Microsoft: We’re Sorry, but We’ll Make it Up to You


When Steve Sinofsky took the stage on Tuesday at the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference, the senior vice president was willing to confess some past sins with Vista. His presentation was the first public demonstration of the new Windows 7 user interface, and showed how Microsoft intends to change Windows 7 to fix the problems that exist in Vista, and indeed in earlier versions of Windows.

Even Microsoft can’t hide or ignore the cold reception that Vista has received. Sinofsky identified a few key things that caused problems. First, the Windows “ecosystem”, the third-party software, hardware, and user training, wasn’t ready for the extensive changes that came in Vista. The driver model changed, which caused lots of hardware headaches at launch. The User Account Control (UAC) feature broke applications and frustrated users who hadn’t seen the behavior in XP. Windows 7 doesn’t make any changes to the ecosystem, and provides additional ways that users can reduce the number of UAC prompts without turning it off completely.

Sinofsky introduced Julie Larson-Green, who demonstrated some of the most visible changes in the Windows 7 user interface. There’s a new taskbar that combines icons for running programs, non-running programs, and recently-used programs. It’s similar in some ways to the Apple dock, but has a few other features such as window preview. The taskbar now lets you drag and drop icons to reorder them to suit your taste, rather than being grouped by type or in left-to-right order based on when you started them. Users now have a lot more control over the notification area, those annoying little icons next to the clock at the right side of the tray. You can now select not only whether the icon itself appears, but how and whether its message balloons pop up.

Vista got a reputation for being bloated and slow. Sinofsky says Microsoft is addressing that by focusing on fundamentals. The development group is working to decrease memory usage, disk I/O, and power consumption, and to increase boot speed, responsiveness, and CPU scalability. He held up a tiny netbook with a 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM, and said that the current Windows 7 beta runs well on that hardware using only about half the available RAM.

At this point, Microsoft still can’t be nailed down on release dates. A pre-beta will be handed out to PDC attendees, but Sinofsky wouldn’t go any further than to say that the feature-complete public beta will be available “early next year” and the final product will be shipped “approximately three years after the general availability of Windows Vista.” That would put the ship date in late 2009 or early 2010, although a ship date any later than about September of this year would mean Microsoft would again miss the critical holiday sales season, just like they did with Vista.

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330 thoughts on “Microsoft: We’re Sorry, but We’ll Make it Up to You”

  1. One little comment. New customer today. Hates Vista and wants XP on laptop.The good news is that I have windows all ready to go. Bad news. Had to hack a driver to get this brand new computer to work,. Why, not because of a lack of a Vista driver, but one that works with XP. I will not name the component company, but they have no plans on releasing XP drivers from now on. So I am dual booting it for the client with Debian, just so they can get used to the UI of their future OS before their XP dies.

  2. I see all of the negative remarks here but I will disagree. I have ran Vista for over a year w/o having to re-install. W/ in 98, i was re-installing every 2 – 3 months; XP: every 6 – 8 months. And Vista is as fast now as it was the day i installed; maybe faster once I turned off the UAC.

    Nay Sayers might say I shouldn’t have to do anything to Vista make it better but coming from manufacturing I know Microsoft is only trying to idiot-proof their product.(Cause there are many more computer idiots than power users in this world.)

    If your computer is slowing down, then the operator isn’t doing preventive maintenance on the machine. IT IS OPERATOR ERROR(ignorance) that is destroying the PC’s performance.

  3. I can’t believe all the moaners. I had early teething problems when I first bought my Vista machine but haven’t had any for the past 6 months. I use my Vista machine for business apps,games and for my Dj and music play. I think it’s time for smooth sailin now and any improvements will be appreciated. Although I do agree with some, I would like a free copy of Windows 7 for my troubles.

  4. I started out with DOS 6.0. Then went to Windows 3.0 & have been upgrading ever since. Funny how DOS 6.0 was free along with Windows 3.x being given away with many input devices (mice, keyboards & etc). After watching all of the comments here & other places, Vista has stopped me in my tracks.
    I have an old laptop that even XP won’t run on, but I got it running & on the web using Puppy OS. And it is FREE!
    Check out the flavors of Linux/Unix for your next OS.


    And there is paid support available.

  5. My current Compaq with Windows XP is giving me trouble and slow as hell – although only having dial-up connection where I live doesn’t help.

    I’m considering a new HP or Compaq and both, unfortunately, use Vista. In checking on-line sites, I see a Belkin transfer cable available. Would this help get my files transfered to my new PC? I’m scared to death of the transition…I was use to Windows.

  6. There are some common themes in these posts:

    1. Don’t be quick to buy a new OS; let at least a year go by so you can get a feel for the benefits / problems and MS can work out at least some of the bugs.

    2. You are likely to have fewer hassles if you buy a new OS already installed on a new PC, optimized to run that OS.

    These principles certainly worked for me; I bought a Win 95 HP computer at least two years into that OS cycle and it worked great until I finally replaced it with a Win XP HP computer two years into that OS cycle (which has also worked great)! Two computers purchased since 1997, and the current one is going strong……..

    The secret is not to upgrade your hardware / software unless you have to. Most people do not need to upgrade every time MS releases a new OS; their current hardware and OS can handle their WP, e-mail, personal finances and web surfing. These folks can save lots of $$ and a lot of aggravation by staying with the tried and true as long as possible.

  7. I have several licenses of Vista Home Premium for:
    – Home theatre PC, Normal Desktop PC and a notebook.





  8. so easy to complain, yet i dont see any of you producing a product that works better. wah wah wah….never appreciating what you have….always wanting more….with out having to work for it…if you all can do better…than do it….name it whatever you it after your own name…but til you create it , market it, an do everything right so no one complains about your product…..shut the hell up

  9. All of those who are tired of Microsoft, try Ubuntu Linux or openSuSe Linux.

    Note: To me, Ubuntu is easier to use than openSuSE.

    Although, I would probably dual-boot Linux and Windows for the following reasons:

    1. Until you get used to Linux.

    2. You may have some programs that run on Windows that you don’t want to give up.

    If you’re worried about not haveing MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel,
    don’t worry. Try openoffice (openoffice is compatible with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel-when you save your documents, powerpoints, spreadsheets, use the drop-down box to change the format to be XP Compatible.

    PS: Ubuntu, openSuSE, and openoffice are free. – for support with ubuntu, try

  10. Wake up people. If you buy it, they will sell it. MS will sell you anything. XP with SP2 was stable enough. Stop looking for the perfect OS and be happy with a descent one. MS will never produce a perfect OS since they spend more effort attempting to stop the piracy of it.

  11. I just got my computer, about two months ago,W/Vista installed. I keep on hearing that there is so much wrong with Vista, but no one says what’s wrong with it. I think the system is great, and have no problem with it. I also had Windows ME – If you you think Vista is so bad, talk to somebody who had The Windows system ME! Then come out and just make a empty statement, “Like Vista stinks” Put some thought behind your comment.

  12. Vista Rules! XP is old, get on with life. I’m sure you’ll all go cry and get some flavor of Linux, only to find out that it is worse than Windows ME!

    Backward compatiblility is what is killing their OS development – even so, they are doing a better job than the open-source guys.

  13. J. Davis (comp. Tech.)

    I have never seen so many whiners in one spot in my life, G’s. One is complaining of his HP and he bought it at staples…lol what a dumba$$, Thats like going to K-Mart to get diamonds. Serves him right, I do admit to when I first started with computers I bought one already assembled, Well it didn’t take me long to figure out that I needed to start building my own, Now I have 5 systems running in my house, One for wife,daughter,Me,server,And one for visitors, Vista and Vista 64 running on mine along with XP and XP on all the others. No problems with them but I do see a differance in speed, Vista is great for business apps but XP is way better for gamming even without the DirectX 10. XP is faster

  14. VISTA – MUCH better than XP. Both of my machines are pre-installed. Very rare crashes, much more rare than XP. Running AMD dual core and INTEL dual mobility. 4 gig & 3 gig RAM.

  15. i’ve been a microsoft customer for over 15 yrs. have used every OS from windows 3.1 to vista, however i must say during the past two yrs. that i’ve had vista i’ve had to reinstall it approximately 5 times to resolve different issues.I also likie to keep up with technology,and really would like to have windows 7, if it is as good as microsoft says it is. Although i agree with a comment made from IT GUY, that Microsoft should give Vista owners a HUGE discount on Windows 7 OS, like $25 for the upgrade no matter what version you have. especially for those vista users that can prove they either bought it with a system or from a store.

  16. I’ve been using Vista 64x Ultimate now for about a year, and I’d not bother going back to XP. For the guy who said his laptop can’t be converted back, it can, in fact, and it’s not that difficult.

    The bulk of the people that complain about Vista, I’m finding, are also people who have computers that are not meant to run it properly.

    When I built my last computer, I built it with Vista in mind. Vista is largely a multi-media/graphical operating system, so a run-of-the-mill video card is not going to cut it. Nor is a lower Ghz processor or low-amount of system RAM. To run it properly, you need the hardware, and have to spend the dollar. Unfortunately, a lot of pre-built systems by HP, Dell, etc, are really not up to the task, but they come bundled with Vista, and will give users a very poor experience.

    Happily running Vista 64x Ultimate on a Q6600 quad-core, 4GB OCZ Reaper RAM, Nvidia 9800GTX+ video card built around an ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard.

  17. I must admit, when I got my new laptop back in December it did crash a few times for no reason and I was pissed. BUT, other than that I have not experienced any other problems with VISTA that some have commented on here. I wonder if computer brand makes a difference? I have a Gateway… I only rarely have issues with Vista on it. There used to be a lot of compatability issues but as time went by in 08 those got resolved. Who knows about this windows 7? It may be worse than Vista, BUT, I think XP is to novice and slow for the things I need to do and eventhough it’s system was dependable, I really don’t want to use it forever. MS has to innovate and move forward without all of these glitches and scams.

  18. I’ll happily look at the Windows 7 Beta and maybe try it out, but I’m not sure if I’d go for it permanently. Its fun to have an XP and Linux system, preferably with no eye-candy. I don’t even need a 100 GB hard drive. Just a minimum of 2 GB or less, up to a maximum of 8 GB.

    For those that like using even older versions of Windows, like say 2000 or 98 SE, etc., your bravery is to be saluted. Its so hard to find stuff for those OSes, and its a pleasure to help you find stuff for it.

    I’m still being emailed requests for help in removing Vista from their computers and I still help people with that. Its fine if you can get Vista to work well for you and want to keep it, but not everybody likes it and not everybody can handle it. So I’m happy to help those disgruntled people. I find it dumb too many computer retailers sold computers pre-installed with Vista.

    I seriously would not recommend XP’s SP3, by the way. It could give you very serious problems.

  19. Some of you people on this site are unbelievable! You moan and whine about microsoft, Bill Gates, Windows, Vista, etc etc etc. Why the hell are you using these things if they are so bad. Perhaps the faults lie with your own lack of ability.
    Try those other perfect OS’s, you’ll soon find problems with those.

  20. I have been learning Ubuntu 8.04 so by the time M$ stops supporting XP I can just use that and tell M$ that Open Source Rocks. Linux constantly updates so you don’t have to wait for a bug filled OS.

  21. Two weeks ago I purchased a HP from electronic box store loaded, natch with Vista. Yes, I had problems at first. Still looking around inside vista. At first I was wondering why I did this. Now after getting used to Vista I think it will be only OK. It is stable, faster than my 4 yr old emachine. Some programs I had are not compatible with Vista but then I guess I did not need them anyway. I will give Vista a thumb not up & not down but sideways. I am disappointed with the Windows Contacts. I like most everything that XP did & really don’t know why MS would screw with this dynisore called Vista. I have been told by 4 or 5 prof that you ‘cannot’ change Vista and put on XP. Any comment on that?

  22. I don’t really have that much of a problem with Vista. I’ve had my laptop for almost a year now, and I haven’t had any problems with it, which seems like WAY longer than anyone else that I hear bitching about Vista lasted. You dumb shits went out and bought a product from a company that you knew had a history of releasing shitty products at launch that take time to perfect. XP had terrible problems too for a while, that’s why I waited to get my laptop. Now I don’t seem to have any problems. *shrug*

  23. by the way, XP was a total memory hog as is Vista. I build my own computers with Win2K and it saves me a lot of money in buying globs of ram…

  24. What’s the use of complaining… Ya think microsoft is going to listen? Guess what.. they are like every other big conglomorate. They are here to get your money and suck you dry!!!!

    Other than that, Windows 2000 Pro is the only system I ever actually liked and they should go back to the basics and start over. Or even better, bring back Win2K support!!!!!!


  26. I’ve been reading these comments about Vista for quite a while and I’ve never understood the supposed problems with Vista. I’ve been using it since it’s launch on a HP Pavillion a6130n and I’ve NEVER had a problem. Right from the start, I READ the INSTRUCTIONS and looked for answers to any difficulties. Of course it also helped that my computer is set to do regular MAINTENANCE.

  27. Linux – Mepis and Ubuntu – both work well on average machines, but do require research as to what peripherals will work under them. I beta-tested Vista for 4 months and then happily removed it. Mostly frustration with its restrictive rights management. I have now installed Linux or dual boot Linux/XP. I have No intention of going to Vista. Will look at the Windows 7 Beta, but don’t hold out much hope. Folks, take a look at LINUX.

  28. I just want an operating system that will utilize all 4 or 8 gigabytes of ram. XP restricts the ram, and while Vista shows the ram, it squanders the extra ram with resource gobbling.

    Come on MS. You’re the best in the world and you gave us a fiasco. The richest or near richest guy in the world needs to make good on the sale.

  29. The problem is Vista was not for NOVICE users trying to update old with new, as well as it had bugs driver issues etc. ect. However, MS is not to blame for it all. You have to think about what windows has to do; that is be compatible with a zillion diff perifs and PC makers with a whole lot of tweaking of everything. To top that off MS will get a bad rap for a bad 3rd party driver beyond MS control. I fix computers and I can tell you most of the service calls I get over Vista are USER related I.e the OS is over their head. On the other hand when the code for Longhorn got stolen MS should have continued with what was a good foundation instead of starting over with Vista, while putting a nice bounty on those who stole the code. It took to long to bring a new MS OS to market. Not to mention the are too many versions of Vista. I think MS should buiild their own PC’s and stop dicking around with trying make everyones else crap PC’s & 3rd party accessories work that is where Apple has the edge they make it all. MS better get serious or people will pay the extra $$ to jump ship to Apple. If I was Apple I’d lower my prices a bit and stop the I’m PC (old) commercials and tell people their computers will run both windows and Apple OS. As well as focus on showing people the detail not looks of their hardware that unless people touch it feel it smell it they don’t convey the wow factors very well. I’m still a satisfied XP PRO user so pay attention MS before you foolishly go away.

  30. Like most self imposed gods Bill Gates couldn’t care less what people want or need. Windows Vista, his best scam yet is positive proof of that. What is Bill Gates answer to millions of people who aren’t happy with Vista? It’s to pull Windows XP off the market and blackmail computer manufactures forcing them to make their computers Vista only compatible so everyone has to use Vista. Bill Gates being the one and only self appointed “true supreme being”, has decided we don’t need to fax from our computers or if we do we should have to pay him a lot of money for the privilege. We also don’t need an operating system that runs coherently and smoothly. Yup, his highness has decided what we need and he is going to force us into it because gods know best!

  31. Let’s see! A company the size of Microsoft produces a product the likes of Vista, who openly confesses integrity issues with their product Vista, that will ‘make up’ these issues on a later OS. Hmmnmm! Is this what we are to expect from a sans Bill Microsoft? I think I’ll stay with XP until the masses have proven a better OS. Perhaps, a certain version of Linux is a coming OS afterall.

  32. I want to thank Microsoft for Vista.
    Because it was so annoying, I finally got myself organised to buy a Macbook. I am absolutely loving the ease of use of my new toy.
    It is also nice to find when you ask Mac users for help learning, you get excited, happy people eager to show off Apple’s features, instead of some kind, but stressed person explaining to me how to fix it when my puter crashes.

  33. Have any of you any memory of Windows ME? Vista reminds me … now they are rushing in Windows 7 to cover themselves. That’s how Windows 95 came to be … to cover all the errors in ME. I see at least one other here remembers that. 98 followed fast after that .. I survived ME and 95. Barely. I still have one computer running 2000 and two running XP. I will NOT rush to change.

  34. They have been making windows to fast and trying to make the deadline that they make to many mistakes like when they came out with ME, they just trying to make a few bucks and seem not to care what the customers wants and having to many bugs and hardware issues. They seem to need a better system where they can work better at it.

  35. I have to give MS credit. With all of the bells and whistles that XP and Vista have, it’s actually a very good system, however, since Vista has seriously burned them, they may not recover as well. My wife for one had Vista Home Premium and was so distraught over it she asked me to look up new OSs and sought the option to go back to Win XP. Since we did not have the super deluxe version, we would have to buy Vista, so we went to Linux and were not disappointed. However, some web pages require MS I-net explorer. This was a real let-down. Good thing they have a program that allows the installation of MS software on Linux versions! It is a little frustrating but it beats forking out $100+ to microsoft because of THEIR error. I refuse to do that.

  36. Gee Wiz, my Vista Ultimate as well as my wifes Vista basic are both running just fine, and have been for about a year. I have done a couple of hardware upgrades as well as some new software with nary a problem. Where did I go wrong?


  38. Hey people I’m an X PC-XP user, and used this site allot, thanks PC Pitstop for all your help…
    – but believe me- don”t hesitate and go out soon as you can and get a Mac, you’ll be very glad with all the features and virus free stability. It’s true and you’ll never look back!

  39. Well all I have to say is the majority of you crack me up. If you like the current OS you have, Then don’t change it! Why are you changing something that works? I change for one reason and that is for the new look and new bells and whistles that new OS have. I dont have issues since I know what hardware will work with which system. I don’t open everything on the net. I dont download everything that is offered to me free. If you dont like windows then switch to mac. In fact mac is so basic the majority of you will probably understand it easier anyway but dont think for a second it will be error free…
    PS Windows ME was the worst OS every made!!!

