Battle Of The Sexes

Through our world renowned OverDrive diagnostic test, PC Pitstop has accumulated a unique view of trends in the PC industry. In this report, we take a look at several million computers to analyze the computing differences between males and females.

Surprisingly, there are some very large and real differences between male and female computers. We take a light hearted look at the battle of the sexes for computing supremacy. Roll your mouse over each chart to learn more about each and every tasty difference.

Men Are Faster than Women

Women Prefer Intel Over AMD

Men Have More Brains Than Women

Men Have 26% More Computational Power than Women

Women Are More Forgetful Than Men

Women Stay Loyal to XP

Men Ramping to Vista

Men Have Big Disks

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34 thoughts on “Battle Of The Sexes”

  1. Dragon lady I noticed a flaw in your post requarding duel processor. Duel processor will only make a difference if you’re running more than one application at the same time. That’s where they’re most effective. If I remember correctly a processor with more than one core is basically a processor that contains more than one processor built into the processor. I read a whole article on the internet requarding how they got tired of putting more than one processor on a mother board. That’s when Intel developed the Duel core and AMD followed. Note that AMD was just following Intel. I’ve ran too many applications for my computer to handle more than one I’m running at 2.4GH. I have the money to get a new one.

  2. It looks like men have won alright. I’ve got tons of memory though. After I bought my 1TB external harddrive I set my paging file size to the external harddrive instead of C drive like is normal. I set Windows to set paging file size.

  3. ROFL 😀 MEN = WIN!

    This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. For those of us who know the truth, well, thats what makes it so funny. 😀

  4. I haven’t played a game for months and my computer only cost me $800 so it’s not the best. I want to get upgades for it and I’ve decided against overclocking. If I need more power I can just get a duel processor Dell Precision Workstation for the same price as an H2C and the precision workstation will have just as much ram if not more and be a lot more powerful. The processor is a 2.4 GH. intel core 2 duo. The ram is 2GB. The harddrive is 320GB. I have a 1TB. external harddrive for backup. Actually I don’t like working underneath the hood of the computer so I’ll have it upgraded when it comes time. Most of my time is spend programming software and software training resources I can sell online on a website I’m programming myself. Not that it’ll ever work out.

  5. I am a female 70 years of young age. I build computers for myself (14yrs. experience) and others. The most recent build was built with an AMD Phenom II quad core 955 2.30GHZ processor.It has a 64bit system to accomodate 8GB of memory. Why is only Intel mentioned? I only use AMD processors and ASUS motherboards. Not all females are running slow outdated computers. I did recently purchase a Gateway computer, again with an AMD Phenom 9600 processor and a TB hard drive set-up( 2 500gb HDs) I didn’t think I could build it for what I paid for the already built computer. I wasn’t sure I would be happy with a Gateway computer but I am. I think there are plenty of men using these slow outdated computers and some very intelligent guys who think that a large hard drive and lots of memory are entirely unnecessary. The men who build or buy the up-to-date computers are probably the guys who play games on their computers. Okay, so if I seem very ignorant about computers enlighten me.

  6. Woman also think by their emotions and that’s a fact. Men think more logically. Let’s see. In the near future I want to build a productivity suite for engineers. That’ll involve heavy 3D programming and advanced mathematics programing. What will I need to do it. High performance graphics and an overclocked graphics cards at least. I would spend less than $2,0000 if did myself. pckid my computer isn’t a toy for me. The last time a played a game was weeks ago. As may as well say this now. The computer is the only thing I can actually do without hating myself. It’s the truth. Anything else I try to do goes wrong some way or another. I should also add that this and some of the other things I’m getting into as I drive to find a place in the utter hateful darkness are so demanded most computers will be driven to their knees.

  7. So who cares? Women have many more things on their plate daily, which get handled in an expedient manner, thank you. I have nothing to prove and don’t need any of those extra, extra, extra toys men seem to NEED?

