IE 8 Rains On Firefox Parade, Chrome Spikes The Punch

IE 8 Rains on Firefox Parade

At 11:00 AM on Monday August 25th, I decided to try IE 8 beta 2. I did some reading to become familiar with the included features and catch-up on the opinions of others, then I downloaded IE 8. During the download I choose not to install updates to Windows. The download took less than 15 seconds. I clicked the install icon and after a quick reboot it was done.

I opened the IE 8 Program with more than a little trepidation. A touch of self-hypnosis and I’m ready to reap the benefits of an improved browser. As expected, the tool bar layouts looked a tad different but not enough to send me screaming to the kitchen for my coffee security blanket. Did I tell you that I love IE 6? I’m sure there are some Firefox fans that will find that puzzling but we’ve been through that before. Yes, I know, I’m a tool and I drive a Dodge van, but millions of business owners, and some guy in Tuskaloosa agree with me. Today that changed.

After adjusting to the slightly new appearance, I am prompted to make a decision on whether I want to have IE8 tell me about sites that are similar to my past browsing habits. I select [No] and I am then presented with what appears to be a long Microsoft directed set-up of my browser options. I elect not to do anything so that I can explore them at my own pace.

Beginning the inspection I’m pleasantly surprised with the layout of the tool bars. I notice that there’s a grayed out “Suggested Sites” included in the links bar. The fact that they might be included in an easily controlled area appeals to me, so I consider adding the feature in the future. There is also a Microsoft Live Search bar at the very top right of my browser. Since my favorite is Google I click the little drop-down arrow and choose to add Google out of the provided alternatives. Bingo, Google is now the default search option.

InPrivate browsing

Next is Tabbed browsing. It’s sitting right there in plain sight and conveniently located to the far left under my links bar. I type a url into the browser and up it comes in the tab. I click the smaller tab next to it and immediately see a new address bar, type in a new location and Bingo I now have two tabs up. Quick, easy, and intuitive, unlike my experience with other browsers this tab feature is very slick.

The total number of improvements in IE 8 are too numerous to mention in this single article, but I’m listing a few that I think are the most important and exciting. Of course the importance will vary with the person using the browser but the excitement should be the same for everyone. It’s one heck of a browser.

Internet Explorer 8 Features

1. InPrivate Browsing: Very simple, this feature prevents Internet Explorer from adding the sites you visit to your Browsing History. No one can find out where you’ve been surfing. It also enables a more precise deletion of your browsing history by allowing control of what is deleted and what is kept, very nice and a long time coming.

InPrivate Blocking: controls the content of third party sites, without preventing the display of the site you are visiting. Today, web pages are loaded with multi source content so in addition to removing your history, IE 8 can stop third party sites from seeing you.

2. Smart Screen Filter: This is a much-needed feature to fight today’s pounding barrage of Malware threats. IE 8 can now advise you of phishing attempts, warn against visiting malicious sites, and stop the downloading of infected content. Spyware removal tools are great but preventing contact in the first place is even better. The cross-site scripting feature is new and this browser is one of the first to use it. It stops attackers from secretly executing script on a users browser. When a Web page makes a cross-site scripting request, IE8 blocks the scrip, give you a notice and displays the rest of the page. The feature is turned on and off easily and is located in the main features section under Safety, top right, can’t miss it.

3. Accelerators/Activities: It doesn’t get any easier than this. Highlight any word or phrase on a Web page and you’ll see a blue icon. Click it and choose the activity you want Map, email or others. If you choose search, for example, the search will appear in a new color-coded tab just beside the original tab. You don’t need to go anywhere and you don’t need to download anything. It’s just that fast and simple because these are default features. Almost completely does away with the time-consuming copy/past routine of more manual days.

4. Web Slices: A way to subscribe to a portion of a page and get update notifications. This feature allows you to subscribe to only a portion of a web page. Just hovering your mouse over an area will reveal an icon and initiate conversation to add the item, provided the page is configured for this option. The portion or item is added to your favorites for one click updating. Alerts are for specific content instead of complete site feeding.

5. RSS Feeds: Right in the IE 8 browser now. Just click the RSS icon on the desired page and bingo the feed is added to your favorites. Quick, painless, and a default feature, this is going to be welcomed by many.

6. Compatibility View: Ever have problems with your browser displaying a page? Have you noticed this problem increasing with the use of more numbers of browsers, IE6, IE7, Firefox? It’s now possible to choose which code is used to view a page. It’s also possible to set IE 8 to use only the IE 8 view or to automatically use compatibility view. This should be a huge help.

IE* Compatibility

7. Enhanced Tabbed Browsing: As described above this is an excellent feature. Enhanced is the operative word as it functions the way is should have from the start. Click a tab and enter a URL in the address bar that opens with the blinking cursor, just that easy.

8. Domain Names: The main domain names are now highlighted in the browser address bar. This allows you to see that you are where you think you are and not redirected to a malicious or unwanted site. It’s all good on this one.

9. Reopen your last browsing session: This is especially useful if you accidentally close your browser. You can also set your browser to open previously closed tabs.

10. Increased speed and performance: In addition to all pages loading faster, the script engine in Internet Explorer 8 is significantly faster than in previous versions. This new script engine minimizes the load time for all web pages based on JavaScript or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).

