3, now 9 months after it’s initail introduction will ever be sorted so that the non computer savvy people can istall it without a glitch?

  8. I didn’t install the Service pack III, it installed itself. then my computer completely crashed, at least it won’t reboot at all. Just gives me a warning that it cannot read the disc, etc. My son, who is a little more computer savvy than me says it just won’t reboot, he says he has a book disc and will use it as even my restore discs won’t work. Is there anything more I can do until my son can get to it? it is so upsetting to learn that something, Microsoft says will help my computer ruins it. I am so upset and so angry with Microsoft that I will never download a service pack again or anything else they suggest I download. I will look to see if my computer is set up to automatically download their suggestions and if so change it. What a terrible thing for Microsoft to allow to happen.

  9. I had big problems updating windows with sp3 and this is how I got it to work after endless hours of trying.

    1. you go to windows update and click express.

    2.After the search you’ll see a page “Review and Install Updates” with all the updates that you need to download.

    3.Don’t click on anything! Copy the file name of the first update as it appears on your screen.

    4.Open another explorer window go to google search and paste the file name of the update you previously copied from the windows update web site.

    5.Look in the results and click on a windows page that has your update.

    6.Download update to your desktop and when download is finish close all browser windows.

    7.Double click on the downloaded update to install manually and individually.

    8.Repeat this for all the express updates

    9.Do the same for Custom updates until you finish all updates.

    This was the only way i could find to update my computer,
    I hope that will help you!

  10. I have a Dell Dimension Dim4600 desktop with Intel Pentium 4 harddrive, with 2.35 GB ram, and running Norton antivirus version

    Does anyone think that I might have a problem with installing SP3?

  11. After running system restore on my HP and reloading most of my software I went to MS update site and downloaded SP3. What a disaster. AVG wouldn’t work; said the serial No. was wrong. Couldn’t get on the net, AVG was somehow monopolising the browser but the page was unavailable as it wasn’t using the right connection. Both optical drives disappeared. Just had to go through the whole restore programme again. I hadn’t heard of SP3 but now it seems it has been out at least 5 months and is still not right. Looks like I’ll have to do without any updates from now on. Perhaps MS is trying to get us all onto Vista.

  12. LOL… Boy, I guess I too was lucky. Installed SP3 on both desktops, dell and a gamepc machine with no problems.

    MS always makes everything a beta so that they can work out the bugs after people complain. Linux or quite possibly a MAC will be my next computer.

  13. Wow .. found this site after having issues trying to install XP SP3 on my machine twice yesterday – got “Access Denied” errors.

    I did the reset.cmd Microsoft said would help for a registry failure and it didn’t work. I am just going to assume that this version of SP3 is flawed heavens forbid that would ever be the case with a Microsoft product! … and not install it .. well.. forever.

    And to the gent who said he would never willingly buy or use another Windows machine .. I hear that! My other computer is a MacBook and I am so very glad I now consider this machine expendable. All yesterday I just kept thinking to myself .. if it blows up .. one more reason to trash this and get another Mac.

    This machine is hardly 18 months old .. but dealing with Microsoft that BS like having to plug and keep a mouse or a portable storage device into the machine in order for the thing to work .. well .. it just shows how complete messed up Microsoft is. I mean .. who the heck thinks THAT is a feasible solution to get SP3 to work?? I mean – really!??! Yes .. it might work “properly” .. but why the heck should we have to do that to GET it to work?

    Here’s a thought for Microsoft .. why don’t they present a whole product with no bugs for a change?? Ugh!

  14. Installed SP3 on a Dell 600m with Dell Truemobile 1300 mPCI and whenever it scanned for wireless networks, XP would crash/reboot. Basically withing a minute of starting up, it would crash/reboot.

    My neighbor lost everything after having GeekSquad come to fix their SP3 update…they reformatted it. Apparentley their Cox cable-modem (USB) wasn’t compatible…

  15. I found a easy way to solve this reboot problems with the A8N32-SLI Deluxe and since there are som many replys I don’t know if this was covered yet so here it goes..

    Plug a wired mouse (ps2) into the back of the mb, and reboot, now you should be able to get to the desktop. And yes you can still use your wireless keyboard mouse. I’m doing it right now as I type this reply.

  16. i downloaded sp3 from the microsoft website and every thing seemed fine until I tried to open up programs or tried some shortcuts on my laptop. I started to get flashes of programs trying to open up (think of a camera flash, that is my best description of what was happening). I uninstall and everything went back to normal. I will not install until I am sure that all bugs are fixed in SP3, like i always say: if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!! i have an Acer 3100, Mobile AMD Sempron processor 3400+ and it works great!!

  17. Now i get SOUND PROBLEMS. I NEED a mac. I have new Phillips earphones. so thats no problem.


  18. I installed SP3 with no problems on a reinstalled COMPAQ Laptop (Norton GoBack had broke it, causing Windows to display the BSoD so i cant boot XP) but now I cant install Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft is a BIG FAILURE.

    I want a Mac!

  19. that is it for me. i will NEVER again purchase a MS product when there is a choice. When there is not a choice, like for my work, then I will LOUDLY complain. I have had it with doing repair work for microsux. I lost each evening and two weekends trying to fix this, all it is now is a large brick. Farewell MS, i knew the too well. HELLO APPLE !


    I installed SP3 from a downloaded version (320MB) on my Athlon XP Dual Core and got the rebooting issue. Rang support and (using recovery console with my original retail disk) installed the remove intel fix first, still crashed during windows boot screen – It kept coming up with an error in gdi32.dll.
    I was advised to restore gdi32.dll using recovery console from C:WINDOWSServicePackFilesi386
    but could not see _any_ file on _any_ hard drive / partition. Got a bogus (unfixable file system) error.

    Since reinstalling was not an option for me (to reinstall all software would cost me weeks, its a development machine) I followed the advice of MS support and put the boot drive into another PC, then restored the gdi32.dll. Put it back into my machine, and it was fixed, no more issues. (revision number of the bad dll was 5.1.2600.3316, I restored 5.1.2600.3311).
    The funny thing is gdi32.dll (a windows graphics library) is obviously also used when using restore console or Command Prompt only and it completely confuses windows.

  21. WINDOWS UPDATE REPAIR – downloads won’t install- this will repair it

    open notepad:

    start- all programs – accessories – notepad

    Cut and paste this into notepad:

    regsvr32.exe iuengine.dll
    regsvr32.exe wuapi.dll
    regsvr32.exe wuaueng1.dll
    regsvr32.exe wuauserv.dll
    regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll
    regsvr32.exe wucltui.dll
    regsvr32.exe wups.dll
    regsvr32.exe wuweb.dll
    regsvr32.exe wups2.dll
    regsvr32.exe cdm.dll
    regsvr32.exe msxml2r.dll
    regsvr32.exe msxml3r.dll
    regsvr32.exe msxml.dll
    regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll
    regsvr32.exe msxmlr.dll
    regsvr32.exe msxml2.dll
    regsvr32.exe qmgr.dll
    regsvr32 softpub.dll
    regsvr32 wintrust.dll
    regsvr32 initpki.dll
    regsvr32 dssenh.dll
    regsvr32 rsaenh.dll
    regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll
    regsvr32 sccbase.dll
    regsvr32 slbcsp.dll
    regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll

    Now click on File
    Click on Save As
    (dialogue box appears)
    At the bottom do the drop down in Save as Type as ALL FILES

    In File Name box name it Winupdatefix.bat
    Save it to your desktop (for ease of finding it)

    it will appear as a ms-dos batch file.
    double click
    press enter after each confirmation. if it says it is missing a file or cannot re-register don’t worry. Note: initpki.dll will seem to hang, it just takes less than a minute comapred to the others (that are almost instant).

    Restart computer (optional)

    try to update again, it will work.

  22. keep getting error message, we appol for inconvienience but windows cannot stRT PROPERLY. A recent h/ware or sware cganfe might have caused this..

    goes to all safe modes and 30 secs countdown but just keeps rebooting no matter what i preess… not much knowledge been trying to follow this any help appreciated…oh can still use laptop:)

  23. Charles Greene

    I have the continual reboot problem with an AMD Sempron 3400. I used a valid OEM XP SP2 CD that I got from one of my distributors for the install. Nothing on those OEM CD’s say that they are Intel-specific. By mistake, my CD is 50 miles away in a customer’s dead eMachines box (bad capacitors) & Microsoft claims I need it repair their screw-up.
    I said nuts to it & installed Freespire 2.0 & so far have only not been able to get my TV card to work. Even my various HP & Epson printers work just fine, plus a lot fewer security woes with Linux, given the natture of the Microsoft beast.

  24. I installed sp3 overnight and did the reboot in the morning. But i didnt have enough time to sit around so it sat on the login screen until i came home from work. After logging in i was able to use all of the icons on my desktop but for about 5 minutes hovering over the taskbar would show a busy cursor and i couldnt use it. Nothing was showing in the system tray and i couldnt use the quick start. Of course i tried clicking on the bar anyways and after the 5 minutes everything i had clicked on appeared. That is no longer an issue and everything else works just fine. But who knows if it will happen again after a reboot. But knowing all i have to do is wait a bit this isnt a big problem. And its been a long time since this pc has run this smooth. Specs P4 1.7ghz, 1gb pc133 ram, ATI radeon X1600 pro agp 8x running at 4x with 512mb. So obviously this isnt a complicated machine nor is it a power house. But I will refrain from installing it on my girlfriends HP Intel laptop until the buzzing about it calms.

  25. i installed sp3 on a HP media center puter with a penti4, back when it was in the prerelease state an had to go an look for it from microsoft. The machine never ran so good as it did after installin sp3, and it was a farless problematic as was goin from sp1 to sp2 which i also had done with the machine. I have also installed it on a dell laptop with a penti4 an again the machine never ran so good!!!
    i just purchased a hp core2duo machine which was shipped with xp sp2 an once i got ride of the preinstalled nonsense programs ( thankfully were not many, unlike the hp media center had lots) an again smooth no problems an runs like a trooper!!!!
    So u all can blame microsoft for the problems if u like but i for one have put it on a number of machines (including friends machines) an have little to no problems doing it an a variety of different machines with no crashes loops nothing nada works great … stop bad mouthing the best update to date of xp an get your machine in proper workin order an u probably won’t have much diffuculty either!!!!

  26. Gary H. Kramer

    I tried to put SP3 on two of my computers. On the first, it would simply not install – so I didn’t force it. However, I think it was the root of the problems that caused system crashes and resulted in a complete reforme and re-install.

    On the second, a Dell M170, it messed things up so bad I removed it. Thank goodness for SyetemRestore.

    SP3 (and Vista) NOT for me.

  27. I’ve installed SP3 on three separate machines with no problems. One a Dell with Celeron processor the other two custom built with Intel Pentium processors.

  28. I installed SP3 on my laptop HP NC8000 with Intel Pentium M, XL prof. Constant looping reboots, error messages and suggestions that I download a Railink program. I did all that and nothing but looping reboots and Railink messages. Finally after 3 days I uninstalled SP3 and everyting is normal again. WTF? I think I may turn off my MS auto updates, this one nearly killed me. Thanks for the great write up on this, you rock!

  29. installed on Fujitsu Siemens laptop intel celeron M, was fine fast enough, untill SP3 now wi-fi wont work (wireless zero config) have to use cards GUI. system slow, sluggish, bad micro[edited by administrator], surely breaking old OS not gunna encrourage ppl to upgrde 2 new 1

  30. [edited by Administrator] Microsoft, my Laptop crashes everytime I start watching a video in FLASH. Just ipgraded my XP Professional to SP3.

