A Few Words About My Good Buddy, Windows XP

XP's Gold Watch

Friends, it’s great to be here at the retirement party for Windows XP. As you all know, he’ll be leaving his full-time job at Microsoft as of the end of June. Just like Bill Gates, it won’t be an abrupt break with the company. You’ll see XP wandering the halls for a few years to come. Keep your guard up; when you least expect it you’ll be hit by an XP practical joke. Just last week I noticed he tried to hide file extensions for known file types.

The first time I met XP, back in 2001, he hadn’t yet been released. He was in a mental hospital with Windows Me. Just kidding, he was in beta at the time. Actually XP was quite stable even back then, and you could tell he was bound for glory. It was a great relief to finally have an adult OS after the crazy-frat-boy days of Windows 3.1, 95, and 98. He was a bit possessive at first, with all that My Computer, My Network, My Music stuff, but eventually you learned that XP’s stuff was your stuff too. Even the kids loved XP, thanks to his brightly colored Fisher-Price user interface.

Yes there were hard times too, but we got through them. Who can forget the viruses and worms like ILOVEYOU, Nimda, Storm, and MyDoom? Some people blamed XP for those problems, even though most were a simple case of users falling behind on patches or opening mail attachments from Anna Kournikova when they should be smart enough to know better. But XP took that job performance review to heart; spyware dropped when XP’s SP2 extreme makeover was revealed in August 2004.

XP’s been a hard-working member of the Microsoft family for years. When I need to go somewhere and get things done, I know I can find an XP driver. XP is pretty secure if you follow some simple rules about safe computing. What more could XP do to protect the truly clueless users from their own gullibility? Sure, you could prompt them with “Cancel or Allow” every time they touched the keyboard, but that would be just plain annoying. (Sorry, Vista, I didn’t see you there.)

I don’t want to sound bitter, but Microsoft seems to be playing games with XP’s emotions. We all know that they’re planning to keep XP on in a consulting role for those notebook and desktop computers where Vista just can’t fit. (Hey Vista, just eat one slice and not the whole cheesecake, okay?) Is that any way to treat an OS that has spent its whole lifecycle doing real work for customers and delivering value to Microsoft stockholders? I just have to wonder whether Microsoft created the whole Service Pack 3 fiasco to force XP into retirement.

Well, XP old buddy, Microsoft didn’t have the decency to get you a gold watch, just a grudging pledge to provide an “extended support” pension through 2014. I’ll be happy to give you a silver stopwatch courtesy of PC Pitstop Optimize. Thanks for a job well done, and you can bet that your friends here will still provide all the support you need–you’ve earned it.

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71 thoughts on “A Few Words About My Good Buddy, Windows XP”

  1. I will go to MAC before I try Vista or Windows 7 again. I liked XP better than Windows 98, but Vista and Windows 7 and Office 2007 are too buggy. I have all three, but I only use the XP.

  2. I liked windows98se and me after restore was disabled. As I’m forced to stick behind in xp-pro i have got to try vista beta as well as released version and updated version. there hogs. vista might work for a tv/pc and i think it will prob. mess that up to.
    windows 7 on the other hand seems to do more right than vista by a long shot but still has the version problem so ya might go for win7 w/xp support while i learn more about linux who can turn down a working os thats free

  3. Nice XP retirement article. I do remember I thought he looked a bit silly when I first saw him with those bright cartoony letters. Now he is indeed an old friend and I think he should be given the nicest of gold watches and an unlimited pension.
    Actually he is still hard at work in my house.
    I am still running XP SP2. I have had experience of all the Windows OSs and XP has been the most stable for me from the start; I have NEVER (knock on wood) had the BSOD that was so familiar from some earlier versions of Windows. I have been hesitant to upgrade to SP3 considering peoples problems with it.

    My desktop is getting really geriatric but part of my hesitation in getting a new computer has been the question of what OS I want. From what I’ve seen & heard, I’m just not really chomping at the bit for Vista; I don’t know what version of it I would want and for some reason I even feel sort of annoyed that it HAS all those different versions. The store is still selling new PCs with XP Pro and it’s tempting to grab one. Otherwise with my next one, I may be switching to Linux.

