Chrome Usage Shines at PC

A look at recent traffic to our site shows some have been very quick to test drive Google’s Chrome browser

IE 74.62%
Firefox 20.76%
Chrome 1.77%
Opera 1.27%
Safari 1.12%
Mozilla 0.19%
Other 0.26%

 3,191 total views,  1 views today

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33 thoughts on “Chrome Usage Shines at PC”

  1. I’m running Chrome now with no conflicts accessing PC Pitstop, or for that matter, 99% of other sites. Faster and more user friendly. Link it to iGoogle and you have a fully customizable Home Page WITH NO ADS! I leave IE 7 for the once in a while conflict sites.
    Use what you want. I like consistency and only seem to get it with this combo. Browsers come, and browsers go, I think Chrome is here to stay. Just remember it is a newborn when you compare it to the others. It’s only on it’s “Shakedown Cruise” give it some time. You did that with the rest, didn’t you?

  2. I have Google Crome it seems to work good for me I like it because I don’t to have a batch of icons on the desktop I just go to a list in Google Crome an click on where I want to go I think it all boils down to what works for you they have the speed right .58 thats what my computer test say my speed is it is fast enough 1 click an i’am there it took some time to learn how use Google Crome now that I know how to use it I like it.

  3. I use Chrome all the time, it operates everything i need, including my mail. Firefox is so slow it drive me crazy. ie is pain in the tail but keep it for the odd site that does not like Chrome

  4. I’ve tried to run scans on pc pitstop with Opera and was told to run home and bring back IE. Is it a wonder IE is at the top? I only use IE when required, otherwise it’s Opera. It does what I need it to do and it does it consistently well.

  5. I use all 3 browser for different purposes:

    IE7 for sites that require IE (e.g. PCPitstop and

    Chrome for the Application Shortcuts when I want quick access to a particular web app (such as Google Calendar)

    Firefox for everything else mainly because of the Extensions

    I believe in using the right tool for the job at hand. You can always use the browser that does best what you want to do at the moment.

  6. I’m usually not one who is
    first in line for a new
    browser, but I’m very
    impressed with some of the
    new features already.
    “Most Visited Sites” and
    “Recent Bookmarks” on the
    opening page makes things
    much quicker to locate that
    I use on a regular basis.

  7. Chrome ran very fast and reliable for me but was practically useless because all my logins are held in Roboform – which is not yet interfaced to Chrome……..

    Major oversight by Google not getting Roboform onside before releasing Chrome.

  8. IE8 doesn’t play well with Java yet. Same as Google, as it requires Java 6 build 10, and then errors on most things or doesn’t display them properly. When the Java issue is sorted out, I’ll be using IE8 exclusively. I just like it.

    Right now I’m back to IE7 and FF. Google didn’t last on my machine for more than a day. Partly because of the privacy issues, partly because of the Java issues, but mostly because of the lack of options. It screws up my favorites list just like FF does, and takes all day to redo it (quite large). I really didn’t like the way it remembered the places I’d visited either. I tend to clear that ASAP from every browser. 🙂

  9. We own two computers. The newer, bigger one has Firefox 3 on it, and it works fine there, but I still use Firefox 2 on the one in my den, as it is smaller and older. I rarely use IE unless a website requires it. FTR: I’ve found that many sites which require IE won’t accept the plug-in for Firefox.

    I’ve experimented with Safari and Chrome, and before I found Firefox, I used Opera a lot. For *my* purposes, Firefox 2 is still the best on my older machine. On the bigger one, all of them work, but I don’t care for the look of Safari, and both it and Chrome have too many direct connections to their “home bases” for my comfort. I am willing to keep Chrome in mind for the future, and when the time comes to buy a replacement for my den computer, I will be very willing to give all of the available browsers a real workout. I would really like to see how they operate when there is almost nothing on my computer but the OS.

  10. I use IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox. I like Opera best of all. I have 4 gig of ram and am connecting by DSL, so speed has not been an issue. I have to use IE7 32bit for PC Pitstop, because my IE7 64bit edition will not run PC Pitstop, no matter what settings I use.

  11. I wish commenters would proofread their comments, and I wish they were more literate. Accept and except are two different words. I use IE7 and like it fine, but I’m a simple guy.

  12. Have used IE7 & 8. I think that in all, as time passes, each browser, is sporty like an automobile. New, shiny and peppy at first. Then the new models & makes come out. Your car has gotten older and a little tired. It’s called planned obsolesence.

