Emergency Security Patch Issued By Microsoft


URGENT Install Immediately: PC Pitstop recommends installing this latest (958644) Microsoft security patch now.

On October 22, Microsoft released security patches for all versions of Windows listed below. This “out-of-cycle” patch was released in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 . Its sudden release only serves to emphasize its importance. You can check your add/remove programs sections to see if the patch was automatically installed (be sure to check the “show updates” box).

The bulletin warns of a remote code execution attack that can spread rapidly across the internet. Evidence of this RPC attack was first found two weeks ago and infects machines without any user interaction. In other words you don’t have to do anything and you can still get infected.

Previous service pack installations offer no protection and Windows 2000, XP and Server2003 are easy targets for this threat. Even Vista and Server 2008 are vulnerable although somewhat more protected by User Account Controls and data-execution protection.

It’s important to note that firewalls are the first line of defense but even with firewalls in place, once the threat has access within a network it spreads like the plague. The patch must be installed to all single machines or machines within a network to assure protection.

In addition to installing the patch offered by Microsoft, you should check that your Antivirus software has issued new definitions for this threat and that your definitions are up to date.

I suggest first installing the patch manually from the list below. Choose the patch for your particular Windows version. Be sure to restart your PC after installing the patch to confirm that your PC is bootable and then a second reboot will complete replacement of patched components.

Select the appropriate version of your operating system and download the patch from the link below or from the linked bulletin above.

Windows 2000 SP4
Windows XP SP2 or SP3
Windows XP 64-bit Edition
Windows Server 2003 SP1 or SP2
Windows Server 2003 (64-bit Edition)
Windows Vista or Vista SP1
Windows Vista (64-bit Edition)
Windows Server 2008 32-bit
Windows Server 2008 (64- bit Edition)

If you would like additional descriptive information please refer to Technet Blog MS08-067.

For those having problems sorting which operating system version you have please use this link.

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108 thoughts on “Emergency Security Patch Issued By Microsoft”


  2. Lots of crap to sift through here, if you google -MS08-067- the First link is a microsoft.com link and explains this issue in some detail. 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista and Server 2008 list the update as “important” and all other supported operating systems list it as “critical”. I would give you the URL but you can google it almost as fast. If this is all too much for you just get a Mac or Linux based system.

  3. Wow! Such universal fear and trembling! All these horrendous complaints about Windows. All this extreme anger and frustration about Vista. All this urgency about frequent critically important security patches.

    Whew. As a satisfied Mac convert, I no longer suffer from this neverending steam of securiity patches. Gatesco does not repeatedly have to try–and fail–to cover my back.

    If you suffer from microsofrhoids, how do you spell relief?

    1. there are none so bad as the “converted”.

      I have used M/S stuff since DOS and I have worked with Unix and Linux.

      Keep uptodate and you are OK. Inform and educate the others to forward their adventures

  4. Ha ha ha ha (wipes tears)
    Thank you for the laughs — I can’t believe that some people still run windows 98 or ME…(chuckle!)You really should update!

    People should really learn how to use/navigate Windows.

    This patch is very real.

    Thanks to PCPitstop for sending me the warning email!!

    It was a cinch to upload and install – maybe those who are having trouble have it already installed or have downloaded the wrong patch by mistake…Know your computer!

    If Your old OS is not in the list of patches then I assume that it is too old to be affected by this newfangled Virus! Ha ha ha

    Hasta La Vista

  5. Odd, I installed the update against XP SP3 OS install but I am unable to see the update in add-remove and/or the third part app I use for general maintenance and application install/uninstall processing.

    First I enabled the AU process as I generally have this disabled and went through the auto updates process which did not show this particular fix on the list of available updates so I found this on the MS KB section and downloaded and executed it manually.

    The exe unpacked itself as expected the isntall process went through OK, but I’ve rebooted my system 4 times now (further updates needed lol) and this does not appear on the list.

    Ahh well, I’m too tired to continue now so ces’t la vie!