  4. Everyone is venting spleen at Microsquisshy’s attempts to foist Vista upon PC-users, as if this were a new and surprising pattern of behavior for them. It’s not. Rather, it follows a long-standing tradition; c.f. their beloved “Windows Genuine (Dis)Advantage” program, which, as everyone knows, is spyware in its purest form, designed to guarantee that; 1)the programs we use are “Genuine Windows **itware”; 2) their revenue-stream will continue to flow, unobstructed. So, what ELSE is new?

  5. I think I had just as many problems with XP as I had with DOS 4. (Of course I didn’t have DOS 4 very long.)But I suffered through those problems until I can say I haven’t had any real problems with XP in a couple of years. It has improved dramatically.

    Now that it works, along comes Vista. I put it on a network with several XP machines and I can’t get it to work. The XP machines all work fine and can even see and move files back and forth from the Vista. But the darned Vista machine has trouble even seeing the XPs. It won’t acknowledge any shared files or printers.

    I also have to reboot the Vista machine often to get back on the Internet. At the same time, my XP machines are surfing right along. This is progress?

  6. My PC has Vista Home Premium, but my laptop is still with XP Pro. Let’s just say this..I am not as impressed with Vista as I was with XP.I have never had any freeze ups with either, but there are small annoying things with Vista that I don’t get with XP. I find that Vista does not work as well with wireless networks as XP. I am quite often having to do a “Diagnose and Repair” for my internet on Vista. My music skips when listening to protected music files on iTunes, something that never happened on my laptop with XP.

  7. With my business I’ve suffered thru Win 3.1, Win 95, Win98, SE and finally Win2k which was the most stable of all. Last year I was forced by some other software to go to XP and I have been very pleased with it. All running on Dell machines (SP2 ONLY) It has been great- NO Blue screens YET! VISTA WHO???? NOT in my life time.
    When will Microsoft learn *&%^@%@$%^#

    With that said, I just bought a Apple laptop Pro for my business laptop. I have been running 1/2 the HD on OSX and 1/2 on XP. WOW does it scream on either OS. I think Microsoft is going to be old news is a few years. My Apples crash or lock up once a year or so(in OSX, Still have a few more lock ups in XP) I use apple at home and as soon as some mainstream business software is written of apple I’ll be dumping Microsoft. Apple has a great server package even for business. That’s next for my business!

  8. I bought a nice new Dell dual core machine and brought it home and watched as it struggled to run, gagging on Vista. After about a week I pulled the hard drive and formatted it and installed XP-Pro. NOW she runs quick and sweet. I hope that somewhere along the line I can find a list of things I can pull out of Vista, so it doesnt require 1/2 a gig of ram just to sit and idle–I don’t like Vista–YAH HEAR that BILL-

  9. I appreciated the wit in the salute to XP’s retirement almost as much as I love XP. I have been dealing with computers since the days of the Commodore 64 and appreciate the advances made in OS…. Yes, there were a few steps back(and Vista may very well be one); but to say that you will abandon pc for an Apple is as foolish as saying that you’ll quit watching TV after 02/09. What will you do? Read a book????
    There are almost as many attacks on Mac as there are on PC’s and Mac is slower to respond and anywhere from 50-200% higher to purchase. Oh, and did I mention your software and perepherals compatibility issues?
    After all , when I had ME Crashing harddrive after harddrive….. I upgraded to XZP PRO. If Vista is that hard to swallow…. Isn’t 7 right on the horizon?

  10. I started out using OS95,then I moved onto 98,98SE and finally to XP. I stayed away from XP as long as I could for myself, but learned it on others computers and came to like it very much. I have tried Vista on other computers. All I would like to know is why,why is everything hidden? Vista is just a game you are trying to defeat. I don’t enjoy it.One good thing about Vista is Office being with the software. But again trying to find what you need is like going to the Dentitst. It make me sick taking all that time to figure out where everything is. I hope whom ever came up with hiding everything one day is faced with all the headaches himself that he has caused everyone else. It makes me sick just thinking about it. I won’t purchase it until I am forced to buy a new machine. You can’t even read documents from regular office. At least the other office’s you could open and read. Vista seems to be about money and not making the OS better with all the changes and non-compability. I can understand well when changes are made to completly take care of problems but Vista is a whole new world that is causing havack to peoples lives. Now why would I want to just spend money for a headache.The inventors were not thinking a normal people that have graciously made microsoft a leading gaint. Just another money maker for those who like to spend money on new things and games. Anybody know if there’s a book out for “vista for dummies” yet?

