Windows XP SP3 Survey Results

PC Pitstop Survey Finds Up To 75% of Troubled Windows XP SP3 Users
Can’t Resolve All Problems

Company Offers Continued, Up-To-Date Information Regarding Service Pack 3 Issues

Sioux City, IA – (DATE) – PC Pitstop, the undisputed leader in PC diagnostics and support with over 100 million PC performance tests and counting, have released the results of a survey of users of Windows XP Service Pack 3. The company found that 24.6% of those surveyed have experienced noticeable problems, 53% of those users have not been able to resolve those problems, and another 22% say they have only been able to resolve some of the issues they are having.

“Our survey revealed that this is certainly an important issue that affects many users, and we are committed to helping them with it,” said Rob Cheng, Founder and CEO of PC Pitstop. “Using PC Pitstop’s unique resources, we are on a major initiative to help resolve user issues with Windows XP SP3 in every way we can. We will continue to publish all of the information and knowledge we have about the problem on our web site and also in our newsletter.”

PC Pitstop surveyed computer users who have Windows XP SP3 currently installed on one of their PCs. Along with uncovering the statistics related to the amount of users having problems, PC Pitstop also found:

  • •The most frequently cited problems were Internet Explorer lock-ups, re-boots, system crashes, and failure of XP to start.
  • •Only 5.5% of users having problems had called Microsoft to troubleshoot the problems.
  • •37% of those surveyed decided to upgrade to XP SP3, despite the known issues.
  • Microsoft occasionally releases service packs for its Windows operating systems to fix problems and add features. Windows XP Service Pack 3 was released to the public on May 6, 2008.

    PC Pitstop is a one-stop resource that uses the most current real-world information about PCs to help PC users keep their systems running optimally. The company’s Optimize service keeps PCs running at top available speeds, and removes annoying ‘craplets’ and other data that can slow down Internet connectivity. PC Pitstop’s OverDrive service offers users a simple scan using Internet Explorer or the IE tab in Firefox web browsers to provide a full PC configuration report in less than five minutes, including evaluations of system performance, security, software, drivers, application versioning, system conflicts and other key information comprising a full system tune-up.


    53.3% of those surveyed who have experienced noticeable problems with XP SP3 – have not been able to resolve these problems



    Of those surveyed who have experienced noticeable problems with XP SP3 – only 6.5% have called Microsoft to troubleshoot the problems.


    37% of those surveyed – decided to upgrade to XP SP3 despite the known issues


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    73 thoughts on “Windows XP SP3 Survey Results”

    1. I have had the same problems with winxp SP3 with PC freezing/Lockup. I was using Norton AntiVirus 2010. I uninstalled Norton 2010 and installed Free AVG and all of my problems went away. IN MY CASE THE PROBLEM WAS NORTON ANTIVIRUS.

    2. you are retarded just like MS…first of all they shouldnt make users a test bed for their shitty sp3…sp3 needs to be pulled as it causes all kinds of issues…you suck and so does MS

    3. XP3….left it running at lunch doing the install…now I cant even get safe mode….cant do a repair with the install disk supplied with the Laptop.
      I have instaled 6 times ok and 4 times not on various computers. Its has stuffed this laptop. I try not to install period

    4. This morning I updated to SP3 and then it went into some endless reboot loop. Yesterday, after a security update (some VBscript blah blah blah) I had some error message telling me there was some corrupted file on my HD. Today I got the SP3 update message. Downloaded the update, installed… and now I can’t use the dektop for more thna 5 minutes, then it crashes and reboot unexpectedly. The desktop has an ASUS P5QL-E Motherboard, Intel Quad Core processor (so I doubt it’s an AMD-issue). The laptop I’m using right now works smoothly and has SP3 installed; it’s a HP nx6120 with AMD processor. Again, I doubt it’s an AMD / HP problem.

      Why on earth I decided to upgrade to SP3???

      After reading a bunch of forums… I don’t feel like spending a week trying to restore system stuff, etc etc… I’m thinking of re-installing SP2 straight and DO NOT upgrade to SP3.

    5. …recently installed SP3 and Windows Media Player 11 began malfunctioning. I tried removing and reinstalling WMA-11 to no avail, so I removed it and rolled back to WMA-10 which is performing properly. I guess I should have left SP3 alone based upon the problems that seem to be inherent it it. Oh, well….live and learn.