    Thanks PCP for the heads up 😉


  6. Just read this,don’t know how late I am in responding to this, but wanted to let those “unbelievers” know that I work on a college campus and we got a notification to update asap from “Windows updates” a few days ago. I just checked and sure enough the add/remove on my work computerand it does have the security update/s talked about here. So, that said, it is no scam but a real threat and I strongly advise those in doubt to update immediately!


  7. Hey y’all, I clicked the “Show Updates” at the top and yes..it automatically downloaded on the 23 of Oct..so it’s all good. Hey!! that day was my birthday..do y’all think MS gave me a birthday present?? hehehehe.

    And forgive the step by step, that is for those who don’t know where to look.

    1. To begin, left click Start.
    2. Left click Control Panel.
    3. Double left click on the Add/Remove Programs box.
    4. At top of that box, make sure that “Show Updates” has a check mark in it.
    5. Once the list has been populated…aka…shows up, scroll clear down to the bottom and look for…
    Security Update for WindowsXP KB958644. Or whichever Windows system you are running that is listed in the list of systems stated above.
    6. If you do not see it listed, and have just put the check mark in the “Show Updates”, you need to reboot your system; and look again.
    7. If still not there, go to your regular Windows Update site; and run the Updater.
    8. Check again, and if still not there; go back to the Windows Update site, and to the right hand top portion of the page; type in KB958644 in the Microsoft search engine. That will take you directly to the page explaining the security patch and tell you which systems it is for.

  9. I have a laptop/Vista Home Premium SP1 and when I checked auto-updates, I was pleased to see that 958644 had already downloaded/installed on 24th Oct.

    Many thanks
    Keep up the good work.

    P.S. To all you ‘non-believers’ out there… KB958644 is no spam, scam, or virus… this patch from Microsoft is 100% kosher, the real deal,vous comprenez mes amis? Merveilleux!