  11. When XP goes out I won’t be able to afford Vista. And buy programs I don’t need. I will be forced to shut down completely. That is not fair to me and others that have put there business and banking on the net for faster service. This is not fair. Plus I will have to buy a new computer. Too expensive.

  12. I think Vista is just money maker because Bill Gates was running low in money so he decide to fool custmor to belive that Vista is better than XP I disagree with that I love XP had no problems with it. I sure hope that his stock when crash he can be very poor like Vista. Bill Gate did not make the Program it the people how works for Microsoft Bill Gate has a mind of teenager not very smart man.

  13. I know a few people that work for Microsoft, and they say that XP was the best thing since sliced bread. They only thing that they had to say about Vista was that they could make a good screen saver with their own pictures. I will miss XP and any new versions of it.

  14. i too will miss xp thankfully though i have not had the displeasure of working with vista yet i have found that windows os seems to skip a generation to be decent 3.1 good 95 bad 98 good me bad xp good vista bad hopefully they also keep with the tradition of getting rid of the bad os’s reletivly quickly and well see microsoft windows ’09 or ’10? right around the corner

  15. I purchased a new computer last summer, and it had Vista. I had it about two weeks, and had the company I purchased it from take Vista and put XP back on. I hate Vista, it’s not worth a damn. If you have XP at work and Vista at home, they are not compatible. Bill Gates should throw Vista in the round file.

  16. Yes this is a sad time. I loved Xp for all it’s performance in benchmarking, it’s ease of use, and all the drivers readily available for it. I have a seperate hard drive on my desktop system dedicated for Xp only.
    However don’t understand why a lot of these people say Vista is garbage, junk, and simply no good. I have Vista on my computer in raid for over a year and like it. It’s true that it requires more resorces than Xp, and the drivers haven’t been perfected yet, but givin time it will get there. Not to mention the security is much better, and Internet is much faster than XP. Appears that the interface and websurfing is much more clear and sharp than XP also.
    I will continue to keep a copy of XP on a seperate disk for benchmarking purposes.Hopefully Vista will work out driver issues with all vendors so that they will perform as well as XP.
    For the last responder Bernie Pederson, don’t sweat it your computer will run forever on XP. MS is not going to produce the product anymore, but will still offer support till 2014!

  17. The only OS XP was better than was ME. XP was the biggest Virus trap ever made. Vista is secure fast and if ur graphic designer or do any real PC gaming then Vista holds the advantage and is the only descent OS from Microsoft since 98SE. Vista brought me back from switching to a MAC. XP was the reformat every 2 months OS and Vista over a year and a half and NONE of the problems people cry about. MUST BE USER ERROR. LOL anyway keep ur outdated Virus trap I am glad Bill Gates finnally did something right.

  18. Bernie Pederson

    I only use my Dell Dimension 2350 to surf the net and do e-mail. What I’m reading here is scaring me. This computer came with XP installed, and I’ve had zero problems with it in the years I’ve had it. These letters make it sound like XP is going to just up and quit working one of these days. Am I reading you right? Am I going to have to re-learn how to use a computer? Someone please reassure me that my computer will keep running after MS dumps XP. Please.

  19. Well, I started with windows 95, continued with 98 but skipped ME/2000 and went for Xp right away.

    Can’t really believe it has been 6 years already…

    Vista just sucks from what I’ve seen. Can’t tell you out of my own experience (an hour at a friend is all I got to it). But it just seems they tried to combine one or two Mac OS things with Xp…

    I am not sure where I’ve read about Windows 7 (BlackComb then Vienna). The successor of Vista. But that sure as hell ain’t a good sign for Vista. The release for 7 is planned to be 2010.

    Lets all just hope Xp will survive decently till then and that this Windows 7 (Actually it’s not 7 but NT 6.1.6519.1) will be a lot better.

    Right now… The next hardware I will be buying will run on Mac OS X. That’s for sure.

    Vista ain’t coming in here !!!

    (and if finance requires buying a none-Apple (Cause they are DAMN expensive), I will kick off Vista and still install Mac OS X.)