    6. I attempted to install XP SP3 on my Dell 340 workstation and it failed, missing necessary files. I prompted it to proceed anyway and it crashed. Afterwards, the search capabilities were gone and I had connectivity issues. So I decided to uninstall SP3, but it couldn’t, saying that files that were supposed to be there were not there!? Next, I went into system restore to back it out, but it FAILED! After that I did a “repair” with the original OS disk. Guess what? The repair FAILED, losing all programs and all data in the profiles, the names were there, but no docs, pics or favorites. I had to wipe the f***ing disk and reload from the ground up. I’m an NT MCSE and usually feel fairly confident that I know what I am doing, HAH!
      It gets better. The new install took many hours and when it was time to load SP3 I was reluctant, but it was presented as a VERY VERY VERY important update and I’d go straight to hell if I didn’t comply. So I loaded the service pack, this time with no errors. My box was fine before all of this BS. Now it takes 30-60 seconds to open my Outlook XP, Word doesn’t work (looping through safe mode) and the browser is hindered severely on the web. There is an annoying 5-8 second pause between navigation back and forward, so you click the back button and nothing happens, so you push it again, pause, pause, and then all of the clicks catch up and it flips back several pages at once, so you push forward and nothing happens, so you try again, pause, pause, then it clicks ahead several pages to where you were in the first place. It’s like I traded my beefy workstation and broadband connection in for a old piece of PC crap with a 14,400 baud dial up modem. I’m not happy to say the least. Microsoft is a mixed bag, I like them usually, but their unsupported buggy software is undertested and over advertised, and is FAR too expensive. Like I’m gonna pay several hunnerd bucks for Vista, which will have a lifespan of a couple years, which I’ll spend beta testing for Microsoft at my irritation and expense. I’m suspicious as hell, and feel the shi* service pack was designed only to f*** up our computers and steer us to the hugely disappointing and expensive pig they call Vista. I will toss my Dell into the sh*tcan before I install that weak effort of an OS. Bill can eat me.

    7. With SP2 my SATA RAID drive speed varies from 90 to 110 (avg about 105) MB/s. After SP3 it drop to a variance of 58 to 82 MB/s (AVG about 79).

      Removed SP3, and got my speed back. Re-install SP3, slowed it down again. Can’t figure out why.

      SIL-3114U-0 SATA 4 port controller with two
      Seagate ST380215AS 80GB hard drives, in RAID(0) or STRIPED configuration.

    8. SP3 is corrupting data on my HDD and my external USB HD’s. It is systematically destroying my computer through nefarious means. SP3 is a cancer born from Vista type control over your PC and your files/folders. Stay with SP2. SP3 wants to own your data/hard disk and limit what you can do with your computer. BSOD nightmare and eating my HDD.

    9. I know it’s insane but i am having trouble after installing SP3. I installed XP SP3, delete the System Partition in which the SP3 installed, created new System Partition and formatted so i can install SP2. Here’s the problem… the hard drive activity slows down(tried it on 2 hard drive installed the SP3 then SP2) also the CPU activity always at 100%.

      Does anyone have the same problem?

    10. Wonder why so few people, according to your poll, take their problems to Micro$oft?
      Is it because they have done so previously and been given answers in extremely technical terms? I will never ask Micro$oft a question again. And when they cease support to help people that do not have Vista on their computer, I will be converting to Linux. Meantime, there looks to be an XP-SP4 in the wind. I have had 12 updates since SP3 emerged!

    11. I tried to download SP3 on my wifes HP PC got to nearly the end of the end of the install and the dam thing blue screened and then uninstalled its self, then It rolled back to SP2, on restart it then rolled back to to its previous configuration, I wasted 1 hour and 20 min.

      Having said that I have just bought a new PC base unit without a OS on it put on XP Pro did all the normal updates and SP2 then all the further updates then SP3 when on as sweet as a nut and so far no problems.

      I understand from another techi site that most of the problems seem with the HP PC’s with AMD CPU’s and not with Microsoft

    12. Service Pack 3 downloaded automatically, and I had nothing but problems since then – such as IE6 not opening except immediately after a reboot, the printer wouldn’t accept print commands from this computer, but would from the others on our home network. Sometimes Outlook would open, sometimes it wouldn’t. None of the fixes Microsoft offered worked and I finally backed up everything I wanted to keep and used the Gateway restore disk. It took a while to reload everything, but so far everything is fine.

      I was at a Windows SP-3 update site on June 17 and it says all the bugs are fixed. Is this true, or should I stay away?