  10. [KB958644.log]
    5.188: ================================================================================
    5.188: 2008/10/24 01:00:07.171 (local)
    5.188: C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateupdate.exe (version
    5.188: Failed To Enable SE_SHUTDOWN_PRIVILEGE
    5.219: Hotfix started with following command line: -q -z -er /ParentInfo:6567d4f1108bcb43aa01cf8d7bc8e0f2
    5.235: In Function GetReleaseSet, line 1240, RegQueryValueEx failed with error 0x2
    8.172: In Function TestVolatileFlag, line 11825, RegOpenKeyEx failed with error 0x2
    8.172: In Function TestVolatileFlag, line 11857, RegOpenKeyEx failed with error 0x2
    8.172: —- Old Information In The Registry ——
    8.172: Source:C:Program FilesIObitAdvanced SystemCare 3 BetaC
    8.172: Destination:
    8.172: —- New Information In The Registry ——
    8.172: Source:C:Program FilesIObitAdvanced SystemCare 3 BetaC
    8.172: Destination:
    8.204: In Function GetReleaseSet, line 1240, RegQueryValueEx failed with error 0x2
    8.204: SetProductTypes: InfProductBuildType=BuildType.IP
    8.219: SetAltOsLoaderPath: No section uses DirId 65701; done.
    8.313: DoInstallation: FetchSourceURL for c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateupdate_SP3GDR.inf failed
    8.313: CreateUninstall = 1,Directory = C:WINDOWS$NtUninstallKB958644$
    8.313: LoadFileQueues: UpdSpGetSourceFileLocation for halaacpi.dll failed: 0xe0000102
    8.344: BuildCabinetManifest: update.url absent
    8.360: Starting AnalyzeComponents
    8.360: AnalyzePhaseZero used 0 ticks
    8.360: No c:windowsINFupdtblk.inf file.
    8.360: OEM file scan used 0 ticks
    8.360: AnalyzePhaseOne: used 0 ticks
    8.360: AnalyzeComponents: Hotpatch analysis disabled; skipping.
    8.360: AnalyzeComponents: Hotpatching is disabled.
    8.360: FindFirstFile c:windows$hf_mig$*.*
    12.625: KB958644 Setup encountered an error: The update.ver file is not correct.
    15.719: AnalyzeForBranching used 47 ticks.
    15.719: AnalyzePhaseTwo used 0 ticks
    15.719: AnalyzePhaseThree used 0 ticks
    15.719: AnalyzePhaseFive used 0 ticks
    15.719: AnalyzePhaseSix used 0 ticks
    15.719: AnalyzeComponents used 7359 ticks
    15.719: Downloading 0 files
    15.719: bPatchMode = FALSE
    15.719: Inventory complete: ReturnStatus=0, 7406 ticks
    15.719: Num Ticks for invent : 7406
    15.750: VerifyTargetFileSize: Unable to verify size as Source = NULL for file c:windowsinfHFX99.tmp
    15.813: Copied file: c:windowsinfbranches.inf
    38.282: Allocation size of drive C: is 4096 bytes, free space = 23029895168 bytes
    38.313: AnalyzeDiskUsage: Skipping EstimateDiskUsageForUninstall.
    38.313: Drive C: free 21963MB req: 12MB w/uninstall: NOT CALCULATED.
    38.313: CabinetBuild complete
    38.313: Num Ticks for Cabinet build : 22594
    38.313: DynamicStrings section not defined or empty.
    38.407: FileInUse:: Detection disabled.
    39.407: LoadFileQueues: UpdSpGetSourceFileLocation for halaacpi.dll failed: 0xe0000102
    39.625: Num Ticks for Backup : 1312
    39.766: Num Ticks for creating uninst inf : 141
    39.782: Registering Uninstall Program for -> KB958644, KB958644 , 0x0
    39.782: LoadFileQueues: UpdSpGetSourceFileLocation for halaacpi.dll failed: 0xe0000102
    39.813: System Restore Point set.
    39.891: Copied file: C:WINDOWSsystem32spmsg.dll
    39.938: PFE2: Not avoiding Per File Exceptions.
    40.063: GetCatVersion: Failed to retrieve version information from C:WINDOWSsystem32CatRoot{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}KB958644.cat with error 0x57
    40.204: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateupdate_SP3QFE.inf -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updateupdate_SP3QFE.inf.
    40.219: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dspuninst.exe -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644spuninst.exe.
    40.235: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dspmsg.dll -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644spmsg.dll.
    40.266: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdatespcustom.dll -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updatespcustom.dll.
    40.438: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateKB958644.CAT -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updateKB958644.CAT.
    40.454: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateupdate.exe -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updateupdate.exe.
    40.454: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateupdspapi.dll -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updateupdspapi.dll.
    40.469: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateupdate.ver -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updateupdate.ver.
    40.516: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateupdatebr.inf -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updateupdatebr.inf.
    40.532: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdateeula.txt -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updateeula.txt.
    40.547: ProcessSetupContentSection: PROCESS_SETUP_CONTENT_OP_INSTALL: Copied c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7dupdatebranches.inf -> c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644updatebranches.inf.
    40.657: Copied file: C:WINDOWSsystem32netapi32.dll
    41.172: Copied file (delayed): C:WINDOWSsystem32SET9A.tmp
    41.188: Copied file: C:WINDOWSsystem32DllCachenetapi32.dll
    41.282: Copied file: c:windows$hf_mig$KB958644SP3QFEnetapi32.dll
    41.454: DoInstallation: Installing assemblies with source root path: c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload491a2c8e1582f5cdd01f8b3da4b8ef7d
    41.454: Num Ticks for Copying files : 1688
    41.485: Num Ticks for Reg update and deleting 0 size files : 31
    41.516: —- Old Information In The Registry ——
    41.516: Source:C:Program FilesIObitAdvanced SystemCare 3 BetaC
    41.516: Destination:
    41.532: Source:C:WINDOWSsystem32SET9A.tmp (5.1.2600.5694)
    41.547: Destination:C:WINDOWSsystem32netapi32.dll (5.1.2600.5512)
    41.547: —- New Information In The Registry ——
    41.547: Source:C:Program FilesIObitAdvanced SystemCare 3 BetaC
    41.547: Destination:
    41.547: Source:C:WINDOWSsystem32SET9A.tmp (5.1.2600.5694)
    41.547: Destination:C:WINDOWSsystem32netapi32.dll (5.1.2600.5512)
    48.907: UpdateSpUpdSvcInf: Source [ProcessesToRunAfterReboot] section is empty; nothing to do.
    48.907: IsRebootRequiredForFileQueue: At least one file operation was delayed; reboot is required.
    If none are listed below, check above for delayed deletes.
    48.907: IsRebootRequiredForFileQueue: c:windowssystem32netapi32.dll was delayed; reboot is required.
    48.907: DoInstallation: A reboot is required to complete the installation of one or more files.
    48.907: In Function SetVolatileFlag, line 11741, RegOpenKeyEx failed with error 0x2
    48.907: In Function SetVolatileFlag, line 11758, RegOpenKeyEx failed with error 0x2
    48.907: UpdateSpUpdSvcInf: Source [ProcessesToRunAfterReboot.RebootNotRequired] section is empty; nothing to do.
    48.954: RebootNecessary = 1,WizardInput = 1 , DontReboot = 1, ForceRestart = 0