  20. All I can say is that XP Pro will be living at my house as long as my VLA doesn’t run out!! I have purchased 4 computers since the Vista debut debacle, and all of them have been wiped out after they self-distructed and re-loaded with my XP Pro (32 bit) which performs almost as flawlessly as my 2000 Pro did in my server computer. For all the bad publicity everyone’s giving to sp3, I installed it when it came out and have yet to even have a hiccup in any of my 6 pcs, so I guess I must have done something right!! By the way, XP ain’t gonna die any time soon for we oldies – my server computer is still running 2000 pro which uncle MS hasn’t supported for quite some time!

  21. Does everyone actually believe that the reason Microsoft exists is to make life easy for a bunch of consumers? Was the US auto industry more damaged by planned obsolescence or by stagnant products and practices? The ’55 Chev is a collectors’ item, as is Windows 98, but neither GM nor Microsoft maintained their lead in the market by not modifying their products. Remember the Model A and the Model T and their market share. “New and improved” attracted attention and was easier to sell.

    Vista is a Hummer. It isn’t universally loved, but it can consume resources, which is a great thing if you are selling RAM or gasoline. And, as phallic symbols go, either makes the Asus Eee look puny, which speaks volumes in the world of bigger is better. If 6 G of RAM or $6 gasoline doesn’t swell you, avoid Vista and Hummers.

  22. Great article! I’ve been working with PCs since the very first units came out, and run the gamut of OS’ we’re all familiar with, with the exception that I transitioned directly from 98SE to XP, fortunately bypassing the apparent horror of ME. The thing is that, except for some people who need leading edge technology for their work, most people have far more PC than they really need or even know how to use to best advantage. Right now, I’m typing this on an old Intel 475 Celeron 3.06, and it does everything I need. XP is the most stable and easy to use OS I’ve ever used and I’m sticking with it for as long as possible. Considering microshaft’s OS track record, XP must have been a happy accident, of which I’ll take advantage of until circumstances dictate otherwise. So long XP, I knew it had to be too good to last.

  23. I too am a person that grew up with computers. My first one was a Radio Shack TRS-80 (yeah, I know, the TRaSh 80!). Then went to the CoCo and the CoCo2. Then, graduated to Apple IIE and then the III. At that time, DOS was the thing. Then, I graduated on up to windows, 95, 98, SE, ME and finally XP (32 bit) and XP PRO (64 bit). I have to say, that XP both home 32 bit and PRO 64 bit have been the best OS’s that I have used. I personally have no desire to switch over to Vista. I’ve seen it, used it, and don’t particullarly care for it. Why is it that, to quote an old saying, that companies have to “fix it, if it ain’t broke?” They could have given XP some new looks and features, but NOOOOOO…… they have to go out and make some NEW THING, that has problems for us users to deal with. I don’t have a copy of XP Home 32 bit, but I DO have a copy of XP PRO 64 bit. And if my other computer finally dies out with XP Home, It will get a fresh copy of XP PRO. Hey Microsoft…..WADDA YA THINK YA DO?! Leave XP alone! What’s it ever done to YOU except make you MONEY!! It ain’t broke, so DON’T FIX IT!! I will have XP until none of the new programs support it. Until then, it’s my OS of choice. When it finally totally dies out, then I’ll look into something else, but I doubt that it will be Vista. Farewell XP old friend, you may be gone in Microsoft’s eyes, but you are NOT forgotten by your many loyal user fans. Keep up the good work PC Pitstop. The users need you to keep us informed!

  24. Sony Vaio - XP Media Edition - P4

    It’s been a long trek from the days of XBasic with yellow paper ticker tape in teletypes and DOS with 5.25″ floppys, as I too eventually ‘moved-up through the ranks’ over the years. As long as my current desktop works, then I’ll be ‘plugging away’ with XP. I had experienced absolutely no problems whatsoever with XP, that is, until I made the mistake and installed IE7 and SP3. After eventually resorting to ‘doing’ a complete system restore thanks to my .dll files becoming corrupted along with some other things, as well as having the ‘normal’ restore points mysteriously disappearing, my system is now back running fine as before. BTW, I also have a laptop running Me and an older desktop with 98 so that I can run some older programs. Who knows what else I may eventually switch to? Heck, I’ve always wanted to try a Mac…and I don’t mean the one from McDonalds…heh…heh.