  40. i dont know what all the noise is about vista my wife and i are both truck drivers our laptops bounce and are costintly getting tossed around in the truck with the roads the way they are in this country have had vista and never had a problem with it, but i do miss some of the games that came with my xp unit

  41. Don’t get mad, get even. I’m running Ubuntu 8.03. It never needs defragging, it requires no antivirus or spyware software. It’s quick crisp and responsive, and will do anything my XP will do only better: surf the net, burn and play cd’s and DVD’s, word process, edit photos with picasa, send and receive emai through Gmail. About the only thing I still need Windoze for is to run my Oxford English Dictionary and listen to Major League Baseball. And the entire OS cost me one dollar and ninety-five cents from

    Microsoft is a rampant monopoly that plays us all for suckers. With their resources they should be able to provide an operating system that jumps out of the box and squirts cider in your ear. But the DON’T because they don’t have to…they have a captive clientele!

    I’m running a generic desktop with dual 80 gig hard drives and a dual core AMD CPU with two gigs of ram. Oh yeah, before I got XP I had ME. So I know how godawful Windows can be. And to those of you who say they should just ‘improve’ XP they already have. The ‘improvement’ was called SP3 So make the switch today!

    May the TUX be with you.

    By the way, I’m 72 years old and didn’t get into computers till I was in my sixties. But I’m always looking for a new challenge. Keeps me young trying to keep up with you young Jaspers…

  42. I contacted MS about the new Windows 7, they informed me that they would not replace Vista to those who purchased it. My PC came with Vista Basic, I upgraded to Premium then used Spy Sweeper Eraser to put XP on it. I am happy with XP, didn’t have many probs with Vista just ran slow with 2GB ram running.

  43. This thread is retarded. I am sorry to see Vista go away, as I feel it is their best OS yet. The only problems I have found (aside from the initial learning curve) is the WINSXS folder sucking up the bulk of my hard drive (36 GB Raptor), and how difficult it is to network computers to be visible to each other (I attribute this to my lack of proper research). Being that storage is so cheap these days, I’m just going to upgrade the HDD.

    In my humble opinion, Vista was created for 64 bit systems. I agree that the 32 bit version of the OS isn’t worth a toss, but if you are going to try and run such a hardware intensive OS on 32 bit hardware, you have no right to bitch about Vista’s performance, because you obviously have no idea how hardware affects a computer’s performance.

    In response to JayBird, Vista’s breaking the 3.5GB memory cap was the 64 bit architecture. Any 64 bit OS would handle the hardware you have. I am also running 64 Ultimate and have no complaints.

    All of you monkeys who whine and cry about security wouldn’t even need virus scanning if you would stop clicking ‘OK’ to every pop up message you see just to “make it go away”, and stop opening cool screen saver attachments on emails from unknown people in the Ukraine. Learn a little about how to configure your router, how ports work, and how to make a true 128 bit WEP key, and then you will come to the startling realization that windows security is really a pain in the ass, because all of that security can be configured before any traffic EVER reaches your PC.

    Put simply, if you are a user who cannot navigate his/her PC without desktop icons, you will naturally hate Vista, and you will always hate applications with a high level of functionality because they aren’t easy, and they will constantly challenge you for input that you are not qualified to supply.

    The problem is you users, not Microsoft.

  44. I baught a toshiba Satellite Laptop from Office Depot last spring 2007,did not know at the time it was a 2006 model. It was on sale about $800. 2gb mem.160gb hd.I have had nothing but aggravation with its peformance since. It will not allow me to download all of the latest vista updates. I Was always getting an error code. Somehow it let me have SP1. Still will not allow me to download KB947821 and KB905966. Error codes 80072EFE and 80073712. Vista does work a lot better, it does not freeze up and crash as much. IE 7 still locks up and crashes a lot. I work for Philips Invivo MRI Diagnostic Imagery, and use XP Pro. without these problems that Vista has. If Microsoft does not fix the problems with Vista 6.0 soon, or recall it and give everyone a refund or rebate or something!. I will tell everyone I know, not to buy anything that has vista installed. I have renamed my laptop HAL!. It is defiant, Slow to boot up and to shutdown and does what it wants to.

  45. I have run W95, 98SE, 2K, XP Home and Pro and just got a lower end HP Box with Vista Home. The Vista box ran so badly, that I formatted the HD and installed XP Pro on it. The machine rocks now! Vista was stable, pretty, and slow! Other than that it seems OK. If you’re running a dual or quad core and 3 gb of memory then go Vista, other wise XP is still a better choice.

    BTW – I have also run Unbuntu in a dual boot environment and if it wasn’t for a couple of applications that can not be replaced in a Linux environment, I would be MS free.

  46. you know. this kinda sickens me. i’ve used vista since it came out and haven’t had a single problem with it. NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM. i use it for 3d modeling, graphical drawing, website designing, and heavy gaming. i have yet to have a single problem with any program i have tried. know why? because i have a GOOD computer.

    there is nothing wrong with vista. the problem is all the retards and idiotic computer retailers trying to run vista on old PCs instead of accepting they either need to upgrade or just stick to old stuff there pc can handle.

    if you are having trouble with vista, its not vista’s fault. its your fault.

  47. I worked for a large computer company doing tech support. Vista was a nightmare. customers calling with machines that would not even boot. when they asked for xp they were told they could not have it and that the computer was only covered for tech support with the OS that it came with. the old MS control over the industry. I got 2 new notebooks with vista and removed it from both. it is junk. bury it and lets get back to xp.

  48. I see that people complain about fixing Vista problems by having to buy Windows 7, or that Microsoft demands money for every “improvement” of their Windows.

    I see no one complains about Apple taking $130 every year and half for their “glorious” (rolleyes) Mac OS X? No one complains that Leopard had glitches and errors and problems everywhere? No one dares to complain to Apple that they are charging $130 for every release that is pretty much a service pack upgrade?

    At least Microsoft provides to you ignorant PC users free service packs.

    I personally had problems with Vista. Yes. But you know what caused it? My overclocked system. Yes, overclock instability is what caused it, not moronic users visiting Russian child porn sites, getting Russian viruses and complaining about Micorsoft’s approach to security. It is YOUR fault for getting in shit.

    For your information, Mac fanboys, there ARE viruses for Macs. But no one really bothers because, why hit 5% of the market when you can make thousands from 94% of the market? Yes, if Mac OS X was in Windows’ position then YOU would be the one with the viruses. So shut up, and go back to using your glorified white plastic boxes.

    Microsoft became this giant because of their cunning brain. They know how to compete. They know how to earn market share. They have brains, and more than one brain cells. Apple obviously does not, seeing that they have to use Vista to lure users away.

    This is the sad truth, gentlemen. Windows problems are caused mainly by ignorant computer users, just like the ones spamming on forums “I HATEZ M$ CUZ THEY SCREW UP MY SYSTEM”.

  49. I have to agree with IT guy. I expected the worst from Vista and it has turned out to be FAR better than XP ever was. The “misty” graphics use a lot of memory but they can be turned off. I have it running on 2 of 4 computers in our home and have never had the first crash–would have it on the other 2 but they are older and would need major upgrades, so I will wait until they are replaced.

  50. IS it just me that doesn’t undertand why it’s Windows 7?

    I’ve used (but not necessarily owned):
    Windows 3
    Windows 95

    Never used NT or 2000

    Which ones do I count/not count to make Vista number 6 so it’s replaced by 7?? Or do MS only count OS’s that it turned out people liked (that’ll be 95b and er… somebody help me out here!)?

  51. I tell ya what yes i was a XP fan still like it, but if your up todate with a computer u will see theres nothing wronge with Vista, i have Ultimate 64 Bit. wouldnt have it any other way, runs alot better the XP faster i have no problem at all on load up or anything, just some games that r old wont work with SLI but other then that u all need to get upgrade on a nice pc to work with the new stuff, nothing wronge with vista at all, now windows 7 is it going to be 64 bit or will it allow more them 3 or 4 GB of Ram like Vista does i have 8 GB of ram i have to 8800 GTX 768 mb cards and 1000 gb hard drive, is windows 7 going to work with this kind of power like VISTA does ?.

  52. I’m one of the majority of people who
    haven’t,and won’t , upgrade to vista in its’ current form. We ALL are MS’s labrats – just get over it. I’ve run pretty much all of MS windows operating systems over the years and it seems that if you stick with mainstream components,and don’t tinker too much, you have fewer problems.
    In my opinion, MS should do a better job of removing “bloatware” after the operating system gets installed. Have the operating system clean out any file or driver that’s not needed on the installed PC.

    Security will always be an issue. Doesn’t matter what os you use, there will be someone who will make a virus for it eventually. Sometimes you have to wonder if it isn’t the companies themselves that make the viruses. Hmmmmm……

  53. Vista versus any program? Okay, Vista Home Premium works just fine on my Toshie laptop, of course, it has 3 gb of ram, and a dual core cpu, but, when you realize that all OS’s are going to be hungrier for ram, seems like a good idea.. I wasn’t crazy about switching to Vista, after all, I’ve used computers since 1983, and, refused to put windows on a computer until 3.11, and, after that, I always waited to see what kind of problems the other users were having before upgrading.
    Sure, it’s nice to jump on the bandwagon and seem like you know what you are doing, but, sometimes, as with the earliest releases, it can bite ya squarely on your sitting spot.
    Vista SP1 has not given me any troubles, knock on wood, and is speedy when it comes to boot times… I just went in and changed the things I didn’t want booting up at start up, and my times are good.
    Y’all go ahead and jump on 7, then come here and complain when it does what you didn’t expect. I don’t trust M$ much farther than I can throw them, but, I sure can afford a mac of any flavor.

  54. BillC asked, “Is MS beta testing their operating systems using their PAYING CUSTOMERS as testers?”

    The answer is definitely “Yes.” I’m very happy with my 2GB, E8400 dual-core running XP, just as I ordered it. Vista will run great too….when somebody puts it on a new computer 5 years from now.

  55. Alot of moans and groans I first installed vista on a new comp i just built (32 bit ultimate) yes my old XP laptop was faster booting than my new twice the memory desktop with vista BUT alot of people are missing the fact that vista is far more secure.I have had it since Dec last year and would not go back to XP.Its first few months was a problem geting drivers for printers etc but you cannot blaime M S for that.Epsom where the worst but as my scanner was slow on XP I bought a Canon and not looked back atleast they update drivers etc.As someone else said you cannot expect a five year old machine to work with new operating systems, but i do believe Bill should give a large discount for vista owners to windows 7 BUT AS I SAID VISTA IS MORE SECURE THAN XP.and user friendley just a shame about the resouses it uses

  56. Alejandro Barquin

    I Have vista in my computer I never Have any problem I love vista 64 take 60 sec for boot is the only little problem but never crash I build my computer in 2007 quad core Amd phenom 2.8 ghz 4 gig ram and am using vista 64 home premium I loved never Problems

  57. I have had many years with ms .Ihave xp on one
    and vista on my desk and vista is all right with me.when there is another windows os there will be bad and good ,just continue support and
    ect. for all

  58. I must admit I was a vista hater from day one. My first PC was an appleII. BUT, being a “techie” since ’78 I learned to roll with the initial instability of an operating system and wait on fixes. I actually beta tested windows 1.0 back when I worked for Circuit Corporate. Hated it. ( Windows, not circuit city). I decided to give Microsoft’s new OS the ( listen closely complainers) “REQUISITE” hardware or better and spared no expense pronounced 800 bucks. Didnt even build it myself. Took a gateway off the shelf. (4gig RAM, and triple core AMD Phenom) and am using VISTA 64 Home premium. Works like a champ! No Complaints. Not one. Not even Boot time.

  59. boo hoo vista bashers

    no problem with vista here…it needed some updates and such… shit sherlock. It runs fine since i have had it two years. If some of you knew how to even use a computer you would stfu and even be thankful computers even exist much less thank the people who make these OS’s work. waaa waaa cry sob i cant believe my vista isnt doing good are the ones who never defrag, waste system resources on junk running in the background or never clean up. I can name one problem i had and it was with java at one time wow got the update no problem since. I didnt whine and detest a whole OS over simple crap you could fix yourself. Some vista bashers just like to bash cuz its microsoft lol pathetic.

  60. If any auto,appliance or household electronic manufacturer had just a small portion of the problems with their products as the past or current releases of Windows or Vistas softwares, some government agency would have promptly issued a recall, or warning to the potential buyers. Mr. Gates brainchild has been patched and repaired for over ten years, yet it still leaks.
    I believe that a good system is a simple system, but Windows/Vista is anything but simple.
    What would it take to make MS come up with
    a simpler, more depenable, efficient Operating System, short of a Class Action suit?
    Maybe that is the answer . . . .

  61. i think the apple commercial with “PC” piling all of his money toward marketing instead of research to address the vista issue is a perfect statement on the nightmare that is vista.

    personally it was the nag prompts which did me in. i hated the few that were in xp and vista rendered the computer absolutely useless for me. i am sticking with xp for now with an eye toward ubuntu.

    i already replaced IE with google’s chrome and will never ever go back. today’s microsoft is yesterday’s ibm. they’re done.

  62. Interesting to see so many (often wrong) opinions on a subject. Whether you cut slice or dice, Vista is unable to measure up overall. Sure some folk are lucky in the combination of hardware software or usage patternt. Many are not. Like life itself, even if there is ony a few problems, they should be acknowledged and respectively dealt with. I don’t include the MS bashing rants, just the real problems.

    I can assure everyone there are many confused and bewildered end users battling to make sense of the Vistal Minefield. Its time to roll up our sleeves and type sensible and constructive information that will result in better software all around.
    If you find you make a wrong statement, make sure you have the balls to admit you were wrong and go and add a change. There is already plenty of bad information, we don’t require more.

    To Illustrate this, I once had a dial up connection that became unstable with dropouts and errors. I beat up the ISB, the computer and even the OS. There were many persons attempting to help fix the problems I had. After six or more weeks, changed modems and a lot of agro, my phone failed. It was found that the wires that came into the house had corroded and finally the connection was completely broken. I rang the ISP immediately and let them know what had happened. I apologised for the time and efforts thay had wasted with me.

    If I ran Microsoft, I would be working on a new OS that was built from the ground up, 64bit, machine coded, and no compatibility with any earlier offering. This would enforce new security models leading to a better and more stable system. Since every software item would be signed we would be able to trace and deal with any software that caused any sort of problem.
    Its a bright new world. But only if you want it to be.

    (Rob has 30 years industry experience in computers and industrial control equipment.)

  63. I blame the whole thing on the American people electing George Bush. Right before the 2000 election, Microsoft was labeled a monopoly and we were all ready for it being sectioned off into individual companies and fined, and so forth. Come the “pro-business” Bush administration, the whole thing was whitewashed. Years later, Microsoft is an even bigger monopoly and everyone who can’t, for one reason or another, afford to lose Windows compatibility, is stuck with either a soon to be unsupported OS which at least works ok, or a bloated slow OS which is anything but ok.

    One more historical benchmark for the Bush administration’s legacy.


  64. The only thing I can say is if Microsoft admits in making a mistake with Vista, then make Windows 7 another service pack to us already paying VISTA USERS!

  65. got a vista 64 bit machine, runs well, runs fast, boot time less than a minute.have no end of software compatibillity problems though.

  66. They owe it to us to make Windows 7 free to us Vista users! I can personally name 100 people that have switched to Apple in my office and who knows how many people they encouraged to do the same. It’s going to hurt them and that’s the bottom line. Hurry up and send my free copy people, I don’t want anymore headaches.

  67. In Reply to Bill C., Microsoft does use real people as Beta testers. I’m not a programmer nor in the industry and I was a beta tester for the final version of vista before it was released. I have the full version on disk complete with the Product key which was supposed to eventually enable me to get the public released version. To this day I still havent gotten it to load on a machine let alone test it. Cant wait for the new improved version,(Yea Right)

  68. I am releived that Microsoft finally sees that their is a problem with Vista. What you can do, since you can’t down grade (Thanks to Microsoft). You can load XP on an External Hard drive and slave your existing drive over to boot from the external hard drive. Problem solved, until Microsoft releases Windows7.

  69. ^^ yes but they charge a fortune and charge almost a new (MS) OS for a service pack! Vista is also put down too much – its not nearly as bad as everyone says. Oh and guys, the requirements of hardware do move on! Upgrade!

  70. My HP laptop came loaded with Vista. I have to admit that after neary a year of using this system I have not really experienced any significant or even annoying problems with Vista.

  71. All they have to do is fix it so all the programs on your computer do not start every time you boot up. Thank God Kim Komando told me about msconfig in the run menu. My Vista is now faster than my old XP

  72. Seems like most of Vista’s issues stem from the fact that it is very bloated and bloat needs a lot of CPU horsepower and abundant RAM to run decently (things that are often lacking in store-bought lower-priced machines). I remember the frustration, in the early 90s, of trying to run Windows 3.1 on a 486 with 4 mb of RAM, because Microsoft said that 4 mb was adequate. “General Protection Faults” were around every corner. It wasn’t until I made another trip to the computer store and laid down another $300 (yeah, RAM cost a fortune back then) to upgrade my RAM to a whopping 8 mb, that Windows started to behave properly. A lesson that I’ve never forgotten.

    Amen to what Chris K. said – people “skilled” in the area of computers, operating systems, and all things technical should be able to put a simple coherent paragraph together with punctuation and at least most of the words spelled correctly.