  11. I checked my add/remove in the control panel and this update was installed automatically on 10/23/08. Keep up the good work on alerts.

  12. Try looking at windows update and click “Review your Update History” if you have it (KB958644) will be at the top of the list. That number is for XP with Sp3.

  13. I downloaded the patch, everything is o.k.,but now I try to run Optimize2 & I get a Security warning about Pit frame module.What’s up.I dont want to download & get charged.Thanks for your help

  14. Hi..I downloaded the patch and when I looked in my add and remove section of my puter, this is what was installed..
    Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 Hotfix KB928366
    instead of KB958644….did I screw up!??

  15. Hi Ken,

    I had a client ring me this morning with restart issues on 2 Vista Busn machines, they appear to be stuck in a restart cycle after updates. I will update in a few hours when i look at them.

  16. Dear Sir/Madam,
    The version of operating system of my PC is Windows Vista® Home Premium exactly as printed in the Order Confirmation of Dell. I don’t know which patch of pitstop to use (a) Widows Vista or Vista SP and (b) Windows Vista (64-bit Edition)! Please can you help me choose the appropriate patch to go with my operating system? Thank you.

  17. Computing industry has left me in the dust many years ago.
    All my Updates are KB…
    The latest one was on 10/25 — KBSecurity Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB958644)
    Definition Update for Windows Defender – KB915597 (Definition 1.45.1012.0)
    Wondering now if I still should install the file?

  18. Thank you for the heads up. My machine is set for auto updates and it was done on 24th October. However, neither my son nor my daughter had this but they have now.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Looked at my updates Ms08-067 not there, kb958644 was when I looked closer. I hope others will do better than me and actually look up the correct number. Thanks for the heads up

  20. Thanks Ron! I checked and it was installed yesterday (the 24th) automatically.
    Joy…follow the bulletin link in the article above and it will take you to the correct page. Before I followed Ron’s advice, I ran windows update & it didn’t show up. Guess that’s because it had already installed.

  21. Ron Graves is correct, I checked and it was installed through automatic updates.Very good advice if you have them turned off though.

  22. Re Bryan Jones Comments, I have XP Media Centre x64bit configured to x32bit with SP3. I can see the 958644 patch in my add and remove progs so it has updated automatically. everything is running fine but have found IE7 has become very sluggish so have gone over to Google Chrome which is behaving very nicely.

  23. When I turned on my PC just now it made some strange noises which has never happened before and there were some odd graphics prior to it settling down as normal. Is this anthing to do with this patch.

  24. I installed the patch 2 days ago on my 64-bit Vista Machine (I checked carefully to be sure it was the right version). It played hell with Firefox 3 and Norton Live Update! I used Windows Restore and a Norton fix-it utility to repair my computer and dump the patch!!

  25. Thanks for the heads up. I checked my updates, and the update was there.

    I just bought a new machine and installed XP. Microsoft recognized my legal installation and I got the automatic update.