  31. Below is the fix to get your updates working again after installing windows xp pro sp3.

    I re-registered the DLL’s used by the Windows Update service. Specifically, I opened a command window (Start -> Run -> cmd -> OK), and typed the following commands, one at a time:

    net stop wuauserv
    regsvr32 wuapi.dll
    regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll
    regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
    regsvr32 wucltui.dll
    regsvr32 wups2.dll
    regsvr32 wups.dll
    regsvr32 wuweb.dll
    net start wuauserv

    Windows displays a confirmation box as each DLL is registered.

    After this, when I tried the updates again via IE -> Tools -> Windows Update, everything worked as expected

  32. Stay away from AMD?? And your a Computer tech???? I am also a Custom System builder and AMD has a Processor Driver and a Dual Core optimizer for max performance! Whats wrong with that?? Intel has a INF update which is almost the same thing,Optimizes the CPU!!I’m alway’s Amazed at the People who call themselves Technicians,lol!!

  33. Why would anyone insatll SP3 if your computer is Working Good???? I have sp2 and haven’t had Not 1 problem!! If it isn’t Broke,,You don’t fix it!!!!!!

  34. I applied SP3 to three completely different PC’s on the day it was released. The installation worked without error and there have been no problems with PC’s which are used daily.

  35. response to: Andre “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCONTROLSET001SERVICESINTEPPM Click on this folder then go to the right colum, right click on the “start”and modify the data value to 4. close all and reboot”. I believe the following is the correct syntax: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCONTROLSET001SERVICESINTELPPM (you forgot the “L”). The value data is indeed 4. My HP Pavilion (Media Center TV PC m7434n) w/AMD 64×2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ @ 2.2 GHz, was already set the correct way. I’m running AMDK8.sys 5/27/2006. Hope this will also help others. But, I have no intention of installing SP3 for a while. And VISTA is never going to happen with me!

  36. Thanks for the warning! I attempted to download the XP service pack 3 on both my HP desktop and my Dell Laptop. No joy on either. I received an error on my laptop advising that access was denied in the folder “Documents and settings/all users/”Documents are not accessible.Don’t know why, but will research to find out how to open the folder. Once I received an incomplete installation on the HP, I decided to leave it for another day. Glad I did, because I just read your comments and you have saved me a giant headache. Thanks for the advise.

  37. I installed XP service pack 3 on a Velocity Micro PC with a AMD processor. Ever since I have been having problems with CPU spikes and errors with my defragger and my antivirus. I did find part of the problem was that service pack 3 turned on the windows defragger and had it constantly running in the background so I disabled that, but I’m still having spike problems and will probably get rid of service pack 3.

  38. I installed a Beta/Pre-release of Win XP SP3 (that I downloaded from “”) on my Lenovo PC with AMD processor and have had no problems.

  39. Cleveland St. Jacques

    Hello, as a computer technician I would recommend NOT buying HP or AMD in the first place. HP machines are usually a nightmare to work on due to the lousy support. I recently had an older HP machine I was reformatting for a customer and had a hell of a time finding drivers for it as HP dosen’t support all of their peoducts. AMD needs special drivers also. While working on another customers machine I was surprised when Windows update had an update for the processor. I have never seen that with Intel.
    I have a Dell that is 1 year old and it is a fats machine that I am constantly tweaking and testing new software on. I had no problems after installing SP3.
    P.S. I would stay away from Compaq also.

  40. PC Pitstop’s revised list of Problems and Fixes will be ready and hopefully posted here in TechTalk by 5:00PM tonight.

    Thanks alot for all the input, it’s been extremely helpful.

    Some of you, who are signed up for the newsletter, will notice we issued an Alert by email this week and that it contains a survey. Please fill that out also, as we’d like to have that information compiled by Tuesday of next week.

  41. Sorry for double posting, but read Tobyjug’s
    post 9 posts back. This is the same problem I had. What fixed it for me was making sure everytjing was perfect and clean, then install sp3. The dlls went missing or were overwritten

  42. I have the beta verion sp3 on both my laptop and desktop. It is the beta version.
    My acer 2312 Travelmate witn all upgrades and sp3 works fine. It does not have the original operating system in it, just a copy of xp home.
    It also has silverlight office 2003 and a bunch of aftermarket programs. there has been not a glitch with it.
    My desktop, on the other hand has been having issues. I can not attribute it to sp3, but after a clean install of xp pro sp1, I installed sp3, thinking it was going to change the core kernal of the o/s why bother installing all the updates. Wrong!!!!
    It screwed it up to the point of needing to do a fresh install. With a fresh install, doing all upgrades(600 or so,my key will only work with my disk and not even a slipstreamed version)installing all programs and upgrades. Then at last installing sp3. This worked fine, but it seems you can’t and shouldn’t jump all over the place.
    The best thing I can recomend is everything in order. o/s,a/v,o/s upgrades, progs, upgrades, cleaner,a tuneup utility, defrag, sp3.
    have fun (I did)

  43. So far, I’ve installed SP3 on three systems (all Intel) : 1.) a relatively ancient COMPAQ Presario with a Celeron 500 Mhz and 256 MB ram running XP Pro; A newer Compaq Presario 8000T with a P4 2.8 Ghz (Northwood) and 1GB RAM also running XP Pro; and a recent HP Pavilion with a P4 2.8Ghz (Prescott) and 1 GB RAM running Media Center Edition.

    I haven’t experienced any problems during installation or normal operations with any of these three systems. All three perform more or less as they did prior to the upgrade.

    I’ve actually been running the pre-release version of SP3 on the Presario 8000T for several months now with no problems but no marked improvement in performance either.

  44. well, i, personally, got very tired of Microsoft monkeying around and screwing up what works every chance they get, so i dumped windows all-together and am now a very, very, happy Ubuntu (linux variation) user.

  45. It seems to me that every time they come out with a new system software they intentionally screw up there previous version to force you to upgrade. Not that the software is ever bug free but it seems that since the release of Vista – XP has been getting more buggy with every update!

  46. Wow! Let the stupidity run free! I have a Acer, running a Amd turion 64, 32bit xp pro (retail), ati x700, 1 gig ram, and a 100 gig hard drive. I keep my machine updated. The very first rule, in any computer. And sp3, has worked fine! And, I do see a performance gain. But, not much of one. By the way. I wouldn’t give an HP or Compact, to my worst enemy. I would rather have teeth pulled, than work on one.

  47. Well I download 1 1/2 to 2 months Sp3 on my presario 5015ca Amd turion64 and it works well with my laptop “no hang ups, no crashes, no conflicts” .
    But I can update any time 🙂

  48. Sp3 was auto update downloaded to my own built Pentium Core Duo system. No issues, no hang ups, no crashes, no conflicts. My old AMD system sits idle in the closet, and I haven’t looked back since.

  49. SP3

    I installed SP3 onto a new HP desktop Pavilion with Intel Core Duo E4500, 4 GB RAM,and none of the updates would install.
    I wrote to MS and the cut and paste below from the Customer Service worked:

    “By trying this step, we can check the update engines.

    1. Close all instances of Internet Explorer.

    2. Click “Start” and “Run”, type “REGSVR32 ATL.DLL” (without quotations) in the open box and click “OK”.

    Note: There is a space between REGSVR32 and ATL.DLL

    3. Register the files listed below:












    Note: Please register all the files. While registering each .DLL file you should get a “succeeded” message. If any error message is encountered , please let me know the exact wording.

    If it still does not work, please proceed to suggestion 3 to reinstall Windows Installer 3.1.

    I hope this helps

  50. I installed SP3 on 2 home built computers, both AMD.

    Windows Live Messenger stopped working on both and had to be reinstalled.

    On 1 computer IE7 was trashed and I had to do a repair which lost me all my custom settings and passwords.

    On the other computer Javascript has stopped working and even after re-installation still isn’t recognised as being installed.

    I previously had a Winsock problem on 1 computer which defied all known fixes but after installing SP3 it’s gone away, so it’s a ‘win some, lose some’ situation for me.

  51. I downloaded and upgraded one Intel machine and two AMD machines to XP sp3 (Dell = XP Media Center, AMD’s = XP Home). I did a straight upgrade of one AMD and the Dell and had no problems at all. I did a System reload from the built in image the other AMD before upgrading. The AMD crashed and rebooted constantly because HP had set both the Intel and the AMD Power Management systems to active in their universal image. I disabled the Intelppm in the registry (set value =4) and then it worked fine. I had to reload a couple of minor applications and after that all machines worked great.

  52. First, none of my computers are cloned image installations. All were OEM installs on machines I built.

    Second, if you install ALL OTHER available updates PRIOR to SP3 you won’t have any issues.

    Third, I believe I read a notice on the update website explaining that. So who is REALLY to blame for screwed up installs?

  53. I have installed sp3 on a flurry of machines…including my personal Alienware laptop….it fixed the lockups on the Alienware I was having. I suspect I had an problem DLL that sp3 just overwrote.

    I have installed it on my desktop at work (HP), my wife’s Alienware desktop, her Alienware laptop, one of my student’s Toshiba laptop….all with zero problems. I must be living right.

  54. I am running a 2 year old sytemax pc with xp pro with dual core 3.20 gig intel pentium d processor on a intel 945gpm motherboard.I installed the sp3 service pack and right away intel audio studio no longer worked nor did any sound at all on the pc I also started getting messages that 3-4 things wouldn’t load at startup anylonger as well as overall running sluggish so I tried to do a system restore and none of the restore points would work…HMMMM I was thinking I would need to do a factory restore and lose about 200 gigs of data on my hard drive so I started trying drivers and finally found an audio driver so I at least had sound back after hours of investigating.I uninstalled the sp3 from the add/remove programs and now I am running sp2 again,the pc is no longer sluggish and I have sound again although I guess it is idt audio control panel(wich does nothing when I click on it in the control panel)I redownloaded intel audio studio but that still won’t work but I have sound from somwhere…lol”WHAT A PAIN IN THE ERR… BUTT IT HAS BEEN”.Thanx allot microsoft!!!…I am now about to go to pcpitsstop and run a full battery of tests again.

  55. Richard A Morgan

    Downloaded SP3 last week…took about two hours to download 555KB at 74KB/s. The installation went well and was completed in what seemed to be a normal time, but I was installing over SP2, so many upgrades had already been loaded and installed. I am experiencing no problems with what I do with the PC. I am working an upgrade to AMD X2/AMD780G/SB700; whether or not SP3 problems will raise their ugly heads with the upgrade I will soon learn.

  56. On Monday, May 12 my PC began a “looping reboot”. I did not connect it to the Windows XP SP3 at the time, but now I believe that is the culprit. As a result I spent about $300 with my local computer repair company to install a new harddrive and reinstall Windows; fortunately most all my documents were recovered (and fortunately I had a recent backup copy on an external harddrive for the docs that were corrupted). I am currently running with XP SP3 (with the clean reinstall) and so far have not had any additional problems. I have an AMD processor installed in a “local vendor” built machine.

  57. Dave Holenbach

    I installed SP3 on an AMD 4000+ processor computer with an MSI 7220 (K8N Diamond Plus) motherboard, and it crashed it…i was still able to back up my data and after two hours of trying to repair the OS i just had to reformat and do a clean install. Then I set the Microsoft Update to manual. I updated many other Intel based machines with no problem at all…but don’t do the AMD machines unless you hate

  58. Absolutely Dave. Even though there are ways to prevent that particular problem, there are just too many other situations popping up on an almost hourly basis. Without a doubt wait. DO NOT INSTALL XP SP3.