  8. ok, this thread is funny!
    When I bought our 1st computer in late’03 I was just learning to email. It was for the kids to do homework on. I had a serious distaste for computers. (I am 45.) I ‘upgraded’ it to it’s max memory 1GB & it had 80GB hard drive.It ran on XP Home. 3 weeks after I bought it we were a product of a targeted hijacking. I learned to reformat a hard drive long before I learned to copy & patse or even what each one was called, how “womanly” ; ). I maintained that machine like I do my auto. When it finally died (due another very malicous hijacking from some college IT kid I beat gaming!) it had 64% free disc space & 68% memory.We used it daily. I decided it was time to buy a new one. I hadn’t before not because I didn’t want to, but because of $$ reasons. This one does have Vista Home Premimum (which I am getting used to, but still fondly miss XP) 4GB memory W/room for more, 500GB hard drive, (back up data on flash drives, disks, & paper, does anyone remember paper? but am getting a 1TB back up next month,)a Geneforce 9300 graphics card, and a dual core for now but w/room/option to swap out for quad. My teenager games heavily & I do “womanly” things as well as “manly”. I ordered it to my “womanly” specs from hp, all for $515.Did I mention the surround sound system I negotiated for free?Idk where I would fit on this hilarious scale but I have gotten a kick out of this thread! So if I beat you guys on a game or email your wives w/a link to a new receipe either way don’t try & hijack me…I have installed a program that will turn it against you & all you will see is the smoke wafting…then you can say “honey, I smell something burning…” and it will give you an excuse to go buy more toys! LOL!
    I’d say I have come along way….now if only I had taken typing instead of shop it might not have taken 15 minutes to write this! Happy Valentines Eve! Or Friday the 13th, whatever works for you…

  9. Surprising that AMD is still in the running. Intel has been mopping the floor with them for 2 years now. And the CPU clocks are still way down considering what the new Intel CPUs are capable of.
    Both my wife and I run dual boot with XP Pro 32 bit and Vista Ultimate 64 bit. We both prefer XP over Vista for most things.
    All we’ve upgraded in the past year is the HDDs, and now both have 4GBs RAM. I now have 2x1TB on RAID 0, and 2x1TB backup, 70% full. The wife has 2x500GB on RAID 0. Our server has an additional 4TBs total backup for her system and our other 12 systems (15 total) and is 60% full.
    According to the stats, it looks like most people aren’t upgrading much in the past 2 years.

  10. Talking about bad timing!
    I’d just like to say “HAPPY VALENTINES TO ALL THE LADIES” and good luck guys if you bring up this subject tomorrow..

  11. The next computer I’m getting will leave Dragon Ladie’s in the dust. Look at what I could be doing though. There’s a barely started Microsoft Word training vidoe siting on my harddrive right now. I thought I’d see how it would look after I published the vidoe and man. It was only like two or three minutes long it was already at 2.36GB. Only a mere nine or ten snap shots. I want to able to edit my file too. I’ve estimated It’ll be over 40GB in size. I don’t know how long the compression will take. 64GB ram’s my choice. The fastest Duel processors available and graphics cards available for coding my advanced mathematics and heavy 3D graphics is my choice as well.

  12. LOL. I like the last graph where it says Men Have Big Di*ks. And the floating comment that says what could men be doing with all that extra storage. Hmmm. ROFL!

  13. The computer’s pretty much my domain too! I can’t really do anything else that’s half way decent. I almost bought a $300 one, but I’m getting deep into programming, video editing and number of other things that those little tiny computers won’t. Talking about overclocking I bought what I had the money for at the time. I’m pretty limited on funds so I have a little of hard time learning what I want to. Somebody something about men playing games. I actually don’t play games that often. Most of my time is consumed in learning programming languages and writing.

  14. I think a lot of the difference is due to the fact that the men upgrade their computers, then give the old one to the wife.

    My wife got my old Win98 model that I had previously put XP on. When I got my XP model, she got the old one. Then I got real tired of running her utilities for her (Virus and Ad-ware scans) and all the other maintenance on that S-L-O_W machine, so I bought her a new XP, faster and more HD space than mine.
    She is about as likely to get on a site like this and run the tests here, as Clem Kadiddlehopper.

  15. Interesting, but unsurprising results. I play Warcraft with some women who take their computers very seriously.

    However my wife complained when I built a new machine. Our Dell was 4+ years old. It was a pretty fast machine when we purchased it but by then had no disk space left. It still used an AGP slot, RAM was maxed out at 1G and had a FSB of 533. The HD was maxed out surprisingly fast by the kids video games (if only boys and girls liked the same games). Once my son learned how to install new games himself, it was good-by to any remaining drive space.

    My wife didn’t understand why we needed a new one when the old one worked just fine. Needless to say, she only checks emails while the kids and I game and watch movies. I also “photoshop”, process spreadsheets, sometimes draft figures (CAD) as well as word process. If I’m working at home in the evening, I will often have cad, photo editor, adobe editor, Excel and Word all going at the same time. When I’m watching movies, I want to be afraid that I’m going to fall off the edge of that building with the co-star.