    Bangkok Thailand

  26. I also tried to download this patch but followed your link and downloaded the patch ,unfortunately it would not install,said it was not a valid 32 bit. I also have WinXP Media Center. Is there a problem with this patch on Media Center?

  27. Sounds dodgy to me.

    Microsoft haven’t notified me of an update, and the link would take me to ‘windowssecrets.com’ not ‘windows.com’.

    My advice:
    DON’T download!

  28. I’ve seen the Windows XP PC at work and well as my 2 duel boot Linux/XP PC’s lose their toolbar and icons after being connected to the internet for only minutes. I’m wondering if this patch had got anything to do with that?

    As I can’t trust Windows to work properly anymore, I’m writing this to you on good old reliable TEENpup Linux 2008.

    Enjoy your Patches and please don’t be tempted to try Linux as the low numbers of current user’s is protecting Linux from this sort of thing.

  29. Happily my PC updated 25th Oct so good idea to check control panel first but thanks Pitstop for keeping vigilant on our behalf.

  30. If this update is so important why didn’t it install automatically. My Vista laptop is set to auto update – it’s supposed to check for updates every day and install them. So if this was issued on Ot 22nd, how come it hasn’t installed an update since OCt 17th. I’ve now downoaded and installed it but I’m wondering what the point of auto-update is?

  31. What do I do when I am informed that the installation can not be comoleted because the language on my computer is different?

  32. I looked everywhere at Microsoft for the update and found nothing. I also checked my add/remove and it wasn’t there. From what I read it’s for small businesses. Is that right or home pcs as well? I got my updates a few days ago but not this one at all. I checked that too.

  33. I have automatic updates, so this was installed 10-24-08. I think everyone should sign up for the automatic updates, just to make sure there your system is up to date.

  34. checked previously installed updates and didn’t find it, and curiously nothing in over two weeks showed up – although I know it has updated security patches since then.

    Downloaded and installed the patch, quick download, but lengthy configuration of the patch, or whatever “windows” was doing. (xp sp2)

    restarted to a normal screen, then again as recomended above, but this time the less familiar “blue” screen, had to restart again with the power switch, which propmted some cofig jargon about last known good boot, or “start windows normally” which I chose.

    Third time start seems normal, although I notice my laptop slower at startup than usual this last week (even previous to patch) and if I don’t give it time to settle in before touching it, it will stumble and take ten times as long, like the processor is in quick sand.

    Any comments?

  35. Thanks again! And Again!

    I Downloaded/Installed the patch and re~booted twice like you instructed.

    Good to know I am safe for now!

    and Again Thank You! for the Warning and the download info.

  36. Kelley in Colorado

    I’ve been trying to install SP3 since it appeared as an automatic update on 9/20. I’ve been through three Microsoft service techs and even tried an SP3 CD they sent me. It will NOT install on my WinXP/home! Is this a glitch on my end, or are others having installation problems?

  37. I think my laptop has been infected prior to this update, my RPC is no longer able to be restarted and I can’t get my print spooler to restart because of it. Anyone know of a fix for this?

  38. Just to make this clear, if you are set up for automatic updates Microsoft will have already installed this on your computer. To check, start up “Add or Remove Programs” in the control panel and make sure the “Show updates” box is checked. Assuming XP, scroll down to “Windows XP – Software Updates” and there should be one named “KB958644” dated 10/24. Or similarly, for other platforms.

  39. hey i seen a ms update don’t know if it was for the current patch or not check the control panel nothing shows up hmmmm

  40. I checked the update history on Vista and the update had been automatically installed on 10/24/2008. Thanks for the tip. I wouldn’t have known to check otherwise.

  41. Microsoft informed me of available update via automated setting, and MSN homepage announced this as well for several days.

  42. This might have been good if you had one to match my system,
    I tried all I could but none seem to match. What a waste of time.