  59. Have read so many horrow stories, that I have not installed SP3. Have a HP Desktop, and their technicians have been helpful. They gave me several methods to fix the AMD problems, but I shall wait until PC gives me the green light.
    Thank you

  60. Jespers fix is fine and is the first link in our article.

    All of the issues that have surfaced and their fixes are being put together in an article now and will be ready shortly.

    The main categories seem to fall under the headings below:

    1. HP/AMD based problems
    2. Branded versions of IE7 crash after update
    3. XP Home Server and Remote Desktop access.
    4. SP3/Norton/ and wireless access
    5. Asus A8N32

    The article with complete rundown and fixes will be out by Monday.

  61. Walter Altorfer

    Thanks to PC Pitstop I emailed HP who confirmed the problem and suggested I do not download XP SP3. According to HP, Microsoft has provided an upgrade utility for systems with AMD processors. Microsoft did not confirm this. I have blocked SP3 from my automatic windows updates. Thanks to all of you for saving me from future problems!

  62. It took me out stalling on boot to a black screen.

    Safe mode restore and last know good configuration did not help.

    Now I’m stuck and can’t get into safe mode. Re-install time.

  63. I installed SP3 on my HP before I got this notice. Installation went off with no errors noted, but the system crashed on reboot. Subsequent boots put it into the boot do loop cycle. I finally booted in Safe Mode and was able to restore to the configuration before I “upgraded”. Not knowing the HP connection, I tried the SP3 installation again. No problems at all the second time. So far, my system seems to be running fine.

  64. I stream an SP3 on my SP2 CD and no problems so far I tested with everything in 4 different computers without any single problem. However I always recommend an CLEAN installation over upgrade. Maybe that’s the real point since I found upgrades have more problems in any system (I see some problems in Vista PS1, Linux updates and MacOs) so I believe you have to do the first installation clean and install the SP3 and finish with all you hardware, gadgets and software. Thanks Microsoft and Long Live to XP (until Windows 7 arrives). Vista sorry is greedy and slow to recommend it.

  65. Buy not letting us know we have so far put out 200.00 to fix what they did not let us know. Had to start all over again, just like the frist day we brought home the computer. Not a happy camper.

  66. Thanks for all the information and please keep your experiences coming. We’re working right now on providing more definitive information on the problems associated with installing this service pack, preventative measures, and proven fixes. We’ll have more for you shortly.

  67. XP SP3 gave me many problems. Firstly, it disabled my Anti-virus (NOD), Firewall (Zone Alarm) and anti-spam (Paretologic). These had to be re-installed to bring back full functionality. Then, I found that SP3 had affected the performance of Outlook Express and, finally, MS Publisher 2003 will now not open some documents created under XP SP2.

  68. No problems so far. I’m running an AMD 64 with a gigabyte board & only one gig of memory. SP3 downloaded & installed. I did make a restore point however I’ve never got restore to work when I need it. But all running smooth here & my fingers are crossed.

  69. SOS, I need help! My system crashed. I had to do a system restore which of course took it back to the beginning of time. I’m down to 2 things left to put back on. On is the ID Vault by Guard ID Systems. When I try to do this I have to down load Microsoft’s Net.3 but I always get a fatal error. I went to the Microsoft web site but they want anywhere from $99 to $450 to assist me. I think Bill Gates has enough money. Any suggestions?

    My other problem is when I reinstalled Office 2003 everything loaded except Power Point.

    I thought perhaps the dreaded service SP3 was causing the reinstall problems to I uninstalled it. I still can’t do eith thing.

    I’m running Windows XP on an HP Pavillion with Pentium processor. I do have the McAfee security suite running but it was running during the original install so that shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

    Can someone please help me?!

  70. Upgraded a Pentium III 1.4g running in a slotkit with 896meg ram built in 2000 with no problems also a Dell e1405 core 2 duo 1.6g dual core 1024meg ram notebook and last but not least an intel e6600 2048meg ram all with no problems all running xp pro.

  71. I undated my XP install to SP3 and then rebooted straight back into my regular operating system, TEENpup 2008 Linux. Maybe now my copy of XP isn’t working properly? who knows? who cares? And they complain when Linux doesn’t work 100% out of the box. Windows isn’t perfect either.
    Maybe Microsoft are trying to stuff XP as well, so you won’t feel too bad going over to Vista. Enjoy living in your Windows world.
    OH Yea personally I hope Linux never takes off, because at this moment life is so good not worrying about virus’s spyware etc etc. If Linux ever became mainstream, God help us!

  72. What a Cluster[edited by administrator]! My automatic update killed my computer and I had no idea what was going on until finally getting up and running enough to get to PCPitstop. The first thing I read was about the SP3 update screwing up HP AMD desktops. That would be me…

  73. I installed SP3 on a 7 year old desktop running 1 gig ram – no problems but then i look after the old girl well. Performance is still good with an Athlon 2600 XP. SMile

  74. go to add/remove programs to uninstall SP3. As for myself..I have a compaq desktop with amd sempron and installed SP3 and so far haven’t had any problems with it. I have windows xp home on my pc.

  75. Hi,
    Sony Vaio laptop : Sp3 installed in less than 30 minutes,
    no issues. It is working fine.
    Tiny PC with AMD64 chip, had security issues. The scripts
    that fiddle with the internal policies cured it. .
    So far, no problems.
    I suspect the policies on the Tiny box were defective from
    its initial build, but I can’t ask the company.

  76. Ref to Rich Syx Says: May 15th 2008.

    When you try to install updates from the Windows Update Web site, from the Microsoft Update Web site, or by using the Automatic Updates feature, you receive a message that states that the update or the updates were not installed successfully. However, the updates are not displayed in the Update History part of the Web site.

    You experience this problem if the following conditions are both true:
    • You try to update a computer that is running Windows XP.
    • You have repaired the Windows XP installation by using the Windows XP CD.
    Back to the top
    This problem occurs because of how the Windows XP repair operation replaces Windows system files. When you repair a Windows installation by using a Windows XP CD, the repair operation performs both of the following operations:
    • It replaces all the Windows system files with the corresponding files from the CD.

    Note This includes the Windows Update files.
    • It restores the Windows registry.
    The latest version of Windows Update includes a file that was not available in the release version of Windows XP. This file is named Wups2.dll. Therefore, after the repair operation is complete, the following situation exists:
    • The Wups2.dll file remains on the computer.
    • The registry entries that correspond to this file are missing.
    Because the registry files that correspond to the Wups2.dll file are missing, update installations are unsuccessful.
    Back to the top
    To resolve this problem, use one of the following methods.
    Back to the top
    Method 1: Register the Wups2.dll file in Windows
    To register the Wups2.dll file in Windows, follow these steps:
    1. Stop the Automatic Updates service. To do this, follow these steps:
    a. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
    b. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
    net stop wuauserv

    2. Register the Wups2.dll file. To do this, follow these steps:
    a. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
    regsvr32 %windir%system32wups2.dll
    Note For a computer that is running Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
    regsvr32 %windir%syswow64wups2.dll
    b. Click OK on each verification message that you receive.

    3. Start the Automatic Updates service. To do this, type the following command at the command prompt, and then press ENTER:
    net start wuauserv
    4. Exit the command prompt. To do this type exit, and then press ENTER.

    Hope this helps you.


    Tom Young

  77. After reading all the negative comments and having experienced some, I removed Sp3.

    This was a mistake. The drivers that I downloaded to correct the problems were now causing problems. I could only see at 8 bit in 4 colors. I reinstalled tho older drivers.

    I tried to download the Windows individual updates but they were now non-existent.

    So I reloaded Sp3 and reinstalled the new drivers. The ASUS M3A Motherboard with AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Processor and 4 GB of PC6400 DDR2 800MHz ram.

  78. Like an idiot, I trusted microcrap and downloaded the service pack 3 into my e-machine with an amd processor. Before doing so, I read all the stuff and nothing in there warned me about not downloading with this processor, or anything else. The processor locked up, nothing worked. I lost the first day’s attempts to make a living, what the heck, it’s only a few hundred bucks, right?
    After three days of this, I restored to an earlier date. End of problem? Not hardly, although this miserable update is not listed in my add/delete programs, after running for 5 minutes or so, the process runs at 100% and stops everything else. I finally remembered that I have sysinternals Process Explorer and was able to find in there what I couldn’t in the task manager; a generic windows service host was running a windows update at, you guessed it, 100%. I was able to stop that process and everything is back to normal.
    I’m not a computer genius like most of the folks in here, just a wordsmith with considerably less income that expected this past two weeks. Windows updater just informed me of 5 more security fixes.
    I can’t afford microsoft fixes anymore and I am quite tired of them always blaming someone else, which is why I rarely to to their fixit site; some administrator is always there with excuses and blames.

  79. I think there should be a further warning to individuals whose computers have encrypted hard disk drives. That is my case. I’ve been very diligent about backup, daily, my data files and my operating system. When I installed SP3 my system would not run afterward.

    I thought, “No problem, I’ll just reinstall windows and my backup software (about an hour or so) and then restore it all. Well, so far I’ve been unable to restore things. Further, I’ve heard from others that what I’ve attempted to do isn’t possible when your HDD is encrypted.

    My problem is that I’ve so much software on my computer that just recovering all the passwords, registration codes, reinstalling and re-registering it all will take me a minimum of two weeks. I’d almost rather lose my data files.

    I’d recommend not installing SP3. You know the saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it,” well I wish I’d listened to this.


  80. p.s., thanks for making a forum for input on the sp3 update, i don’t think that hysteria has motivated my response, if you saw how my machine reacted (by the way, i have three other machines) you would surely understand why i feel the way i do! keep up the good work pc pitstop!

  81. Well, i’ve seen a lot of folks haven’t had problems with sp3 update from microsoft, i got to say i wish i could say the same! This is the worst update ever! Never will i do this update stuff thru microsoft again, where was quality control? asleep at the wheel, obviously!

  82. I have installed this on 6 pcs for various people, only one had a problem, it was the one with Media Center Edition 2005 on an HP computer with AMD processor, so that was the only problem, and i did see an increase in performance, about 6%, so there is definatly a good thing about SP3

  83. Thanks for the warning. I don’t have an HP system, but I DO have an AMD Athlon dual-core processor.

    I’ll wait till Microsoft kill the bugs before downloading SP3.

  84. So far I’ve installed SP3 on my three desktops at home and have had NO problems whatsoever. All of these are custom build machines.
    As reported, the main problems occur with manufacturers that use a single image for AMD as well as Intel machines.
    At this point, it appears PC PITSTOP has attempted to add to the hysteria concerning SP3, by recommending that it NOT be applied.
    No one in their right mind would recommend that users not keep their systems updated without an ulterior motive.

  85. I installed the service pack on two home built computers with AMD processors and also on a Dell Laptop computer….guess what?


    I think this thread is a lot of [edited by administrator] and fear mongering.

  86. I uploaded SP3 with no problems I have the asus motherboard with and ADM 6500 overclocked system.The only problem I seem to be having is slow start up *shrugs* so evidently there is something more lying in the systems with the asus/adm system configurations!

  87. I just installed SP3 on all three of my computers and have had no problem what-so-ever… Dell (Notebook) XPS M1710, Dell (Notebook) Inspiron 1520 and Dell (Desktop) Dimension 8200…

  88. I use a Gateway Model MX6961 Notebook computer, with OPS: Windows XP-SP2 and on Friday, 5/15/2008 early morning it started started giving me a “BLUE SCREEN OF DEALTH” looping reboot. I finally took care of the situation by using the windows system recovery tool and selecting the good system setup for the previous Tuesday, May 13, 2008. My PC is working fine with the previous Windows XP-SP2 set-up.