    13. After installing SP3 my computer ran as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. I installed when it first came out and continue to have a great running computer. Windows rocks, Apple sucks.

    14. Frustrated in Philly

      After installing SP3, my HP Media Center pukes every time I turn it on. When it finally decides to boot up, it locks up or “blue screens” a couple of minutes later. Microsoft’s free help chat has suggested several fixes with no affect. HP’s website suggests renaming the intelppm.sys file to xxxintelppm.syx… still no affect. I ran “sfc /scannow”. After which the message stated I had missing files in the DLL CACHE. HP told me that I could order a recovery CD, but if the system recovery I did a few days ago didn’t replace the files, the recovery CD won’t help either. I’m at the end of my rope.

    15. shoot me damit

      I have SP3 installed. No issues so far at all.

      As for the Trend Micro 2008 issue on first post.

      The work around is to install anyway then run the update it will install the updates. Trend will ask you to restart pc. Then run update again make sure it says all up to date then run scan all should be good. 🙂

    16. I also installed XP SP 3 on my HP, the problems that I faced were horrible. I could not log onto my computer and had to do a complete system recovery. Lost everything on my computer, all my files and 5 years worth of pictures. My computer just kept restarting and restarting but never could log on. Stay away from xp sp 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. I installed SP3 over a month ago and haven’t seen or experienced any difficulties. I have Acronis backups just in case something would have happened; nothing did!

    18. After four days of unsuccessful attempts and hours upon hours of telephone conferencing between Microsoft Support and myself with regard to trying to ‘fix’ SP3-related issues infecting my computer following the SP3 install, I too had to eventually do a complete system restore; thus, losing all of my previously installed programs and add-ons since ‘day one’. Since my OS is XP Media Edition, I was advised by Microsoft to also avoid installing IE7, because it is incompatible with my OS, as it will dramatically slow down my system upon start-up. After they ‘took-over’ the reigns of my computer and subsequently repaired numerous registry problems, they also deleted my McAfee virus scan because it was incompatible with SP3? Even after doing so, no matter what the Microsoft technicians/programmers tried, they could not get my system to recognize my printer or related USB ports nor could they resolve various Windows Installer, Document Viewer, PhotoGallery, CoreDLL.dll, etc. issues. One programmer even placed my system in start-up ‘safe mode’ and told me just to leave it that way, so that the various warning/error boxes would no longer display on my screen? Needless to say, that idiotic suggestion was quickly resolved and I too have learned the ‘hard way’ and will wait to install any Windows updates until I too ‘have done my homework’!

    19. Robert Johnson

      I did not have trouble with SP3 until Symantec invited me to upgrade to Norton Antivirus 2008. I messed up 2 computers when I did that. One of them would reboot before getting to the login prompt, over and over. The solution was to remove NA 2008. Symantec discovered it was incompatible with SP3. I reinstalled NA 2007, and had no problems since. (Except my Verizon DSL gives downloads at only 28Kbp/s for some reason, but that is probably another story.)

    20. Earlier during the month of may, i attempted to install SP3 over my current OS of XP SP2, and i was in for a horrible surprise to find that my system was going into loops of rebooting,so i used the windows XP install CD to repair the problem only to find that after the rebooting was corrected, some of my video files were corrupted, and other files were also erased.
      Not wanting to be outdone, i formatted the HD, and did a fresh installation of Win.XP without any updates, i then ran the SP3 CD which i created after downloading SP3,…and viola it worked….the problem of rebooting was gone, and then i began gradually filling all my previous programs on the HD, and everthing, is now fine… auto updates are necessary till this date.
      I use a genuine Intel-VC820 motherboard, having a pentium 3 600Mhz processor, and 384MB of RD RAM.

    21. Charles J Etheridge

      These people with AMD systems ought to just move to Vista and Intel. Have had Vista Ultimate on a Gateway FX530XV for over a year with an Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 and 4GB RAM, now with SP1, and have never had any trouble at all. Congratulations to those who have XP with SP3 that work, but this alternative would have to be easier than all that hassling with the AMD systems.

    22. installed xp sp3: would not boot afterwards and lost all Norton Go Back options and therefore had to do complete recovery to main drive. In addition it killed 1 internal hard drive, 1 external hard drive and 1 external dvd drive. the external drives were connected via firewire. I managed to get external dvd drive to work only via usb port on vista, still attempting to recover data from internal drive but the external hard drive will not even mount. ended up buying new computer (vista). As for the comment about contacting microsoft – what good would that do as they don’t reply anyway. (consiracy theory – maybe it was designed to force uptake of vista!)