  73. As a reply to Maxamillion Ferro, or anyone else having the same problem:
    Your Vista laptop, or any other computer released in the last 5 years or more will run XP. You will need to get hold of a XP install disk (not the lame recovery cd that comes with off shelf computers).
    If you have valuable data on your machine get hold of some partitioning software (recommend Acronis disk director personally [edited by adminisistrator]
    Create another partition and label it D.
    THIS IS IMPORTANT: Copy ALL THE FILES you want to SAVE from C to the new D partition. As an added precaution you might want to burn important stuff to cd or dvd before starting.
    Next boot from Acronis Disk Director or software of your choice to format C, or just use the program to delete the C partition. You must do this since XP wont install unless you get rid of Vista first.
    You can make a bootable cd with the Disk Director suite and run the disk managemen programs from the cd..skipping windows.
    Next stick your xp cd in your optical drive and boot from it. Now you can install XP to the unpartitioned space and create a new C drive. Vista will be gone, and your data is on the D partition (which is better than having data on same partition as operating system).
    Last of all, make a folder on the new D partiton and name it Documents. Now go to windows explorer (not internet explorer) and right click on “My documents” and use the browse button to change target to D:Documents.
    Next you will need to re install all your software. Depending on how many programs you use this could take a little time. Once you get everything the way you want it use a program like Acronis True Image to image the C drive and save the image on the D partition. If you have problems in the future all you need to do is overwrite the system partition (C) with this image to recover.
    Now you should be set, and you can still use the default locations in my documents, and your data will be sent to the new D partition where it is much more secure than if it were on the C drive with the os and software installs. Its still advisable to make backups though.
    Use the same steps to format your desktop if you want to freshen it up.

  74. to Rob Says
    Your comment about xp” If anyone believes Windows 7 runs well on a 1 Ghz chip with only 1 Gig of RAM, they need to move in to their local senior center and out of society. XP will barely squeeze through on that will”.

    I have a 900mhz processor with less than a gig of pc 800 rambus memory and xp pro flies on it with no problems. No screens of death. All programs run fast without issues. It was a top of the line gaming machine in its day.
    Just shows you, people should build or find someone to build them a quality computer made with quality components instead of buying the manufactured junk like: Dells, Compaq’s, HP’s and other junk that’s out there. Cause there just that……. JUNK

  75. I can’t believe all the bellyaching. Vista is the ant-christ!! Vista was coded by the Bush administration for prying, explains the slowness of it all! I can remember when it took so long to load programs via cassette drives that a long bath would help take up the anticipation… 300 baud modems were so slow, we thought we hit gold when 1200 baud became affordable. I guess I just appreciate all that I can do with a small laptop nowadays, yes I would love to get a 24″ Apple like a friend just got. Just can’t afford it at this time.

  76. Just found out something else that no one here seems to have tried. Try going to microsofts support for vista. They tell me my product ID is not valid and want me to pay 60$ for support or give them a call(long distence carges apply)

  77. I guess APPLE learned a valuable lesson from MS in corning the market.

    Has anyone noticed that you can have the Apple O/S ONLY if you buy an Apple PC (AKA MACs) only! Since Apple gave up on its own hardware and decided to use PC hardware to increase its market share,Macs are really nothing more than PCs now.

    So, the only thing different about Apple is its OS and PC branding.

    I would love to try the MAC OS without buying a Mac since it would be cheaper but oh well.

    If Apple would sell copies of its OS to PC builders like myself, I think its bottomline would really take off vs MS.

    I’ll just run my XP until MS comes up with a better OS.

    If that is Windows 7, fine by me. Apple leaves us PC users little choice………

  78. I like Vista and haven’t had many problems with it. My biggest gripe is the driver support. I have a HP printer that’s not that old that’s not supported by Vista. I don’t see trading it in for a $30 credit when the printer cost me $400. I hope Windows 7 has better driver support.

  79. All I know is I’ve had enough of Windows. Once I can no longer run XP Pro my next computer will be run by an Apple Operating System. Its the same thing over, and over, and over agin with MS. Never strife to make the best operating system just make a new one. Sorry Uncle Bill but I’ve had enough.

  80. Well, every time anybody comes out with a new os it’s going to take more of a computer to run it. So, what did I do? I beefed up my computer to match vista. The startup is nice and vista runs good. True, it has a few things I don’t like, but everything in life does. wait 20 years from now and then see what kind of a computer we will need.

  81. Think of the hundreds of millions of dollars in production time lost around the world each morning waiting for vista to boot up. I had to reformat my hard disk to get Vista off my computer but it was worth it. I replaced it with my old XP Pro.

  82. About time you all went back to Windows 2000 Professional SP4. This is the BEST op system Microsoft developed – and the most stable. No bells and whistles – just the biz and good old computing fun!!

  83. Microsoft are the only company in the world who can get away with selling a product they KNOW is flawed and will probably be for the lifespan of its OS.

    Rod bod says try some cairnomohr fruit wine – you know it makes sense.

  84. My desktop is a QuadCore with 4gb RAM running Vista Ultimate (& XP Pro as the 2nd OS) & my Laptop’s a Core2Duo with 1GB RAM on Vista Home Premium!! XP takes a minute to boot on the desktop but, vista takes double the time, but i only switch my computers on once a day. hardly, a minute wasted!
    Let’s get the facts right: microsoft made the crucial mistake of not taking into account the industry hardware trend before they released vista, but, can u really blame them for setting a new benchmark? I find vista to be tonnes better than XP, even the UAC has its uses, which is well worth the slightly longer boot time. Remember, its because of Vista that every other piece of software will now dare demand more hardware from its users, which is not necessarily a bad thing!
    Please dont compare ground-breaking Vista with the disaster which was ME!! I bet some features of Windows 7 will be released as updates for Windows Vista, but, until then we shouldn’t be too inflexible with change.

  85. You only get out of it what you put into it. Sure, we all liked XP and many ran to Vista right away, without waiting untill the bugs were fixed, thus service pack 1. Open a book and learn and quit all the whining!

  86. Recently just built a gaming pc for my friend-put xp on it. Even with 6GB RAM and 3.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, which would run Vista just fine, Vista itself is undeserving to be the OS of such a magnificent machine.

  87. Being a PC builder for many years I never had any of the problems reported with any of the OSs. Could be because I made sure that all the bits where compatible.I do realise that some of the new comps dont have drivers for XP.
    going back from Vista to XP wont work every time.Boot times will be an incompatible program that you have installed. This makes the Computer go round and round in circles.
    If Vista wont Boot within one Minute take it back to the shop, you dont deserve to own one.
    lol bye

  88. I’ve purchased a new computer about 6 months ago, and it came with Vista (64-bit) pre-installed. I’ve never had any problems with it whatsoever. I run complex mathematical simulations on it for work, as well as leisure gaming. It has always purred like a kitten, and never been slow. I think that most of the problems people have with Vista is either 1) They don’t know how to properly configure and optimize the OS with their computer’s capabilities (and are too cheap to pay $20 for software that will do it for them; or 2) They skimp on memory when they buy a computer, and then complain that it is a Vista problem. Stop whining and balance your system properly. You won’t have any problems with Vista.

  89. I don’t know why everyone is threatened by VISTA and how it is bloated and slow. I just bought a laptop that was loaded with VISTA and had a 2.0 GHz processor at 550 and 1 GB RAM. I have never had any problems running any programs, and has worked faster than any other operating system so far. Think I’m bluffing, I run design applications that take tons of video memory and processor power…and I still have much more memory available. Keep up with Windows Updates, be patient with application errors, and for crying out loud clean all the temporary files off of your computer daily. shows the best software to use for temporary files.

  90. I can not believe that they expect us to now buy another operating system.
    If Vista was so poorly designed and they now admiting it, WHY not just fix vista or is Windows 7 vista fixed and just another way to get more money out of the average consumer.
    Up ontill a while ago if you bought a computer preloaded with Vista , the manufacture had Drivers for xp downgrade. Now I am having problems getting any Xp drivers for newer machines.

  91. Bob Cotsobilionis

    Vista drove me to upgrade my production computers back to XP. Once that process was completed, I began learning Linux and migrating the older backup machines to Ubuntu. No complaints thus far. The only mission critical Windows apps I’ve had to keep are Acrobat Pro and Quickbooks. Both of those run fine in Crossover Office. I should be fully migrated to Linux before Win7 hits the fan. Ubuntu does not get the respect it deserves. I’ve washed my hands of any future Windows releases.

  92. I too forced into Vista from Windows XP because DELL (all of Dell techno world) was unable to re install. So they replace it with a degraded Vista Home Professional that crashed on Day one, the four months later I need to re install operating system and it runs slower than when it arrived. Even Control Panel freezing up. Yuk. Will I even live to see a fix from Microsoft, Dell is useless.

  93. Actually , all computers running windows vista can be scrolled back to xp ..The only hard part is finding the correct drivers , with patience , that can be done as well ..I have restored many laptops with windows xp ..And it seems to work just fine ..And I am but a self taught tech ..

  94. These replacement versions wear me down. I hated 95, was able to endure 98, hated ME, liked 2000, thought XP was great, and really like Vista. I have had no problems with Vista Ultimate since installing it last year, and now am already looking Windows 7? It may be time to give this computer stuff a rest and go back to fishing.

  95. mehboob sadicote

    For those who are stuck with preloaded Vista machines/laptops: Install Vmware’s workstation/virtual PC and install XP on that. Its all a matter of preferences and making a choice between staying with what one is used to and taking the trouble to learn what is needed for something new (and hopefully improved).

  96. 1st off- anything can go back to XP; save what you want, repartition, install XP. 2nd of all- Microsoft !!! ISN’T !!! the ONLY option for an OS. Ubantu & many other Linux enviroments are out there & “FREE”! Is everyone so stubborn to complain about windows & Microsoft yet too lazy to “learn a better way”????? I am just amazed at the level of thinking of most people. No wonder Microsoft puts out the crap they do. You people need to “WAKE UP”!!!!!!! Did you forget your ability to ‘learn’ @ 18?

  97. My Vista laptop takes about 15 minutes to boot up. I turn it on before I go have a shower – and its sill finishing booting up when I am dressed and ready for work! Slowest bootup ive ever seen!

  98. To Alain St-Pierre
    I know allot about computers. I may not be what some would call a geek but an advanced user. I am very anal about my drivers,especially the video card. I have an Intel dx38bt crossfire board running dual ATI(no knock offs) 4850 crossfire x cards, 4 gigs dual channel 1333 bus ram (OCZ platinum), Intel E8400 core 2 duo,(1333 bus 6 meg shared cache)500gig sata 2 drive. I also have a thermal take water cooling system for both video cards and processor so there is no over heating problems and I do not overclock. This system was built for Vista. Vista itself actually runs pretty good. Boot time is actually 10 seconds faster than XP. But I use the right click menu frequently. When I first installed Vista I went through my normal process of getting the manufacturers drivers for all my hardware installed all of my normal programs and activate Windows media center, not Media Player. After all that Vista was running fine until I tried right clicking in the start menu or any Icon on the desktop(except recycle bin),Explorer crashed every time. Fortunately enough I use Norton ghost and made an image so I didn’t have to go though all that crap again. After installing one program I checked to see if the problem would reoccur. Nothing happened. Went a couple of days all went well. Then I decided to watch a movie one night and set up Windows Media center. Went to right click on The Media Center icon and pin it to the start menu and bang, Windows explorer crashes. Now you might say then don’t use media center and what I say is I dam well paid for it so I should be able to use it,and if doing the upgrade isn’t advisable then they dam well should not sell it as an upgrade. And besides when I upgrade to vista It tells me the upgrade is not available and it does a fresh install.As for the games that crash so far there are 3- Halo 2,Crisis, and far cry. The first two were made for DX10. Now I will admit The graphics with DX10 are astounding and is the only reason I went with vista. I am not what you would call a hard core gamer but I don’t watch much tv and games are my main source of entertainment but the better graphics are not worth it if you can’t play your favorite games.

  99. I have a old pc with windows xp and a newer laptop with vista, both operating great. I see no difference in boot up time. The only annoying thing I see in Vista is the few seconds it takes to “confirm” what I need to do, but it isn’t enough to make me trash the system. I do graphics and a lot of business work and Vista does what I need. If the new OS takes some of the “bloat” away, bring it on, if not, I’m content.

  100. I didn’t like the fact that we had to get Vista and no choice on the OS for new computers. I have dual boot with XP and I don’t use Vista that much. I guess my concern is, If they are admitting to a mistake, how does the support for XP go? It was supposed to end Jan 31 2009. Are they going to extend the support until the new Windows 7 comes out? As far as a discount. I feel if you can prove you have a legal copy of Vista then you should get a discount. Payed the price for the subscription and now it’s time to get the product. Hope 7 is what they claim it to be.

  101. I bought a new Mac last week and it was bad. I went back to my 10year old PC with windows 98, first edition, and it is much better.

  102. For those people that complain about xp sp3 I would recommend you look at the forums. it is not a problem with the os but an implementation of the SP.

    Have had the same problems and have worked around them. The xp system still works better than vista and the bugged updates that MS have forced onto xp users can be gotten around.

    For those people that say mac is bloatware. I use a mac and a pc and I must say my MAC works 10 times better

  103. Being in the industry I have first hand knowledge of how much of a shower vista has been.

    95% of my corporate clients will not even entertain it.

    Xp was awful at it’s start but vista was a disaster. 90% of software would not work with it and the security systems a laugh.

    here’s hoping v7 is an improvment over windows cement

  104. If Dell had offered XP or Vista my wife may have asked qiestions, but she knew no different so I unpacked my Christmas present and found I was stuck with Vista and it is so slow. I think I should be offered a free of charge rectification/upgrade or whatever it takes to give me XP performance.

  105. Having no choice in the OS of my new computer, (my old machine died) I had to take that damned Vista. This machine has double the required memory, etc for Vista, but I almost gave up using my computer because Vista is such a miserable bit of garbage.

    With the help of a friend who is very computer knowledgable, I purchased XP Pro and Word 97, which he installed for me. (None of that damned docx crap on word documents and I now also control where I want documents saved.)


  106. I know everyone thinks they can’t down/up grade from vista to xp-home/pro but this is untrue as i’ve did it a couple of times on a dell laptop and a toshiba sattellite with a little program called “partion genius” by spotmau(2007-bootable disk)….and yes it really works! I had vista ultimate and my friend had vista home premium and in about 90 minutes your done. I swear by it…it really works.

  107. I have upgraded to each new rendition of the Windows operating system as each was released and have not had all the bad experiences of other people. This is not to say I found each version of Windows to be perfect or the most stable of operating systems I’ve chosen to use. At present I run Vista without all the problems reported by others and have no trouble with anything greater than I experienced while using XP, except I have not had to completely reinstall Vista every year as I did with prior versions just to keep them working smoothly. Personally I wish we could all return to the good old days of MSDOS 5.0 as I’ve never been infatuated by Windows or any operating system similar. When using MSDOS 5.0 I never had any crash, and programs ran like they are supposed to run all the time, every time.

    It isn’t likely any new version is going to resolve the issue of bloat or offer anything to give users back the stableness or speed new computer hardware should have or new users should be entitled to. I go with the flow or stagnate with only a dream to fall back on.

  108. I have an old Dell tower with XP on it. I had no intentions of ever putting VISTA on it. I still use it as a secondary computer and that’s that! I purchased a new Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop with an AMD processor and Vista on it. I love it. I have never had any problems with Vista PERIOD. I think most of the problems have happened when people try to install Vista on an old computer. And I agree with the statement about learning a computer. My elderly Father did not like Vista, but he does not like change. He knows how to do about 3 things on the computer that he likes and that’s it. He did not like the differences due to that. Understandable. I have been working computers for YEARS! Way pre-Windows. My first personal computer ran CPM for heavens sakes. Am I unhappy with Vista – nope — never crashes, quick and easy to use once you get the hang of its little quirks. Will I pay for an upgrade to Windows 7? Probably. But then again, I love new things and new technology.


  109. My wife has told me that I may not buy anymore MS products. I have been trying to get her to look at Apple for several years, and Vista finally did the job for me! I never though they would make a worse system that Milllenium.

  110. Rusty T., I sure hope you get your PC Pitstop issues fixed. My Optimizer does its job right: keeps my machine running lean and mean. PC Erase does its job just great, too. But then I’m a stickler about uninstalling junk I don’t use, defragging almost daily,running all kinds of scans, and keeping my desktop clutter-free. It’s second nature to me now, and Optimizer and Erase seem to like the working environment.

    As far as Visa and/or Windows 7, pah! double pah!

  111. you know ive been around windows sence 3.1 i watched all the operaiting systems grow and get better 98 a improvment on 95 then there wuz 98se..yet another improvment,…no body is perfect and to sit and go over all the code and make things perfect is very tedious and very timely, hence all the updates…xp as most of you may remember wuz junk just like vista when it first came out …it hade its problems and yes your 98 machine needed some hardware upgrades to run it properly…vista is the same as xp when it first came out…except for the gigantic jump in hardeware upgrades in order to run it..but you should thank microsoft for that.. sence vista wuz released the higher end hardware prices have droped tramendiously..there is allways gona be something better hardware and software…operating systems and weather they ar good or not is of a very personly prefrence…it took me awhile to switch to vista i am running ultimate x64 with all updates installed and havent hade a problem out of vista what so ever yes it needs more to run yes it not a perfect operating system but yet it is still a very cool op.sys. and i think a big improvment from xp ..if your system can handle it…the onley thing i cant stand is the driver signing BS. microsoft is doing i want control over my pc i want to run anything i want to run not what microsoft thinks is safe for me to run…if they continu to take that controll or more of it i may be looking for something else but i will wait and see with windows 7 and you can be sure win7 will have its problems to you will need to download updates and still deal with problems and one more thing …the problems that a pc might be haveing …in my experience is 95% the users try to do something and not fuly understanding what it is they are doing…that is my opion on windows in a nut shell not that it matters but if you hate microsoft because of the things they make or put out just quit buying it…im all for them and camt wait to go wast more money buying another obsilet o.s. for another year later ill probley be buying another one….big deal its all for a fun time…quit the hate…its the bigest problem in the world today…sorry about my spelling im a musician not a poet….

  112. If Windows-7 is no better than Vista I would like to see them shove it up there ASS than push it on the public. With that said [edited by administrator]bill gates. SF ROGER FLEMING

  113. ahh I see plenty o suckers for Apple’s company line. Sorry folks but APPLE’s os has as many problems as MS various OS’s and just as many security issues as well. But you never hear about them as Apple doesn’t have the market share to make it worth reporting on.

    Of course Microsoft could do everyone well by offering a very cheap upgrade for existing vista users. However, after 5 minutes of tweaking Vista 64 runs just as well as my old XP install.

  114. Well I have tried many windows version myself. The worst one was Me, kept crashing and had to use my CD to restore it at least once to twice a month. Then came XP which I can’t exactly remember, but think I bought it in 2001, it worked well for such a long time. Actually still works pretty well, and my husband uses it to back his CD’s to MP3s.