    I hope the above helps.
    [link deleted by administrator]

  89. In the past two months we have bought two new computers. One an Inova notebook and the other an HP desktop. We have had no problems. Why you ask? We bought both from a small local custom shop who installs XP professional in all their machines. God bless him!

    Don’t want Vista problems? DON’T BUY VISTA!

  90. After installing SP3 everything was fine for a day, then
    my AMD processor started freezing on me. I removed SP3
    and everything was fine again. I went to the help site
    and noticed that during install you should disable any virus software. A week after doing that and reinstalling SP3 my AMD based homebuilt has been perfectly stable.

  91. updated my acer laptop intel chip and desktop computer i built myself amd chip and assus mother board. did it though windows update and took 2 hrs todo on laptop 1hr on desktop 5days ago. so far no problems .defragged the drives afterwards.

  92. I installed XP SP3 onn a two year old Dell Dimension E521 with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor. Program seemed to run ok but after checking CPU usage was 100% and Graphic Card NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE was not running right. Did a Restore to before the download and everything is now good. Will wait for bugs to be worked out before I try again.

  93. I installed SP3 on my custom build home computer and have not noticed any problems or changes in operaton. Computer main components.
    2.13 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo
    64 kilobyte primary memory cache
    2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
    Mother Board:
    Intel Corporation DG965WH AAD41692-304
    Bus Clock: 266 megahertz
    BIOS: Intel Corp. MQ96510J.86A.1618.2007.0117.1535 01/17/2007

  94. I keep my Dell updated from Microsoft all the time. I have installed the XP3 Update with no problems. Since I did this I’ve had no problems with this system.

  95. I Downloaded Windows SP3 last night, I have dial-up so it ran through the night. This morning at 5: AM it was ready to install. I’m running a home assembled clone with a genuine Intel D865GLC-CLK motherboard with Intel P4 processor at 3.0G, and Western Digital 200 G hard-drive, 1 gig DDR RAM. The install was flawless, I re-booted and there’s problems of any kind, all software works fine, I had some Fragmented files, of course, but all is well!

  96. I installed the XP SP3 on my self assembled pc with no difficulties. I did however run the install whilst in safe mode partly as it is usually faster and partly in the hope of avoiding problems. I dont know if this really helps though.

    Most importantly all of my driver and software updates are performed with monotonous regularity.

  97. I just completed two new system builds with an ASUS motherboards and Intel Core2. I did a slipstreamed clean install of XPSP3 on the first computer, then installed the apropriate drivers and didn’t have any problems. I did however have to do several updates to get the .net2.0 and explorer security updates I believe it took 3-4 updates becaus of the prerequisites for some of the updated to install. The second machine I did a clean install of XP SP2 then did the Windows update again I had no problems. I also have a Dell Dimension 8400 that I installed SP3 on and have seen no isues. I do keep my systems well cleaned (registry, junk files, spyware) I avidly agree with what David W Nelson commented on about doing correct and thorough PC maintenance.

  98. I installed the beta SP3 a month ago and got the boot loop. My system is custom built by me and had the OS installed from a legit OEM disc, not an image. I had to uninstall to get going again. This week I installed SP3 from the Windows Update site and had no problems. I suspect at least part of the reboot issue had nothing to do with HP images on meant for an AMD systems being installed upon Intel systems.

  99. Tried to update xpservice pk 3 and it failed. didn’t try it again after I read all the other letters published and said there’s didn’t either. And microsoft said they were having problems with it.

  100. I did not have any problems downloading XP3 on my pc … but I did have a problem installing the update (was getting the following error code: 0X8007058D). After two attempts, I disabled my firewall(COMODO). After this, I was able to install the package without a hitch. Suggestion – anyone who is having any problems installing XP3 should maybe disable their firewall prior to doing so.

  101. I installed SP3 and now have the old problem back with IE6 not responding and then end up sending a crash report to Microsoft.

    I also use Diskkeeper Pro to defrag and am now getting the error “MMC has detected an error in a snap-in”. One of my options is to report the error to Microsoft and then shutdown MMC. It comes up everytime I run it and rest assured, I report it every time.

    Microsoft seems to have screwed things up once again!! Way to go Redmond..

  102. I updated my new dell XPS M1730 with SP3 and all of a sudden it would not recgonize my password until the 10th try everytime I powered up and could not change my admin settings, I wiped out the HD and re-isnstalled XP Pro, will not instal SP3 until this issue is rectified

  103. I’m one Windows XP Pro SP3 customer that has not experienced one single issue related to Windows XP SP3. I had problematic issues with the SP3 beta 2 version and had to uninstall it, but I also allowed Microsoft to monitor my process. I also believe that Microsoft may well have caused unnecessary failures on many personal Windows XP Operating Systems.

    However, I also believe that there are so many variables that play into the mix, that it may become easy to point a blank-gun finger at Microsoft’s SP3, rather than to our own personal neglect of essential computer maintenance.

    While it may still be advisable to wait, I have not experienced one iota of difficulty with the Windows-Auto-Update of SP3, obviously my PC is one of the “blessed” ones.

    It’s critical for a “common PC user” to consider some of the very basics in keeping their PC up-to-date with Windows Updates (including some superfluous software and hardware updates), driver updates (essential), valid and comprehensive registry cleanups (this can’t be stated strongly enough), not to mention Anti- virus, malware, and spyware software.

    It ends up being a guessing game unless all of the above have attended to regularly!

    P.S. As an after-thought, we are all welcome by Microsoft to become active members in their “beta” tests for future releases, I did, and I now don’t have the issues I had with the Beta 2 release! Instead of pretending that Bill Gates is still there, we as users should get all the more involved in proactive involvement in helping Microsoft grow before even this enterprise goes to China!!! Do you think I chide?

  104. Milton Berkley

    I just did a complete restore because of the above error listed in the article. Three times over several days I got a blue screen with the error and recovered with a reboot. The fourth time it was a total crash. Until reading this article I didn’t have the answer. Billys people appoligised for the crash. 3 days since the reinstall on: MSI-K8N Neo4-F with AMD 3500.
    Thanks PC Pit for letting us know. All is ok since the restore with sp3? Time will tell.

    Walter, thanks for the heads up… I guess your job will be easier at Best Buy since you have told us to shop elsewhere. Guess you need the crash to appreciate it. Your boss must like (not) your responce. Yes I am electronics retail Manager. Good job. PS, Help the customer?

    Thanks again for all you do PC Pit.

  105. I’ve installed xp3 on 4 machines ranging in age from 1 year old to about 7 years old. I only had trouble on two of the machines. One was a software conflict on one machine with the AV (now fixed). On a laptop that I had to reformat & start from scratch I have intermittent loss of wireless network connection and found that I could not install IE7 after I’d installed SP3. I had to roll back SP3 to install IE7. Advice: install IE7 & MP11 before SP3, if you don;t already have them.

  106. Here’s instructions from HP tech..After installing SP3..If you receive stop error at startup or pc fails to boot to normal boot do this:1.restart in safe mode..once there click “yes” for advisory window..right click on start button..left click Explore..browse to C:Windows|System32Drivers2. Rename “intelppm.sysa” to “XXXintelppm.syxa”..close explorer and reboot in safe mode3.Start..Run..regedit…go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesintelppm…change value to 4..restart pc. I did and mine booted right up fine.

  107. I downloaded s.p3 had nothing but trouble sometimes the computer will not boot on start up i have to switch it off from the power and then turn it on again then it is ok the other problem is I run pc cillin I cannot get i to download even from a brand new 2008 version the cumputer keeps cumming up with an download interupted an will not go any further I had to download a free virus ptotection for the moment to protect the computer.

  108. i m having that problem can not reboot after installing sp3. im in contact with microsft at the moment, but they cannot understand what the problem is. now i know after reading this email

  109. I downloaded and installed SP3 on a Dell Inspiron 6000 with absolutely no problems. Just make sure your computer is free of any spyware and viruses before you start. Haven’t had any problems.

  110. Absolutely no problems with XP SP3, have two systems and IBM desktop with a P4 3.2, 2MB memory and a Dell laptop with a 2Ghz Centrino and 2MB memory. Installation time was about 45 minutes on th IBM and 1.25 hours on the Dell!

  111. I ran into a problem not only with rebooting WindowsXP Professional plus Service Pack 3, but restoring my virus protection program to the same computer. Between what the McAfee foreign national IT Techs failed to tell me(via chat)what I found on the Internet, and my from my own knowledge I was able to piece together a working solution to the problem after spending an entire twenty four hours trying to download McAfee by “braille.”

  112. I installed sp3 on my Dell 8200 and had no problems what so ever. Everything running great. Even with all the upgraded parts it has all meshed together just fine. If you have a Dell and Intel I see no reason why you should wait.

  113. I have updated my HPCS system when SP3 first came out almost a month ago. I have had no problems at all and I have not noticed any increase or decrease in performance. I have also a AMD Turion x2 laptop with SP3 with no problems, again no signifigant changes in performance, and a very old P3 laptop with 192 MB of ram I use to track satelites and again, no major changes or errors whatsoever. Sorry to all who are having problems but again, IBM compatables are very individual in how they work and they have different personalities. If your SP3 is messin’ up the works, don’t fix what isn’t broken right? ;o) Hope this helps you all.

  114. Installed SP3 on an Acer laptop and subsequently started having problems with my home wireless network connection repetitively dropping out and needed “repair” to bring it back. The Acer uses an Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG network adapter card and after some Googling found another report of similiar problems with SP3. I did a removal of SP3 and all seems to be back to where it was prior to the installation and no dropouts of the wireless at all.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it….

  115. To Dana M; WHAT Microsoft R&D department?? They are notorious for releasing incompletely debugged programs, and then letting the end user complete their Beta testing for them, only fixing the problem when enough complaints come in.

    As an aside, anyone who installs a program (especially a new OS, like Vista) in its first year or so after its release is just asking for trouble. In Vista’s case, it’s a lot longer than a year.

  116. After using Microsoft for about 11 years,and going through all the hit and miss patches that Microsoft goes through I decided that on this SP3 release I would wait for the problems to arise. And of course they did. The problem with Microsoft is that they test what they build on the spot and use only highly qualified tecks. So for the average user they are totally left in the dark. That is why I bought my recent computer before they started installing Vista. At least someone is making a bundle out of all Microsoft’s mistakes, MAC.

  117. SP 3 has given my IBM T40 a bit of a speed boost. The only hitch was that SP 3 did not work with my D-Link wireless card. Since D-Link has not supported their own product in years, I downloaded updated drivers from the company that made the chip in the card (Atheros). Now my wireless card connects more reliably than before.

  118. I installed SP3 on a friends HP.. and have had no problems

    I have a Dell inspiron and installation fails every time… so I just gave up… Im not having any problems.. so I figure just leave well enough alone

  119. Have Intel CPU installed on MSI momma-board. Last Abit board bit the dust last week after the USB and Sound shorted or something. After booting off XP cd and commanding it to repair OS everything appeared to go smooth. Except the windows update was screwed up but fixed with a program called Error Expert. So I downloaded SP3 now I got a problem where my Logitech USB gaming headset and mike will not be recognized by the system. Sound works good on regular speakers. Considering backing up all programs and re-formatting and reinstalling XP. Device manager won’t even recognize the Logitech headset. This is a early event hope I won’t get anymore SP3 glitches.