    24. “Uninstall information for the Windows XP SP3 Release Candidate – to uninstall Windows XP SP3, follow these steps: click Start, click Run, type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK; click Change or Remove Programs; click Windows XP Service Pack 3 (936929), and then click Remove and restart the computer”, Microsoft revealed. It will uninstall SP3 and you will return to SP2 then do your updates for Live One Care

    25. Let me join the ranks of those who have downloaded and installed XP’s SP3. I’ve been working with Windows LiveOne Care Techs who so far in the past six months have not been able to get ride of my problem. First and foremost, Live One Care daily downloads the same update and want to install. It has “0” for size and a notation that I have already installed this update, but yet it ties up my computer for ever and it just won’t go away.

      I can’t even un-install the XP3 program because my Windows Live One Care won’t work correctly and I can’t get the problem fixed.

      I read your blog, but I’m apparently not savie enought to understand how to fix my problem and apparently neither are the Window’s tech that keep giving me advise.

      Hope you can simply your instructions for this computer pin-head.


    26. Installed sp3 and get nothing but problems with it,computer freezes and i get an internet explorer error,i want to get rid of sp3,does that mean i have to do a complete new install?,or can i just use system restore?,or even go to add+delete,and delete it from there?,why cant they get these operating systems to work properly the first time instead of rushing them out just for the money,no wonder people have had enough of windows.

    27. after reading this,I decided not to install the sp3 which I downloaded to a disk,why does pitstop not make a perfect sp3 and offer to us.
      thank you

    28. Have an old HP a1128 uk Desktop, AMD Processor . Needed to rejuvinate. Wiped HD clean installed XP Pro.Amongst the MS updates (85)was SP3. First reboot the dreaded “blue” screen. Factory Recovery and reinstall. Kept an eye open for SP3, blocked it but let everything else through.All systems were “go”. Installed SP3 via SAFE MODE. No problems so far

    29. SP-3 installation was a total disaster. Went through te whole process, rebooed and got the blue screen of deathe followed by constant rebooting. Ended up having to grab the data off and reinstall the OS from scratch…all the Updates (90+) then track down all the drivers. It was a 2 day ordeal that reminds me of ME. UGH!

    30. Well I installed SP3, and I have had a struggle reestablishing my internet connection properly, due to my Nvidia nForce networking controller and Microsoft 1394 net adapter …”disappearing”. I know they are still in my computer..I looked 😛

      Think the drivers must have been corrupted, I’ve been working on getting things set back to normal for a few days now. Called my isp to help me with an ipconfig walk thru, and the tech was wondering how I was still connecting to the internet and my isp…hehehe Dunno magic maybe? At any rate I have found a driver for the networking controller and still currently looking for one for the 1394 net adapter which is for a wireless hub set up so my hubby can connect. I just want to say that most times I don’t have trouble with MS’s service packs, oh and I have an AMD Athlon dual core 64 x 2…yada yada
      And I run Norton as well. Might be the connecting factors. Still can’t make my net cards appear in my Network places folder..its empty. Not sure how to get that back.


    31. I got it and had no problems with the installation. I read in this article that some had problems with Word and I never have. My XP SP3 is running great!

    32. Charles Greene

      I had been using automatic updates to keep XP current & forgot to turn it off after learning of SP3 bugs. Sure enough, the Wednesday after Patch Tuesday, my computer went into perpetual reboot. Since I have a dual boot system, I now boot into Linux. The only thing I miss is my TV card that I used with XP. A small price to pay for not having to deal with Microsoft Borking my computer every chance they get. The money I save on antivirus & antispyware software is just icing on the cake. I can use that money to go out & buy a damn TV.
      I’ve been dealing with MS screwups since MSDOS 3.1 & finally have gotten tired of getting my nose rubbed in it.

    33. Gavin in Wales

      Installed SP3 on my Intel Core2Duo E6300 using a genuine Intel DG965OT motherboard. Killed it completely, continuous reboots, wouldn’t even boot to safemode. Had to repair machine with XP Pro SP2 disc and SATA driver floppy. It (SP3) seems to not like the SATA driver which is a bit of a nuisance really. Would have thought my pukka Intel kit would have been tested by Microsoft?!? My MacBook Pro worked fine with XP SP3, but would you expect anything else from Apple?