  25. You know what it is.. I like XP, I love XP but I run Vista.. The reason is simpel: I’ve got a PC with 4 GB RAM and I want to use that RAM. So it forces me to 64 BIT. But with XP64 bit my webcam doesn’t work, my scanner doesn’t work, my printer doesn’t work, my.. Well, nothing seems to work.
    I refuse to buy it all new simply because I don’t have that many money and all the equipment is fine. Companies don’t seem to support XP anymore. Drivers are made for XP, Vista or VistaX64 but not for XP x64.. And here I am… Forced to Vista.
    It isn’t that bad but if I could choose…

  26. I will NOT be using Vista, the horror stories are enough for me!

    Me & XP will go to the retirement village together, kicking & fighting all the way!

  27. I too am sad to see XP getting the boot. I work in the hospitality industry where my company supplies internet services for resort guests – and sadly enough, most of my guests complain about their ‘Vista’ based laptops. Not only are the external manufacturers screwing everyone with driver updates, Vista, which has a mind of it’s own, likes to drop one of the core libraries needed for it to run properly. Want to talk about frustrating – when I meet with a client having issues connecting to my network, I cringe when I have to tell them it’s not my network, it’s their Vista PC. I might as well be a therapist instead of an IT guy.

    XP has served all of us very well – yes, there were glitches in the beginning – just as in Vista. I can only pray that with Bill leaving Microsoft, that he will venture out again and create something as wonderful as XP.

    We also have to remember that software development is driven by advances in technology. One of the reasons Vista hiccups alot is all the manufacturers are developing newer technology, and sadly enough XP couldn’t keep racing down the track. They also are not creating the drivers fast enough to keep up with their advances in technology. That’s like putting the cart before the horse, right?? Until the manufacturers get it right, NO OS will be perfect. Not even Apple. Speaking of Apple…..get rid of the Airport Hub why don’t ya? Steve, you’ve always been a day late – always will be.

    I may sound biased and be more for Microsoft than I am against…..I am not…..Microsoft has left some bad tastes in my mouth over the past 20 years. From not getting hired by them (all because the directors of the departments I was applying for were scared I’d take their jobs) to the Blue Screen of Death. Even though I will never forget those happenings, XP is my buddy…….and He’ll be on ALL of my machines until they completely die.

    Good job, my old friend…..you may be retiring, but your job is not done. I commend you for doing what is asked of you, and for taking all the flak early on. You never once complained, and you’ve always been there when needed. It’s sad to see that your ‘parents’ are turning their backs on you. You really have no choice but to venture out on your own and we all wish you the best. Keep us posted, my good friend, when you land on your own feet. I’ll always be here.

  28. Going to Vista is like buying an SUV. The mentality that MS had to come up with a new operating system will be their downfall.

    The market is ripe for a new OS from a new company, and stop yelling Linux. Linux won’t work for the masses. Any OS that produces no profit for the developer has no future for the masses.

  29. Hate to see you go XP. Everybody including microsoft knows that Vista just isn’t quite ready to fill your shoes. After all if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. VISTA Sucks!!!!!

  30. Instead of spending extra to “downgrade”. Get a larger (or additional) harddrive. Partician and load XP for dual boot. Start running out of space – you can have the satisfaction of wiping Vista.

  31. If Micro$oft think that by withdrawing support for XP I’ll update to Vista/Windows 7 or any other new system permutation they’ve got another think coming.

    Why not keep XP supported longer with more service packs and other useful updates, I’d be prepared to even pay a fee to be able to keep it current for a few more years

    XP does all I want it to, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  32. XP by far was one of the best running Os’s I ever used. That was due to the fact XP controlled everything unlike win 95, 98, and ME. As far as I’m concerned ME was a bloated OS, always crashing and having major issues and it was due to the fact it like the others were 16 bit dos systems having windows environment running on top of it. Such a big no no. Now concerning Windows Vista. I personally like Vista. But it comes with its problems. Like for instance in order for it to run efficient you need plenty of ram and a good processor at least 2 ghz or better (single core). From experience it runs good on 1 gig of ram but the more the merrier lol. I miss windows xp in alot of ways but I made to move to vista.

  33. Steven Beresford

    I am in the market for a new laptop and what is really annoying is that Dell demands an extra $100 to DOWNGRADE to XP! Best Buy demands an extra $250 to DOWNGRADE to XP! Most corporations won’t touch Vista with a 10 foot pole. My good buddy is furious that his expensive scientific programs won’t run on Vista. It is amazing that MS is so totally dumb about this.