    I just bought Vista in August and it is the upgraded one. It gave me problems in the beginning, but I read many articles and reviews and it seemed to be Norton antivirus causing many of the problems. So I uninstalled Norton and am using another anti-virus system, I never used Norton anyways on any of my computers.

    At first, as with many new systems, you have to learn a new system all over again. I have never taken any computer courses of any kind, but do read lots. Believe me there are many features you can turn off and remove clutter you won’t use anyways, such as pre loaded music samples as well as samples of pictures, and those screen savers are not necessary, also as on other systems I had, I don’t use hibernation modes.

    I was afraid to get Vista for the longest time, but right now I am ever so happy I did. Once you get to know your computer, just like when you buy a new car, some features are not the same from one to another, but eventually people learn how to use them and where they are. Just explore your computer and read articles. I read so many reviews over a few months time before buying my vista and I got to know it ahead of time.

    And someone wrote in here how Apple always points out Vista’s flaws on commercials, made me think, that person was right, why does Apple dish out so much money for those commercials and always trying to bring down Microsoft.

    Oh and by the way, PC pitstop optimize is the only thing that keeps my old XP running better and faster. So keep up the good work PC pitstop.

  115. Ok, I have used all the OS from Microsoft since 1991. Yes, when Vista first came out lots of bugs with drivers, but I work with computers everyday, have XP and Vista at home and I have had no problems with Vista since I’ve had it for 3 months. XP when it came out had tons of issues for the first year. Yes Microsoft has monoply and yes they charge a ton for their products. Is the boot a little slow yes, but when it comes to playing my games it rocks.

    If you bought a system over year ago and had vista on it from then I would back up your data reload the system and then do all the current updates and should be good. You should also get rid of all the extra free application that HP, Sony, and other manufactures put on systems that bogs them down. I don’t know how many systems I look at and find that a little TLC can make them run like a champ but average user doesn’t know that.

  116. My goodness, people talk about Vista as if it’s the plague reborn.

    It is arguably the best Operating System I’ve ever used, and I’ve used all Windows versions, all Mac versions, and many Linux distros.

    What the general population fails to understand is that Vista was created with -security- in mind. XP is ridiculously susceptible to infection, which is why the majority of the users who post on SpywareInfo and other ASAP sites to clean infections from their PCs, have Windows XP.

    Yes, Vista is more resource intensive. Here’s an incredibly complex solution: have two gigabytes of RAM.

  117. Michael VanGilder

    On this issue, you need to look at this from Microsoft’s point of view. Technology is increasing at a rate so fast that the electronics you just bought are obsolete before you get them home. Now think about building an O.S. to run such hardware. It seems an impossible task at best. MS is doing the job at an acceptable pace for me. With data storage never finding a medium to call a base, how can one press on? There is talk of a nonvolatile ram being finished up that uses plastic magnets. Touch screen monitors. And CPU’s that have hundreds of cores, just to mention a few. MS must foresee these advances and build for them. That is why VISTA is such a resource hog, as it has been called. In the near future those resources that are being used will be nothing, or chump change. MS is looking forward to the days where you do not measure you RAM in gigabytes, but rather Terabytes. At this point a few gigs. Of ram used by the O.S. will be nothing. Look where you are going, not where you’ve been.

  118. Why in the hell did I ever buy the “New and improved OS” when in the next year I’ll need to buy another OS?? What does Bill drink, that would be an answer, or has Microsofts bloatware finally reached the pinnacle of uselessness. I am so glad Linux is here, available, and with the very minimum of quirks. Watch out Apple computing you are following a downward spiraling, of what the good old MS-Dos used to be, and the bloatware it has become…….

  119. Aaah a new operating system, perhaps they should call it Microsoft Wonders 7, yeah i wonders if it works!!!
    I must admit though I did build my PC recently and installed all the Vista drivers along with Vista home premium, I actually haven’t had any glaring problems, yeah it boots a little slower than XP and I get the Blue Screen Of Death a couple of times a day, oh and driver conflicts, oh and the stupid confirm administrator rights thingy, oh and the odd crash but hey its microsoft and they bought us the wonder that was MILLENIUM!!
    I just wish they would bring back Millenium!! Wow!!! what a glorius piece of kit!!!! LOL

  120. I have Xp home on two machines Xp pro on my gaming machine and Vista home premium on my Toshiba Satellite pro laptop, which has worked perfect since I got it,the only complaint I have is my Nero 8 wont run on my laptop, and Nero wont do anything to help, except offer to sell me the latest version of Nero which apparently does work with Vista other than that I dont have any crashes freezes, if I need any advice I just contact Microsoft who are always willing to help, if your hardware is up to it your software will work,

  121. Whatever…

    Vista is good to the point it sucks
    XP sucks to the point is good
    Apple just sucks but is damn Good
    Linux Just sucks

  122. My first system had the ghastly ME, enough said.Then i had XP,which was,and is still a very good OS.I then decided to build my first system from scratch.I installed XP on it, but, as Vista was coming, i used the specs, that would be Vista friendly when it came out. I then installed both Vista,s rc1, and 2,before buying the real version.I have had no real problems with Vista other than early driver problems.To me right now, it has catched up, and is better than XP.I now have 3 desktops, and 2 laptops running in my home.Only 1 still runs XP(which i will keep for memories).I will remember XP with fondness, but it is retired in my home.Doe,s that make it qualify for free bus and rail travel?.XP by the sea !!!.

  123. Myself I think MS should have just left things alone instead of releasing that farce they called Vista. Myself I refuse to use it in any way shape or form. The only reason they made it so that you had to accept it with new computers was because they knew people were not happy with it and sales of Vista were dropping. Talk about bad business decisions by a multi billion dollar Corp. Thats why I started building my own computers at leats then I would have a choice of systems to use instead of having a faulty one rammed down my throat.

  124. Screw windows 7!
    Microsoft should give us force fed Vista users a new version of XP 64, along with backdated drivers for the computers that Vista was preinstalled on.

    Is is possible to reinstall over the newer system?

  125. What I am not getting here is why all of you didn’t like ME. I had 4 different computers with ME installed on them & it was a good operating system.I previosly had a computer that had 98Se & it absoulutly was the worst. The only reason I got a computer with XP was Microsoft stopped giving the updates out to ME.Xp is a good system.I will probally use this one until Windows 7 comes out or they force me to ,as they did with the ME. My husband has 2 computers with Vista on them. He likes them very much. Vista is a large system & you have to have ample memory in order for it to run properly.

  126. Why does everyone think XP was good! It crashed and trashed three of my computers so many time that I was very warey about Vista and waited for over a year before upgrading.

    Since then I have had no more problems, all my legacy programs ran ok, the system is fast and reliable. As long as you dont mess with it too much Vista beats XP hands down.

  127. If you don’t like Windows don’t pay for it, it’s never been easier to get a pirate version and if you choose wisely you can get a version that fixes a lot of the annoyances of the retail version. I’ve run every version of Windows since 3.1 and never paid a penny to Microsoft.

  128. WOW, I had a new machine built and installed Vista Ultimate 64. Knocking on wood, I have had no issues, other than a couple of old programs that were incompatible. Boot up is slow sometimes but, I am running a Raid 10 configuration so changes have to be passed through all drives.

    My PC Guy will be happy to build one for you. If you match the hardware and drivers properly you will have no issues. It wasn’t cheap but if you want it to work, quit trying upgrade the OS without upgrading hardware.

    I had to wait till I could afford it so ran XP Pro into the ground. It is still on my old system. But I wouldn’t change back now.

    I am happy with VU64.

  129. When Microsoft comes out with the new Windows7 and does not offer it as a free update to Vista customers, I will be switching to Apple computers.

  130. I have been using windows since 3.1 came out. For every OS they have come out with there has been problems, time and time again. But not with everyone. The main problem usually ends up being the PC itself not being able to handle the new OS. Whether it be the Memory or lack of, the CPU (not enough power) and in some cases the motherboard. Vista will not work on all PC’s properly. The PC has to have the power to handle it. I had Vista on a 5 YR old PC that could barely handle it and it was frustraiting to say the least but used it for two years anyway. I recently built a very powerful system made to handle Vista but decided to go back to XP instead. What a pain in the arse that was. I had to go find all of the current drivers on my laptop then transfer them to my main PC via a flash drive. After using XP for about six months on my powerful PC I decided it was time to go back and try Vista again. It installed without a hitch. All drivers were there so i didn’t have to go hunt for the ones i needed (I did upgrade later). Software downloads without a hitch and the security is much better than in XP. Not a problem with a powerful PC. I have been using Vista for one year now and no problems. I have more issues on my laptop with xp SP3 than one would want. Remember that each and every year PC’s change so much in that they are ready for upgraded OS such as vista and the new OS 7 coming out next year. If you plan to upgrade to OS 7 then make sure your PC can handle it with ease not just barely make the minimum requirements. If your sys just makes it i guarantee you will have problems just like you did with xp or vista.
    PS – I use the Mac OS 10 at my work and have to say i really don’t like it too much unless i run vista on the mac. Also keep in mind that mac is essentially PC now with all of the Intel processors and chipsets on their motherboards.

  131. It’s not so much the OS that is the problem. It is all the junk that the computer Companys install on them that causes the problems! I bet most people that built there own pc and put a good motherboard in it have vary few problems.

  132. When MS released Vista Ultimate RC1 I had a new computer built to my specs and had it installed.

    Upon the release of Vista Ultimate I purchased the OS and installed it over RC1 which was contrary to the instructions whereby it was paramount to uninstall RC1 to install the new OS.

    The installation went fine and is still working without a hitch to this day. The only problem I had as with sound but of course this was never a Vista problem but a 3rd party hardware/software/driver problem which to this day has never been corrected by them. I simply purchased a Vista compatible sound card and overcame that problem.

    Now 2 years down the track I still have no problems with Vista and with my XP machine sitting right next to it, as far as boot up goes, I can boot Vista and be surfing the net a long time before XP even reaches the Login page.

    I also recall all the ballyhoo about XP when it was first released and people everywhere saying that they would never install it and stick with there current OS which in most cases was a version of Win98 but have a look now and XP is the norm.

    I honestly feel that a minority group have blasted Vista unfairly and as is the case with all minority groups, they tend to control the way people think.

    BTW, when I upgraded to XP it was also on a new machine built for the purpose and when Windows 7 comes out, I will more than likely go with it also on a purpose built machine. At least that way I will then have XP, Vista and Windows 7 running side by side for a complete comparison where I can make the judgement on which is better/best and not have to listen to inept people who simply install Operating Systems on machines that are not designed for that purpose and that is where most people run into problems.

  133. I actually have had a good experience with vista. I ran it on a gaming computer I built just good enough to run fear full settings when it was still in beta form and it ran ok. (had a couple bugs with the game interface but besides that it ran like a champ) then I ran it on my laptop when it was release which had a 1.8ghz core2 duo and 2 gigs of ram and it ran great without problems, even when it was released. Now I run it on that laptop, my new gateway gaming laptop (2.6 core 2 duo, 4gigs of ram, 8800gt), and my htpc with a single core amd and 2 gigs of ram on a and a 7900gt at 1080p and it runs great for everything. I would not call vista a failure. I think it just required more system resources than we wanted initially. I think that if it was released now it would do better. when it was released the cheapest you could build a computer to run it well was 800 dollars. now you can build one to run it well for 500 as long as you don’t buy a pre-built computer.

  134. I need a new PC but I am very concerned that my current installed programs won’t run on Vista! I am seriously considering a Mac because of this.

  135. Microsoft like wall street has idiots at the helm, qhat they should have done was stuck to the best software they had going an just update and come out with versions of XP like XP1 to XP4 etc. instead coming up with lame crap like vista and now windows 7. If there is any place thats in dire need of change it’s in Microsoft.

  136. I bought an Acer laptop with vista installed in March so I could use my commercial embroidery design software which cost over $10,000 on it while I was travelling or while visiting my customers offices. It is not compatible with vista unless I buy an upgrade for the software (which I don’t need) that costs over $3000. I have this issue with a lot of my work software which runs like a dream on my home built PC running XP.

    Vista will not let me go to XP unless I format my laptop. I just wish Microsuck would provide free help of a fix to enable this to happen. Until then all I can do is play games, check email and use it for word processing. Not at all what i needed it for.

  137. I have been the various configurations of Windows since 1999. I was stupid enough to buy Vista! Unlike XP, it cannot even remember my preferred desktop settings! I have given up on it! Unless there is a SEVERE discount for Vista owners to buy “Windows7”, I will run XP into the ground and then look elsewhere for a new OS!!!

  138. Seditious Monkey

    Wisely, I never made the change, even after seeing the Beta versions of Vista I had decided that as soon as the budget can bear it I will be buying a Mac. I also advise all my colleagues to do the same.
    ‘Viva la Revolusion’.
    The trouble with MS’ apology is that the whole Vista thing was an attempt to revitalise MS’s market share by deliberately rendering all drivers and third party software, and non-microsoft anointed companies impotent. If you remember MS blamed others for things not being compatible.
    So I ask, where is the value in an apology for a deliberate act of global domination.

  139. Well, it just seems that its Microsofts way. They make one good OS and the next two or three stink. Then comes along another good one (XP) and after that… the whole cylce just starts over again. I wait for it. 7 just might be aother flop util the next OS. Who knows… but im seriously considering a Mac before it happens to come along and ive turned 40 years old (im 33).

  140. I love vista too. In fact it’s actually more secure than other versions. The normall windows firewall doesn’t come close to the advanced windows firewall that is included with windows vista. I experiment with programming and I have multiple windows open all the time. I’m switching to make because of problems. It’s a fact that the newest mac version contains a number of major security loop holes. By the way. I’ve never had a game crash.

  141. I have to tell you that Vista has been a life saver for me. I don’t expect perfection in anything I buy especially not in software products. I keep my systems up to date both hardware and software. I never turn my computers off, they reboot themselves automatically when they self update and restore the work place on the screen to where it was before the reboot. Thank you Vista. I can also now run up to 20 or more applications of all types, including Adobe’s Creative Suite and MS Office programs many of them with multiple open documents and never a crash or a hang up. Thank you Vista. So the file system is a little slow, I can live with that.

    Vista does require “work” on the part of the IT managers to install and train their users and all I hear is whining and griping.

    Me thinks, that no matter what Microsoft comes up with, if it requires an IT manager to stand up from their desk that the product will be condemned.

    I think many of the problems with Vista could be solved by just changing out the IT managers.

  142. To Lyndon

    First updating is not a good idea. A lot of soft will not work properly, even you hardware could cause some problem if they dont have updated driver.

    To start;
    1: Try installing the latest driver for your video card, sound card, inf file from your mtb manufacturer if any. And every other pieces of hardware.
    2: You could try starting in debug mode i.e with msconfig and disabling everything that is not related to vista start up.
    3: Make sure your game doesn’t have a patche, if so install it.

    What game is crashing?

    But it really sound like you have a driver problem, probably your video card.

    Try what I said and come back

  143. All I can say, so far Vista has actually outlasted XP on this comp. Have only had to reinstall once every 3 months ‘cept every 3 weeks with XP (Yeah, my main drive is a lil dodgy with age…but Vista still manages to work really well with it)

    So all that bag Vista incessantly, even though it does have a lot of problems, try tweaking it and enjoy, at least it looks prettier 😉 hehe

  144. Ms Marty Hagglund

    hello folks.
    I have used vista from its begining . I have found it to be an amazing system . Granted most users are trying to upgrade and found disaster. Vista need more everything to work properly. Once I purchased machines that were built with the correct specs , there were no issues I read of.I cannot fault microsoft for this system .perhaps itsa a bit ahead of its time and certinally ahead of some less knowledgale users. Just my opinion.

  145. I understand the frustration with Vista. However, being a full time computer consultant and tech. it was not a difficult job to ‘Fix’ Vista. Mostly just removing all the junk.

    Once done Vista is a very stable and fast OS. Hold the boos, please.

    The problem is that the average user (no slight intended here) just does not know the inner workings of an OS to do the necessary tinkering and that makes Vista a bad OS.

    A computer user should not have to do any more reading of a manual to have a fast, reliable computer than they do to have a good toaster.

    The concept that one has to be a geek to fix the OS is bullcrap.

    I have yet to see a Microsoft OS that ran properly out of the box, period. Most can be repaired, however. XP with SP3, when tweaked, is a marvelous OS.

    However, MS should be doing the fixing, not the paying customer. And, yes, they do use the paying customer as beta testers……………

    Finally, although I was one of Apples most staunch advocates for many years, I switched to Windows with 95 and have never regretted the move. As I make my living keeping computers running to advise folks to buy Macs is cutting my own throat; with Windows they must call me (or someone) to clean up the accumulated crap at least annually. Money in my bank account. 🙂 If I still worked on Macs only I would starve.

  146. I have 2 vista computers. Both have worked without a hitch (and my work involves lots of spreadsheets and computer work)well into the 2nd year of operation. My games are very fast, and the bootup is almost instant. They both outperform the xp pro on my 3rd computer. I’ll probably just stick w/vista for a while, unless I purchase new computers. with 7 already installed.

  147. Windows is showing it’s arrogance again!!!

    Still they are a day late and a dollar short, Unless they are willing to upgrade my Vista run Laptop with teh NEW “7” for FREE, my next comp will be a MAC……
    Windows has Screwed all the PC Manufactures the World Over, with Vista…..
    And all they can say is “SORRY”, guess that is why Billy is so rich and the rest lose!!!

  148. One of the biggest reasons that our bosses had for not changing to Linux or Mac OS was that they “did not want to learn a new user interface” Guess what happened with Vista and Office 2007?

    No thank you, I am a happy camper with Linux (OpenSuSe) Much more stable and certainly does everything I need to do, often much more elegantly than Windows could ever do. I still have 1 PC with W2K Pro SP4 on and am dead happy with that as well – solid as rock and a real workhorse.