    34. One comment that is so obvious that no one seems to make it?

      What’s the matter with all these people that talk about reformating their disks after installing SP2? Don’t they do backups?

    35. I’m using an HP desktop running XP Pro with an AMD Processor. There was a problem with HPs with AMD Processors but HP issued a patch to download and install first.
      It worked fine. SP# was downloaded and installed and everything is working great.

    36. I installed SP3 immediately on my Dell Ispiron E1405. It installed properly the first time. I did not back up anything because I do not rely on System Restore, which I regard as a really weak reed, and instead use GoBack (originally from Roxio, now a Norton product), which really does work the way System Restore is supposed to and doesn’t. I have Computer Associates for my antivirus, and have the Intel Core2 duo chip installed. Do not use remote connectivity; have Internet Explorer 7. Bottom line: No problems at all, then or later. Works fine. I gather from the PC Pitstop report that issues arise with those using Norton antivirus, HP computers, and AMD processors. All I can contribute to this dialogue is that with the configuration I have, XP SP3 works just fine. Hope those experiencing problems will soon get relief. And from many years of experience, I can recommend GoBack as a very reliable way of rolling back the computer to undo installations of anything, as well as to fix any problem that arises.

    37. I have one computer I built using OEM Vista Home Premium with SP1 and all other updates with no problems of any kind. The second computer made locally and about 5 years old has XP Home with SP3 and updates with no problems now. The one problem was messenger starting when Outlook Express was opened despite clearing all boxes to prevent it. I eventually uninstalled messenger through Add/Remove/Windows programs. That method never worked before but it does now. If that hadn’t worked I would have just renamed the messenger file so it could’nt be found. In regards to System restore, I turn it off and use Erunt. It is far superior and makes a restore point when the computer is turned on the first time each day. You can even make your own restore points when adding software or running a reg cleaner, etc. If Erunt was used you would’nt have MS deleting restore points. You can get Erunt at


      After SP3 My media center PC desktop will not recognize my Canon DV Recorder. I can not get it to work with my Camera. I uninstalled the sofware and reinstalled but I can’t unstall some of the software. Now when I play my vides on my Showbiz3 program the sound only buzzes. Can I unstall SP3 and if I do will it go back to SP2.

    39. I installed WinXP SP3 and have had no problems at all. (Zero – None)
      Runs perfectly.
      But I slipped streamed SP3 on an WinXP Pro disk and did a clean install.
      Had to rebuild cpu for other reasons.

    40. Only 5.5% of people having problems actually contacted Microsoft? How the heck are they supposed to fix these issues if almost no one bothers telling them? They can’t be expected to get all the technical information they need to construct a fix by sifting through print news stories and random angry blog posts.

    41. I installed it on a Dell 700mhz which is slow but no real problems, on a Dell Vostro laptop with no problems, but my Dell Dimension 2400 with a lot of software on it locks up Firefox sometimes and my circa 1998 Quicken Delux will not run on it at all and had to be uninstalled. I think because of some problem with Outlook 2003, which the other PC’s don’t have installed.

    42. We installed service pack three on all our company computers. we had no problems untill a week later and 1 crashed and several are having internet explorer issues. we decided to rollback to SP2.

    43. I had some problems with SP3. A repeating entry in the registry caused all but one of them. My problems included no listing of ANY hardware in the Device manager, Slow response of any actions, and hangs using attachments from “send to mail recipient” and directly from Outlook 2007.

      I fixed ALL problems by editing out the problematic entries that started with ” $%&” (no quotation marks in string), and got progressively longer in each line after. These “additions” were in a number of Norton/Symantec entries along with the Microsoft XP entries. Do a search for the string I have given here, and delete the currupt lines (which were 255 extra entries per registry entry). This will give back the entries in device manager and attachment addition from the “send to mail recipient”. I had to re-install Office 2007 to fix the other issue.

      Good luck!

    44. Hi all,

      I downloaded SP3 as an update,
      no problems for about 3 weeks then all of a sudden a notice came up saying, problem with SP3 Need to delete and restart,
      then a few minutes later the screen started to flicker and then a white screen,
      i tried everything i could, but nothing worked,
      so all i could do was to reboot from Factory settings,
      I lost allot of work, you name it i lost it,
      Family photos, Films, allot of correspondence,
      i was really upset.