  34. Reuven Ben-Daniel

    Why am I still sticking to Windows98.On reason is that my myriad programs will not run in XP or Vista. I am not going to spend 1000’s of dollars trying to replace them. Trying, because many of the firms have gone out of business, and no one is producing these programs,especially CAD specialist ones.What I am waiting for is Windows7 as I heard it is a completely new build that will run any program designed for 98,XP or Vista.A dream,which of cause the software firms will oppose.I know of successful business men who still use windows95,as it does everything they require of an OS.

  35. I’m an old DOS-hound, and I fought going to Windows until I had no choice. Then I stuck with 3.11 for Workgroups until after 98 came out, and I “upgraded” to 95. I stuck with 98 (I still use it on my old laptop)all the way through the SE, ME, 2000, and a couple of years into XP’s lifecycle. When I bought this “new” laptop, nearly four years ago, with XP-Pro, I was blown away by the difference! I have beaten this thing half to death, carried it around the world a couple of times, and I have NEVER had a BSD! This is the best system I have ever used, and I will be changing over to linux before I go to Vista!

    I still have one copy of XP-Home, unopened, which ought to carry me ’til I’m ready to blow this popstand!

  36. Now with Windows XP being faded out, I downloaded latest release of Ubuntu (which was free) and will now install it. May as well learn Linux, as I’m not about to shell out any more money to the Billy Gates empire, regardless if he’s at the office or snoozing at home. Yeah, like most others here, I started out with DOS, then Win 3.1 & 3.11, 95, 98 and finally XP, which was the best of all releases, but after seeing my friends cuss and moan about Win-Vista, I’ve decided not trying it. Never tried Mac or any of the other systems, but I will try Ubuntu. I’ve heard both good and bad about Ubuntu, but most good. So I don’t see any loss with trying it.

  37. LOL, Fisher-Price comments once again…

    Why is everyone too blind or dumb to see it’s more of a gunmetal look?!
    God damn, it must be the color, just turn it into silver or black, there is no way it can look like children’s toys then.
    The whole interface besides the bar of Vista is worse!

    I’m not some fanboy or anything, I’m just a normal user.
    But it never bothered me and I was even a young teenager.
    Sure I thought the blue was very blue, but I just instantly found the silver, which I think was pretty awesome compared to the dull ugly gray of before.

  38. I’m not a geek my any stretch of the imagination. I just want to use it and NOT get excited about fixing problems. I will add yet another good word for XP. When XP gets clubbed to death by MS, I hope PCPitstop will continue to keep us advised. Keep us posted, whether Linux or what ever comes next. Maybe Gates is Napoleon and he’s about to meet his Waterloo.

  39. I agree with Tom, he hit the nail on the head. It is not MS fault, blame the hardware companies for beeing greedy. They did the same when XP came out and will do the same when Windows 7 comes out. I have a dual boot system and have not used WinXP MCE for many months. Service Pack 1 for Vista fixed alot of small anoying problems and Vista works very good for me and I am a computer tech and system builder, and have been for almost 20 years, I like Vista, good replacement for XP.

  40. I have started learning Linux again.
    Ubuntu is free, installed like a dream, but is not compatable with my wireless WUSB Linksys adapter Ver 4 so I’ve got to get another adapter. I would have switched to Linux long ago, but all I had was Winmodems and did not want to buy another more expensive modem then. I will not “upgrade” to another OS that wants to know every device I add and make it impossible to just swap my hard drive with all my data and Operating System to a faster computer.

  41. Thank you, Dave for a pithy, humourmous piece of well deserved praise! You don’t seem to get much imput from females. As a user in the sixties of the IBM MT/ST (ask your grandparents, they might know) through Commodore to Microsoft, from Dos to XP I agree with everyone. I don’t usually try out a new system until it has been on the market for three years but I think I’ll pass on Vista forever. XP has been a true blue friend at home and at work! Gold watch they should give a gold program! Here’s to you XP, lets hope we can support each other for years and years. Now, who can tell me how to work this thing called Linux? I can see it coming.