  149. To IT guy.
    Try doing something real with Vista and you will find out quick enough. I have a hard time believing you do anything more with your PC than surf the net. My system is brand new and powerful and was built for Vista. So why do my game constantly crash? Why is it after you activate Windows media center explorer crashes every time you right click om an icon or in you start menu. I only upgraded(or should I say downgraded)to vista a week ago and only because of DX10.This weekend I will be going back to XP which I had 0 problems with on my new machine.

  150. Looking through all these posts both for and against Vista it seems reasonably clear that a lot of the angst directed at MS has some basis in fact.
    I couldn’t ever try to justify the poor compatibility issues by blaming it on third-party software writers – that’s a cop-out – as MS took no less than five years to put Vista together, along with extensive beta testing and three release candidates.
    Despite this, they still went ahead with the launch in the full knowlege that much of the hardware wouldn’t be supported.
    Users see what they see on the screen, and it doesn’t matter a tuppenny damn who’s to blame if it doesn’t work.
    As for the old chestnut about XP having the same problems, that again is a cop-out; the fact is that the product should work out of the box, first time and with no issues.
    The fact that XP later became the industry standard for a long time isn’t remotely relevant; the shortcomings in the pre-SP1 version shouldn’t have been present either.
    I stayed with W2K Pro from 2001 right through until 2006, and in that time there were four service packs released for various reasons; however none of them were critical as such and mainly due to malware writers looking for security holes in the base code.
    In the light of what we now know about Vista, and despite what the pro-Vista lobby is trying to say, it’s clear that Vista was one step too far; full of unnecessary ‘options. bells and whistles’ that defeat the object of keeping it simple.
    I for one am not going to miss it!

  151. Knock on wood… I have had no problems with Vista. Still getting used to where all the settings are, but no crashes. Boot time is fine. Shut down is slow. I did like XP, but I still had minor crashes with it. I only upgrade OS when buying a new PC. I don’t love Microsoft, but I don’t hate them either. No service or product satisfies everyone. If you don’t like something, don’t use it.

  152. To all those complaining about how you’ll have to pay MORE money to Microsoft for Windows 7, just to fix the problems they already have in Vista:


    Now, what are you going to do about it? Because of this very situation I opted to NOT pay for Vista and instead gave Linux a try. These days Linux is amazingly easy to use and powerful (and of course free!). Try an open-source operating system that is regularly updated by people who are driven and truly care about improving it in every way! I recommend you download the award-winning OpenSUSE ( burn it to a CD. Then, boot with the LiveCD in the tray to try out this incredible distribution without changing anything on your computer. If you decide to install, the intuitive wizard will guide you step-by-step. I have been dual-booting XP and Linux, but I’ll probably get rid of Windows when Microsoft stops supporting XP.

    Linux- It’s not just for geeks anymore!

  153. Never went to Vista, figuered if I had to fight an OS, I might as well learn a new one; so I have Ubuntu on my laptop. I WILL NEVER USE A MICROSOFT PRODUCT AGAIN!

  154. I’m tired of hearing all you folks bashing Vista. If you all had not kept pushing and pushing Microsoft to get it out to the public and let them finish it the way they wanted it in the first place, you just might have really liked it. Also you folks had to tweak the OS after complaining about the security problems of XP. Microsoft put the UAC control in for that purpose and made the mistake to let us disable it, putting the computer right back at signing in as an Administrator and therefore opening the computer up to Hackers nicely.

    We the public love to hear about all the new items coming out ahead of time. However, we should just sit back and let it happen and not keep bugging the builders so they are forced to release something earlier than planned. This has a tendency to create problems.

    Saying things like I am going to go to Apple because Vista is a lousy OS is in my opinion foolish.

    For the afore mentioned folks I hope you are prepared to expend considerable more $Green$ for the shell and its contents and then even more for any and all additional items added there after. Don’t get me wrong with what I have just put forth, for the Apple computers do have their place in our society.

    If it wasn’t for Microsoft and the Gamers our computers would still only be in the hands of the RICH and those that create Graphics and Books.

    By the way, as more of you leave Microsoft for Apple and Linux you will see the viruses and bugs increase in them as they become more and more popular. HAVE FUN!

  155. I am a computer tech from Canada and from all the comments I read on the tarnished image of Windows Vista I am disappointed by all those people who tend to complainh and not take the time to fix the problem and to learn how to use Vista

    Secondly I am running Vista Ultimate on my computer for a year and I am not having any problems with it. The problem I see here with these people is they tend to have no patience in learning a new OS

    Also my advice to all never buy PC’s from Best Buy and do not buy HP Dell nor Gateway nor any brand you want to run Vista at High performance then build the system yourself

    Finally I had been thinking of going to Apple but why pay $2500 for a Imac when I can get a high end PC running Windows Server 2003 or 2008 for the same price

  156. Yeah, Vista was a problem in the beginning. But it works fine now, and Vista allows much easier connection for various mobile devices. Also, with XP it was almost impossible to put together a workable “Home Network”. With Vista there is no problem setting up a network with all the computers I and my family use.
    I’m glad to see Windows 7, but I’m more satisfied with Vista right now then I was with XP.

  157. why would a company develop an OS that will only work on new computers? oh ya its Bill Gates, da. some of us don’t make a billion dollars a year. i can’t afford to buy a new computer every time MS comes out with something new.

    I’m really pissed at the companies that install Vista on machines not capable of running it! should they not be held accountable? and what about the companies not updating their drivers? how many millions of dollars has his company cost businesses and ourselves “fixing” his OS? maybe he should pay for this! i’m sure the problems would be solved overnight.

    i really dislike Mr Gates, almost hate(oops let that slip) because he doesn’t care, he has an almost monopoly with MS but Apple is stealing a lot of business of his and i am hoping he will wake up and actually give us buyers some value for their hard earned money. he just doesn’t get it and maybe never will. he should at least offer current Vista users a huge discount for Win7.

    reading all of the above comments i see either you hate Vista or you love it depending on your hardware or machine. someone noted that MS has a site you can test your machine for compatibility, something i did not know. maybe MS should advertise/promote this site. i would also recommend if you purchased a new computer with Vista preloaded you go there and if these tests determine your machine is not compatible then take it back to the store you purchased it from and make them fix it, they should know better and be held accountable so they will stop this insane practice they are fully aware of.

    as for me i’m running XP. a friend of mine has Vista and has had nothing but trouble since she purchased it preloaded in a (DELL) laptop having many components replaced, some more than once. i wouldn’t want to disgrace the company (DELL) so i will remain silent(oops again)

    bottom line, i will wait until i’m ready to purchase a new computer, the “new” OS has a proven track record and after Bill has approved it himself thereby eliminating any excuses. in the mean time i am going to try Linux

  158. Vista, Vista, Vista, at this point anything is better. I think the new ‘7’ should do it. If it does not, then sell your MS stock ASAP because the public will not buy on AND business will be looking into other programs…..
    Maybe be even short sale Microsoft and make a bundle.

  159. I belive that Microsoft is not fit for Vista OS
    They do not know their besinees in building that sofware I am going back to Apple, it run faster and better in all the way. Vista had the same problem as millenium had and XP at the begining. Sorry for my bad English because I am a french speaking.

  160. Well it’s a debate. First I am an Network administrator. Where I work all new PC’s where shipped with Vista bussiness edition and to really be honest, beside a few glitches, they all run well. The few problem I had where related to drivers and older programs, and this was a real headache and cost my employer a lot of money. On the other hand upgrading to new releases wasn’t a bad idea. All my major issues where at the user level They were so confused with the new interface, as for office 2007 for that matter, that they complained a lot. Now in my opinion, this is where Vista and the software developper went wrong, they didn’t code for vista, they coded for XP and/or waited too long to make their releases compatible to Vista.

    Further more, for those of you complaining about the hardware needed to run Vista, bare in mind that at todays prices, a PC with 2 gigs of ram and a decent CPU will cost you around 800.00, not including monitor. So if your p4 is 4 years old then you should have stayed with XP if you didn’t want buy a new one.

    Now for thoses of you who want’s to get a MAC and thinking that your problems will be over, think again. Mac has bugs too, and don’t believe me if you want, just go a goole search and you’ll see, plus the cost of a MAC is equivalent to a real hardcore gamer PC or of 2 very good PC.

    With all this said, you still can buy Windows XP oem versions a local store, not best buy and cie, but local small computer shop. Computer supplier are still selling it and yes you can revert to XP even if you bought a new PC with Vista. Anyway in Montreal Canada it is still available

  161. dave, someone somewhere had initial problems with their os. vista is something completely different. i see it going the way of the edsel. lol

  162. That’s not all–did you try MSN Hotmail-Live Premium at @$10.00 per month???? Talk about Chutspa–it has more stuff that does not work, integrate, and is not compatible with its own Microsoft Outlook Software. All for $120.00 bucks a year??? I cancelled my subscription. I did opt for MSN PLUS @$20. bucks per year Hotmail Live Plus—clunky, limited in both classic and full versions–I wanted it for its “like-feel-” Office Outlook. I am soon to drop that as well. What is going on in the minds of management since our BG-Wizard retired to save the rest of the world? Fixing small glitches is one thing–A royal overcharge and hoodwinking the loyal client out of services claimed and promised?–
    Count me out Like–the woman unhappy after a 55 year marriage say’s to the judge–Your Honor!–Enough is Enough!-Next round–Here comes Mac.

  163. I happen to like my Vista. I have none of the glitches or problems mentioned on my computer. It is a newer computer so that may be why the Vista works well. I would take it over XP anytime.

  164. If you buy a toaster and it doesn’t work you get a replacement or refund. Why doesn’t anyone try returning for refund? If everyone who has suffered under Vista…that doesn’t work, and brings it back for refund would MS wake up??

    By the way – I got Vista on a new machine – 15 minute startups lead me to put XP on it. Vista now is a four letter word.

  165. ME for one i have used almost every windows out there then XP came out and i installed it fine on a 800Mhz cpu and 256 ram and it ran quite good. Now when Vista came out i was like most and wanted to try it but i had to upgrade Obviously so i upgraded to dual core and everytime cost a lot and now i am able to run either XP or Vista i prefer XP it runs a bit more smoothly then Vista but i like the looks of Vista better than XP. I for one will see what the new MS Windows 7 is like and go from there if i need to upgrade then so be it. Vista Yes had its issues from day one but didnt all the other OS’s that have been previously released and if you think about there has alwasy been a hurdle to jump when making a new OS from scratch so XP went to Vista (which is the hurdle ) and now to windows 7 which will be what was intended. I don’t know about anyone else but i know when i go to build anything from scratch the first few attempts are usually not what you had pictured or thought out so you make some tweaks and adjustments and go again just like XP to Vista and now to Windows 7 ( i think thewy can come up with a better name than that )

  166. I have XP on a desktop, vista on a laptop. I configured Vista the way I wanted it. Since I got rid of all the crap HP wants to load at bootup Vista has been great. My only bitch with Vista is that it thinks it is in control. After finding out how to log on as administrator, I finally showed it who is boss.

  167. All this whining and crying about how bad MS Windows software is and how expensive it is to maintain and update. There are alternatives.
    With out any effort I can think of 2.
    1 is called ‘Apple’, the other is Linux.

  168. I would like to go at least two days without a critical update from Windows I am running out of memory just from so called”critical” updates,this program sucks and this will be my last Windows product.

  169. Listen: Vista is a much better operating system if you (a) know how to tweak it and (b) put it on a newer PC. Don’t attempt to upgrade your old windows XP machine because it’s processor just doesn’t like it. If it works fine, don’t break it. However, the newer processors work great with Vista. One other thing: Microsoft ultimately had to wait to realease Vista because hardware manufactures didn’t upgrade their drivers. When they finally did release Vista some of the drivers had not yet been developed. Microsoft gave them plenty of time prior to release of Vista. By the way, XP had the same problem when it was released don’t you remember?

  170. Vista is not that bad, and they way it handles multiple processors/videocards is excelent. All windows versions start a little buggy, you guys are just all whiners. And people who think Apples have no bugs? HAH, who do you think you are fooling? You guys are just a bunch of bandwagon complainers. Guy whos computer wont boot, have you even updated your Vista? Did you check to make sure you computer would be compatable with Vista? (yes i know, they ship vista with computers that arent really built to handle it, but thats not Microsofts fault, blame acer). All in all Vista has one or two annoying bugs that I would like fixed and then I could use it till the cows come home. Also people whining about paying to go from xp to vista, and then vista to 7, If you liked xp so much why dont you just go back to it?

  171. The genius of M$ are firstly their legal team, followed by their highly professional sales and marketing.

    XP was satisfactory; Vista was a joke. But they still have almost 90% market share for OS.

    Congrats to the non software staff!!

  172. You know what I don’t get is why does Dell, HP,
    Acer,Gateway and other computer builders go along with puting this Microsoft Vista junk on their new machines. I to bought a new HP desk top with the Vista operating system, that still don’t work properly and alot of time has been spent trying to get all the bugs out. Some one tell me why I should trust Microsoft again. They have been blowing smoke for years.

  173. Ken, Lynchburg, Va.

    As someone suggested, it would be “fair” for Microsoft to offer Windows 7 free of charge to everyone who presently is using Vista, especially when preinstalled by the PC manufacturers. Only fair!

  174. Recently purchased a new Dell Laptop at a local retailer. I was required to purchase Vista and told that if I uninstalled it and put XP SP3 on the computer, it would invalidate the warranty.
    No problem with Vista on the new lap top. My other laptop, also a Dell was purchased from Dell just before Vista came out and was “Vista Ready” with a coupon to upgrade when it Vista was released. It runs XP SP3. Here is the joke. it has a 100G HD and 1MB of memory. Woefully inadequate for Vista.
    MS and Dell did not have the integrity to tell people, Visit needs minimum 250G HD and 3MB memory.
    If I could go back to Apple I would in a minute.

  175. Folks,

    This is an easy, albeit expensive, fix for the long-term…

    Buy a Mac that runs both OS’s and use Windows Vista or XP on that Mac under Parallels emulator.

    The Macs have long running ability and the OS is the most stable out there. Use the PC when needed and enjoy an OS that isnt full of themselves.

    Microsoft has created a monster, an industry of IT people to fix all the things wrong with PC’s and the largest Business Challenge we face in the states.

    I wonder if anyone has real data on how much productivity is lost due to Windows OS in the workforce – my guess, billions and billions in any given year period.

    That is the real issue – lets stop buying Windows and all of the baggage that goes along with this company and face the real ROI challenge head-on…get a Mac, life is much easier.

    As many IT people will tell you, if we all had Macs we be out of business…

    Good Luck Vista and good-bye, you will not be missed.

  176. Oh and one more thing… you shouldnt have to buy an Apple (not that there is anything wrong with them – they’re amazing)to get it.

  177. I see alot of comments above about people who have Vista and them whining about it being said like, “Oh well, you’re own fault.”

    Not if you bought a new computer since it was released,its not. I just bought a $1900 laptop for gaming. Vista-infected? You betcha!

    Hate it. But I had no choice. At this point no one has XP to put on your machine because Microsoft has such a monopoly they can do anything they want. And what they did was they simply stopped producing XP so when Dell, Sony etc… ran out, they ran out.

    Only thing I dont like about Vista, and it is a valid complaint, is that it is too limiting. Once again, you are paying oodles of cash to Microsoft Corp. for even less control over your own machine under the guise of it being “more user friendly.”

    We all know what happened when Microsoft makes stuff too user friendly though, dont we? Can anyone say ME? But seriously, there has GOT to be a middle ground where you still can have security but still be allowed to tinker with the $2k toy you just paid for.

  178. UAC doesn’t break applications, all you have to do is turn it off as administrator. I can already tell this is just biased with ignorant lazy people’s and/or people with a slow ass computer’s opinions.

  179. is funny to read some of these, i have not had an probs with any os,
    95 wasnt bad for its time, ME was fine for me,SE i used for ages as XP was a pile of junk at the start now i have XP on 2 machines running great, so no need for vista yet,
    as for some comments about XP i have got that running on..get this, a Celeron 300a mhz machine with 128mb of mem, granted is a bit slow but ugraded the mem and its fine, time will tell for windows 7,

  180. Bill isn’t one of the richest men in the world for nothing. So he won’t be giving anything away soon (even to make up for MS mistakes and blunders). Giving some credit where it is due however, Gates has made major contributions to the market by taking his chances. But he also takes the chance that he’ll lose his market if customers get tired of taking chances with him, with no expectation of REAL apologies from MS. I am studying open source, Apple, Linux, etc because Bill is a stubborn guy and I don’t expect he’ll change his ways anytime soon. Though I guess he’s not worried about all those potential MS customers he’ll never have because of millions donated to Planned Parenthood which is the largest abortion provider in the world.

  181. I don’t know what everyone is whining about. I’ve had a Vista computer for almost two years now, and I have never had a single problem with it. I’m an artist and musician and I create both with my Vista system. My system is faster, more organized, and more reliable than the Macs or XP systems that my friends are using. They used to make fun of me when I first bought this computer. Now most of them are jealous because my computer works better than theirs. There is nothing wrong with Vista, only the whiny, Emo retards who don’t know how to use it. Remember, nobody liked Win95 when it first came out either. Now, all OSes are based on it visual appeal.

  182. Fred in Norfolk, VA

    I just don’t worry about it any longer. I still have a laptop and desktop, both loaded with Windows XP, but I got fed up with Microsoft a while back. Their “Genuine Windows Advantage,” a piece of spyware from my perspsective, wrongfully keeps me from updating Office. The persistent and pervasive complications with Windows finally pissed me off for the last time. I purchased a 24″ iMac and have been delighted with it, though I did install Windows on it as well so I can run one job-specific program on it. My next purchase? An Apple laptop. My Microsoft days are over. Microsoft can keep its junk.