    45. Installed SP3 on both lap and desktop; only problem being on desktop, when ever IE is first started it goes into a “not responding” situation. After doing an Alt Ctl Del and closing the frozen program it works fine until some time later when I start IE up again and have to go through the same act. Must be a fix but I’m not sure what it is?

    46. I run XP Media Center 2005 on a HP Pavilion a1350n with 4-gigs of RAM & AMD 4200 CPU. SP3 has issues with
      drwtsn32.exe 0.x5a00d0ed 0xe5e66544
      rundll32.exe 0x009dFa87 0xddC20074
      drwtsn32.exe same same
      cscriptr.exe 0x009371e 0x00a73260

      IMHO MS is in bed with INTEL thus unfriendly to AMD & this is BS!

    47. I have upadted to date with SP3,4 Dell laptops and 1 homebrew desktop, all Intel Machines, with no problems.
      KNOCK ON WOOD !!

    48. William Towery

      It is a forced upgrade to Windows Vista by Microsoft. By releasing a defective service pack Microsoft ensures more revenue in more ways than just one. More support phone calls to fix bugs means more money as well after the 90 day technical support timeframe has passed. Users are forced to pay for support or just deal with a broken machine.The Vista Fan club is not growing as fast as they expected and Microsoft wants more money.Not to mention Apple is rapidly moving up in the world finally and this progress hurts Microsoft which causes layoffs in certain departments, and the big wigs don’t get those generous bonuses when the market is low.

    49. I installed sp3 when it was released and have had no problems at all. After reading all the problems i am not installing it on my other sets untill i know its safe.
      There is a chance i just got lucky the first time. Not going to push my luck. I do not see any changes from adding sp3. Where is the gain?

    50. sp3 crashed my pc had to reformat grr that bill gates need to be hang form highest tree in seattle area…

    51. I am totally disgusted with XP3. I loaded onto my computer and it was BLUE SCREEN CENTRAL!!! I had to have a friend work with me to save my photos, which we were able to do. But I had to do a system restore and upload ALL the rest of my programs. I swear, I’m ready to get a damn MAC!!!!!

    52. Did an HP Pavilion a1230n – AMD Athlon 64 3700+
      2GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM with XP Media Edition install before doing a Format and re-install with Windows XP Pro OEM I had purchased, with SP3 integrated and my machine has never worked as slick as it is now.Faster (Probably cause we dumped all the HP Ticks to run straight XP) Have had a couple IE hangups with no response, just do a log off and back on fixes that. I can tell you I had lot worse problems with both MS and HP updating programs like I didn’t own it.Too much Crap to contend with that I no longer have.Lot less problems with the new install with SP3

    53. Gee, I keep reading all these problems people have with service packs (including the famous SQL Server SP some years back.

      Funny thing, though, all I do is read about them. I never had the problems.

      I understand the initial SP3 problems were related to systems with AMD processors, so you might consider that first. Also, many people don’t keep their systems updated and that may be a factor, but it wasn’t supposed to be.

    54. As I installed both SP3 and an upgrade to my Norton Antivirus Software during the same session, I don’t know which is sucking up memory and which has caused my computer to seemingly take forever to finish loading and be of reasonable use (up to 5 min depending on the hardware profile being used (laptop)). I haven’t experienced any other problems…yet.

    55. Hi All:
      It appeared (SP3) on the Microsoft update page as a update to install.. Without thinking or searching as to should I install the SP3 file-or-not I allowed the file to download-and-install.. I’m on a modem and dialup with my setup.. The file was some 66 meg. in size. It took some time to download.. However, after the download-and-install. My my Intel Asus CUSL2c P-111 rebooted and runs just fine, as much as I can tell.. If there is such an issue I’d say the perhaps my v7 latest build Browser opens somewhat slower than it did before the SP3 file was installed..

    56. Well you can keep it, till a year from now when most of standard “oh you have hardware I dont recognize” is fixed. So all you unpaid M$N beta tester have at it!

    57. I have installed SP3 on about a dozen PCs and laptops so far w/ no issues at all. Even did an XP install w/ SP 3 slipstreamed CD with no problems.

    58. I installed SP3 when it became available and have had absolutely no problem. I noticed you said “1 in 4 had problems” however, 3 out of 4 did not. It’s a good sevice pack so stop the Microsoft sucks whining.

    59. Morton Lee Cohen

      Hi All,

      The Survey is slanted for problems with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

      Example: The second question above, does not allow for Not having any issues at all.