    IE has out lived it’s time, and like all other Microsoft products, become obsolete. Google Chrome is a new learning curve. Go with the flow. I find it pretty much seamless with a few quirks, or flaws, but as time passes, it will reach the end of it’s “Shakedown Cruise”.

    I tend to take most of these “forum Style” comments with a “Grain of Salt”. Read them, but not necessarily believe them. We all learn new software differently. Some are slower than others, some with, and some without computer skills …… get the idea?

    Ultimately, I like Chrome very much. But what is “Good for the Goose” is not necessarily “Good for the Gander”.

    Like your mother used to say ….. “Try it, You Might Like It”!

  13. I have user Firefox, IE, Opra and Chrome. Except for IE none for long. All of the business software I use requires IE and that is at least 8 hours a day, I am not going to leard another browser for “fun”. I am 56years old and have beeen playing with computers since the TRS80 days. I don’t see why so many people hate IE. You have to be careful with any program.

  14. FF3.01 is vastly superior to FF2.x. I had been told this but found it hard to believe. Now I know.

    I checked something out about Google Search. I searched for “Mariah Carey Photos” once a day for three consecutive days. When I simply opened Advanced Search and checked for something silly, I had a Google Ad for Mariah Carey, CDs, photos, website, etc. Having read the EULA for Chrome and knowing that Google reads every email that goes through Gmail to send ads to the user, I just said no to Chrome. Apparently uninstalling Chrome doesn’t do much of a job, since what’s left still can connect to the Internet.

    Thanks, Google but no thanks.

  15. I never use IE for anything…FF is much better, so is Opera. I tried Chrome for a day but it wouldn’t do some things, like let me log in at some sites so I uninstalled it. I will probably try it again when it comes out of beta.

  16. I haven’t had any problems with Chrome other than playing online games or visiting pc pitstop to run tests. You have use IE for that. I am about to uninstall ff3 to me it is slower than IE7. I was thinking about installing IE8 but I have a problem with microsofts BETA anything.

  17. Downloaded IE-8 and it seemed to work well with everything except Google Mail.

    Gmail came up half screen and when one went to a dropdown menu and scrolled down it, when I moved off the scrool bar to click on something, it went back to the top.

    Un-installed it. – jb

  18. Steve S…everyone’s views are welcome on here and it is really not a nice thing to go round denigrating people and calling them idiots just because you dont share their viewpoint. We are all on this forum to benefit from each other..yes??? Be nice…its costs nothing.

  19. I used chrome for a minute. It was extremely fast, but it’s not compatible with ANYTHING. So i stopped using. Mozilla started crashing on me all the time, and FF3 isn’t compatible with anything either, so I actually went back to IE… IE7 is more stable on my machines (2 are SP2, and one is XP SP3) than FF or Chrome. I like IE8 though, much faster than FF3, and IE7. Can’t wait till it’s compatible..

  20. I just had a bad experience triyng to operate CHROME, IE is too dedicated to frustrate and give us hard time when using chrome, this issues will have to be intervene in order to protect our freedom for selecting any actual or future options, GOOGLE seems to be candidace if relying on microsoft good faith, too much investment on risk, and msft will use all its power to run out GOOGLE, we must be carefully not to pay for something non feasable.

  21. A Google browser is a great idea. The real loser will be Mozilla, unfortunately. Anyone tech savvy enough to download a browser has already downloaded Firefox.

  22. Brian Jones is an idiot. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s called a Beta for a reason, and it may be a hog initially, but why don’t you try to start firefox, ie and chrome and see which loads faster. I’ve been able to load over 5 new chrome processes before firefox loaded. it’s not their fault you can’t afford RAM.

  23. Very inaccurate statement…Chrome is a hog and has way too many bugs…Google blew it rushing it out…just like Microsoft does all the time! Also, Googles privacy policy sucks!

    Why can’t PC Pitstop get their system up to date so Firefox can be used?

  24. I always use Opera except when I visit PC Pitstop as the tests require IE. Also, when I am just reading an article on the PC Pitstop website I have Opera configured to mimic IE. I think the survey figures may be a little skewed as I’m sure I’m not alone.

    As far as Chrome goes, I used it for about a day and uninstalled it. Phones home too much, which bugs me and Opera is 10x better anyway.

  25. Not really accurate because of the hassle it is to use Firefox to participate in your tests. I never use IE accept to run your test.

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