  120. I have a dual boot configuration. I have an HP Media Center PC Model a1268c. I have two hard drives installed. One has Windows XP Professional and the other uses Windows Media Center Edition 2005. Both have SP3 installed. I have not experienced any of the problems I see mentioned here. I am though quite careful with Windows/Microsoft updates and patches. I do not allow them to be automatically installed. I make sure that the updates are installed in the proper sequence. However, I do know that SP3 for Microsoft Office Professional 2003 is not a good install and shouldn’t be installed until Billy gets it fixed (if ever). Check with ‘Woodys Office Watch’ for more information regarding SP3 for MS Office 2003.

  121. John M. Schwab

    I had the endless reboot on my Compaq, but, thankfully, was able to return to the time just before installing. I am somewhat worried as the download is still on board.

  122. I have installed SP3 on at least two computers a day since the final release candidate and have had ZERO SP3 related problems… my co-workers (3) do about the same volume with the same results. I would have to disagree with your recomendation… I have seen some speed increases and a LOT of easy & fast updating of XP OS’s.

  123. I attempted to install XP3 to my Dell Inspiron 6000. It downloaded fine, although it took about 4 hours on dialup, but won’t install. From the sound of it, I may be better off. Here’s the question: does anyone know of any problems on inconsistencies between my model Dell and the XP3 upgrade. If not, I will try to download again. If there are, I will consider myself ahead of the game and wait.

  124. I downloaded sp3 would not boot up tried everything Had to format I,m running HP Pavilion Media Center

  125. Just wanted to add a few note: I have an HP Notebook with AMD, and my laptop has been “compromised” by the XP Service Pack 3, that was downloaded automatically. I have few programs that are not responding anymore, but everything else works fine.

  126. I hate it when folks write stuff like this. You make my job at best buy hell. I get more people telling me things that are the most contrived crap you have ever heard.

    These are the same morons that scream every time a new OS comes out and/or service pack. They always are telling people how evil “the new thing” is and are really hard to deal with and make my life suck hard.

    I hope you really understand what you are starting here. this is not only goi9ng to help those who need it, it is going to help a lot more that don’t need this.

    I had two people from J.P.L. (yes that J.P.L.) looking for a laptop with XP and would not buy anything else and they would leave. I wished them a good and happy day and moved on to someone who was not a kool-aid drinker.

    You just can’t let Microsoft fix it, do you need to create panic too? I (and my fellow employees) have to deal with the end result of the things you say. Do you understand this? I would hope that you would think about this, before turning normal people in to these crazies i have to deal with in my store. They also affect the other people in my store too. This can be traced to stuff that you are putting out here.

  127. [link deleted by administrator]

    Had three different PC’s do the same thing, One Dell, one Asus 7xx, one Mercury. Definitely linked to SP3

  128. Thanks Pitstop for all the info! I tried to install service pack 3 times. It failed each time with an “access denied error”. I have given up till I am told that all the bugs have been removed. This is on an Asus mother board with an Intel CPU. I have installed all of the earlier updates with no problems.


  129. Perversely, it seems that all installation problems associated with XP SP3 are solved (at least for me) by making sure you start with a fully updated SP2 system.

    I, like others, ran into the same update/functionality issues when trying to install SP3 on a fresh (non-updated) SP2 install.

    When I installed SP3 on my old SP2 install (fully updated, with all my apps and stable for over a year) the process went flawlessly.

    That leaves me with this question. What’s the difference between a fully updated SP2 install and SP3?????????

  130. I installed it and so far i have had no problem, i have a acer laptop with AMD Athlon but perhps i was lucky

  131. I installed SP3 on my Packard Bell laptop with very minor hiccups, so I slipstreamed SP3 into a new disc, reinstalled from scratch and no problems at all.

  132. Great article. I’ve had mega problems with SP3. It downloads OK but after restarting as prompted, Windows will not “srart successfully”.
    Microsoft have tried to help but their advice (“look at all these links before you try to download”) appears only after using the “Custom” button, not after the “High Priority” button.
    Still – thank you PCPitstop. I won’t try to download it now!
    I hope it’s OK but I’ve posted a link here on the MS public.internet explorer.general. forum.
    It’s today’s date, somewhere above this link:

  133. Installed as soon as it it was available (I too usually wait for the dust and problems to clear but gambled this time). Download, installation, and initial boot-up was uneventful. I did notice the boot-up was slightly quickier. So far no error messages of any kind. System is a Dell Demension. Looks like a winner, if not a loser this time.

  134. Well, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! I have an HP Pavilion with an AMD 64-bit used in 32-bit with Windows XP w/SP3. and I have not experienced any of the problems others have! It might be the fact that I deleted what came with my system, and used my retail copy of Windows XP that I purchased in October 2001, and just added SP3.

  135. Larry in Berkeley

    The only problem I have is that there is a *.exe that complains violently if I remove a CD or DVD from my drive and do not put another one back. It continues to complain until another disk is put in the drive. Trying to Cancel does not help; the sorcerer’s apprentice at Microsoft wrote the routine. The problem routine is wscript.exe — ending that process at the Windows Task Manager Processes tab solves the problem until the next reboot.

    I do not see a way to remove the software from the boot process.

    I am using a Dell XPS MT40

  136. I have a Dell 2006 Windows XP and downloaded and installed SP3 with automatic updates and had no problems with downloading nor conflicts since I installed it over ten days ago. Amen!

  137. Clive Kerr-Peterson

    Installed SP3 on three Machines two custom built by me. Ist Machine 2Ghz Pentium dual core with Abit board installation faded out but left it for an hour and rebooted, worked fine. Second Machine installed like a dream but after initial reboot it had reset the machines BIOS, so wanted floppy. Weni into BIOS to fix this and machine now works Fine if a little faster (Also a dual core, 1.6 overclocked to 2,1) Third was a Laptop, Dell Inspiron, not very new but installed ok, however it has killed off the network adapter and no amount of reinstallation has fixed this yet. I have not previously had any problems with updates

  138. No problems here. At first I had my virus protection on so it failed. I rebooted, turned off Mcaffe and everything went well. I have custom built EVGA NF68, a nVIDIA 680 SLI chipset, with an Intel quad core 2 extreme.

  139. I installed sp3 the day after the release and my 6 year old Gateway 700 XL with a 2.2 GIG Pent. 4 and 1 gig of RDram was slower than my 8 year old Compaq Presario 1277 Rev B Laptop with windows 98 se. My laptop was faster starting up and loading programs. I had to completely reformat my system and turn off automated updates.

  140. Installed SP3 on my less than year old home system with an ABIT mobo, AMD 64 X2 dual core processor with 4GB of ram. Took about 1/2 an hour. Absolutely NO problems!

    Took about an hour on my much older work computer with an AMD single core, 768MB ram. But still no problems with the install.

    Updated a week ago,installed via internet and the download and installation went smoothly. My system comprises of a new ASRock 4CoreDual-Sata2 motherboard with an Intell Processor. My OS-Windows XP Pro (retail not O.E.M) functions great and all my system components,Programs and Applications – No problems?

  142. I use AMD Athlon 80gig hard drive; I had to reboot from an old cd-rom Xp Pro 2003 and after boot had to up date; micrsoft had to send me a layers manager before I could update;
    I had installed sp3 and underwent winsock loss several times a day- finally lost winsock completely so the cd reboot.
    From your formum I see now that the cause for my winsock loss was the installation of sp3.
    The Layers manager fixed the winsock loss but now sometimes I must go to device manager [modem] and either scan hardware or hit diognostics before I can get on the net

  143. I just over-hauled my custom system with a Bio-Star M-80, 3gb P4 Prescott and 2g ram. Fresh install of XP pro. Did a manual update to SP3 from the update site, No problem with the install, but no change in performance either.

  144. I solved this problem about 6 months ago: Linux. Specifically, Slackware 12.0 on my server, Ubuntu 8.04 on my desktop, and Mandriva Spring 2008.1 on my laptop. It took me about 3 months to get everything working right on all three machines, but it was worth it: 3 months running with no problems. I am eagerly awaiting the day when PCPitstop supports Linux so I can use their excellent services once again. So long, Micro$oft, goodbye and good riddance!

  145. Daniel O'Connor

    My first attempt at install was unsuscessful, got access denied error. After consulting with a windows tek , i was sent an attachment via e mail that reset my permissions . i installed again , in safe mode , and everything is fine now .

  146. Installed SP3-Problems rite after the reboot.
    msi-k8neo 4 oem xp-pro
    egforce 9600GT
    amd athlon xp-4000+
    desktop point shows hour glass on/off all the time. when at msn web site get not responding and frezzes. tryed playing bf2 online bad mistake. NEED help what can i do to stop this BLANKING stuff.

  147. My Dell PC worked great with SP3 ‘beta’. Switching to ‘released’ version was a “nitemare”.
    Thank God for MS Windows Live OneCare.
    Still, it took giving-over my PC to two different techs via ‘remote sharing’ to cure the problem, tho they never actually isolated the cause.
    1 “tip” to share. If ever you “uninstall” a program : Do several searches (making sure to include “hidden” and “system” files) for any remnants, restarting between. “identifier” files can ‘migrate’ it seems. I had the same problem trying to get a “clean install” of Norton SystemWorks couple yrs. ago. Nothing more frustrating than getting message “…you already have this version … ” or ” … please uninstall ‘such & such’when you already have done so.

  148. I’ve installed this on 3 PC’s. The first was my desktop (Q600 Kentsfield Quad core, Abit IP35 Mobo, NVidia 8800GTS (G92)GPU) and after install noticed a performance boost and everything is stable and smooth. The 2nd was my laptop (3 year old Dell) and had the same results. The last was a 2 year old Compaq desktop with an Intel Proccesor and it fell victim to the dreaded boot loop, and had to uninstall. Thats 2 out of 3…for Microsoft, I’d say thats about par.

  149. I was using VISTA and upgraded to SP1 for VISTA. My PC didn’t start back up the next day. It was missing boot up OS files.
    Love the layout of VISTA but to many problems with it. Dropped back down to XP…

  150. I had no problems installing SP3 on my E-machine with AMD processor, but my daughter’s Dell with Intel inside had problems with wireless access working after the update. I uninstalled SP3 from the Add/Remove programs area of Control Panel, and wireless works again. Amazing how Microsoft releases a major “upgrade” to XP and makes it less reliable than Vista. Or maybe that is their marketing plan.

  151. Sorry not helpful, But I also installed SP3 and so far haven’t EVEN had any problems with it. I have a MSI motherboard with a AMD 3200 overclocked to 2.3ghz, 1gig of memory and a 128mb video card. If thats of an reason…..

  152. guess I don’t have to worry one way or another, the download fails everytime I try, even after following trouble shooting guide from microsoft. My Medion runs fine without SP3 so why bother

  153. Went ahead thiking it would be a similar upgrade as SP2 but took much longer than 26mins suggested. Took about 1hr with long periods where it seemed like the installation had frozen, but just left it alone and seems to have worked successfully. A bit of a scary experience. When can we have a bullet proof OS where nothing gets corrupted/fails

  154. HAD NO PROBLEMS with SP3, but if you don’t keep your system help to date, SP3 will not add OLD drivers or fixes that should have been done in the first place AND then you will have problems. There is never a all in one fix. Good luck to the fools that don’t keep SYSTEMS up to date.

  155. Hi folks, what’s wrong with a bit of completely irrational, vituperative ranting on top of some acerbic wailing about how little Messrs. Gates and Ballmer really care about their software slaves? Thank god almighty for the good offices of all those who have the time, skill, and demeanor to sit down and publish freeware and shareware that allows our systems to operate with a modicum of efficiency!

    About 10 days ago, my system informed me that there were ‘Updates ready for my computer!’ Trusting soul that I am, and seeing no caveats concerning any difficulties whatsoever… I accepted the updates! Windows Update proceeded to install Win XP SP3. Then my life changed…again!