  43. I received notification that patch no: 956803 caused computers using ZoneAlarm to lose their Internet connection – a problem I have been experiencing over the last week or so. I have contacted ZoneAlarm to find out if they’re working on a repair. Until then I have been advised to remove this patch which I have done via the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. Is the patch you’re referring to related to 956083?

  44. Downloaded the patch but it said it was not for my version/system.
    I would not have known about this had you not sent the email warning about it.
    Cheers and keep up the Good Work
    From Iowa, Quasy…

  45. Hi,
    I have WinXP sp2 Home Edition (32 bit). I downloaded and installed it but it’s not in AddRemove programs. I even restarted my computer and it’s not there. What should I do?

  46. I have tried repeatedly now, to no avail. First MS said I had to re-install the Windows Validation Tool just to allow me to get updates, then it wanted me to download the dreaded Service Pack 3, which I refused. I then tried to download the patch from the links provided, and 3 times it has failed to install…I have rebooted hoping it would appear in my Add-Remove Programs list, but it isn’t there. Nor are the other recommended security updates at the bottom of the same page. Infuriating! Does this mean that I HAVE to download SP3? I’ll try again, and also check the “MS Updates Recieved” list too. Thanks for the warning, and if anyone has a suggestion as to how to make these downloads work, I’d appreciate it.

  47. I wish your writers would learn the difference between “it’s” (meaning “it is”) and the possessive, “its” –NO apostrophe
    Think of it this way” would you put an apostrophe in the possessive “his”? Therefore, “its importance” above. Compare “his importance” to help you remember.

  48. I do not have a clue as to what edition I have.
    I have internet explorer 7.
    Could you give me a telephone number of yours so I can talk w/ someone.
    I am the village idiot when it comes to this stuff.

  49. Alok Chandra Singh

    It has been so nice of you to inform all concerned about this essential security patch. However, since I happened to be a registered subscriber of Microsoft Download Notification, I received the communication to this effect from MS also. Anyway, the above gesture shown by you is beyond comparison as yours is a Third Party Application. I hope that you would continue with your endeavour to keep us alert in future also and maintain the same spirit.
    With best regards & sincere thanks,
    A dedicated reader of your news-letter
    Alok Chandra Singh

  50. followed your link and downloaded the patch ,unfortunately it would not install,said it was not a valid 32 bit, I,m running WinXP media centre, don’t know if this is anything to do with it?

  51. Thank you so much for this information. I
    have Windows XP Media Edition…which download
    should I use?
    Thanks for letting me know.
    I also use PC Doc 4.2 and really apprecite
    this site. I also use PC Pitstop Optimize 2
    and feel it is a big help…
    Thanks again,
    Virginia Wical

  52. I have installed the new security patch as recommended and restarted my PC at least twice since but the “958644” does not seem to show up on my Add or Remove Programs list …

  53. Warning! Do NOT use this site for downloading!

    Folks, if this REALLY is from PCPitStop they are extremely remiss in exchanging wise protocol disguised as customer services. IF Microsoft has really released such a critter, ANY and ALL people should obtain it exclusively from the MS Update site themselves by going to the MS Update site themselves. NOT through any other place. Because of this, that makes the PCPitStop email you received, AND this web page, appear to be a scam!

  54. This update is not for “ALL” versions of Windows, only for those Microsoft currently supports. Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME are not included.

  55. Hi,
    To be honest if offered anything to download, unless from a recognised source,I am very carefull and usually ignore it.

  56. Note to JOY and others who can’t ind the update in the Add/Remove Programs list in the Control Panel: make sure you’ve checked the “see updates” box at the top of that window. Give it a minute to repopulate, sort by name, then scroll down and look in the “S” for “Security” — then check the last date — look for Oct. 24 or 25.
    Thanks Ron, for this suggestion.

  57. I just did what the update installation. install wizard said update was installed properly, but when i looked in my add/remove programs in the list of updates, it isnt there. tried installaing it again, said it installed & still not listed in my update history. anyone know why not?

  58. I have tried to install it 3 times and it only starts and then a box pops up say access denied. Don’t know what to do to fix it.