  183. I hate Vista, but with a reason. I work for a ISP Help desk.(need i say more)
    And while I myself run a OSX(tiger) laptop, a XP SP3 desktop, and use windows 2k at work. I haven’t “not upgraded” because I don’t like vista.I’ve played with many os’s (my desktop started as win 95 moved to 98 then hit XP, with hard ware upgrades along the way.) So I’ve had a fair share of playing with computers and fixing all kinds of issues.
    My mac, which I mainly use for media editing, and webdesign, has never had an issue. Its practically out of the box standard with a few extra software i can hardly coment on its abilities.
    My Windows PC’s however have been for more full-on use, and thus have had more issues. My XP computer is still without sound/audio after I installed a blu ray burner, and 5 ppl have had a look, (including a person I consider an IT god), to no avail. But other than that I’ve been fine for 5 years or so.
    I’ve used vista at work(on a test machine), seen the same kinds of errors and enjoyed some of the new features, but just don’t see a reason to upgrade.
    At work however it’s a different story. The amounts of calls we get for faults, purely related to the random new features of vista is amazing. We don’t offer full system support for windows only the basics of any ISP.So we have to point customers towards the abysmal Windows Helpdesk/callcenters.
    My god it’s amazing how stupid some people can be though. They’ve never touched a computer in their lives, and some cocky salesman cons them into buying a vista machine… It’s terrible. I’m simply amazed at how slow the “pick up and play” aspect of vista is.
    I self taught myself win 95 back in my teenage years, with relative ease, but Im now mid 20s and still can’t seam to figure most of vista out without googling for help..
    If Windows 7 comes out, please let them clone XP, and fix the flaws, just keep the usability for the OSX, I don’t care if its not pretty and it doesn’t make ppl go “wow”.
    I’ve never really looked into linux, not really a fan of open source software, especially if its critical like an os. however I’ve seen “fedora” at a mates hours (actually install on a PS3 hooked up to a 42″ widescreen tv…) and it seamed ok. So yea guess what I’m saying is, the os needs to fit the user. most 60+year olds will like xp, or macs and hate vista, but teenagers will slide into vista with relative ease. Let’s just who Windows 7 is targeted at.

  184. I think Vista will end up like Windows ME, the one the will be conveniently forgotten, and quite right too. Vista is a nightmare, the only real upgrade from Windows XP is XP64 if you really do need the extra memory for resource hungry applications.

  185. I have used various generations of Windows offerings since 1996 and still use XP at my office on a daily basis.

    I wanted a netbook for my upcoming visit to the US and when I tried to obtain a HP 2133 with windows XP there were none available, only with Vista. I’d spotted so many reports of Vista being totally inappropriate for the low processing power of netbooks that I chose SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop as the OS.

    Whilst it’s a culture shock realising how Windows-centric the majority of software seems to be, the Linux OS has proven to be fast to load and totally rock solid so far.

    If only Microsoft could understand the basics and benefits of reliability and low processing demand.

    They’re like the environmentally unfriendly gas guzzler car in times of fuel shortages, never mind the projected electricity generation shortfalls predicted for the UK in the years to come, that is likely to lead to regular power cuts unless demand reduces.

  186. If if “ain’t” broke, don’t fix it. I am at a loss as to why anyone believed MS in the first place. Why upgrade or purchase vista when, at the time, XP with SP2 was the most stable of any other version of windows. When version 7 comes out, I will continue to run XP, behind my hard-wired and software firewall and AV program. Don’t be a dumb-arse and had over more money for another faulty OS.

  187. I have a dualboot machine, with ME on a 10gb hdd and XPpro on a 80gb hdd, I have no problems with either, even the ME drive works fine (I use it to play old games on). I have had no problems installing SP3 on my XPpro drive either. So Vista? I don’t think so, I’ll stick with what I know works. I think the reason why I have had no problems with either, is that I am always carefull about what hardware and software I install, I always make sure I have the most up to date drivers I can find, I defrag both hard drives regularly, and make sure the registry is clean on both. At the end of the day, I have never been, and will never be, one of those people who rushes out and buys the latest thing, just because its new, my advice to people, stick to what you know works.

  188. One of the problems with VISTA has been the dishonesty of computer manufacturers. They will happily sell a computer with 1 Gb of RAM and running VISTA Home premium while fully knowing this version requires all of that RAM to simply run itself. They will also happily package such systems with 1.3 Mhz microprocessors knowing that is insufficient.

    The other problem is Microslop. They let a totally worthless OS out the door knowing that manufacturers would put it on their computers, in fact forcing them to do so.

    So a Microsoft pitch man held up a laptop and said that Windows 7 would run well on it. If he had been running that OS, I might have been impressed IF I was sure that the laptop had what he claimed. He could have held up a rock and said that Windows 7 would run on it. Holding something up and making a claim is worthless. Seeing the real thing working is the only valid test.

  189. When you get down to the root of it, most end-users dont care what OS they have, they care if their favorite APPLICATIONS work. Most computers, whether Vista, XP, Mac, or Linux, likely run some MS-Office program. If not, they run something “compatible” with the MS-Office file formats.

    IMHO, MS should focus more on their apps and making them work well on all platforms.

    The old model of hardware-os-apps will soon be replaced by hardware-hypervisor-apps. Only then will computers finally reach true commodity status.

  190. Windows XP rocks!! Vista Blows!! that is my opinion, and like one user said above, Vista should be trashed and those who own a copy of Vista should be given a free copy of the new OS when it is released, but I don’t doubt microsoft will never do that, they have been over charging for there software for years so why would they give a damn.
    If you can install XP on your machine then do so, you will be much better off in the long run I say.

  191. Gee, folks, I dunno…I have a gateway laptop that came installed with Vista Home Premium, and I’ve had no problems…


    zero, zip, nada…

    Of course, if yer beeotching because you tried to put it on that old Packard-Bell you’re too cheap to replace, that’s another issue.

    My 7 year old screwdriver built desktop is starting to show it’s age. It’s running Windows 2000, which was way better than 95 or 98. I’d put XP on it, but I’ll just get a new machine. But I’ll probably wait until Windoze 7.

    Micro$atan greedy? Apathetic? Where the hell y’all been? Are you all noobs? Just fall off the truck? Cuz this sure ain’t news…

    No vista problems here.

  192. First of all, friends, forget about the definition Operating System when speaking about 98, ME, 95.
    They just were middleware appications hiding the undelying MS-DOS.

    Till we, as users, don’t wanto to bother with system configurations, shall be bound to MS and their use of selling everything, including spybots on our PC, bullshit, bugs, security holes, and all the mess.

    I’ve just purchased a Aver M5610 (a quad-processor with 4 GB and 1 TB) that came with preinstalled Vista Premium, and spent 20 days in order to find the drivers for installing XP: it is tremendously fast.

    My next OS will be a LINUX, and goodbye to MS forever!

  193. Interesting comments. Shows you still can’t please everybody. All I know is I bought a new system with Vista a year ago, and it sucks. About all I bought it for was serious Internet work, and its so screwed up that it won’t even load a webpage now. So guess what I use? My VERY old machine with Me. Yep. The one ya’all hate. Chunks right along with no problems, except for the minor hiccup when a site throws in a lot of trash and it takes some time. I too don’t even turn on the new machine anymore.

  194. If people try to put a mustang engine on a tractor, it might not work as desired. I run Vista on two PCs with up to date hardware and have no problems, except seomof the old nuisances with networking, that XP had as well. Just Vista had been far more stable from the start.

  195. I’m just a housewife and mom. I’m not a computer geek and I know very little of computers, so I guess I need someone to tell me why it is that I’m suppose to hate my Vista.
    I’ve been using it with my new computer for about 7 months now. The only thing that bothered me (at first) was that it was a completely different look than I was used to. I had trouble figuring out where to find things and how to do things. It just took time getting used to it. Just like when I updated from 98 to XP. Things were a wee bit different. However, if I really want to, I can always switch over to the “classic view” and it looks just like the old stuff.
    I’m not sure what the fuss is about with the start up. My starts just as quickly as my machine with XP did. I think it may even be faster.
    However, as I said, I’m not a computer geek so I don’t have a lot of “stuff” on my computer. Just photo editing programs, movie making stuff and music downloading programs. Oh, and a LOT of pictures.
    I do know that there have been a lot of security updates, but I think there were quite a few with my XP program too. But I don’t have to sit here and okay them and wait for them to install. I have it all set up to do that sort of stuff at night when I’m asleep. I think it’s called Automatic updates.
    I almost didn’t get the Vista with the computer. I told the salesman that I heard a lot of bad things about it. (Mostly from here) He convinced me (he’s a salesman after all) to give it a try. I like it.
    But then remember, I’m just a housewife and I don’t know diddly doo about computers. Just that mine goes pretty fast, the ol’ man is jealous, and I like it.

    Jill Marie

  196. OH my xp runs great on the pentium and always has never let me down and to be honest i would have loved the laptop with xp on it still guess you have to mnove on.

  197. I just purchased a new hp laptop with vista pre installed and have an old pentium 4 with xp on it. new laptop boots up fine nice and quick runs fine but taking me a little while to re discover were everything is, so far i have no real issues with vista but i do have issues with all the shite that pc world pre installed along with it. If i wanted a 60 day free trial of norton i would have asked for it if i wanted to change my isp im sure the new one would send me a disc. I do not want to change over to BT i have been with them and dumped them because of their terrible customer service who’s attitued seems to be mind over matter ( they don’t mind and you don’t fucking matter)please retail outlets just load the os not all the othere crap that i have to spend ages removing.

  198. I don’t find Vista that bad in all fairness. I know I get the odd hanging window in IE7 but changed to Google Chrome to try and combat that, even though it doesn’t they have a more pleasant way of dealing with it. I must admit though, I used to love XP but just had to get a new PC as the old one kept dying on me, so got new one with Vista anyway. I do hope though, they give us a free copy of Windows 7 as I don’t feel it’s fair for those of us that didn’t really have a choice.

  199. As PC Pitstop relies so heavily on Microsoft for it’s very existence, I cannot understand why the majority of your comments are so negative. Perhaps we should all bear in mind that computers as we know them would not exist but for microsoft and , no I am not an employee of the company.
    I am currently running both XP professional SP3 and Vista SP1 on two machines. Vista is the better OS. Do your homework and ensure your computers are capable of running the appropriate software and there will be few problems. And ensure the BIOS is up to date. I have used every version of Windows from 95 to vista and had very few problems.
    I don’t have anything against Apple, but why have they been dragging their feet for all these years.

  200. My next machine will be a Mac thankyou. Until Microsoft manufactures software that has adequate RAM capabilities of at least 8 gigs I will not purchase anymore of their products, period!

  201. Why don’t you guy’s create your own OS than if it doesn’t work suiting your needs, addmiting that vista has failures is true, but I work allready one year with it and don’t seem to have lot of problems with it, well @ least as a tester not many more than i had in XP while testing

  202. Vista is not all that bad – and I speak as someone with 38 years computing experience. It works, even though it consumes a lot of resources. My main Microsoft problem is Office 2007. Apart from the awful “Ribbon” interface, which has unnecessarily hidden functionality with which Office users were completely familiar, it has caused me to have to reload a (very heavily loaded) development machine when its indexing broke. Despite many hours of work and lots of assistance from Microsoft Partner Program support, I could not successfully uninstall Office once this problem arose. I had followed Microsoft’s own advice about solving the indexing problem – which just made things worse. In the end the only solution was to re-install Vista and then all the rest of my software – which took 2 days (unpaid) work. Touch wood, it all works now – but Office 2007 is truly dreadful – slow and over complicated. I only keep it because of Outlook (which I need to synchronise my calendar). If there were a good alternative to that I’d happily throw it out. I now use VMWARE for all my development environments – that way I can keep the main machine clean and if a Virtual Machine goes wrong, I can chuck it away and build a new one!

  203. When Vista came out I rushed down to Staples and purchased it, then rushed home and instaled it on my one year old Dell XPS desktop. Let me tell you, installation was a snap. Have been running it since without one problem at all. Last November I received my back ordered Dell XPS M 1730 Laptop with Vista pre installed. It’s been almost a year now and again, not a single problem. Of course both my machunes are not stock XPS’s, I upgraded at the time I ordered. As other people have stated, dont try to install Vista on an old machine. Microsoft had a web site that would test your computer to see if it was capable of running Vista. Wondering how many of you people complaining about Vista actually went there to have your computer tested, or, even researched to see if it would run on your machine.

    As for Apple, well, I would only own one if it was given to me. I’m a gamer and there are not many of the games I like made for Apple. And that dosent go for just games. I have been researching my family (genealogy) since 1980. Find a good genealogy program for Apple that is as good as the one I have for Windows, not!!!

    Bottom line is this; for you people that groan and complain about Windows, please, just dont talk about switching to Apple, DO IT!!! That way us Windows users don’t have to read all your gloom and doom. As for the people who have problems wih Vista, please, in the future do research on the next OS to see if your machine will run it. It’s sounds like someone who went out and bought a Ford Pinto to race in the Indy 500 and after the race was scratching his head wondering why he didn;t win.

  204. Apple out selling Windows, millions downloading Ubuntu on the release date, making it difficult to download due to the numbers wanting this OS….

    Does this not say it all?

    Of all the computers I have dealt with and repaired, I must honestly say that Vista is certainly fast becoming another ME. Yes many people don’t have problems with Vista, but those that do find that good old Microsoft just does not seem to want to give support when it is really needed! At best their final answer is to ring a premium number costing you the earth, for which you spend the at least the first 10 minutes listening to their wonderful message telling you to press this button or that button. At £1.50 a minutes that’s £15 before you speak to anyone!

    No one seems to also mention the fact that Vista was said to be a 64bit OS but yet when bought in the shops in the UK you only get a 32bit OS. I know that in the UK for at least 18 months after release you could not buy a 64bit OS from anybody simply because no engineers had been trained to work with the 64bit OS.

    Dell had no engineers trained to work with the 64bit and their answer, if you wanted 64bit, was that you had to install this yourself. Of course no mention was made of this on their site, nor in any advertising at the time.

    I have numerous PC’s at home and one by one they end up with Linux installed. These then run for years without any problems, even after numerous updates. The same machines with Windows always seem to have some problem at some point.

    Linux has come a long way and is much easier to use these days. I have even dual booted a PC for my 11 year old niece with XP and Ubuntu. As time goes on I notice that she now spends more time using the Linux OS. When I asked her about this your comment was that “Well uncle! It does what it say on the tin, and does not slow down like Windows” I really think that said it all.

  205. Can’t understand all the hype just bought a new samsung laptop put all the software I needed onto it including MTU’s Hoster program and PCDJ FX DJ program used the system for work now for about a month and it has been no problem whatsoever start up time about 40 seconds ( thats a long time ) reliability so far 100% so whats the answer buy a system designed for Vista come on guys you were all warned that it would be a problem with drivers if you tried to upgrade and perhaps the various manufacturers should get their fingers out of their asses and update their drivers ie. Epson etc they make enough money out if as well

  206. GET A MAC!

    Isn’t that the easiest way to solve many persistent problems people have with Microsoft operating systems?

    Software for the Mac is much more available now than before. Increased demand for goods and services tends to increase the supply of same.

    Apple makes great products and has an excellent reputation for service.

    Reduce frusration: Dump Windows and get a Mac!
    P.S. I’m just a very satisfied customer, not an Apple rep or stockholder (much to my chagrin).

  207. Seems to me that we have alot of microsoft fans here, everyones moaning about the ms o/s their using/used but carry on using it and when ver 7 gets released I know your gonna buy it, fact, every os has to cater for diversity and lots of it! the point being nobody can anticipate the enviroment ie. software/hardware combinations and microsoft are no different. lets talk about the machines that we all use and their dubious components i just know there is meat in that argument also is reliability a software issue or a hardware lottery you decide people. Happy surfing!!!!!!

  208. What about the vast majority of computer users who just want to turn on the machine and get on with their word processing, graphics manipulation, surfing, gaming etc.? They couldn’t give a damn about OSs. They just want a computer that works. This is the mass market. Why do MS not exploit it? More profitable to come out with, and charge for, a new OS every couple of years? Well, maybe, but I think they are shooting themselves in their collective feet. Other companies are seeing the gap in the market and going for it.

  209. Been a windows user for what seems like an age, been through 95, 98, XP & now vista. They have all had their problems but by far and away the worst is vista. Some of my PC’s are old but the one i use mostly is top end gameing machines built by me. I now run most of my machines as dual boot with XP sp3 and Linux Ubuntu I now find I am mostly useing Ubunu for general day to day PC use I love its fast boot up & user interface plus its absoloutly free & rock solid stable. I only ever now use ever windows when i have to run an app i.e. a game that needs windows
    I can see a future where I will ditch windows completly and migrate totally to Linux

  210. Vista was, is, and always will be junk! I have both 64 and 32 bit versions at home….in their boxes!

    I run 3 desktops at home, all on XP Pro and have no problems what so ever!

    MS, keep your Windows 7. After all of the failed promises of your Vista product I think you will be hard pressed to make that sale!

  211. I cannot help thinking, here we go again, like every version of Windows, “This proggy will be better than ever”, “Get the latest all singing and all dancing Windows”, “buy the latest, and be the first to try out the bugs”. I use XP with SP3, it sort of does the job for me, after all, like the computer, it’s only a tool, but one that we spend forever trying to maintain, then they include the option to run older programs without problem, yeah right!!! I really wish they had not dropped the option to run DOS based programs too, call me old fashioned, but after spending the earth for earlier versions of Windows, to find that none of them could run my 3D Studio R4, that I paid the universe for, instead, I built a machine that ran DOS, just to get the work done, I wonder if this new Windows 7, will include the old DOS that MS dropped years ago?

  212. I almost see a pattern here. Win 95 to 98 went well, considering. Then 2000 was better but Win Me was a mess. Then XP came out and was fine. Now vista and problems. But I have friends who swear by Vista.
    Is it possible that whether or not Vista is a slouch may depend on the user and whether or not they understand what a pc needs in order to run it well?
    I have Vista in my workhorse in the basement and althouth I misunderstood it at first and uninstalled it to return to XP, I have since then reinstalled it on a different hard drive and kept XP on the other so if I need XP in this machine later all I have to do is switch hard drives and not activate again. I have kept the Vista in it and am having no problems other than getting used to the differences in the interface and where things are. It has a good pci express ATI video card I got for around 70 bucks, 2 gigs of ddr 400 ram and an AMD dual core cpu on an Asus A8NE board all of which I bought from an onling parts seller and it works well. I stuck it all in an older Antec case with a newer Antec pwr supply of 450 watts.
    Remember, when Vista was first sold with new computers, these machines did not have enough ram and had onboard video and should not have been sold that way without warning customers that they would need to upgrade them or buy a more expensive machine if they wanted performance. Those who bought the bargain price puters got no bargain this way. Especially if they were not upgradable .

