OverDrive Now Scans for BHOs & Toolbars


The world renowned PC Pitstop OverDrive Scan now scans for potentially dangerous Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) and Toolbar Add-Ons.

A Browser Helper Object or BHO is a helper program that is associated with the Internet Explorer browser. Many BHOs are very useful; however, a growing number of BHOs are installed by dangerous programs like spyware or adware. Some of these BHOs may be running on your PC without your knowledge.

Toolbar Add-Ons are frequently promoted as offering added convenience and functionality. Yet, with increasing frequency, malicious Toolbar Add-Ons are being installed by spyware and adware to drive traffic to questionable sites.

Run OverDrive Now to See What BHOs and Toolbars are installed on your system.

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