Political Websites Ultimately Reveal The Truth


By now most of us have heard about the websites of McCain and Obama. We’ve read the reviews, and watched newscasters make reference to their technical savvy or lack thereof. We’ve seen blogs discussing the site designers and I’ve even seen articles chronicling change to the sites over their entire existance.

What I wanted was to note the feel of the sites, so this article is not an endorsement of either candidate and certainly not a comparison of the technical side of the sites. I don’t think anyone will argue against Obama being the more computer literate of the two. McCain let it be known some time ago that his computing skills are nil. But what about that large majority of voters that aren’t up on the latest codes and web gadgets. What about those that don’t know PHP from TCP, Web 2/0 from RSS feeds. How do the masses view the sites?

John McCain

A single click takes you to McCain’s site where a video clip is playing of McCain explaining his position of joining together for America. His message is simple and almost fatherly in its delivery. There is a quiet comforting sort of music playing in the background. This is followed by a vintage clip describing McCain’s service and also a clip of an injured Mc Cain giving his name and rank and office number. The series of clips is obviously designed to foster trust of McCain’s dedication and service to America. All in all I think it does a good job of this. The feel of the page is simplicity, as there are only 7 clickable options. If anything, it looks a little empty. A click of the “continue to McCain/Palin” takes you to the real John McCain.com page. The original landing page is just a splash screen.

Barack Obama

A single click of Obama’s link takes you directly to his main site. There are more than 50 clickable choices open to the viewer on everything from rally clips to Obama T-shirts. The overall layout is well organized considering the volume of links and information provided. There is no musical background and the overall feel from the site is one of change and excitement. The sound of crowds cheering is the only noticeable background from one of the embedded clips.
So for me the overall tone of the Obama site is a little more upbeat and the tone of the McCain site is simpler and quieter.

Notice I’m trying not to make any sort of decision on which is better or which is more technical and at this point you should be asking; what is the truth that was revealed? How do the masses view the sites?

OK here it is. After visiting their sites, which I only visited for the purpose gathering information for an article, I asked others what they thought of the candidate’s web sites. I asked fellow employees at PC Pitstop. I asked people with millions in their accounts even after the market crash. I asked my friend the retired teacher and my neighbor the college professor. I asked out of work shop owners and even the last two food service people that I’ve had. I asked an airline stewardess. I asked a female attorney and a property appraiser and they all had the same answer and the only answer I encountered, “I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t been to either site”.

Yes, that’s right, not one person I asked had been to either of the candidates sites. So, how do the masses view the sites…. eh, they don’t. I know this is in no way a scientific sampling but Holy Toledo, how can this be? After the first few people it got to be almost a quest. In all I asked well over 30 people in many walks of life and even in multiple states. It started when I was out of town for a business meeting so that’s how I was able to get such a varied cross section. I continued to ask people even after my return home. After a solid two weeks of asking I made my final phone call to someone I thought for sure would have answered, “I’ve been to both, of course”, but the answer was a surprising “neither”.

Are all people this nonchalant about their vote or have I inflated the importance of the internet? Are we over exposed by the constant barage of TV advertising and daily political phone canvasing. I’m at the point that I can almost recite, verbatum, clips being broadcast. GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY! TV is starting to mimic theTOP 40 radio stations of long ago. Replay after replay of the same clip. Is that the answer? Are they just beating us to death with this stuff?

I know this is just an opinion but the good news is that like a lot of other things, we all have one. Please leave yours below.

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18 thoughts on “Political Websites Ultimately Reveal The Truth”

  1. Sally Jessie Raphiel

    So while much of theese posts got off on a political rant, Joe the Plummer, impeaching the president, the article was about the websites for McCain, and Oboma. I have not been to either, I visited Hillary’s site, and it was just annother page for the common person to give her money for her campain, even dvd campain sales, that was enough to stop me dead in my tracks about visiting the other’s sites. Hopefully our country (the good ‘ol USA) will conrinue to thrive and things will only get better from here. Please remember to pray for our soldiers who are fighting overseas, and pray that they are able to stay safe, and come home soon, safe and alive.