  213. Hang on a sec, guys…

    Before either of you two sides pull out the knives, there are a couple of things to remember:

    XP guys, keep in mind that Vista is not inherently evil. Microsoft released a new OS that they thought would offer things that appeal to their target users. Early buyers should always beware, especially when it comes to the architecture for your computer. Also, do a little bit of research or listen around. I remember hearing before its release how Vista was going to be essentially a paid beta test for a new OS to come, and I have no connections/subscriptions to the computer elite.

    Vista folks, keep this in mind. No, you have never had any problems with Vista. Some people have, in fact many have to some degree. Even without crashing/compatibility issues though, that by itself is not a reason to buy a new OS. I think cost vs. benefit is the best thing to look at.

    Look at it this way: If you were to buy a V8 car, and it ran like a V4, you’d be very mad at the company who made it. In essence, that is what the XP faction is trying to say. Yes, your Vista runs fine. At the same time, many of you are talking about buying dual-core 4g memory machines. Meanwhile, with the resources Vista uses, your machine probably feels the same as an XP machine with less muscle. Why buy more computer to have it eaten up by an OS? That brings us back to cost vs. benefit.


    The first part is the money cost, which is pretty easy to quantify, but it varies between people. You may have bought the OS for your old computer, and that’s the cost. You may have done that and upgraded. You may have bought a new computer for using Vista, at a bit more cost. Or of course, you could have been getting a new computer anyway, so there is really no extra cost moneywise.

    Then there is the resource cost. Comparing different systems with different OS’s is just ridiculous. No matter how you slice it, a computer’s hardware will run faster with XP than it does with Vista, simply because Vista uses more resources to run. So, having Vista costs more of your processor cycles and memory space.

    Finally, you have a time cost. Vista has things in different places and different bells and whistles. If you want to turn off the UAC, that costs you time. You have to learn the new file structure. Transitioning to a new OS/new computer will always spend some of your time. You have to figure out how the new OS works. Then there’s file transfers, setting twiddling, removal of bloatware, download and installation of programs you use, and whatever else it takes to make the computer feel like yours again.


    Alright, now here’s the tricky one. What do you get out of having Windows Vista? This is where you answer how Vista is better than XP. Everyone’s answer is going to be different on this one. Some of the people above would say that Vista is worse than XP, so to them any cost is not worth it. It is actually worth money to them to not have Vista.

    For me personally, the benefit is slim. It would recognize my full 4g of memory instead of 3.2, but I don’t care much because it would also eat up extra memory. I wouldn’t use a USB drive for extra memory, because it doesn’t all get used. The UAC is a royal pain to me, as I couldn’t easily find where to shut it off. I’m sure there are forums easily accessible, but again that’s more of my time. The only other benefit I can think of is that Vista looks “shiny”. It has a different graphics scheme, which doesn’t impress me that much. It has a number of gadgets built in, which can be handy, but I’m sure could be covered by 3rd party software for XP too. That is if I cared about them in the first place. So, that is why I prefer XP, not because early Vista crashed or that it wouldn’t run on an old machine. I prefer XP because the benefits of Vista are slim and the costs would be substantially more than the benefits are worth to me.

    To sum up this epic post, both sides of this argument are “right” in their own way. One side sees enough benefit to justify their cost, whatever it may be. For the XP group, either the cost would be too great or the benefit is to small to justify the switch.

    Man, I think we could all use a hug right about now. Guys? Come back… How about just a high five or something?… Anybody?

  214. One thing I forgot to say……it has taken me about 4 months of running dual boot Vista/XP and I’m still not quite ready to fully migrate to Vista. It wasn’t like that with XP, I installed it and never looked back…..I never hankered after 98SE again. For me to move to Windows 7 I’ll be looking for majority positive comment……I don’t want to have to dual boot again for 6 months until I am confident enough to go it alone.

  215. I bought Windows 95 the day it was released (on my first computer), then I upgraded to 98SE. I skipped Millenium because 98SE was going ok. I waited until SP2 to upgrade to XP and I love it. Then I waited 18 months to upgrade to Vista Ultimate 64. The only problems I have had have been trying to get Vista compatable and 64 bit versions of programs to do things that I already have programs for with XP Pro. I like Vista……I don’t love it like I do with XP. It has no WOW factor for me…’s like XP with pretty bits.

    I haven’t had the problems that a lot of people seem to have, but then my pc is pretty current. I’ll probably wait until the jury comes back on Windows 7 before I rush more of my money into Microsoft’s coffers

  216. I still use 98se and have wiped even XP from all my computers. I keep 98se due to software I use but also have Ubuntu as a dual boot system for later media based software. Why bother with Windows at all when there are Linux distros out there that will do what is required from a computer.
    The 98se OS I do use is faster than any XP or Vista OS I have used and is not as bloated. Admittedly it requires third party software to safely back up the system, but rather that than rely on Windows to do it for me.

  217. I was one of the few who decided to purchase OS/2 Warp instead of Windows 95. For it’s time it was an excellent and very stable operating system. It had a much cooler GUI and I was quite happy with it. It was definitely a superior product to Win-95. The only beefs I had with it were: (1) Insufficient documentation. (Actually, the documentation was on the install CD, but that didn’t do you much good while you had the CD in the drive installing the OS). (2) The install program was a bit too cryptic for laymen who lacked the install instructions. (I will not that some versions of Linux also suffered from both these install limitations,) (3) I never could figure out how to set-up a local network with OS/2. (At one time I had OS/2, Win-95 and Debian Linux partitions). I finally replaced OS/2 with Windows 98SE so that I could use USB devices and some of the programs I needed that would not run on OS/2’s “Pseudo Windows”. XP Pro is what I use now.

  218. I bought a brand new HP laptop with vista, and its not even a year old and i will have to buy a new one pretty much soon, it constantly crashes, freezes up even explorer no longer works , and when it tries to it messes up my whole Pc, nearly had the dreaded black screen of death a few times wont even let me update to SP1 For now Ive switched over to firefox which I think is more user friendly, but i know once i trade in this laptop my next one will be apple. not all of us can afford to buy new laptops every time a new OE comes out and Im sick of having too wth microsoft.

  219. VISTA sucks ..Bill Gates has millions, he should upgrade all VISTA users to WINDOWS 7 for free..After all, I sent him a sympathy card when the FEDs took 1/2 his money..then I sent a congrats card when they had to give it all back.

  220. i have been running vista ultimate with no issues. i ran home premium since it came out and upgraded . ppl whined when xp first came out. this is no different. you need a good reliable machine to run it. not some boat anchor.
    and if you do have an issue contact Microsoft. the techs will help you solve it. heck i even had then help me get nerovision5 to work better. i couldn’t get the help from Nero.
    Ask for assistance instead of bellyaching

  221. After watching people having problems upgrading with Vista, I decided to stay with XP. Vista and Microsoft ME were the mentally was, MS don’t care about quality, just how many features it can add…lol…Microsoft has to learn the more stable, secure, and compatible it is, the more software they will sell…

  222. I can’t believe people rush out to get any new and “improved” Windows with the track record that Microsoft has with their new operating systems. They are always let go in the wild when they should still be in Beta. You would think people would catch on after all these years. For many years my rule as been wait at least a year minimum before even thinking of buying one of these new releases, Windows ME being a prime example, looks like Vista is in the same class. Within a year, hopefully, Microsoft has patched and upgraded and service packed enough to make a product worth a try. If not , guess what? You don’t get stuck. In the case of Vista before it was even released there were enough experts out there with negative remarks to warrant NOT buying it, and they were right.

  223. firstly, it is nice to see M$ admit some fault, long time coming.

    Max Ferro, I have a tablet (IBM) that lost all formatting etc. Didn’t have a recovery disk, and couldn’t install anything. Then I created a recovery disc set from a lenovo (IBM) R61m and the used tht to format and install Vista. That is what’s on the laptop.

    I was then able to insert the XP disk (remote USB CD burner) and install that to the tablet and completely wipe the vista install.

    It made this tablet run about three times faster. 1.4Ghz and 1 gig RAM

    Good luck.

  224. Going back to XP? Getting 7? I don’t think so. I think I’ll be going MAC. At least their OS is stable. I’m tired of sinking tons of cash into Bill’s wallet. Let some of the other kids on the block make some money.

  225. I learned the hard way with Millenium. But I did learn, and didn’t waist any money on Vista. Next time I need a computer it will be an aapple. When will MS learn that just because they control the market now doesn’t mean they will control it forever. They are so arogant.
    They won’t give you 7, they don’t have to. They know you won’t go buy a mack
    Good luck to all who wait for MS to do the RIGHT THING

  226. Well I haven’t got Vista after reading about all the problems other folks who ran out and got it had with it.
    Albeit I am sure some are with machines that cannot run it well with not enough Ram or to slow of a CPU size.

    But for me I would have expected it already to have some issues.
    XP did when it first came out but mostly with hardware & driver’s as some older games wouldn’t run on it.

    I wanted to wait and see what other’s had to say about Vista first and see how they liked it and what problems surfaced.
    Some had good luck and some didn’t.

    I’m sticking with XP Pro with SP2 only for now even on my new Gaming machine.

    If Microsoft want’s to make nice they can come out with a DirectX 10 and 11 that’s compatible with XP until they can get a good O.S to work with everything.

    Then I’ll see how this even newer O.S. that’s in the works runs.
    They really need a Lite & Fast version of there O.S.!
    Not all this crap we don’t need or want.

  227. Running Vista Ultimate 64Bit. Works as well as XP did. And Windows 95. And 3.1. I do recall similar moaning and groaning about XP when it came out. Seems like these folks would’ve griped when the horseless carriage came out and they were upset because of the demise of the horse-drawn buggy. Unix/Linux/Ubuntu/Fedora/pick-a-name has too many peculiarities or dare-I-say-problems for the average user. Mac? Maybe because not that many folks use it, you don’t see the wide-spread problems and different attacks or viruses against it. So do you folks want some cheese with your whines?

  228. I just beat the rush and didn’t get Vista. No one could give me one good reason to get it. There was zero excitement about that OS, none. I don’t even know anyone who’s pirated it. From what I hear of Windows 7 it’s just Vista with a new coat of paint.

  229. So now that I’ve spent thousands on four computers with Quad processors and 4 GB of RAM each to push the elephant, Microsoft sees the Light, Vista is Bloat-ware. Forget the Vista purchase, Give Me Back the $$$$$$$$ spent on hardware, since no one here is a gamer. Better yet, since its a recession, why don’t they just bring back a nicely and securely tidied up Win98. Anybody tried it lately?—It’s a Speed Demon.

  230. I really have no problem with my 64 bit vista..
    its smooth running ,a little annoying at times ,but i think this is a great o/s that was not launched properly, and was given a bad name by people.

  231. Throw Your tweaked down killed half off Vista and You end up with a poor edition of XP PRO, sp2, I have now helped 23 seniors who bought computer laptops with Vista Home, They Called because they couldn’t get to see their childrens pictures because every button caused a popup asking Yes or no, All novices they thought the best thing was to say no. That locked them out of seeing pictures, and so on and so on. As a Group We all went to Purchase store and said either give them back their money or throw in an XP Pro intel chip. All Got new Comps with XpPro. They are all Happy with their comps now, with net.3.5 and sp2. Thier Frustration has Turned to Computer interest and they are beginning the process of Joining the Computer Community with a Fun attitude. I have only had to go to any of their homes to assist in installing new programs they have purchased and are still learning how to install. Never a Problem with any program they have installed. Luving the fact that Microslap has almost discontinued their feeble adds, which NEVER mention the Word Vista, they are that ashamed. Windows 7 and 8 will be XP by another name and Vista Owners will be left with no update options as Microsoft will drop it like a hot potato once another o/s Like XP is sold. I note that all major manufacturers are offering XP again. Even advertizing in Bold on Flyers.

  232. Well, Humour, if I might guess: Windows ME (Millenium Edition) is the bomb that MS dropped after coming out with, perhaps, their best OS yet- 2000. As I recall, ME had probably the shortest life of all of them. Question: Was ME or Vista worse? I only heard of some flaws with ME, but I’ve had a bad taste from Vista- especially at first. Thanks to the Pitstop and one of their articles on how to speed up Vista, I’ve eliminated much of the sluggishness. Microsoft really should have built some sort of patch to tweak Vista automatically (turn indexing and other worthless stuff off).

  233. Unlike many of you techies that had to have the newest and the best, I waited until Vista was out for a while and heard all of the terrible reviews. They I simply made sure my new computer had XP on it. Still seems to be working great. Sorry for your problems.

  234. The day that Vista was released, I got it as an upgrade. It took two days on the phone with an engineer from Redmond to get it installed, but they stuck with it. I run my Vista machine with 2GB of DDR and with the exception of a scanner that HP wouldn’t supply Vista drivers for and an old digital camera, I have had no trouble with hardware. I even run programs that I bought to run on 98SE and have no issues with them. I also run an XP SP3 machine side by side via a KVM switch. I mainly use it for the scanner and as a stable machine, keeping IE 6 for web page debugging. My computer of choice is my Vista machine, hands down. But then, Barb likes her ME which I never had any use for. Maybe we’re both just lucky?

  235. I have been running Mac osx and Windows on Macs as long as they have been using intel chips.Both are rock solid on a Mac.The main advantage is access to c drive when in osx.I think Vista is great and totaly safe as is osx, I think the main problems with Windows is the 2nd and 3rd party drivers for the mixed bag of perisphericals and components in a Wintel machine. I am sure they slow everything down.

  236. A couple years ago I started exploring Linux. What a treat! Using openSUSE 11 right now. Secure and much less maintenance. Audio, video and office apps work great and are included. All this and it’s free to use and distribute…..I won’t be looking back to XP or ahead to Windows 7.

    Go to, pick any one of the top five Linux distributions and download a “live” cd or dvd. You can boot your pc and run the OS from ram and your optical drive without touching your windows hard drive. This will give you an idea of what is available to you as an alternative to Windows. You won’t be disappointed 🙂 . When your finished looking, reboot, take the cd/dvd out and your back to Windows with no harm done. It really does put the fun back into using your PC or laptop

  237. I’ve had Vista home premium on a new HP soon be a year (at Christmas). I haven’t had amy trouble. It boots in one minute thirty seconds.My HP desktop has three gigs of ram. I have a HP laptop with Vista home premium and it works just fine too.

  238. I Am At A Loss To Understand Why We Need Another Operating System, I Have Had Vista Since Beta Testing and Havent Had A Single Glitch Of Any Kind, Vista Is By Far The Most Reliable And Easy To Use OS Of All Of Them And I Have Had Them All. My Only Complaint Was That They Were Slow To Get All The Drivers Up And Running Fast Enough. It Will Be Years Before I Try A New OS.

  239. I knew it..they made me get Vista if I wanted to play year Halo3 is suppose to come out for PC’s..wanna bet you have to have the new Windows 7 to run it.
    Overall I have no problems with vista in general..I have vista 32 bit and vista 64 bit for gaming.Only problem are the drivers for the 64 bit..or lack of

  240. I went down the entire list and did not find one person who had anything good to say about Vista. I have had Vista for over a year now and no problems whatever, encluding boot up time. Fresh boot about 2 mins. Before I had my laptop built and did a lot of research on Vista. I knew going into this there may be some problems. So, after my laptop came to me preloaded with Vista 2g of RAM huge hard drive I immediatley reformatted to Vista Ultimate 64 bit OS 4G Ram, 1 200G 7200 RMM Harddrive and one 160G. Here I am over a year later and a very happy camper. Am I the only one who saw the writing on the wall before Vista came out and premptively took care of the problems.I get no virus, no bad register settings etc. I have run almost every scan there is and alway comes back with “no problems” system running normal I am beginning to wonder if the present day computers offered to the general public are adequate or even really compatible with the regular VISTA OS. Just a thought
    Wish you all the best. I am staying with Vista. I wish my email address was posted if anyone would have like to get back to me. Honestly I am just and average guy and don’t work for Microsoft. But I have a few other friends who have done the same as I and are just as happy.

  241. I took a fifteen computer class at a Community College. All the lab computers has Windows Vista. The instructor insisted that we do all are lab homework in Windows Vista. Finding my way around the software wasn’t that challenging, but learning the terminology, and trying to understand what Bill Gates, and Microsoft were doing to the end user was stupid. Here’s a chuckle. Instead of doing extensive field testing on Vista, Microsoft gave it to colleges in exchange for feedback. Sure helped the corporation’s bottom line, but it really added to my frustration.

  242. Towers of Babel, PC Operating Systems: Being rooted in the UNIVAC 1107 punch-card tech, IBM 360, Digital Equipment PDP-8-S (yes, the ‘S’ stood for a serial data bus), 6502 SBCs, Berkeley UNIX, Apple IIs, CP/M on a Kaypro and everything else since 1980, I have to say that the idea of a general purpose operating system that tries to do everything for everyone is a fool’s errand – and always has been. Every competent programmer comes to understand, after more or less trial-and-error learning, generality comes at the expense of specificity, speed, size, power, human-factors etc. Near-infinite generality leads to near-infinite inefficiency (unless one measures efficiency in number of units sold). While historic gains in productivity are attributed to computers in general, those estimates conveniently ignore the googolplex hours of time spent (wasted?) developing and learning one iteration after another of questionably designed – and even more questionably marketed – products that try to make billions from millions by promising the world and delivering something just north of swampland real-estate.

    That Vista came a cropper was no surprise as the trend of MS development quality had been apparent for a decade and a half as had MS’s exploitation of the abandonment of anti-trust legislation development and enforcement in the U.S. – the fundamental “de-/non-regulatory” failure that’s responsible for much of what’s wrong in the U.S. economy and society today. The current oligopoly in PC OSs (barely that, as Apple still has only a minor fraction of market and open-source, less still) leads to all the inefficiency, waste and exploitation that monopolies and oligopolies are famous for (e. g., Gm, Ford and Chrysler). IOW, MS is where it is because 1) it was allowed to destroy any potential competition (the best form of regulation and the only societally and economically justifiable form) before it got off the ground, and 2) exceptionally creative non-MS programmers made some superlative applications that managed to run under MS OSs, not because MS produced a better product or the public had a choice between competitive products (Apple was content to struggle along in it’s own proprietary universe that eventually has paid off for the corporation, if not the public, but only after decades of trying).