    60. No problems with sp3. I installed it on 1 new desktop and 4 older pc’s. All are stable and 3 of these are used hours on end for gaming.

    61. Microsoft should hang their head in shame, like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Master Destroyers of the World. MDWs.

    62. Upgraded PC to dual core AMD, AMD 780G/SB700 mobo and clean-installed WinXP Pro then installed SP2. Went onto Windows update site and downloaded and installed all updates EXCEPT SP3. PC started doing all sorts of odd things that I could not resolve, so ran another clean-install of XP Pro followed by installation of SP2 and no other updates and the PC is running well, fast and is stable.

      I am guessing that some of the latest updates are trouble-makers associated with SP3.

    63. HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario Desktop PCs – Computer Restarts after Displaying Stop Error 0x0000007E (After Updating with Service Pack 3 for Windows XP)

      After installing the initial release of Service Pack 3 for Windows XP an error condition can occur. The Service Pack 3 update copies an Intel power management driver to the computer that was not on the computer before the update. During Windows startup, computers with AMD processors may experience a blue screen error that displays similar to the following:
      A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer…
      Technical information:
      *** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xFC5CCAF3, 0xFC90F8C0, 0xFC90F5C0
      After the error quickly displays, the computer restarts and briefly displays the error again. The error cycle repeats continuously.
      Use the following process to fix this problem:
      CAUTION: Only perform this procedure on computers that are using AMD processors.

      Step 1: Disable Intel Power Management
      Prevent the Intel Power Management driver from loading during system startup:
      Restart the computer in Safe Mode:
      Turn off the computer by pressing and holding the power button until the computer shuts down.
      Wait about 5 seconds.
      Press the power button to turn on the computer.
      Turn on the computer and immediately begin pressing the F8 key repeatedly (at the HP or Compaq logo screen) until the Windows Advanced Options Menu appears.
      Press the Up Arrow key until Safe Mode (top of list) is highlighted, and press the Enter key.
      Press Enter again if an OS selection screen displays.
      The Computer restarts into Safe Mode.
      If the computer does not restart to Safe Mode and continues to display the Stop error, skip to the next section: Step 2 .
      Click Yes in the “Windows is running in safe mode” window.
      Right-click the Start button, and select Explore .
      Browse to C:WindowsSystem32Drivers.
      Find and right-click the file intelppm.sys .
      Select Rename and type the text: XXXintelppm.syx .
      Press Enter and look to make sure the file was renamed successfully.
      Close the Explorer window, and restart Windows.
      The error no longer opens and the computer starts normally.
      Step 2: Use Microsoft Recovery Console to rename intelppm.sys
      If the computer is unable to open Windows XP Safe Mode, use Microsoft Windows Recovery Console:
      Restart your computer in the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.
      Turn off the computer by pressing and holding the power button until the computer shuts down.
      Wait about 5 seconds.
      Press the power button to turn on the computer.
      Turn on the computer and immediately begin pressing the F8 key repeatedly (at the HP or Compaq logo screen) until the Windows Advanced Options Menu appears.
      Press the Down Arrow key until Return to OS Choices Menu (bottom of list) is highlighted, and press the Enter key.
      Press the Down Arrow key until Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is highlighted, and press the Enter key.
      At the screen “Which Windows installation would you like to log onto” type the number that matches C:Windows, and press the Enter key.
      When prompted, type the Administrator password and press the Enter key. If no password has been created, leave the password filed empty, and press the Enter key.
      The Microsoft Windows Recovery Console opens and a command prompt is shown.
      At the C:WINDOWS> prompt, type the following: cd c:windowssystem32drivers
      Make sure the text has been entered correctly and press the Enter key.
      At the C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERS> prompt, type the following: rename intelppm.sys XXXintelppm.syx
      Make sure the text has been entered correctly and press the Enter key.
      The computer restarts. If prompted, select Start Windows Normally and press the Enter key.
      The error no longer opens and the computer starts normally.

    64. Alan Holdsworth

      I installed XP SP3 rather foolishly without checking what problems other users were having. As soon as I had installed it the problems started and I was getting crash after crash. I then lost everything that was supposed to be in device manager and could not reinstallsound at all. I ended up having to reformat in the end. Leave SP3 well alone!

    65. I installed windows XP SP3 as a fresh installation after deleting windows XP Media Center from mu HP Notebook (DV8240US)about 2 weeks ago. So far, The only problem I encountered was that Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 refused to install because of “incompatiable operating system

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