    Now I find it will be impossible to delete IE7, should I wish to update it, and I have major problems with the functions performed when I right-click a desktop folder, which requires an immediate “mini-repair” right on the spot. In addition, my nice, relatively new system shuts down and reboots at will! Some discussion strings at CNET discussion forums have been no help, except to say that these problems are more likely to occur on machines using AMD 64-bit chips. Care to venture a guess as to what chip I’m using?

    It seems that the only effective repair will be to back up my files, reformat my C: drive, and then re-install every application.

    My sincere thanks to Messrs Gates and Ballmer. Ever since aquiring my first PC in 1981, it has been the same story…. They cannot, or will not properly support over-priced products that they have on the street, and then they introduce a new system that also doesn’t work, and which in the past year, they seem not able to fix. Now they are saying that they will no longer support Win XP SP3 after another 12 months…

    I am on the verge of selling my car, buying a bicycle and a Mac and writing Mr. Gates a nasty letter!

  156. Downloaded SP3 (The first final release before it got pulled) and saved it to a CD Rom.
    I have installed it on my AMD processor desktop and my AMD processor HP laptop with no problems at all. The laptop is a HP 8300 series. My Desktop was assembled by me with a MSI motherboard, nVidia 7300LE, AMD-64-X2 cpu,
    2-gb pc3200 memory. I shut down unnecessary processes before starting the install and had no problems at all. Everything still works including the dual boot into UBUNTU 8.04 on both systems.

  157. Using Dell Laptop, I have many programs installed. I am running xp Professional. Downloaded sp3, and now i am going to have to reformat my computer and spend weeks reprogramming and customizing.
    Sp3 has caused messenger to close down, has caused installer problems, browser issues, and so much more. sp3 has caused so many problems to the point tat i am irate!

  158. I downloaded WIN XP SP-3 last week and installed it on a Dell 1520 lapto[ with intel dual core and a Dell desktop with that “other chip”. No problems at all.

  159. installed SP3 on my modified Aries system (new MoBo, RAM and Graphics), and it seems to have sorted out a lot of problems i had before the install

  160. I SHOULD have waited! I have an Hp, and of course had nothing but problems! It would download, but not install! TWICE! Tried “chat” with 2 agents with Microsoft, but they kept transferring me to more agents. Then each had a different “fix”…But wanted me to “remove” my McAfee, & all firewalls, and then try again! I have a hard enough time, just inSTALLING those programs, without trying THAT one again! I said, I don’t really NEED xp service pack 3 anyway, because the sp 2 works great…So after MS called, to follow-up, (which WAS nice,) I declined any more help! Too much trouble, and I just don’t think this up-grade is necessary. I will keep this computer forEVER just so I don’t have to work with Vista!

  161. tried downloading it 3 times and and got the looping restart, hp amd . please tell me theres a fix. wont trust it again . will blow up if happens again.

  162. I loaded SP3 yesterday(5/16/08)on my DELL Laptop and haven’t had any problems……… YET. I had to load it twice because the first one didn’t load correctly. The second time it only took 35 minutes to load. I’ll give my computer a good workout today and see if everything is “up to snuff”. Anything is better than Microsoft’s Vista!!!

  163. I have an IBM Intel P4 with XP SP2 working fine. I downloaded SP3 but the install failed for unknown reason. SP2 is still working fine and I guess I will leave it at that for the time being.

  164. I have installed XP SP3 on my Sager 5720v with Intel Centrino and since the install i have nothing but problems, inlcuding (but limited to) getting branding new error messages like, “The system admin has set policies to prevent this installation” and “The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it”.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! Who has time for this #$%^???

    I have made the descision to once and for all stop with Microsoft and switch to an Apple. Will there be difference probelms…? Yes, No, Maybe, but after spending countless hours, days, and months, and thousands of $$ – enough is enough.

  165. i installed servise pack 3 one hour before seeing your warning,pc would not restart,was crashing in loops,had to go into safe mode and do system restore

  166. I have installed XP SP 3 on an older Athlon 64 3400+ using an ASUS K8N series board. I have seen a small improvement in a few aspects of the new SP by windows. The only thing I dislike about it is it downgraded my ram. With the SP2 running it read all three gig of ram in my system but since I put SP3 in it it has downgraded it to 2464MB’s of ram. But that is the only fault I see.

  167. My MSI P6N SLI Platinum,Intel Dual core 2.66 went crazy,this is my first build and the problem may be my lack of know how.

  168. from what ive seem with any microsoft upgrade it just puts you 1 step closer to buying the next OP sys. thats why ive taken the time to learn Linux.older hardware just keeps working. been using it for over a year now and am very happy,
    I do have 1 box with a duel boot and put service pack 3 in it seemed to go OK Ill run XP in that box as long as i can.

  169. I had problems with SP3 and have sorted the problem by uninstalling SP3 through Add/Remove in control panel. PC back to normal. Will wait for 6 months for all teething problems to be rectified.

  170. I downloaded the sp3 update and had the loop reboot problem. In order the fix my computer I had to do complete system restore. I have a Compaq Presario with AMD athlon processor. I think it will be a while befor I download this up date.

  171. Like Tom C. waaaaay up there, I turned off automatic updates, too. Some of them made my smooth-running Gateway turn nasty. Now I let them notify me about critical updates, but I read all the knowledge-based bulletins available. If I think an update is going to cause a problem, I don’t install it. Thankfully, Microsoft at least listed all the problems that could occur if SP3 was installed. So I did not install it. I will do so later down the line when it appears all the bugs have been exterminated. Or maybe not: by that time XP itself will probably be dead. Oh well, I’ll address that problem when it happens. I’ve learned how to “wait-and-see.”

  172. I installed it on a Dell 4550,2.0GHZ,400FSB that I bought new in Jan 2003, and have upgraded it with more memory,a better harddrive, and video card. This computer has been a workhorse with no problems, and I still use it daily compared to my HP Pavilion that came with Vista. Wished I’d waited before installing it. Can it be removed without causing any harmful problems?

  173. With two of our computers the svchost.exe problem surfaced with it taking all the i/O and most of the CPU. Seens associated with windows update. THought they fixed it but now has surfaced again. Only solution is to use DOS to kill windows update.

  174. Well normaly I would wait for few months then install thus dodging most of the little problems service packs have.
    But after forgetting to turn auto updater off I have ended up with SP3 on my system.
    Asus M2N32-sli deluxe
    Amd Phemon Black 9600
    Nvidia Gforce 9600gts
    3mb corsair

    I must say all looks very good at the moment and I’m seeing a speed increase of about 10% though think that maybe also be down to the new 175 drivers too.
    Sum up install it after a restore point then you have not got much too lose.

  175. Installed SP3 a week ago onto an Asus M2V motherboard and AMD x64 duel core processor, took half hour to download and install but was successful, so far none of the problems that others have experianced, on the flip side i cannot see any improvement or benefit at all in having SP3

  176. I curently have windows XP SP 3 installed on a AMD Opteron Dual COre useing a Asus A8N-Sli Premium motherboard have not expiranced any issues at all. so far for me it seems to have improved my XP Pro and made things smoother. But since i built my own system and downloaded SP3 from windows update that might be a diffrence. but my motherboard is somewhat simluar to the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe. It might be a Bios related issue.

  177. Looks like the Redmond boys have given us another issue to be parodied in the PC vs. MAC commercials.

    Maybe around December I’ll give SP3 a try. perhaps by then they will finally have the bigs worked out!

  178. Other than having to remove my own boot initiate splash screen in favor of windows oem to install sp3 I have had no major problems since. I running my home built on a DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D with a AMD 64 3800+, 2gb ram. I’ll keep my fingers crossed {wink}

  179. P.S. Should I shut off Windows Auto Updates? If there are issues, can you boot in safe mode and go from there?

  180. I think it installed today. I got a notice that I should totally shut my computer down, when I wanted to reboot. I did so, and haven’t noticed any problems on my HP Intel Celeron. I have Windows XP home edition.

  181. i installed this SP3 update maybe a week or so ago on a
    5 y/o alienware with an asus motherboard & amd processor…
    sorry i don’t recall the specs at the moment….anyway
    it installed with no issues….but i don’t use this unit
    for much other than a couple security cams & a personal weather station…

  182. I have installed SP3 on all four of my computers (Custom built Intel desktop, Compaq desktop, HP Notebook, and Dell Laptop) with no problems so far.

  183. had no problem with my SP3 but my girlfriend did (reboot loop )I put in window xp disk and did a scan disk it fixed 4 problems not its fine

  184. I have a Compaq Presario SR1903WM desktop (preinstalled Windows XP) and a Dell Optiplex GX110 (I built and installed Windows XP) with the Dell computer there was no problem installing SP3, it has an intel processor. But with my Compaq and its AMD Sempron Processor, it has been a nightmare. After the SP3 installation it began to loop reboot, so I had to reinstall windows twice. I thought it was due to malware but after this informative article and checking the Compaq website I think I will try again.

  185. Installed on a IBM t42 and it disabled the wireless radio. Was easily uninstalled. Still with that in mind, It has less compatibility, performance and driver issues than XP2 and Vista Platforms on their debut. When the wireless issue is resolved, I will be re-installing.

  186. Installed on a IBM t42 and it disabled the wireless radio. Was easily uninstalled. Still with that in mind, It has less compatibility, performance and driver issues than XP2 and Vista Platforms. When the wireless issue is resolved, I will be re-installing.

  187. well i install sp3 on a AMD computer it had windows xp home it ran find for about 3 days
    then the it started to not boot up when i turn it off then on again it was fine then it started to reboot it self.over and over! i tryed to install the software that came with the computer keep saying no hard drive found .
    make a long story short i had to buy a new HD=
    harddrive and install the software on it but i wont install SP3 on mt emachines !

  188. Robert D Mowrey

    As with all, Microsoft updates and service packs, you must wait 6 to 9 months for renovations to take place adequately. I waited for 2 years and got a completely bug free service pack 2. Until Mr. Big Britches gets into the act I will wait 2 years before I’ll try #3. I tried #2 afer 6 months and still found problems. Great Going Microsoft!!!

  189. Have Compaq Presario Desktop, Inter processor. Installed
    SP3 and have exactly on eproblem: standby and hibernate have stopped working. Amy solution?

  190. I am running a compaq with and athlon xp, a HP laptop with a AMD Sempron, and and HP desktop with an AMD athlon. I recieved the SP3 update trough auto updater. Not realizing the updates was the SP3 it auto installed when I shut my computers down with no option to decline or see what exactly the update was. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that ended up with o probelms or issues after the update. I didn’t even know I had SP3 untill I was looking at my system info and saw I now have SP3 on all of my PC’s. Everythign went virtually seemless and have had no problems or ahve seen any thing special in speed or performance. All systems running the same as they did with SP2. Not sure if there is a improved version through auto updater that helps avoid the HP glitches or if I resolved and avoid the problems back when HP had the patch for SP2 and it carried over for SP3. All in all no problems or complaints about the SP3 so far after having it for about 2 weeks now.

  191. I also was an idiot that bought an “off the shelf” desktop HP AMD computer. Previously I’ve built my other older computers. Immediately I knew I was in trouble when it did not have a recovery disk and was only given one chance to make a copy of the OS, which crashed. The abortion of the installed XP OS which Microsoft will not support has been a continual problem. Now MS has released SP-3 which crashed the system due to the installed HP OS User configuration. It sure would be a goodwill gesture for MS to allow the HP users to download a clean updated version of XP that would replace the HP debacle with their confounded Administrator / User fouled up installed mess.