    I sold her on the new one, by setting up a network so she can use her work laptop in the bedroom, and with two kids now doing real homework (our son started middle school this year) we need at least two work stations ‘cause sharing one was going to be a real problem. So the old Dell is at the desk in the basement and has been tweaked to get the max from it (I can play warcraft, in a limited capacity) and can check emails while the kids are doing research on the effects of global warming on the other machine.

    The computers are considered “My Domain” and I fill in these questionnaires, so it looks like the “MALE” computer is bigger and faster, when in reality “OUR” computer is maintained by me and I just want to make sure our growing family computer needs can continue to be satisfied.

  16. Yes, it’s true.
    Men do have bigger disks and women tend to stay with their PC’s longer than men.

  17. I think this is hilarious. No… in a good way. I couldn’t agree more. I know just by using my girlfriend’s computer and mine, there are differences between a guy’s computer and a woman’s, just as there are differences (thankfully!) elsewise. After all, we are literally wired differently. And I’m all for that. It’s nice to see some analytical humor about it.

  18. I was a mainframe programmer too, and did the ‘build-your-own’ thing back in the early 90s, but I’d just rather do other things with my time these days. I wonder what would happen to the numbers if they included Macs. My Windows machines are laptops running XP (too many pricey peripherals to switch to Vista), but when I’m ready to get more bells and whistles (and RAM and processors) it will be a (third) Mac.

  19. I built mine a couple of years ago, a dual core AMD. Until I recently retired, I was a mainframe assembler programmer. If you think that’s a dinosaur, it’s a velociraptor. It’s what you use when you have very high thruput. I also still have an Amiga up and running. The difference in speed between a 25 MHz machine and 2.2 GHz should be much greater than 2 or 3 times faster. I’m still running XP because I have no desire to turn any more of my resources over to a clunky operating system. I have 120GB, 250GB, 300GB, 500GB and 1TB for backup, not to mention a moderately high end graphics card.

  20. I find it rather disturbing that women are being praised for keeping with XP, as if that is a good thing. Whether they switch to Vista or not is more of a personal preference, not a solid “right or wrong” thing. Me and my dad are both happily using Vista. I have 2 Gig RAM and he has 8, but I still get a pretty fast startup.

  21. This whole thread is hilarious. My momma always said that men were the best opposite sex there is, so let’s just enjoy the differences and be o.k. with it all.

  22. I’ll just tell you about a recent conversation with my husband.

    Honey, I just bought a window washer for my puter now that we’re doing online banking.

    Oh really? Does it just hook up to the hose?

    nuff said…….

  23. Hi everyone and thanks everyone for responding.

    This was all meant in fun, and it sincerely was not meant to yank anyone’s chain. So please keep that in mind.

    Second point, is that this is a study of averages. Therefore, on average the average male has a faster CPU than a female. This does not mean that ALL females have slower CPUs, just on average.

    All that said, I was surprised that some of the differences are so dramatic. For example, we did the same analysis by age, and there is really no difference. There are some real differences on average.

    The data does not tell us why the difference exists. I can speculate however. I believe that if a man and woman go into the store and buy a PC, they actually buy on average the same PC. The difference is that men tend to replace their PCs faster than women. Or that women tend to hang onto their old PC longer. But that’s just my theory, and supported by the Vista / XP transition.

    Anyways, let’s have fun talking about this subject, but also let’s keep it light.

  24. I realize that the intent is humour, but I feel that I need to point out that men can’t possibly have higher clock rates than women with AMD processors today, or women really don’t upgrade at all. 🙂

    My wife runs a E6750 @ 3.6GHz with 2 gigs of RAM and 2x160g hard drives in RAID0.

    I run a E8400 @ 3.8GHz with 2 gigs of RAM, 2 x 250g hard drives, plus a 500g for backup, 160g for Vista, 160g for Ubuntu.

    The wife had her current (upgraded) system first. That’s not about her insisting upon it by any means as she’d have been happy to stick with her P4 3.0GHz. It’s about me being smart enough to show her that the upgrade made a big difference, thus justifying my own upgrade when the technology got even better. 😉

    Now my girl friend… oh wait, that’s another thread. 🙂

  25. As a female I jumped on XP the second it was released and oh yeah, that went well when after installing it took 5 hrs. My husband who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with computers commented “See, I knew it wouldn’t work.” But after getting it installed my modem no longer worked. It didn’t matter what I did the Modem just would not work and buying a new one didn’t help I uninstalled it and had ended up buying a new computer with XP. So Jumping to Vista? NOT A CHANCE! Not till the system works or I have to.
    I am not a feminist but I try to keep up with all the tech out here in the country in the middle of no where. I upgrade my computer as best I can and LOVE Bells and whistles. But come on stooping to attack level just because you are male and a female said something you took wrong.. Yeah buddy, your Mr. MACHO.