Are there problems with IE8? Of course there are. For one, the Suggested Sites feature needs some tweaking. IE 8 is a memory hog, I know two people that have had problems running it with memory limited systems. I’ve also heard mention of some JavaScript and debugging issues but haven’t had a chance to check that out.


Make no mistake about it, IE8 is heads and tails ahead of IE 7 and according to some is passing it’s rival Firefox. While this gives IE fans cause to rejoice, it may be a short celebration. Today while I write about the wonders of IE 8, Google has announced the beta release of it’s new browser “Chrome“. With some interesting questions about the Chrome EULA and an unscheduled early release, this new browser hit the Web with the jolt of a rear end collision.

It’s going to take some time to determine the depth of both new browsers, but you can bet reviewers will be tearing them up the next couple of weeks. According to some very close sources, Chrome’s “Sandbox” feature is similar to IE 8’s “InPrivate Browsing” feature but architecturally superior. I’m already seeing claims of who wins the JavaScript race. What a great way to end the summer and start the Fall season with some excitement. It doesn’t really matter which browser ends up being your favorite because we’ll all win in this horse race.

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114 thoughts on “IE 8 Rains On Firefox Parade, Chrome Spikes The Punch”

  1. so for all you fat dumb and happy windows and billgate is for the little round can next to you desk It is all trash so why would anyone want a new (old ) browser or have anything to do with windows

    foxfire is still the best there is and go linux for a real down to earth OS If chrome ever able to run on linux may give it a try

    so down windows and up linux

  2. I haven’t had a freeze or lockup on IE8 Beta 2 yet on 5 completely different systems. I’ve loaded up to 50 windows and 10 with over 20 tabs. No problems.

    But the deal breaker for me at this point is Java. Doesn’t work with less than build 6 update 10. Many sites are still geared toward build 6 update 7. So many pages using Java don’t load correctly now.

    IE8 does have crash recovery, memory of last sites visited, etc.. People can use what they want. For our house, it’ll be IE8 exclusively once Java is sorted out. It’s faster than IE7, easier than FF (sorts my favorites the way I want without having to spend hours doing it manually among other things), more secure than Chrome, and personally I’d never put anything from Apple on our systems. 🙂

  3. Installed Chrome at the office desktop and home laptop. Seemed impressive at first. Then one compute problem after another on both machines.

    Quickly uninstalled Chrome and all was normal (?) again.

    Chrome? No thanks. I’ll stick with Firefox.

  4. I tried both CHROME and IE 8. Why not explain more clearly that the results they offer are not representative of the product to come and allow users to easily describe the problems.

    CHROME made me feel that I was back in the old 56K days. Beautiful and S L O W. IE8 was faster, but after a few minutes thinks started jamming up (just like IE7).

    SO I quickly went back to Firefox.


  5. The question is…how much are you being paid by Microsoft to tout this rubbish?

    I find it a bit rich that microsoft I.E. 8 have introduced a smart screen filter, especially when their Internet Explorer and their shoddy code has been responsible for much of it. I would say its about 5 years too late.

    I use Opera and firefox and there is no way that I.E.8 beats any of them. Sorry but you are very much living in cloud cuckoo land.

  6. looked at chrome- just not that impressed. I use IE6 on my XP machines as it is more stable there. Like IE7 on my Vista machine(by the way- I love Vista since I tweeked it a bit) Run firefox on my Ubuntu system. I have IE6 on my windows 2000 server, but thinking of changing the server over to Apache. Of all the systems, I still like Oprah and IE6 most–

  7. well I tried IE8,well turns out macafee virus program doesnt work with IE8 so I uninstall the update,went back to IE7 and by the way I have it

  8. I am 81 and been working with PCs for over 30 years. Am still learning and always will be. For instance I have IE7 on my Desktop that has XP on it when suddenly about a month and half ago it quit working. I could still receive & send my email no problem but couldn’t get online to do anything. I had removed & reinstalled it but it didn’t help. To make a long story short I am cleaning my PC in preparation to reformat to see if that will help. Ran into this program “Safari” which I had no idea what it was. Clicked it and what do you know I am online again. I LIKE IT. It is very different than IE but it works. After reading all these other remarks will be trying some of the others too. Never did like Netscape and as far as Norton never did like their products. Basically prefer an anti-virus program that will prevent virus’ etc before they get on my PC rather than after when they say “Oh btw” you have a virus shall we remove it? Have been using AVG for 7 years and never had a virus etc because it stops them before they get on my PC/LT (LT has Vista which I love too).

  9. firefoxrules Says:
    September 5th, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    Why are you talking in all caps?

    ratnikh Says:
    September 6th, 2008 at 11:30 pm
    “…IE has stolen tabs, they’ve stolen the private tab browsing, and they’ve stolen the security features…”
    What the HECK are you talking about? You can’t “steal” a feature in a browser. That’s like saying that any and every browser that has tabs is “stealing” them. Get a brain.

    “…No browser does it all, and each has weaknesses, but IE is nearly at the bottom of the heap. I daresay even Safari, despite its clunky Windows interface, runs smoother and faster than IE.

    I would recommend avoiding IE at all cost…”

    Who are you to tell me what browser to use?

  10. Aww, did you miss IE 7? You talk about things such as the tabs, search bar, and RSS feeds as if they’re brand new features for IE. Did you ever wonder why they skipped from 6 to 8?