  2. Actually Gareth Manners the president can only serve two. I thought it was two terms and he can be impeached(removed from office) by at least two-thirds majority vote of the House of Representitives. The supreme court justices can also be impeached the same way though they do have a life term.

  3. I honestly do not understand why the majority of the American populace is voting for who’s popular, not who’s capable. Just because Obama will be the first black President DOES NOT mean he should be one. Especially in these times, his inexperience can prove to be a setback.

    Just because John McCain is an old fellow that’s not as exciting or energetic shouldn’t be the factor that keeps him out of the White House. After all, he is obviously more capable than Obama, and judging by McCain’s mother, he won’t die in office at 72.

    Just like someone else compared the American populace to Pavlov’s Dog, I think that’s a correct generalization. Voting for who’s popular, not who’s capable, is NOT a good solution.

    By the way, Will Adams, the Americans have made another bailout of the world. It’s the $750-billion relief package.

    Why should the US taxpayers foot the $750-billion package to save the world’s economy? Why shouldn’t emerging giants like China and India pay for majority of it? After all, it is them who will gain the most out of this package.

    Again, the Americans have saved (or at least, attempted) to save the world.

    This is my $0.02 from Canada.

  4. Every party needs funds to get its political message accross to the public. The Democrats this year have mastered this art by asking for donations of $5.00 which almost anyone can afford and by selling a vast array of attractive political accessories. Our poverty stricken Liberal Party of Canada needs to learn some lessons from the Democrats!

  5. This got off topic in a hurry. I admit I haven’t looked at either candidate’s site, and I don’t think they’re relevant. But I have researched both candidates otherwise, and have made up my mind. Can you guess who I’ve decided on???

  6. Stan, he did it when he spoke to Sen. Obama. He told Obama he was going to buy the company he works for and that it makes more than $250,000/year. From the Washington Post:

    “Right now, however, ‘Joe the Plumber’ is nowhere near the $250,000 and above tax bracket. The company that he has talked about taking over reported gross sales of around $100,000. By these figures, ‘Joe the Plumber’ is making less than $250,000 a year, and is probably making around $50,000. According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, this puts him on track for a tax cut of around $1,042 under the Obama plan and around $319 under the McCain plan.”

    As far as his “license” is concerned, see here: http://www.toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081016/NEWS09/810160418

  7. “We much prefer “Joe the Plumber” to tell us how to vote – a man who lied about buying a company, lied about how much the company makes, lied about even being a licensed plumber, ” When did he do all these things?

  8. Ah, and they wonder why we’re in the mess we’re in! I’ve not only used both sites, I’ve also read the books both men wrote, listened to people on both sides, and read blogs from fanatical devotees of both men.

    I think we’ve become a nation of lazy people who don’t want to invest the time in making an informed decision. We much prefer “Joe the Plumber” to tell us how to vote – a man who lied about buying a company, lied about how much the company makes, lied about even being a licensed plumber, and who has the time to run around appearing (when he feels like it) in John McCain’s rallies. That’s so much easier than actually thinking, you know!

  9. As a US citizen, I think there is merit to the comment re: …like Top 40 radio. No kidding! That’s an insightful comment on the babble we hear during our election cycle.

    I haven’t visited either website either. Nor will I. Why bother? Both just want you to contribute money. They will tell amazing lies to assume power. Why encourage them?

    Many of us are dissatisfied with the two candidates, et al, who are spending massively in order to get a job that only pays low six figures. admittedly, the perks & pension are great (Air Force 1 comes to mind), but why go through the exercise at all? the answer is, similarly to what the dunce Joe Biden said about jobs being a 3-letter word, is a 4-letter word-POWER/EGO-not service. Seems like we’re all voting against the personality of one or the other instead of the vision of either. We haven’t had good choices for years.