  42. Windows 93? Anyways, you numbskulls that are going to mac, understandable. (I prefer Linux). But did you know that Apple has a slower response time to its viruses than microsift… even with Vista. And Vista does suck. Id prefer 98SE over that monstrous animal. Pretty graphics! bah! Give me funtionality and XP improved with a real service pack for a future for XP. Well Microsoft? Brainless Dorks!

  43. Nothing to add about XP that hasn’t already been said. Haven’t used Vista and don’t plan to until there is no other choice. I had a choice when I purchased my Desktop, except I would have had to install Vista as an update. Sure glad now I didn’t. Fortunately, I have had no problems with SP3, so can’t make a negative comment about SP3 since I have not experienced any problems. I can only hope PCPITSTOP will continue to provide us guidance and help with XP!

  44. It’s just sad…MS has no intention of taking care of customers anymore. Force us to use Vista? What good is that going to do for them or us? I swear by XP Pro and I’ll continue to use it. Just because MS feels that there should be a “shelf life” for an OS doesn’t mean they should forget about the millions of users using XP. I myself will NEVER put Vista on any pc I own until they get it right. This is one of those monopoly’s that I wouldn’t condone. If I could work and use my restaurant POS software on a Mac…I’d have ditched Windows long ago..but my business requires me to have at least Win 2k or XP…MS needs to get some brains and give their customers what they want, not force crap on us.

  45. I won’t be traveling to VISTA at all. I have one new desktop pc unopened with XP installed and a new laptop with XP Professional installed.

    When these two guys pass on, I switch to APPLE.

    Sorry Mr. Gates, you have gotten the last penny from me.

    VISTA is garbage

  46. Farwell old buddy BUT don’t fret i’ll buy a new copy of you before Billy boy sends you to the gallows .

    My computer company sent us a letter saying we could upgrade to Vista for free . But you are the OS i love the best so i’ll be with you till i have to buy a Mac .

    You were so good to me you came with drivers so plug and play really was plug and play not like the others that wanted you to scratch your install disk so you would have to buy a new copy .

  47. I am not interested in moving to Vista from XP. Any move away from XP for me will be to Linux in one of the many excellent GUI distributions.

  48. I presume that Microsoft will not market any new copies of XP. With no money, loss of revenue, to worry about, I wonder if the EULA will be modified to allow bootlegging a copy of the OS to a second PC. I won’t hold my breath to find out.

  49. I cut my teeth way back in the DOS days. Remember well the DOS 4 disaster, then DOS 5 came along and shortly Windows appeared. I really liked Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, the 95 and 98 came along. Win 98SE was pretty good, then WinME reminded me of DOS 4. Along with Windows 2000 and NT, we got a real good OS. XP. All the complaints I see now about Vista reminds me of the complaints I saw about XP when it first appeared in 2001. Then SP2 came out and slowly the gripping subsided. I was a Beta tester for all the Windows OS’ and the main problem with all them was not the OS, but the vendors, the hardware suppliers. They flat out refuesed to release drivers for the new systems. Why? Simple, to force people to buy new printers, etc. They are doing the exact same thing now with Vista. All my systems are dual booted now with Vista SP1 and XP, SP3 and I very seldom use the XP side. I have had zero problems with any rouge software finding its way onto my system with Vista. Oh yes, I use the User Account Control. It was put in there for a reason and it works as advertised, if it is used. It is very secure. Sure XP is going to go bye-bye slowly but surely, but it was and still is a good system, but face it guys, it’s days are numbered the same as Window 3.1 and Windows 95 days were numbered. I’ll be Beta testing Windows 7 too. I’ve tried MAC and still don’t like it. Too pricey for one thing. And for a company to have to put down their competitor in order to advertise, I don’t like. If their system is that good, then just advertise it’s values.

    So, good bye XP. You were a good friend during the turblent early 2000’s. Rest well during your retirement.

  50. Steven Beresford

    I need a new laptop and am REALLY PISSED OFF that all I can get is Vista, which won’t run my expensive old programs.
    Intel feels the same way and has refused to replace XP with Vista on its 18,000 workstations. Microsoft, you belong in the doghouse along with Vista.

  51. XP will be sorely missed along with software I use that will not run under Vista. What a shame that my old pal XP will be relegated to the ash heap of reliable software in the name of “progress”. XP, my friend, I will use you until I can no longer find a driver for you.