  26. Karen (dragon lady)

    OK MY 2 CENTS from a network engineer, PC tech, server manager and system analyst!!!!!! I prefer to build MY computers. WHY cuz MEN build them and guess what, over 90% i have ever had to work on blows. More problems than IRS has our money. AMD you better believe it. Dual processors absolutely, teragig hard drives a must. 8 fans but not because im so stupid to over clock my systems but because I prefer major cooling only thing better is a liquid cooled system which is major bucks. I have had more men come to me for help in simple tasks all the way down to “how do i attach a file to an email or how do i open an attachment or how do i make this print” 8 gig memory please dont tell me i lack memory. Maybe im the exception to the rule. But when i build my systems men come to me for help on theirs. Im a self taught SEXY female, in the IT industry, married with children wearing makeup, nails, and dresses w/nylons and yes to run cables too. I can find a network issue in 30 mins or less and my coworker males take 8 hours to 3 days to come to the same conclusion as I. Am I upset yes. Women have the time at home, work from home, network from home and work and we share ideas and information on what works and doesnt work. We dont need to prove ourselves or feel like the BIG DOG on the block with toys that are unnecessary or a waste. Men dont have to AS A GENERAL RULE worry about the bills, groceries, clothes etc we take all that into account prior to being the BIG DOG on the block.
    Most men I know use their computers for gaming. Whoopie that is why they need the toys so they can blow eachother up. Please if that is all that is in your heads then have at it. Just so you can keep from blowing up your own computer cuz you dont know how to do it smart.
    You want smart and multitasking better watch the female in your life and give up on the computers cuz they are not helping.

  27. Someone wasted time comprising these numbers unless THEY just actually wanted to know. Computers are tools and toys. Can your computer do what you want it to do? If it’s not broke don’t fix it. If it is, do what you can to make it work for you. We have 5 and the numbers are irrelevant, they function for my family. We can play Clifford and do IRS spreadsheets. : )

  28. I think these differences are being somewhat exaggerated. For example, the Processor speed difference is only 0.09Mhz (2.09 vs 2.18). Differences between men and women in their computer hardware doesn’t necessarily prove a correlation between the sexes. More men work in tech jobs, and thus are probably using higher end equipment, and are also probably more concerned with upgrading their personal PCs. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that most men and women are pretty similar in these regards, but that men with tech jobs skew the data. Basically, this data doesn’t say much by itself and the conclusions that are drawn are really just “proof” of already defined stereotypes and gender-roles. Either way I can’t convince my girlfriend to let me build her a new computer with a quad core processor

  29. Yep, we love the best. Of course, we don’t need it. But if you can afford it, why not have the things you want? And about asking wives, maybe… but asking your girl-friend if you can buy yourself something?!? As for me, I always let my wife know when I am going to make a purchase. Let’s see…. sexy? I haven’t met many sexy computer loving women. Sadly, most of them are just as unpleasant to look at as the rest of us. I have two 750gig HDDs… but screw backup – how about a RAID0. Thumb drives are for backup. An avid software engineering Male computer! Oh yeah… My wife doesn’t know what a gigabyte is. For that matter – maybe the reason women have lesser systems is because they are unaware/scared of upgrading.

    Usually, I wouldn’t be such an ass – but when I see a feminist taking a light hearted comparison of statistical information, and becoming defensive, it’s rather irritating.

  30. Well at the risk of generalising, being called a traitor etc etc. I would say most women use computers because they need them rather than because they like them. Therefore they are less likely to talk about them to their friends and thus be embarrassed by what wimpy little machines they have, therefore less likely to want to rush out and spend money on upgrades. As for those big, hard, disks that men seem to have – well women don’t need nearly so much space to store their downloaded porn, right? It ain’t rocket science…

  31. Ok so Men are rushing out to get upgrades and junk, which they don’t need and only have more space on thier disks…Due to running out without asking the wives and girl-friends if they can…To buy the latest and greatest! snickers …and ok so they have more memory, Eventhough It takes a lot to run Vista…. The difference Between men and women. We may be Cheaper Yet we are still sexy!( Just so you know I happen to Love AMD!, and have a 500gig HD with 500Gig back-up. with 5 gigs memory. and happily In computer heven with XP pro SP2!)
    A happy Female computer! oh yeah…My BF’s Computer is way older and lots lots slower than mine, his HD is smaller too! LMAO…My toys are Bigger!

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