  11. to Mike (and anyone else using anything by Norton}:

    There’s your problem!! Norton (Symantec) products stink and have for at least five years. They are memory hogs; they are slow, non-intuitive and cumbersome. Find yourself a real protection suite, or pick-and-choose from the many real options available, and you’ll find all browsers work a lot better and crash a lot less. I will never go back to anything by Symantec. BTW: I love Firefox, but will use IE when necessary, due to particular site requirements. I’ve experimented with Chrome and Safari, and used to really like Opera until Firefox 2 came out. They all work, and work well, when the stuff underneath them isn’t taking up all the resources. My preference for Firefox is based mostly on its simplicity, tabbing (which it had long before anyone else did), and the few extensions that I need. The cleaner the browser, the better I like it.

  12. You know as far as Microsoft copying others work. This is nothing new. After all if you have been in the PC market for as long as I have you will know that PC-DOS 1.0 (alledgedally Provided by Microsoft) actually wasn’t written by Microsoft at all. Bill Actually bought it off of someone else then turned arround and supplied it as his own to IBM and demanded a royalty seal for each copy sold. He got rich off of someone else’s work. The only reason he got away with it was during his initail purchase he bought all rights to the software from the actual author. I bet that guy regrets ever selling it.

  13. Anyone who says IE5,6,7 or 8 is best doesn’t know about Firefox extensions/add-ons. The browser itself is the same as any other IE, Safari, Chrome BUT with 1000s of extensions you can really make it rock – e.g. blocking ads or sites, dictionary, noscript, google toolbar, IEView (so you can see pages designed by lazy developers that only work in IE), gallery (see all your tabs in one page), skins ….. anything you want!

  14. I was very impressed at the speed over Chrome and FireFox. My AV software has issues with Flash and FireFox, so I’m certainly considering the switch at home, where the kids play lots of games and watch videos. Finally, I’m glad to hear more competition is in the browser race, though its late. Now, if we can actually get some control over underage surfing in a grown-ups Web by partnering with some sort of CyberPatrol or Cybersitter Database.

  15. ;additionally,if you wish to investigate how IE8 looks on your applications you must DOWNLOAD IE8;consequentaly,YOU WILL EXPERIENCE extreame difficualty removing all traces of IE8:

  16. I posted a note on Sept. 6 saying that I had install problems with both Firefox 3 and Google Chrome due to Norton firewall problems. I solved them by turning off the Norton firewall, rebooting and turning on the Windows firewall. Then both browsers installed correctly.

  17. I have not tried IE8 yet, but I have tried Google Chrome and LOVE IT! It seems to load pages faster and also opens tabs and new Chrome windows faster. The overall look, layout, ease of use, and aesthetic is superb. Clean and neat. Tidy and simple. It still has some Flash issues to tweak, but I absolutely love it! I commend Google for coming out with such a wonderful product and look forward to this “new kid on the block” browser to shine. I use it for most all of my browsing now and am very satisfied. I also like the open placement of Favorites so you can access them so very easily. Also, the fact that it runs Windows Media Player right in the browser window rocks! From what I have seen so far I think that Google has put out a browser that is a serious contender in the browser fight ring.

  18. Now before I get Flammed I build custom computers, set up networks,set up internet,clean up computers as a sideline for pepole.I have seen comments like these all over the web most problems with computers are operater caused or hardware and driver problems.A great deal are caused by malware,virus and trojans most pepole don’t want to admit they may know less than they think they do so they blame operating systems or programs.I have been working with computers 20 years I am not trying to pick on anyone just want to let pepole to take most of these comments with a grain of salt.Most operating systems and browsers are mostly the same or very close to it.Try them yourself first then make up your mind.

  19. Been using FF for over 3 yrs now. Still waiting for a better browser than FF. Everyone I have showed FF to have all come around after trying it. Dont hate IE just find it is still not the best browser.

  20. Been drinking the Koolaid there! Firefox 3 is doing all that and has been for months on my computer. Tab behavior with Tab Mix Plus is even easier than IE8 (and has been for years) selecting in an intelligent and preprogrammed way whether a clicked link should be opened in the current tab [b]or whether Firefox should automatically open a new tab for the link[/b]. Why in the world should you have to manually open a new tab before loading a new page? What about when you click a link inside an already open page? Shouldn’t you have options there too? IE8 is just more of the same boring “me too” stuff Microsloth is famous for. Count me bored and sticking with Firefox–the real quality in browsers.

  21. Other browser has beaten Netscape to death. (I love Netscape tho 🙁 )

    Another Browser, Is Netscape is returning to fight against other browser? Is firefox losing out? Is IE 8 showing off? Find out in Weakest Link! With Bill Gates 😀

  22. Have both Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.0. Now, finally, they’re both on par! Only if IE8 had a crash recovery system, I would switch back to IE8.

  23. Some interesting views here, thanks guys and girls 😉

    Personally I have not yet tried the Beta, but I do wonder if they have addressed what I feel to be an important feature missing in IE7 (unlike FF), and that is cached browsing. No mention of this anywhere?

    A simple example would be wirting a message n a php board and your login time expires in the process, then when you are ready to submit you are prompted to log in but that process then bring you back to a blank text box page and through lack of cached browsing your work is lost, unlike in FF which covers this eventuality very nicely.