    Until we demand & get term-limits for all political jobs, from dog catcher to the Supreme Court, the political “class” will continue to run roughshod over the true will of the people. This is not what our founders intended. Rather that the ordinary citizen come to power for a short time, then go back home, get back to work, & stay there.

    It seems like some, not most, US citizens are like Pavlov’s dogs who start salivating at a liar’s (politian) guarantee of something for nothing. More of us, though, want less gov’t interference with our everyday lives. The Federal gov’t should do no more than our constitution allows.

    While you’re at it, stop confiscating over half of our money for taxes of all kinds. Remember the Boston Tea Party was over a one percent tax on tea! Every person should pay a fair share of the burdon-no more, no less.

    Until the vote of a welfare recipient is suspended while he/she is on the dole, thus reducing the incentive to “sell” their vote, the 40 % of citizens who pay ZERO DOLLARS in taxes will continue to be a voting block for sale to the highest bidder. In turn, skewing the balance of power.

    As for those of you who have disdain for the USA, especially my European brothers whose ass we’ve bailed out more than twice, we have only asked for one thing…a place where we could bury our courageous soldiers, who died for YOUR freedom.

    I,ve got one more thing, how about starting to repay the loans we made to you 50-60 years ago? We could use it to bail you out again someday. You may need it.

    That’s my rant for the day. I appreciate you & your reading of this post.

  10. Speaking as an actual British citizen also, apologies for Gareth and his lack of manners.

    He has been strapped back into bed and his nurse is told to keep a better eye on him from now on.

    A quick comparison of voter turnouts in UK politics versus the many millions that find it worth registering their weekly wish for X-factor/ Big Brother winners; the UK is in no position to sneer.

  11. Ha ha.

    Speaking as a British citizen in absolute disbelief of brainless Americans who elect the man to run one of the biggest economies in the world on the basis of popularity instead of ability, who cares?

    Seriously…think about it…whoever wins will be the usual puppet of the masses who are without a realistic brain cell amongst them!

    Going by the last 200 years of decisions made by their government, who pander to the majority just to stay in office, Americans are by and large complete idiots.

  12. I HAVE been to both sites & both have some good information. Neither of the sites gave me the information I wanted to make my INFORMED decision. I am a registered Independant & I wish I could write in someone like T. Boone Pickens or Warren Buffet – no matter their party affiliation – I think either of them would be better at running this country all things considered – the people we need in the whitehouse today are not politicians who are no longer “working” Americans, but people who still work toward progress, expansion & TOTAL all around growth TRUE GOALS OUTSIDE THEMSELVES that honestly help everyone willing to put forth some effort – without all the politics. I do agree w/Bruce, it’s much easier for today’s lazy society to watch all the mis-information than to really see what’s going on in the world & with it’s future leaders.

  13. Pardon me as an Aussie, (pronounced ozzy not ossy) putting in my 2 cents worth. There is exactly the same problem over here in our elections. Why go to the ‘official’ sites, you get the same spin in the soundbites etc. Why do you think you will get a truth from their website?
    They are politicians, by definition; when their lips move – they lie!
    If you want a take on what each candidate is really offering then read as many different opinion pieces in as many different newspapers or blogs as possible. The truth is somewhere in between – make up you own mind.
    At least you guys have the right to not vote, we don’t – we are fined $50.00 for not voting in an election. At least under your system if an elected official annoys enough people the people get motivated to vote them out.
    Good luck with your election and excuse us if we do not take any interest until our national horse race – The Melbourne Cup is run and won next Tuesday. We have our priorities as well!

  14. In the UK we are all agog at the TV coverage. We know the USA rules the world, at the moment.
    We worry if we disagree with your politics you will you do a ‘Cuba’ on us, i.e. boycot us, stop trade imports/exports, or invade us.
    You get the president you deserve, we don’t!

  15. People are not nonchalant about their vote, the sad fact is rather then visit these sites for information about candidates they rely on blogs, spam, ignorant emails, and sound bites.

    They simply can’t find the time to make informed decisions about the candidates when they have so much mis-information to read and digest.

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