  52. like many others, I have run the gamut from dos thru 95, 98, then 2000, then XP. I find that basically (pun intended) that Win XP was probably the best and I intend to use it for as long as I can. The “new” Vista laptop in our house just doesn’t make it for me. I hate to see XP go.

  53. If I can’t run XP when its time to replace this PC I’m moving to Apple. Vista id probably the best marketing device Apple ever had

  54. Kurt B. Stanley

    As a builder/tech I can tell you that 99.9% of my customers ask for XP Pro by name when building their new machines.
    Seems Vista , which came with their store brand junk doesn’t make them very happy .
    Though your farewell to XP did .
    Well Done !!

  55. Adrian de Bruyn

    I too am sad
    Coz Vista is so bad
    XP was the best to be had
    If only Digital Research were still about
    For 8 bit-CP/M carried quite a clout
    How I long for days of long ago
    When PIP and STAT were the things to know
    When Supercalc and Wordstar reigned supreme
    With Osbornes and Kaypros luggables
    We pioneered this PC game
    And alas, it’ll never, never be the same.

  56. Luis E. Sanabria

    We sell the whole new line of apple Macs and I have experienced the super great improvement, so My next machine willdefinitely be a new 24″ iMac. I will keep my Xp Pro based machine as long as it works but eventually will move back to Mac.

  57. Vista ia avarice personified. An example of what an organization will sink to for the almighty dollar, regardless of what customers desire…IT IS TRULY SAD!

  58. Oh yes Xp long have i known you and gone through a few burps but…..! You will always have a place on my desktop it is a vista free zone ..
    Vista not aloud and , well if that means no more game for the desk top oh well .
    Oh yes did i say i’ve been slowly moving over to MAC the very
    system that i scorned for many a year..
    Vea va laXP
    come on Mac show me the love that i longed for on my newer PC .

  59. Thank you Dave. I totally agree with you and especially with your statement “I just have to wonder whether Microsoft created the whole Service Pack 3 fiasco to force XP into retirement”. Well, in my case they will not succeed. I don’t plan to install SP3 any time soon and will stay with XP Pro SP2 as long as possible.

  60. Gareth Manners

    Well said! Very funny AND true. I love XP on my laptop, the best OS system ever as far as I’m concerned. Since I’ve had XP there has only been 1 Blue Screen of Death and that was a faulty hard drive.

    I remember the old days of Windows 98 and the Blue Screen appearing every week!

    I cut my teeth on Windows 93 and have marveled at each new OS after that as a revelation as to what could be accomplished with computers. The old systems could never hold a candle to XP but they did enable me to quickly find my way around XP and know how to modify it with confidence born of experience. I now help others (family and friends) modify their XP run computers and add extra goodies available for this most excellent system.

    I for one hope that those at the top of Microsoft who will soon be taking over Gods seat (The one and only Bill Gates!) read all these testimonials and take note for the future replacement to Vista.

    Well done XP, sad to see you drummed out of the company.

  61. I started with windows 3.1 95. 98.
    But the best of all was XP. i now run Vista.
    but that was not by choice. it seems that all
    Microsoft wants to do is keep making you pay out all the time.

  62. Frank Maskevich

    We went the gamit from Dos to XP. We really liked 98SE, but XP has been pretty good. We have another computer with Vista and don’t really like it. Like everything else in life there has to be progress?

  63. I’ve had Vista for almot a yer. I have yet to see any advantages of it over XP. If anything it has turned morfe people to MacIntosh which with the next PC it shall be. With Vista I now regret changing to a PC

  64. Like many others I migrated through DOS to Windows 3.1 (wow what a jump), 95, 98, Me and then XP. Ok it is still full of American fear of security breaches but in the main it has been one of the most stable platforms with extra capabilities.

    Hopefully I will be able to delay my transition to Vista untill after it’s teething problems are sorted.

    Just a pity Microsoft doesn’t really listen to it’s customers.

    Stay put XP

  65. A toast to XP… I’ll keep you as long as I can. I’m not ready for the move to Linux yet. You won’t be forgotten, XP. In my eyes, you’re a martyr, a well-loved martyr. You served so faithfully and is the best Windows OS I’ve had. Second place goes to Windows 3.1 in my view. So let’s all raise our glasses…

    and Cheers, cheers, cheers!

    For he’s a jolly good fellow…

  66. Well the company may be easing him out but I think all his old friends will be hanging around for a while.

    Nice job Dave.

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