    Although I am a long time IE user mainly because of lazyness and comfort level, I agree with Bruce and Merlin that Microsoft is always playing catch and they will always be a copy-cat of open source but, they will preach on the contrary and will fight tooth and nail if anyone attempts to copy their work regardless of whether it’s IP or copied from open source. A case of double standards but, what else its new, this mentality goes right back to the erly days and comes from Gates the salesman that he always was…….innovator? Give me a break. lol

    Maybe I’ll give FF a chance the next time IE annoys me in one of its usual ways hehe.

    As for IE8, I’ll wait for the curtain to fully unfold as usual 😉


  24. IE8 …
    I tried installing it at work … trying to install it with updates: the installation hung. Rebooted and tried again without the updates. That worked. I use Windows Defender (from microsoft) .. it insisted IE8 was by an unknown publisher. I had to manually tell it otherwise. Strange! Finally I tried a few websites. I found the roll back to a previous version button useful since I could not view hotmail live with IE8. Funny .. most of the problems I had were with other MS products. Well it’s a beta version.

    Overall – nothing that convinces me to switch from my current browser .. most, if not all of the “new” features are old hat with other browsers.

  25. Most of these IE8 features are not new. Many of them were in IE7 but weren’t advertised as “features” until now. Why now? Because after over a year of steadily declining usership, IE needs to pump up its image. IE has stolen tabs, they’ve stolen the private tab browsing, and they’ve stolen the security features.

    All of these supposedly “new” features have long been available, or have recently been made available, by other notable browsers. Notable among the new browsers is Google Chrome whose multithreaded tabbed browsing is far more secure and more then twenty times as fast, with half the eventual memory use. Firefox and Opera have also made tremendous strides in functionality with add-ons and user-created content.

    IE’s integration with Windows, which MS claims is its biggest strength, is its biggest downfall. That integration leaves Windows open to some of the biggest security exploits ever found. It also wreaks the most havoc with your operating system, since a buggy webpage or malicious site code can hangyour ystem (since IE isn’t multithreaded, one crashed tab brings the whole hous of cards tumbling down).

    No browser does it all, and each has weaknesses, but IE is nearly at the bottom of the heap. I daresay even Safari, despite its clunky Windows interface, runs smoother and faster than IE.

    I would recommend avoiding IE at all costs, both for your sanity, and the safety of your computer. The only people it is designed for are those who are computer illiterate, or who are too ignorant or lazy to protect their browsing and their OS. Until MS can code an OS from the ground up (which they have never accomplished, they stole very base from Mozilla/Netscape) they will always be prone to malicious code and OS instability.

    Give Chrome some time. For a (very) new entry in the browser race, it is running exceedingly well, and eing open source, has a lot of promise. For those less trusting of Google (and I respect that concern) I would say stick with Firefox.

  26. although the war is far from over. Microsoft has lost this particular battle. anyone who got up and walked away from internet explorer 7 won’t return for IE8. It’s like watching a bad sitcom over and over. We have been presented with something better by the way of Firefox 3.

    the next battle will be the OS.

  27. Nobody has mentioned Safari which is IMO superior to all of them with Opera being the damn closest 2nd.
    IE sucks and Firefox was my choice till I found Safari.
    Seriously, it works well for the PC too.

  28. IMO IE8 Beta 2 is light years ahead of Firefox and IE7. While FF may have had some of these features for a while now, they’ve never been easy to use. I find IE8 easy and so far trouble free. It hasn’t crashed on my yet either. It’s as fast as FF 3.01. The cookies that I want are staying and those that I don’t are disappearing (I really miss Pest Patrol 4 and Cookie Patrol for this reason).

    There’s still a couple of features that I’d like to see on IE8, like changing the wall paper (although limited on FF I prefer the walnut to the original).

    Overall, I’m very unimpressed with Chrome and its lack of security (whether real or perceived). Chrome left me feeling like Google wants to share my browsing experience with everyone in the world, if not everyone who uses my system. Firefox will still remain on my system too. I’ve grown to like it, but never really felt it was polished. And IE8 will be default until something better comes along, which I don’t think is the case at this time. 🙂

  29. Invasion of Privacy!!? Give me a break. If you don;t have anything to hide then who the hell cares. How the hell do you think Google makes their money…

  30. One thing I noticed hasn’t changed. Those who hate MS just because it’s MS, always like any alternative to IEX. IE comes up a lot quicker than Firefox and is more compatible with websites than FF. I don’t like Chrome (yet). I’ll wait to see what it looks like after final release. Until then, it’s off my computer. I have FF and use it, but not nearly as much as IE.
    As to the “new” features in IE8, yes, many of them have been in IE for a long time, they’re not news and some of the new features are items that have been on other browsers, but they’re all on IE8 now and I’m keeping IE8. It’s a good solid browser and since it’s still in beta, I’m hoping the fixes for the problems will be made before final release.

  31. You hit the nail right on the head Merlin. Firefox 3 is my choice and the custumizations with plugins and add ons is great. I’ll never be an IE person again unless I have a page that will not display properly in Firefox but I do use IE Tab to resolve those issues and most times it’s just fine.

  32. Honestly, in terms if just browsing IE is the best because not all sites work with the others. However, Firefox is my browser of choice because it has so many useful add-ons. Also, the IE7 install was a joke, it took like 20 minutes. Anyway, the competition between Googel, MS and Firefox (whoever makes it) is a good thing.