  59. Thanks for the heads up on the download. I checked my add/remove in the control panel and this update was installed automatically on 10/23/08. Keep up the good work on alerts.

  60. If this update is so important why has it not shown up on Windows Update? I just checked and ran my history of downloads and it’s not there!I just got done doing a Dell restore on my PC, I had to do the restore because SP3 trashed my computer! I’m not so sure I trust MS all that much! Do a little research on this so called urgent download and let me know!
    Thanks! Tim

  61. I looked everywhere at Microsoft for the update and found nothing. I also checked my add/remove and it wasn’t there. From what I read it’s for small businesses. Is that right or home pcs as well? I got my updates a few days ago but not this one at all. I checked that too.

  62. Ron makes a good point above.
    I used the MS Update page – Review Your Update History.
    I found the auto-update had been completed in the early AM hours before I shut down and went to bed.

    Thanks for your assistance and also watching out for us.


  63. Haroldo A S Junior

    Niteroi-RJ-Brazil, 2008-10-25
    Microsoft or Microsoft attendent,
    PLEASE, help me, stay on read it, PLEASE?
    Today (2008-10-25), I (Haroldo Jr, e-mail: haroldoasjunior@hotmail.com) received a mail from Microsoft saying about a Windows Update for me download it, I tried to install, but I cant do it! PLEASE, help me, give me the right way to do it or correct the wrong ways that you imagine that I took, PLEASE?
    In realy, I’m convinced, autoconfiante, supposedly carried through do software things (-: , so, give me the right way that I think that I can resolve what happen through, wrong think, but, what can I do, I’m like this! (-:
    Respond me, PLEASE?
    Haroldo Jr

  64. I’m still running Win 98 2nd edition–yes, i know i need to get newer computer, but in the meantime is there any way I can get this patch to work on my machine? If not, any suggestions [other than getting a new computer]?

    Thanks, L kaiser

  65. How can I tell if the patch was installed in add/remove programs? What does a low tech guy do to know my machine is protected?

  66. Select the appropriate version of your operating system and download the patch from the link below or from the linked bulletin above.

    Windows “ME” is not listed. I am guessing that I am not affected.

  67. I was notified by Microsoft this morning Oct 25) when I turned on my computer. I downloaded, installed and everything is working great.

  68. What? I wouldn’t install that patch. Its just another advertising ploy for spambots using your pc. Its not going to protect you from anything. A matter of fact, the patch Its going to load a virus on your pc allowing other virus agents, bad spam, spyware, Malware and other virus like additives that you cannot even imagine. Everyone knows that any good anti virus program will not allow this. What a scam. Pc pitstop is going to the Dark side!

  69. Hi,
    Thank you for this information fisrst of all.
    The Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067, I have Windows ME and I have Dish Internet shall
    I download this on this machine?
    Thank you. Keep up good work PC Pitstop TechTalk.
    Warm Regards,
    Clinton Bradshaw

  70. excuse my lack of knowledge – I clicked on “control panel”, right-clicked on “add or remove programs”, waited for the list to be populated…but what do I do next???

  71. I can’t install it, it keeps saying it’s not the right language. And my automatic updater doesn’t show this patch at all.

  72. I have downloaded the patch to my desktop and also my laptop. Now I have a problem!! I am unable to log onto the internet on my laptop. I had been using it just before the download. Have you any ideas please what the prob might be? I have tried doing a roll back but I still cannot connect my laptop. I am using a wireless connection. The desktop PC is perfect! Please advise!

  73. Windows XP SP3 has been crashing some older, and some new computers. About 15 out of 200 computers I have installed it on since release has caused problems. Vista SP1 has been going on with any problems. Please remember to backup/Ghost your computers before installing Service Pack updates.

  74. I got this info in an email and clicked on the link and then closed the tab right after that because I wasn’t sure if it was real. Coulda been an attack and because it was from pcpitstop I was ready to automatically trust it. I went to microsoft update but there was nothing there about this patch. Then I go to pcpitstop thru the link I ususally use on my pc and here it is. Why isn’t there anything on the MS update about it?

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