  192. I am still trying to find a way to UNinstall SP 2…

    (Did you know that it had a “glitch” embedded to prevent you from uninstalling it…?
    Oh yes, it did.
    They KNEW what tripe they were dishing out.)

  193. Do the Smart one’s try it on their own computers first? Or do they want us saps to figure it out for them. You note they NEVER reply to anyone or their NEVER at Fault for anything. Gee it’s your old software or your old hardware scam line. You have to change your sofeware and hardware.

    Don’t turn Xp into WIN ME (Many Errors). Visa does the same thing on a 1 year old computer I have replace everting you got to make Visa work in your 1 year old computer. Well forget that. Keep trying you might get some one hired who can get it right before you come out with another OP version. Ha



  195. I have a typical Intell chipset and had no problems downloading and installing SP3….untill I tried to download photos off my Brand New HP camera that had been working fine scince xmas when I got it. Bang, the HP soft ware locks up and will not recover. So I go to the HP website and download what they say is the critical update and install it. Wow it did not help at all…now my printer, scanner and camera software run so slow untill they lock up. did I mention they are all HP. well after down loading and replacing all my drivers and nothing works I restored to prior point (befor SP3) and everything is happy happy joy joy… I Will Wait to Try it again!!

  196. I installed XPpro with the SP3 service pack on my two year old Compaq with an AMD chip about a month ago. Except for a small problem finding sound drivers that would work, everything has been A1. I am very happy with the speed and performance so far. My unit operates much faster without 45 programs running in the background like I had with windows XP for home users before. No problems here so far.

  197. Already have installed XP SP3 in 4 Laptops (2 Dell, 1 Compaq, 1 Older IBM), 4 Towers and no problems except for the IBM Laptop which is nothing new for IBM. Used a workaround from one of the Tech sites to correct the IBM Laptop
    problem. All the others are working ok without any hitches. Had installed the SP3 back in
    April when it first came out. a friend had a problem installing SP3, but that’s because he
    screwed up on something else before installing it and not doing something a lot earlier that I
    told him to do in reference to a WGA issue. All
    of my machines are tuned up all the time, and any of the other units I installed SP3 on also
    were cleaned up and tuned up before the install
    which is waht everyone should do anyway.

  198. I installed sp3 a few days ago on a four year old Dell XPS (the first gen. blue beast) desktop with some trepidation, but am happy to say I’ve had no error messages or BSOD’s, and I am seeing better performance w/a bit faster bootup and shutdowns. However, I am reluctant to recommend it to my clients yet as there are just too many glitches w/other systems.

  199. NOW you tell me!! Installed SP3 last week and lost my Icons and the HP computer would not reboot. I am a technical beginner and though I had done somethingwrong. Finaly used the restor function and am back to normal.

  200. Lloyd Erickson

    Tried to install SP3 on my HP with AMD processor and it really messed up my computer. I had to reinstall the system because it would not reboot and I was stuck.
    Understand that HP is to blame but that does not help those who think that they can install SP3 with no problems. Wish HP would have caught this or Microsoft had. Anyway, SP3 will not be installed until I find out if there is a positive fix. What a headache !

  201. Well, the problems might occur with the things mentioned in this blog.
    But I have a simple but quite stuffed computer and didn’t experience 1 problem either.
    Well, apart for example StyleXP! saying it can’t run on this build of Windows, but that’s it.

    Also, it DOES boot and possibly perform slightly faster.
    But nothing major, must be the 5% I’ve been reading about.

    By the way, I have similar stuff to the guy in the post before me:
    A 5 year or older DELL, which I haven’t installed SP3 on yet since it stands without internet.
    The one I’m currently on which is a home-built, with a Gigabyte-motherboard however.
    But I do have an older ASUS-motherboard lying around which I could build something on. 😛

    And I also keep everything clean and up to date all the time on this computer.
    So no, Microsoft did not mess up SP3, it’s not to blame on them certain things by other companies don’t work with a good upgrade.
    So basically, Service Pack 3 is not a problem…

  202. Did a check for updates, it found SP3, I downloaded it, hit install and walked away. Haven’t had a single problem. Running a 2 yr. old Dell Inspiron.

  203. It really kills me that a monoploy like Micro$oft still gets richer with absolute rubbish software and and incompetent programmers. I will stick to Linux or Mac.

  204. I can’t say about any major problems with this large download, but since that time, I lose 2 hours on my clock every single day. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. Any suggestions??

  205. Yesterday, I installed SP3 on this Systemmax Ascent from TigerDirect. It has an AMD chip inside, and NVDIA graphics on the mother board. The Chips are VIA Technology. So far, haven’t seen any problems with the SP3 upgrade.

  206. I installed it on my AMD 2600 pc, and my pc only seems a little slower,,, thanks Microsoft.

    so I decided to put it on my older machine too. We it completely froze that pc near the end of it installation. and now its locked in a continual reboot cycle. I tried the repair option off the disk and still nothing,,, guess I gotta use up more of those precious product codes.

  207. kenneth stockton

    may 17 i installed sp3 this morning and so far everything seams to be working fine . dell bought in 2004

  208. I installed SP3 to a Dell Dimension (desktop) and everything seemed to work well untill I wanted to type an URL into the address window in my taskbar. The address window had disappeared and there was no way I could find to get it back. The option was gone from the taskbar ‘toolbars’ menu pick. Not having seen any benefits from SP3 for my type of computing I uninstalled it and everything is once again ‘cool’.

  209. Made 4 installs on 3 notebooks, 2 Dell’s,and a Toshiba, and a Gateway Desktop. All went well except one Dell, a 700m which somehow lost a “TI 2030 PCI to PCI” driver. Everything works except it tries to install the missing driver at every boot.

  210. I have installed SP3 on three machines now and 3 virtual machines with nothing more than a minor glitch with zonealarm on one that was resolved by a reboot.

  211. Downloaded XP3 to machine I built myself with the A8N32-SLI Deluxe. Had none of the problems mentioned, but am having a problem with the computer not shutting down through the software. Using XP Pro, and it just hangs when shutting down. Anyone else experiancing the shutdown problem.

  212. I installed SP3 on a Dell desktop (P4), 2 Dell laptops (P3), Powerspec desktop (P3) and 2 HP desktops (P3). Only problem was with one laptop. Upgrades from Microsoft would download but fail installation. I left it over night and the next morning tried to power down. Got the notice that upgrades were being installed before the system would power down. 8 upgrades loaded. No other problems.

  213. I’ve installed SP3 on three different PCs: a five year old Dell, a two year old homebuilt Intel P4 560 on an Asus Mobo, and my PC at work which is a three year old generic Intel on Intel mobo.

    I have not had a single problem with any of the installs. Maybe its because I always keep all my PCs’ software completely squeeky clean and up to date.

  214. Have 3 homebuilts w/ AMD processors & XP Pro. Upgraded from sp2 to sp3 with only a few problems. 1)systems hung w/Autoupdate enabled. Disabled AutoUpdate and did manual update. 15 min download/15 min install @ 2400Kbps (dsl). 2)DLink Utility incompatible w/ new wlan api…. this needs to be fixed by DLink, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Other than that, everything running fine (so far).

  215. Acer 3000 laptop with external USB hard drive. Could not get online after SP3 install and lost wireless network. Rolled back to last good boot to be able to get online and working again.

    [link removed by administrator]

  216. I installed SP3 with no problems at all. The result is a smoother, faster machine that loads every program more quickly.

  217. all who have a hp computer with amd processors will have a loop reboot, never fear there is a fix.There is a regedit key which must be modified in safe mode in order to start right.Here is the target:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCONTROLSET001SERVICESINTEPPM Click on this folder then go to the right colum, right click on the “start”and modify the data value to 4. close all and reboot.Everything should be fine.This come from microsoft themselves , since I had this problem and my Dad as well. we have been problem since.

  218. I started the long task of installing SP3 and halfway through I noticed the hard drive started smoking with some noises like electrical snapping and popping…so I threw some water on it and kept downloading..when I finshed the download and booted a new Wallpaper with a 3D face came up and started speaking to me in an ungodly voice, using insults and derogatory language..I spoke back to it and it replied to me knowing what I was saying…the damn thing then spit on me right in the eye..I just couldn’t believe microsoft had gotten this advanced..I thought I would show “it” who was boss and I stuck a pen in his eye with blood streaming down this ugly creatures face..he began screaming and told me in a Clint Eastwood kind of way to “Go ahead punk…make my day”…I called customer service and they said this was most unusual and I must admit I had to agree…I began to wonder if I had by chance downloaded the right fix from microsoft…it was about that time my Alarm clock went off and I got up to get ready for work then walked over and turned on my computer to check my email….what a strange dream..but nevertheless the SP3 seems to be working ok otherwise..

  219. I have a Hp pav.a640n 3400+ and installed SP3 with no hitch, no problems,although ccleaner had an unusally large clean out later that day.
    Cd rom, dvd writer,video card(gforce5200XT agp) all programs and games work just fine,as they did before install of sp3.Running for close to a 3 weeks now ok.

  220. installed sp-3 on my home built amd machine and have had no problem’s whatsoever my machine is asrock alivenf6g-dvi mb amd3800+ cpu 3gb kingston valueram 5300 320gighd windows xphome

  221. In response to the problem Rich Syx is having installing further windows updates, I had the same problem after a fresh install. To fix it I use a program called Dial-a-Fix from After running this program every windows update installs without a hitch. I also used this on other machines with windows update problems before sp3. As for your flash problem try going to Adobe and downloading their flash removal tool ( might take a bit of searching on their site to find it). Run it then download the latest flash and you should be all set.

  222. Larry Morrison

    Installed XP SP3 and I get runtime errors when using Sonic MyDVD to burn cd’s on LiteON DVD r/w drive. I upgraded HP DVD Player to HP DVD Player Plus and it crashes with fatal error and reboots my system. I have a Compaq SR2044 NX w/Intel dual core processors. HP who supports the system has said nothing about SP3 problems or upgrading drivers. Someone drop the ball at HP and nobody is picking it up!

  223. Andrew Roberts

    Have HP a1310n had all the problems with looping boots, etc.

    Tried twice, stupid me, same results. No other problems with any MS updates.

  224. I have installed SP3 on 3 computers and 1 virtual PC XP system so far. The Virtual system crashed and nothing I could do would bring it back to life. On the 3 other installs it went well with these after-install problems: 1.All computers had Windows Live Messenger re-installed and I had to reset the settings on all 3. All 3 needed another update afterwards from Windows Update for Windows Update webpage. and 1 computer had to have its printer re-installed. I used the full install (316mb download), and all installations of SP3 required a person to answer questions during the install process. Sloppy!, I think Microsoft has gone to sleep.

  225. I am a completely non-tech, self-taught wrinkly with only trial & error as a teacher. I have two salient ‘faults’: 1) I have a tendency to try everything once…if you don’t, your life is not worth living, experience being only a synonym for mistakes…and 2) I am a maintenance freak & brook no avoidable problems.
    My box is fairly high-end & I reckon I’m just lucky that it’s Intel based. I do not use Norton, McAfee etc. but have trawled the world for the most efficient freeware & security. Can’t say I’m invulnerable but I can’t remember my last problem.
    My Windows XP pro is set to self-updating & it installed SP3 without a hiccup.
    My box was delivered with Vista which, at my request, my local ‘cowboys’ removed & replaced with my XP Pro. When there’s a consensus that Vista is the only way to go, I just might consider giving it a shot.
    Oh! I’m a regular visitor to Pitstop, even though it’s now becoming a tad too commercial.