    Believe you me, as long as their is a browser war, we (the consumer) benefit. The last thing we want is for only one browser to become ubiquitous. Then innovation will end.

  33. Sounds like they are still playing catch up with Firefox.
    You should get the new Firefox 3. Not only is it most impressive the tons of add-ons, themes and other things you can get for, plus the fact that the list grows daily lets you have exactly what you want. IE will never be as good and will always be playing catch-up, or is it just stealing better ideas and calling them their own. And of course for those dedicated to IE only web sites, like Paul Allen has here and there you can open IE in a tab. You will never see IE offering to let you open a different browser in one of their tabs. Micro-soft is still like the bratty little rich kid on the playground who will take anything you have that catches his eye and if he can’t steal it he’ll simply hire someone to clone it. And of course if you complain his army of lawyers will bury you six feet under while still alive. Try the same things he does and they will just cut your head off and feed you to the fishes. The sad part is that there really isn’t anyone to defend open source projects from the bratty little thief and he uses that to the fullest.
    I don’t care how many improvements IE steals I will never use it unless forced to by lazy web page designers.

  34. Hi

    Firefox just took the excellent IEx and added to it a bit, nothing that was not available for IE as add ons.

    IE8 rocks

  35. I like/liked IE7 and Firefox 2. Firefox 3 won’t connect to the Internet, and a lot of other Norton/Symantec users are having the same known problem. But the update attempt deleted Firefox 2. So I thought I’d try Google Chrome as a 2nd browser to have a backup browser. Well, Google Chrome seems to have the same problem with Norton that Firefox 3 does. It won’t even install. I then read some reviews of the IE8 beta and its stability and problems. I’d update if I had another browsere as backup, but since I don’t, I won’t. The IE8 reviews don’t make it look very solid yet.

    The conclusion is that ALL the new browsers have been released too early. Causing headaches for thousands of users doesn’t buy you any brand loyalty.

    I would say that testing of Firefox 3 and Google Chrome was very inadequate.

  36. I am a big fan of firefox, but that being said i am a fan of anything that works and keeps my privacy and security in its core values. I am considering Chrome but I am concerned about comments here about program disfunctions. Roboform being most important.

    Unfortunatelly in my opinion the biggst security vulnerabilities are built right in because microsoft, google and even firefox gather surfing data. Having the ability to control THAT element of the history would have me a fan for ever.


  37. I’ve been an IE user and fan for years and I can’t be convinced to run with anything else. IE8 is a good browser but I use Slimbrowser which runs off the IE engine and has tons of additional features. I NEVER get a popup and the security is amazing. Slimbrowser and IE8 excellent combo.

  38. Yet another bad review from the hacks at PC Pitstop. I’m thinking it’s time to get off this email list. Except that sometimes useful info is passed on.

    Absolutely nothing in this “new” IE would be new for Firefox. The chief problem with FF is that it can be so tightly sealed off from attacks that sometimes certain audiovisual content just can’t be viewed or listened to, and sometimes forms can’t be filled out properly. Even then, a plugin allows access to the IE rendering engine.

    I’m not “religious” regarding browsers, BTW.

  39. I almost didn’t read this, i have been using Google chrome and just love it, but being a MS guy i gave this a read.

    I’m glad more browsers are coming out with private browsing, well this is a good feature but might not be fore parents who want to track where they kids surf

    I use Reopen your last browsing session a lot in firefox, ie7 & chrome. It good to know microsoft has improved on this.

    My biggest issue with internet explorer and MS is this.
    Active X, if they really wanted to deal with Malware , dump it.
    Firefox, opera, chrome ,safari none of them use it .
    MS needs to wake up and realize the damage that active x causes.

    This could be the main reason i never user internet explorer or recommend it again.

  40. Every product that I have had over the last 10 years of internet usage that Microsoft marketed has caused either crashes or slow downs of my computer. While strictly following THEIR directions and making sure I had far above minimum requirements, my pc was killed when I installed IE 7. Do I or did I expect Microsoft to replace my much needed tool? Of course not, but I would have been happy if I could have talked to someone in English without first whipping out my credit card. 2 years ago I installed Firefox 1.4, and I haven’t looked back since. I noticed a huge increase in page load speed when I went to Firefox, and with all the add-ons, many of my mundane tasks have been made much easier. With the ability to shift tabs to another rendering engine, and thus avoid the problems present with those website that still insist on Microsoft’s alleged security, I have no need to even have IE installed on my computer. Those of you who have never tried another browser than IE may believe that the newest version of the same old stuff is wonderful, but my brethren and I know that Firefox is a better product.

  41. I don’t get the love for Firefox….Pages with a lot of graphics take forever to complete loading….IE7beats it every way possible except for add on’s.

  42. IE 6 works better with XP than 7; 7 works better with Vista. Thanks for the tips on 8, now know to stick with 6 or 7. Just like WMP, the best was 9. Ten was junk, 11 okay but navigating much more complicated.

    Windows 98 was better than XP because it was more stable. XP gave me more blue screens than could count. Backup pc has XP PRo, and even if I have it on but not using for a day, never fails when I turn on monitor, XP has incurred a problem and had to restart leaving me a message of same. Vista has been great, reliable and no shutdowns, even if on for days, just like 98. XP was so bad,even Windows 3.11 or DOS 6.2 or 5 was better. Maybe XP a clone of Windows Me?