  226. Tyrone Leathem

    Absolutely no problems encountered in updating SP3 or downloading MS updates. Now fully loaded and ready to go, i built the PC myself three years ago and no problems what so ever.

  227. Jennifer, as an alternative to buying the Microsoft Office Suite, you could install Open Office, an open source application suite. It is compatible with all of the MSOffice types except DOCX as far as I can tell. For viewing those files you can download Microsoft’s FREE Document Viewer with the DOCX converter.

  228. I had installed SP3 on my ASUS mother board and soon began the constant reboots until microsoft gave me some tips that got it working but it went on for a couple days. Now everything is going smoothly.

  229. I ran into the same probs as Rich on my wife’s comp, which has the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe board in it. The first time caused it to blue screen before I could even get to safe mode. Later I found out it was because the bios was out of date and had to be updated to version 1405. Unfortunatly I thought of this too late and already reformated, and tried the second installion of sp3. Luckly the new bios allowed me to get into safe mode to uninstall. Long story short (I know too late), Here’s my question to you. What do you think it will take, to send the message to Microsoft’s R&D Dept. to get their heads external and upright?

  230. SP3 failed to install twice with faults reported. The third time was successful apart from e-mail not working. Have now uninstalled XP3.

  231. Well i installed sp3 on a my XpPro partition of my Macbook using parallels. No problems runs great. Seems to like running Windows on a Apple machine…to tell you the truth Windows seldom crashes on my Mac like it did on my PC which is why is switched last year!

  232. According to Susan Bradley’s column in the current Window’s Secrets eletter, the amd issue is specific to HP’s Media Center Edition os

  233. I installed SP3 approx. a couple of weeks ago and now it does a reboot loop. I was so frustrated I turned the computer off and haven’t gone back to look at it, hopefully I will find a fix on one of these boards, argh!

  234. i installed sp 3 on a system i built and well surprise surprise problems. it is the smae as someone above mentioned it will just not take other updates after that. so uninstall sp 3 and do all the other updates ( all 88 of them i believe it was ) the old fashioned way.

  235. I have a HP/AMD 4 year old desktop. I installed XP SP3 yesterday and have not had a single problem at all. I guess my computer was in good shape before I installed it. I did do the recommended “stop running all programs including virus scan”. I also cleaned and defraged before I downloaded and installed.

  236. Hi, I probably know the least of all computer writers but I installed SP3 on a Dell Dektop and a HP laptop. Had a few disappointments which I don’t remember because it wasn’t a big thing to me. Every thing seems to be working just fine.

  237. I installed sp3 and found it incompatible with McAfee’s Antivirus and Spyware software that comes through our SonicWALL firewall and had to uninstall.

  238. Rich Syx: I finally solved the Flash problem by resetting Internet Explorer (Internet Options; Advanced; Reset…) and then installing the Flash update. It pays to keep track of your custom settings (and add-ons) so you can put them back afterwards. So far so good.

  239. What is up at HP? They seem to bw falling apart. Those of us using Vista still don’t have adequate drivers for our All-in-one printers! HP has been promising them for a year!

  240. I installed SP3 last week and my HP laptop completely crashed. When I put in the Windows XP OS disc to repair it, it sad no hard drive could be found.After doing system recovery twice, my hard drive was still failing to pass diagnostics. It has taken me about a week to get it back up and running right. My hard drive is now passing diagnostics. I am afraid to try SP3 again.

  241. I downloaded SP3 and after installation, I lost my Icons and also a whole stock market charting program. Luckily I had backs ups so restored it all. My mistake was I did not disable Nortons Auto-Protect. So I did so this time, disabled Nortons and re-downloaded SP3 and all went fast and smooth and absolutely with no problems.

  242. Peter Pfefferkorn

    Installed SP3 on a 4 year old Dell Dimension and also on a new Dell Vostro laptop a few days ago. No problems of any kind, no changes in performance.

  243. Jennifer F Usher

    After swearing never to become Computer Savvy, I found myself at that junction-following a revelation,if I hoped to swim with The Big Boys. I must learn to operate a computer, or drown!!!

    My very first computer was a retired NEC-which I bought at a thrift store, it had either a 95, 98, or XP OS. After a year of schooling myself through Trial and Error, of tearing down and and rebuilding my NEC relic-I trashed it!!!

    Following a years hiatus, during which I used Public Domain Computers. I opted to go Lean and Mean and picked Up MSN TV. Which gave me e-mail and Web Surfing access. Determining that MSN TV was woefully inadequate-I trashed it.

    Following the conclusion, that I needed to obtain an advanced Business Degree-I bought a new Acer with XP Pro installed. Which I would use for 2.75 years to attend Graduate School and Graduate.

    I firmly loved my Acer with XP Pro and necessary Office components. However, I was forced to resell my Acer, when I went back to driving TT’s OTR.

    Since retiring from DRV TT OTR, I opted for DRV TT locally and returning to school to obtain my Doctorate.

    However, the computer I bought was a Dell with OS 95-which turned out to be junk!!

    So I went searching online for a replacement and opted for a Tecra by Toshiba-through CDW, that provided me with my first taste of OS Vista Business Basic!!!

    Though having been prewarned about Vista, I gave it my best while again in school-that became my worst nightmare!!!

    While in school, and after buying TECRA, I soon found out that my school’s On-line program was inadequate and incapable of interfacing with Vista. So frustrated with the Professor’s ineptness and Vista gliches-I withdrew!!!

    My biggest gripe with Vista is that Office Suite was only a 60 Day Trial. After which One had to either “Upgrade” for nearly $400.00 or suffer with a computer and No Office Suite!!!

    I wanted to return Tecra to CDW-but did not!!!

    Fearing that I could not go back to Public Domain Computer access-I kept the piece of JUNK!!!

    Looking back in time, I lived and breathed Microsoft-but at present, I feel betrayed as I have a recently built and purchased computer, but NO OS!!!

    So what are my present options? Buy another computer-That I build and load with XP PRO and Office, or suffer with Vista Business Basic???

    As I am still endeavoring to return to complete My Doctoral Studies-I’m forced to advise all those who read this post. That they should refuse to Install any SP’s, for I view them as Destructive OS Trojan Horses…!!!

  244. Installed SP3 on a 2-1/2 year old Dell desktop. Had no problems whatsoever, but was surprised how long it took even with a cable connection tweeked with with Otimize. Ran a de-frag afterwards to get everything in place since this appeared to be a rather large download, and I am happy to report everything runs fine.

  245. I installed Service pack 3 about three weeks ago on and OLD Dell 8200. And I have had none of the problems stated here or in any of the comments. Guess I’m just lucky. lol. It wasnt anything I use… I dont think anyway. Just DONT force me into Vista. PLEASE. I have had this Dell 8200 pc since it was new, 2002, and I have no complaints. For a pc this old its even Vista ready just by adding a few changes in hardware. But no Vista for me if I can help it.

  246. I downloaded the full SP3 distribution from Microsoft and then slipstreamed it with my original XP Pro CD. Then I did a clean install. Absolutely no problems at all with the clean install. I built the computer myself, and obtained the correct drivers for the board and other components. Maybe that is the reason. Maybe someone with an HP computer should wait, but I don’t see any reason why other people should wait.

  247. I installed SP3 last night. No problems so far. I have an old Dell desktop. The download was about 70mb and took awhile and the whole process took about an hour. I don’t notice any performance difference. Wish I would have gotten Pitstops email yesterday, I might have waited to make the SP3 upgrade. Guess I was lucky it worked for me!

  248. TO: rich syx, I had the same problem. Updates would download but not install. I tried everything and finally found an easy fix. Download and run “Dial-a-Fix” (it’s free). I wasn’t sure it would work with SP3, but it did it’s job perfectly. Just follow the directions which are very simple–and when it finishes–your updates should install with no problems.

  249. Scott Anderton

    I have put SP3 on 3 computers, all Intel based, with only minor problems. The only issue so far that may or may not be attributable is the disappearance of my Buffalo Tarastation NAS. Coincidence or is it part of the evil plan???

  250. I suggest waiting for at least 4-5 months and let the problems get worked out. Prior to installing, I also recommend asking your banking sites and other secure sites if they’ve tested it and have found it to be secure enough to install.

  251. Possible temp fix for the Asus boards…
    [quote]The solution is simplicity itself: insert a USB flash drive, or some other form of secondary storage mechanism, before booting the computer. The people have that have seen this problem report that it goes away when they do. The catch is that the computer will only boot with a secondary drive attached. If you remove the secondary drive it will no longer boot.

    It also appears that this could be related to using a USB mouse. If you have a USB mouse, try moving it to the PS/2 port instead (the little round port, you should have received an adapter with your mouse). That seems to resolve the problem without the use of an external USB flash drive.

    If you have this problem, and either solution helps, or even if they do not help, I’d appreciate a comment on the blog so we can figure out what is going on here. [/quote]

  252. Thank you for the heads up on the SP3 issue with the HP/AMD problem, on a side note, HP model numbers that end with a “Z” have the AMD chips. Good to be aware of the asus issue too and will keep this in mind on all upgrades. Is (or has anyone heard if) HP/Asus doing anything to resolve this issue?

  253. Thanks for the warning. So far I have not experienced any problems myself, but then I have installed the whole system myself, ensuring the correct drivers etc. (partly thanks to PC Pitstop’s Driver Alert). I will forward these comments to the rest of our organisation of 15 people, though, so that the others are aware of the danger too.

  254. I tried to install it on my Dell desktop that I had uninstalled the OEM and installed a clean copy of XP Pro. I did this with my Dell laptop that has the same unistall and reinstall of XP Pro. The laptop kicked out after about 35 minutes of installation time with SP3. The desktop kicked out after appx. 7 hours of installation time. I have upgraded the desktop to an Intel 2.0 MHz chip and have 2 megs of memory in it. The installation process took my memory in the desktop to about 2KB and used darn near all of my virtual memory. I have no idea how much memory the installation took on my laptop, but I’m willing to bet that it used the full 1 gig that I have in there. I plan to wait a while before I try it again, only this time it will be from a CD and not online.

  255. I must be living right! I waited over a year before installing SP2, so leery was I about major changes. But I bit the bullet on this one, downloaded it and installed it, and had no problem whatsoever. I have a six-year-old Alienware
    Area-51, and I go to some pains to keep it tidied up regularly. Perhaps taking out the trash on a schedule helped avoid problems with this b-i-g install — took a half-hour to download, and three times that long to install.

  256. while installing service pack 3 on my dell x300 laptop it crashed. I can’t get my wireless card or my SD card reader to work. I reformated and installed xp.

  257. Hi,
    This took place on May 15th.
    I just finished building a PC and installing Win XP Pro. I immediately went to Microsoft and started the long task of downloading and installing updates. The first required update was SP3…Cool…I thought it would save time. I downloaded and installed SP3 and other security and software updates. Then I started getting errors saying the downloads were not installed. They consisted of Netframework 1 & 2, Media player 11, Security fix to Explorer 7, and this one is hard to understand, and update for Flash failed to install. I havn’t even installed any software to my PC yet other than windows and SP3. I tried to install each update indepedently, but they all failed. Including a few that I havn’t mentioned. I then installed Adobe Flash Reader. I went back to microsoft updates and again tried to install the Flash update. It still would not install.
    At this time I, May 16th, I still cannot install the remaining updates.
    All comments welcome!

  258. justplainwayne

    have installed on an E-Machine with celeron; 4 Dells SX-260’s with P-4; and a dual Dell Vostro laptop and no problems.
    Not much change either in performance or anything else for that matter.
    Pretty benign so far.

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