  43. You’re still missing the point. The whole reason Firefox was ever written was to eliminate the threat of activex to your computer. The whole reason there is malware in the first place is because of Microsoft and their piece of $#it browser. IE8 is just a continuation of the problem and the idiots that continue to use it are also part of the problem. Ignorance is no excuse. Uninstall IE (all versions including opera (which is just a stupid, badly written interface for IE)) and start using a proper browser (Firefox) with the no scripts add-on. That way you won’t have malware nor will you be adding to the problem. IE8 is as ridiculous as it’s predecessors.

  44. Chrome is so much faster on my desktop. So far, I haven’t been able to install it on my old IBM ThinkPad and that’s where I need a faster browser.

  45. I like the Chrome browser, I can’t wait for the Mac version.

    I have issues with Firefox 3, and I HATE IE7. Opera rocks, too.


  47. so i downloaded it. i said enable addons. i open it up. and a pop up says such and such add on is disabled would you like to update? i say yes. then i get error messages saying my addons are disable. i go to addons. they are all enabled. i search their site for instructions on enabling add-ons. they send me right back where i started. what a crock. its back to firefox for me!

  48. After loading firefox my computer and down load speed have crashed to about 5% of normal. Removing firefox didn’t help either. I am afraid to load any other browser

  49. Peoples good and bad experiencs of modern browsers often depend on whether they take the time to learn about all the options and set it up they way they want it. There is no such thing any more as a simple browser – some people want to damn all cookies to hell, others want to keep some and ditch others and as can be seen by a correspondent here some are horrified about losing their cookies and browsing experience. The more OPTIONS you are given the better as far as I am concerned – BUT those options need to be easy to understand and with plain english dialogues to tell you what something actually does. PopUps, activeX and all the other things have a lot of very useful, sometimes essential functions BUT they need to managed.
    Chrome on the other hand at the moment looks so basic that I cant easily see how to manage these things – though of course it is only beta. The real test of a browsers usefullness for me is whether the third party products I use (like roboform,deliciou and stumble for example) create interfaces for it – if they dont then its no use to me.
    Someone said google toolbar cant be added to chrome – I would have expected that to be unecessary as one would assume that the main features of google toolbar (which I personally hate!) are already built into Chrome! Is the rumour that it is built on an early version of Safari – if it was then that explains why so far I dont like it – I really dont like the overrated overhyped Mac software.

  50. I find that the omission of the old menu bar is a bit disconcerting. Plus there is so much in the top half of the window that it takes up more than half of the page. Have not been able to figure out how to restore the menu bar and have ONLY the address field visible.

  51. Ed Cooper, IE8 works fine with Vista, have you downloaded the correct version?
    There are seperate downloads for XP and Vista.Vista also has 2 available, 32bit or 64bit.

    Not usually a IE fan or user ,Opera is my browser of choice) but this new version of IE is a major improvement.

  52. Ive been a Firefox user for quite a while, and IE6 was ok. When IE7 hit and after about an hour of use I thought it was the biggest pile of putrid camel dung that M$ ever put out (next to Windows ME!), It was slow and constantly locking up. I doubt I ever even install 8 now with the emergence of Google Chrome, which has replaced Firefox as my favorite browser.

    M$ has been trying to play catch up in this market by trying to integrate other browsers’ features into IE as theirs. You would think that a company with M$’s resources could stay on the cutting edge of technology instead of riding on other peoples coat tails.
    M$ has become the industry leader in complacency.

  53. I gave it an hour !

    I wasn’t too pleased with the amount of rubbish I had to decline during installation and even less pleased with its performance – 404 errors etc – which I suspected was due to my declining the spyware they were wanting to instal.

    It met it’s death when it froze and I went back to IE7.

    Considering the imminent end of XP I’m seriously considering the Linux/Firefox alternative.

  54. I quite like chrome so far. IE is certainly good but I don’t like microsoft on principle. I thought a lot of firefox until I installed Debian linux on my notebook, and the “epiphany (???)” browser sucked, I tried to get firefox but had to accept iceweasel (not as good as firefox though everyone says its the same) because of some argument or other.

  55. Checked out both IE beta 2 and chrome. To be polite the Safari browser hammers both of them in terms of speed and security. Im not idiosyncratic Im a Engineer. If safari was rubbish Id tell you. Safari does need some add -ons for customizing but these are add ons are happily coming . Personal opinion including mine counts for nothing;; however the Mathematical /Engineering side prroves Safari is way ahead QED Regards Mick

  56. Same old story….create a browser, bundle it with an OS, wait for the open source community to create better ones, then go on to steal these features and rename them.

    WOW!obviously microsoft is paranoid that Firefox, Opera and the others are “stealing” their market base….

    They finished Netscape years ago..but that was before the internet became so huge.

    All the “new” features mentioned above are familiar to users of Firefox and Opera, albeit under different names.

    Probably the article should have been titled “IE plays catch up Opera and Firefox”:)


  58. IE8 sucks just like IE7 sucks IE6 was awesome i tried chrome lastnight i like it but ofcourse it is in beta and has a ways to go firefox is getting much bettyer i used to dispise firefox but they are defintly much more improved then they were 2 years ago

  59. Tried IE8 the other day – lots of probs on my computer. Went back to 7. I like 7 just fine. Work s everywhere but is slow to load and turn pages. On a whim I tried Chrome. WOWW! what speed. I love it. However, lots of places don’t work with it, mainly java sites, even though I use the java they wrote for Chrome.
    It will get better after beta hopefully and then I will like it even more and use it constantly. The speed difference is night and day.

  60. I like IE8, so far. So, why did I uninstall it? Because I do not like having all my cookies disappear.
    When I upgrade to Windows 7 (which is actually 9, I do believe, unless they’re pretending Win ME never happened; in which case it should be Win 8) I’ll spend more time playing. Until then, I’m back on IE7; which so many sites are still not fully operational with.

    What I like:
    *Compatibility Tab.
    *Domain Name (altho, Spoofstick is much better, and I won’t uninstall it for this version).
    *Reopen Last Browser Session.
    *InPrivate. Not passing on information is extremely important. What took so long?

    What i dont like:
    *Cookie & History Handling. Altho we are supposed to be able to more easily keep history and cookies we want, I did not find this.
    If it does indeed exist (and works) great. I just didnt find it.
    *Beta. You all know Betas tend to be buggy. IE8 still has some buggy crashes and other issues, but, in all fairness, IE8 B2 is rather solid, even as a Beta.

    Overall, I will like it over other browsers. But, I just dont like dealing with all my cookies disappearing, so off it went. For now.

  61. I believe Avant is based on IE7, just as Flock is based on the FF engine. Avant is buggy and crashes. Flock is too busy for me. Opera is good, and Safari just plain stinks. I have tried Chrome, and while it is certainly quick, lack of extensions only make it useful for casual browsing. And the Google Ads are prominent and annoying. I will wait for IE8 to come out of beta to judge it. For overall combination of speed, stability, and personalization, FF3 is head and shoulders above any other browser.

  62. I’m a 65 year old dog who doesn’t learn new tricks easily. I’ve been using the Chrome Beta for 2 days now, researching family genealogy and updating several web sites. To my complete surprise I do not believe I will be going back to IE or Firefox. For research and document processing it has greatly increased my efficiency.

  63. Regardless of whatever “improvements” are found in IE8 Firefox with its abundance of extensions allows for a much better user experience. I laugh when I read someone extolling the virtues of Microsoft’s second-rate product!

  64. firefox is still hands down the best browser. Any functionality you want just get an extension. Does IE8 have that feature? of course they don’t. WHY because microsft knows whats best for you. Thats why they will always be 2nd best.

  65. I also had the same problem with bookmarks as Ralph. Also, something in the IE8 installation caused my McAfee Control Center display to go blank and I also could not view some animations. McAfee said there was a compatibility problem and recommended deleting IE8 which I did and the problems disappeared (don’t know the source of the incompatibility). I use Firefox and am happy enough for now. But, IE8 is a beta and fixes will occur in time.

  66. I’m a 65 year old dog who doesn’t learn new tricks easily. I’ve been using the Chrome Beta for 2 days now. Researching family genealogy and updating several web sites. To my complete surprise I do not believe I will be going back to IE or Firefox. For research and document processing it has greatly increased my efficiency.

  67. I use Avant Browser and have been doing so for several years. It has good security, features similar to both Firefox and Opera and I have found no issues to date. try it, I’m sure you’ll like it. 🙂

  68. Always Has been always will be my good ol’e IE 6.1 I never open the page just default to Google and Away we Go.

  69. After being prompted by Microsoft that I needed to upgrade to IE 7 I did and have been sorry about it ever since. My browser even my whole computer crashes while I’m using it. I hated to but I had to make the switch to Firefox and the problem was gone. Therefore I’m leery about IE 8. I think I’ll stick with Firefox.

  70. The two companies that invade your Privacy the most are Microsoft and Google. between them every thing you do on your computer is being logged. I’ll stick with Linux and Firefox, thank you.

  71. I used to use IE6 but abandoned IE7 when I found that the and X Refresh were at opposite ends of the address bar and couldn’t be grouped together. I’ve installed IE8 and it’s the same, so I won’t be using it. What a stoopid thing to do, grrr.

    Maybe someone will tell me that it’s me that’s stoopid because there IS a way to group them?

  72. There never has been and never will be ANY reason to change from Internet Explorer, so of course they are better. It is proven, whatever anyone else does, Microsoft does better. They have the gold, the money and the power. That is all there is to that. People need to quit while they are defeated. There can be only ONE. There needs to be only one, period. Also shame on you for not doing Windows updates. How foolish are you? You NEED to ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS keep ALL of your software updated.

  73. I’m still a huge Firefox fan and have been for years but IE8 is a lot faster than Firefox 3.01. I’ve thought about going back to 2 for Firefox, it was a lot quicker.

  74. Ya gotta remember that Bill Gate’s forte is marketing, and that is the main thrust behind Microsoft.

    High class window dressing is a great cloak for mediocrity of the product… which is what Microsoft has been for years… since its inception.

    That it holds, or held, a near monopoly in the industry did it no harm in fnding its successes.

    Minority players with a technically superior product are needed as benchmarks by which to measure Microsoft. Viva el Chromo y el Zorro del fuego.

    They are not Edsels, they are Ferraris to Microsoft’s DeLorian, a mediocre hyped accumuation of other people’s dreams, marketed with a lot of window dressing in a shiny box.

    Earlaiman’s opinion, for what it is worth.

  75. Hey Bruce… Grown a pecker and realize that this is not about marketing. I’ve been using Firefox 3.0+ for months… and I still find IE a better product all around. Beta 2 of IE8 is far better than the previous iterations, and still superior to Firefox in every way. Google’s Chrome is clean and easy, but so is Safari. Neither deliver the look and feel that IE does.

    As a web developer and promoter of open source software, the fact remains that IE has 70+% of the browser market share. You can bitch all you want, but nothing is going to put a dent in that fact. In the coming months, IE8 will take back another 5% of the market… a problem that most of you idiots find difficult to swallow. Perhaps you should go back to work and find something to combat IE8 for real… if not then just STFU!!

  76. I’ll check it further but from what I hear the terms of service for Chrome have changed.

    I haven’t had any problems with bookmarks and IE 8 beta2, but I have had problem with functionality on a couple of sites. I’ll need to check that further also.

  77. I was always an IE user until it began to crash about a year ago, tried some other browsers until I found Firefox and was/am very happy with it. Did download IE 8 to give it a try, the download went smooth but the start up was slow slow slow. One started it again crashed after about 20 minutes so back to Firefox I went.

  78. I’ll say something about Chrome – it SCREAMS! Maybe my RoboForms add-on will work with it someday, and then I will make it my #1 browser.

  79. Before anyone falls for the Chrome hype – and certainly before downloading it – I strongly recommend copying the Terms of Service to Word (or whatever), and reading them thoroughly. They are, to put it mildly, egregious.

  80. Never seen any great improvement in Firefox over IE (haven’t tried IE8 yet) but I’m playing with Chrome and liking it !

  81. Some of you have missed the boat. Firefox is really netscape with a makeover. At one point in time Netscape was the browser of choice. In the begining I didn’t like IE and used netscape exclusively. Then IE stepped up to the plate and at the same time Netscape was bought out by AO-Hell. It seems like anything and everything that AO-Hell has taken over has degraded with maybe the exception of Winamp. I used to use ICQ for my IM way back when but after AO-Hell bought them out ICQ went in the toilet. I have tried using firefox but to me thats almost like going from a PC to a Mac. No thanks.

  82. I also had problems with my Bookmarks. I would get an error message every time I tried to use it. Then my browser would shut down so I just removed IE8 from my system.

  83. Regarding the Google Toolbar in Chrome, you now just type your search phrase into the address bar and the search is done from there.

    I installed Chrome yesterday a.m. and was surprised at the sparseness of the screen. That’s when I realized it didn’t have the Google Toolbar and it also didn’t have my immensely valuable Roboform bar. I said what the heck and started looking for a fix for that major flaw. What I found is that the proprietary language Google’s programmers used for Chrome is incompatible with Roboform. That hurdle may be overcome down the road but until it is, I will be sticking with the combo of IE and Firefox. I find Roboform to be more valuable than a flashy new toy.

    And, for my two cents worth in the voting for the worlds best browser, I use the two I just mentioned interchangeably and I don’t see enough difference in them to merit the cost of a good bottle of beer. They are different of course, they both crash too often but neither has a strangle hold on my heart.

  84. Can you block all ads and only allow certain sites to run scripts like you can with Firefox and Opera? And one of the main reasons I quit using IE is that annoying “Done, but with errors on the page” notification in the status bar on some sites within IE. What do I care if there are errors on the page? I cannot fix them. Unless the ads can be blocked selectively and scripts are blocked unless I allow them for certain sites without having to go in internet properties to do so, then IE 8 won’t be better to me.

  85. to me nothing beats firefox3 web browser so i guess microsoft better prove something to me with IE8 if it’s anything like Windows Vista i feel sorry for all you out there with vista cause it’s a piece of crap go xp and pro now as far as the google’s new browser how they gonna push it package it with everything out there like their toolbar to get it noticed?

  86. Sotiris Karayannis

    Rains? Not a single drop here!
    Firefox is by far the fastest browser around and surely Apple’s Safari is second fastest, so why even consider a third alternative?
    Moreover, the vast variety of Firefox add-ons, for users with defferent needs, makes everyday work and browsing a breeze!
    As for the rest ‘bells and whistles’, as well stated previously by Bruce, are all there in Firefox for some time now…
    Using Firefox 3.0.1

  87. Yes, but the bookmarks do not function, IE8 just goes away to a blank screen. I have tried to get it fixed several times. Anyone else having issues with Bookmarks?

  88. The main thing that I do not like about IE8 or any of the IE Versions is when I click on a web site I often get a error message stating “Internet Explore cannot find the URL you are looking for.” I then click OK and then go on, while if I use FireFox I almost always get the Web Site I am looking for.

  89. Half of the “new features” have been in IE for a while now, in fact for years. 😉

    The other half of the “new features” have been in other browsers for years now.

    Amazing how Micorsoft gives very little in the way of new features, markets the hell out of it, and people swallow the marketing hook line and sinker.

    Seriously the privacy stuff has been in IE for years, there is nothing new about it other then the way it is being presented, and of course marketed.

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