    To the point, without reciting the shortcomings of Vista or its predecessors, attempting something for everyone (and trying to subsume more and more non-operating-system-functions into the OS – or make them OS-dependent) has led to incomprehensibly complicated (even to its designers and programmers) and inefficient product that has many different levels of users, each with their own standards, needs and desires, but neither of which can communicate intelligibly with any other levels that don’t share either their values or their ambitions for the product.

    Babel all over again. It may have to fall before the vanity and greed is fully revealed for what it is and for all to understand or new avenues can be pursued.

  243. Personally, I have had 98SE, ME and currently XP(mce). I am ok with XP, although it has taken some tweaking to get it to the point of working well, and fast. Although slow boot up is still an issue. When this computer is done, I will no doubt, replace it with a Vista based system. I WILL not spend the money required for an Apple.
    One last point of interest. All those of you who have nothing better to do with your time then to talk badly about OS’s, perhaps you should spend alittle more time learning how to operate your keyboards. The writing in here sounds like 2nd grade English!

  244. I had to have a laptop for work (Self Employed PC TroubleShooter). There were no NEW XP Laptops available; at that particular time so I got stuck with Vista. Got BSOD on first boot ; had to use my desktop to find XP Drivers based on HP Laptop specs; I still have 4 ” UNKNOWN” Hardware without Drivers – I have run every Hardware identifier;Driver Updater – and can’t even identify the Hardware and HP has been absolutely no help because Vista won’t boot and they won’t support XP on this laptop.

    I have paid Microsoft for over 20 Windows
    Licenses ; if I wasnt a PC troubleshooter I
    would have an Apple !!!

  245. Well this is all the better reason to stop buying MS anythings. Linux is a better way to go. I installed Freespire, which is free, looks and works much like XP, just point and click, unless you like to write code then you can do or change anything with ease, and along with it ALL the software I will ever need but the Wallet busting price of yes FREE was strange to deal with. Safe and secure no troubles no problems and no worries now.
    So now I can save up to buy one of the new quad core boxes with lots of RAM and Terabyte hard drives for cheap and get a real boost in performance for about what I would have had to give to Micro-soft for lousy software not to mention all the time their stuff wastes.

  246. My HP notebook performed so poorly with Vista (even after de-crapwarification) I bought a copy of XP. Despite HP’s crapclaim that “drivers are not available for XP” (who paid ’em to say that?) MS automatic update downloaded the right stuff for XP. Happy camper ever since! Next time I WANT TO SEE their OS boot up and run before I buy.

  247. I purchased a new Dell Computer with Vista pre-installed. My wife purchased a new HP Computer with Vista pre-installed. A huge mistake by both of us. I have since finished cursing at Vista for backing up without asking me, with downloading updates and resetting without asking me while I am doing something else. I have finished being dismayed with it slowing to a crawl while the TV guide is updating without asking me. I have solved all problems on my part with installing Ubuntu Linux 8.1. My wife is still being angered at Vista with her home computer and her new computer at work. We will not hold our breath for Microsoft to come up with something better. It may not be possible and it may take a revolt by open source to waken Microsoft up.

  248. I have been forced to accept the Windows OS systems as they are released with much promise as how wonderful the next release will be.I hope they work on my new Apple.

  249. Have Dell cheapest quad core with Vista home premium SP1 for several mos. Bootup is about one min. – 20 sec more for norton 360. have 3gig mem, 300gig HD. never had any problem from Vista but question whether it is that much better than XP – Ed

  250. I have had Windows Vista months after it came out. Haven’t had 1 problem with it. Software and cars are the same, never buy the first few models that come out, they always have problems. Let them fix the bugs, and then purchase it. Windows 7 will be no different. There are to many people in this world that do different things with computers. Like trying to hookup a 12 yr old printer with no drivers, can’t believe you can actually get ink. If your looking to upgrade, buy hardware that works also or you will have problems. As for linux, it is not user friendly. I have tried it, and really don’t have the time to figure everything out. Vista is so easy and is user friendly. UAC pain in rear but you can disable it.

  251. I was a beta tester for Vista, I’m just a regular computer user, but could see right away that I didn’t want it on my main PC. I run several. It would NOT work well, if at all with my hardware, software, and was a real bear at trying to get it to do things I normally did very easily. For those reasons I NEVER upgraded from XP to VISTA. Even when I bought my wife a Laptop for XMAS last year, I insisted on XP being supplied with it, that was when you had a choice.
    From what I’ve read and heard, I mad a great decision and saved my money.

  252. I upgraded to Vista as soon as it was released, also upgraded my pc.
    I love Vista i have no problems at all with it, all drivers and hardware work fine, all my programmes work on it, i have 4gig of ram and this is easily enough.
    Start up times are no different than xp, everything about this OS (in my opinion is better than XP).
    I built my conputer to run Vista, i think a lot of people that have probs buy their comps from shops, the only way to have a comp work the way you want, is to build it yourself with quality parts, or have someone build it for you, it will cost more but you get a very good comp.

  253. Bought a new desktop 3 months ago. Vista stinks so bad that I’m glad I didn’t throw out my old desk top. Its back in use and the new one sits in the corner collecting dust. Havent turned it on for 2 months. Apple is leaving a better taste in my mouth now.

  254. Forget about it. I am not going to pay hundreds of dollars for an item that they want to control after you give up your money,they tell you how many times you can use it.How many computers it can be installed on.I am going linux.Ha!!!!!!

  255. Why all the crying,whining, bitching and moaning about Vista, if you cannot get Vista to perform look at your hardware and drivers.

    I’m running Vista Home Premium 64 SP1 and it long ago stomped WinXP Pro in the dirt benchmark wise, I was dual booting between the 2 until there was no longer any need to run XP anymore.

    I do have a cutting edge gaming machine not some older machine, but you don’t expect WinXP to perform on an old Pentium machine, Do You?

    Quit crying and whining about Vista and solve your problems, and Vista will run just fine!

  256. I will never get over the absense of the audio mixer that was present on my Xp machine. Neither Sony or microsoft will do anything about it. I am a musician and like to record externally with things on the computer and Vista does not permit me to do so.

  257. Wasn’t there an os named Windows between 98se and 2000? There was definitely another os program Bill C missed.

    Anyhow, don’t figure we Vista owners will get a free upgrade to 7. Never got freebees before on a new operating system, why now. I go with Roger P says.

    For me, I finally got Vista the way I want it. If I get 7, will I need to learn — again!!

  258. Doesn’t anyone remember Window NT? Windows 2000 is built on the NTFS, as is XP and Vista. Linux Ubuntu? It’s OK if you don’t plan major media work. I have even used Ubuntu Studio and it still couldn’t get the job done. Let us see…what is better? Open source or programs done by professionals who get paid for their work.

    Well I think this will start something…;-)

  259. Jim said it best: Stand back, watch and wait. I had 95 on my computer until the second edition of XP came out. Some laughed at me, but the ones that didn’t laugh probably had ME and 2000 on their hard drives. I have a Vista DVD sitting on a shelf, and it has never seen the inside of my optical drive. Probably never will, either.

    If you’re going to run your computer with MS software, always stay at least 1 operating system behind Bill Gates. After all, you wouldn’t run out and stand in line for 4 hours to get the first iPhone, would you? Well… Maybe you would. But then you probably wouldn’t have any MS software on your computer anyway.

  260. I don’t want to sound like a homer, but I’ve never had many of the problems you all have had. I usually wait a while to see if an OS upgrade is right for me. I usually build myself a new computer every 4 or 5 years.

    It seems that my build schedule always comes between MS releases. I waited until like 97 to go to Win95, it was 2000 I think, before I got 98SE.

    I skipped ME, because I knew from looking at other people’s PC’s that it was utter junk. (There you go, Humor, that’s my guess) I skipped 2000 because 98SE still served my needs. So, I kept 98SE until 2005, when I put XP on a new build. I haven’t gone to Vista and don’t plan to. I did get my daughter a laptop preinstalled with Vista Home Premium for a graduation present, so she could take it to college. The UAC was a pain in the butt while taking all the bloatware off the thing, but it’s been running near flawless for her for about 9 months now.

    I put SP3 on my two XP computers which use AMD processors and I haven’t had any problems with them eiter.

    I think most people bring their crashes on themselves thru careless PC use, and blame the OS, beit MS or Apple. Just My H.O.

  261. I hear slot of people crying about vista…. I’ve yet to have a problem with my computer…some people are saying you can not go back to xp after you upgrade to vista… That’s simply not true. Of course I built my own computer , If dell and the rest of the pc manufacturers would simply not stuff pre-built pc’s with a gaggle of useless system reasource hoging software there would be far less issues.. Just my opinion…

  262. It was vista that lead me to try LINUX Ubuntu.
    I was surprised how much I like LINUX and doubt that I will go back to Windows.

  263. you know i beta tested vista when it was longhorn so i knew what to expect and vista in my opinion is 100 times better than xp i honestly think people who complain are the same people who know zero about computers and probably shouldn’t own one. people complain about the uac hey i hate that thing too but i don’t complain i disabled it and that was that. i have not had any issues with my vista and would recommend it to people who know computers if you don’t know computers learn them then you will have the right to complain.

  264. If anyone believes Windows 7 runs well on a 1 Ghz chip with only 1 Gig of RAM, they need to move in to their local senior center and out of society. XP will barely squeeze through on that.

  265. Its funny to see just how many people went out and bought Vista, then they blame MS for their problems. When everyone was running 98 and then millennium came out people rushed to go get it…I guess I was the only one that waited to see how many problems there was with it, and sure enuf, it was nothing more than crap. I then waited to see what happened with XP when it came out, yep, more of the same…..only difference was that it WAS a more stable OS, that cannot be denied. So I waited for almost 2 years and it was pretty well ironed out so I got me a new PC with it installed… HP with XP and almost 8 years old and running strong as ever, oh, and I just put 2Gb of ram in it just a few months ago and it ran great on 512kb. I refused to buy into Vista cause they always have problems with a new OS, and sure enuf, eyecandy with a few added “neat” things…pfftt..screw the eyecandy, it dont help make the system run better, and as you all shouldve known, that crap makes it run slower….duh.
    I will now wait to see what Windows 7 is like and see just how many people runs into what kind of trouble, cause I know that everyone will rush out to buy it just because, well I dunno why, but they will, instead of wait to see what happens with it….people that knows about Millennium shouldve known to wait to buy into Vista until the problems were resolved……ya cant blame everything on Microsoft!

    I do believe that 7 will be a bit better, cause they know that Vista was a bomb and people wont get burned twice…..unless they were one of them that bought Millennium and then Vista….lol

  266. Really. You haven’t gotten it yet. I for one have no issues with Vista on my slow laptop or my blazing fast desktop. I was however, intelligent enough to know that whenever MS does a major upgrade, it isn’t up to snuff, but is followed by a solid OS (see ME/2000 lead to XP). So my plan all along was to buy Windows 7 when it comes out.

    That being said, to those who complain about having to buy another version of Windows, think of the alternatives. Windows is up to about a $200 upgrade every 3-5 years, which is negligent if you buy a new PC with the new Windows on it to replace the outdated one.

    Lets compare this to my beloved Linux. It’s free and runs blazing fast on everything, but everything requires hours of work to configure, and one wrong choice and you break everything. I worked for 5 hours last night just to get Boinc and Compiz working. And on my laptop, I had to work just to get the touchpad working right. Linux just isn’t ready to be a consumer OS. Now, If I ran a computer lab, sure I’d install Linux on every workstation, because no average user would be able to hack/crash them. The big positive I see is that Windows apps run natively for free using Wine, and I can emulate IE6/7 for compatibility.

    Now on to Macs. Sorry, but you can buy a cheap Windows PC for about $4-500 (I bought my last one from Dell for $300). Compare this to about $1200 for a cheap Mac, and the fact that they will attempt to sell you point releases of the OS at full version prices, while Windows users get those for free as service packs. You can also not get 100% software availability when new software is released. Not to mention you can game on a PC.


  267. I must have feel asleep to as i bought vista the week it came out and i have had no problems either runs great for me yes boot time is a little longer but who cares

    it looks way better then XP even runs better to me

    yes i am a gammer and so all my parts to grade A

    vista runs right if you install it right meaning dont take a 15 year old pc and try to install it

  268. You know all you guys bitch and moan about Vista. Apple is making jokes about it on their TV adds. Apple has been doing this for years. Sure they may be some problems with Vista but think about this. When Windows 95 first came out People were trying to install it in PC’s with not enough memory or HD space. Because it sold so many people complained. However at the same time OS8 came out. Now we all know that more people use MS OS then Apple. Did you know that OS8 had more bugs in it that some people had to call in Orkin. I believe that before OS 9 came out there were over 100 fixes and upgrades but Apple slips under the rader because there a far fewer Apple users then any OS operating systems out there. Does it not seem funny that after all the years where Apple used Motorola CPU’s they are now using Intel. Intel the same chip maker most Windows PC’s use. For all you ney sayers out there. Go ahead and switch to Apple and see how messed up they are. They are the one spending the big $$$$$ in advertising and knocking the other guys

  269. You know all you guys bitch and moan about Vista. Apple is making jokes about it on their TV adds. Apple has been doing this for years. Sure they may be some problems with Vista but think about this. When Windows 95 first came out People were trying to install it in PC’s with not enough memory or HD space. Because it sold so many people complained. However at the same time OS8 came out. Now we all know that more people use MS OS then Apple. Did you know that OS8 had more bugs in it that some people had to call in Orkin. I believe that before OS 9 came out there were over 100 fixes and upgrades but Apple slips under the rader because there a far fewer Apple users then any OS operating systems out there. Does it not seem funny that after all the years where Apple used Motorola CPU’s they are now using Intel. Intel the same chip maker most Windows PC’s use. For all you ney sayers out there. Go ahead and switch to Apple and see how messed up they are. They are the one spending the big $$$$$ in advertising and knocking the other guys

  270. Thats it for me and all company PC’s. I gave Windows a 5 year test and they failed miserably. As of January we will again be all Apple company.

    I miss the look of envy on peoples faces when they enter our office and see the big apple on all the PC’s.

  271. Vista boot up time? How long is too long? I have 4 machines running Vista and none of them take that long booting. Well under 1 minute. How fast are computers supposed to boot? My old xp box didnt boot any faster (at least noticably)).

  272. What ever happened with Windows ME? And basically, we’ll never have an OS that makes everyone happy. Microsoft is making money so why not keep doing what they’re doing? Is it right, no. oh well.

  273. Maybe I fell asleep and missed the fuss. My old (6+yrs) desktop and ne HP laptop both run VISTA without a murmur. The only upgrade to the old desktop was to put a dual core on the MB, something I was planning to do regardless. A little tweaking in the startup programs to stop the junkers from loading and I have respectable boot times on both.

    Hardware issues were limited to one Epson printer whose CD/DVD printing software wouldn’t run (Epson refused to update the driver).

    The interface is clean, it runs well, I haven’t had a crash in over 18 months of using VISTA.

    Sorry, what did I miss while I was sleeping?

  274. Oh jeez… Please don’t bring up Millenium Edition. I swear they just brought that out to say the Meillenium name… 🙂
    Can I have a grape tootsie roll pop lolly? LOL

  275. I’m so tired of people slamming Vista. I have owned it since it came out. I have it installed on five of my six computers and the only reason I don’t have it installed on my sixth computer is because it won’t run well on this old laptop. I run XP Pro. I would never go back to XP. Why don’t some of you complainers buy a new computer that will handle Vista and quit whining. I haven’t had any major problems with Vista since owning it. I have Vista Home Premium, Home Premium 64, Business and Ultimate.

    I have been buying and using computers since 1982, and the one thing I have found out is that the OS or software is what out dates the computer. If you run the same software and OS that came with your computer it usually runs well. There are some exceptions like Windows ME, but even that OS worked. (ME was I think the worst OS ever).

    I do think that Microsoft should give Vista owners a HUGE discount on the new OS, like $25 for the upgrade no matter what version you have. I Love Vista.

  276. @ Humour That would be the lovely Windows ME.

    As a pc tech, that one I hated more than the first edition of 95, and that’s saying something. That is until I had a client decide to get a new system without consulting me first (some 8-ball at BestBuy talked her, an 85 year old, into it. I have since berated said 8-ball) that included Vista. Within 5 minutes of firing it up, (which was the boot time BTW) she said “what is this crap”?

    Needless to say, that new unit went back, I built her a better one with XP and she’s a happpy camper. As with the last few debacles, I’ll wait to see if “7” works as advertised, or if Micro$oft will rape it like they did “longhorn”. When introduced back in the day, longhorn was an amazing item. What they did to it between then and release was criminal.
    I’ll beta “7” and then I’ll rant at them for this problem and that problem like I did before and then we’ll see what they do with it.

    I’m not a coder by any stretch, but if 7 is no good, I’ll just have to go with Linux as I’m done mucking about with this dance of bugs, crashes and zero support.

  277. I feel so lucky that a year ago I insisted to Dell that my new computer have XP. (I have found that IE7 is not completely compatible with it, however). As Microsoft has had so many problems with operating systems, I’m not sure that I can trust the goodness of Windows 7. I’ll wait to see how others computer users get along with it.

  278. Why build on Vista which was a failure? Build on XP which was darn good. Better yet “improve” XP. But wait that doesn’t fatten MS’s executives….forget that. Lets call it Windows 7 and pretend its substantial enough to warrent people spending cash for it.

  279. LOL @ RustyT! You really have your teeth out for PC Pitstop blood.

    Again, I see your point on the matter, practice what you preach PCP… and all that 😉

    @ RogerP, aint that the truth!

    @ BillC, you missed the other tird in the MS catchphrase lineup, can you guess which one it was or is that one now long forgotten?

    Pre98se OS not included seeing as choice was very limited at the time unless you could afford to splash out on an Apple and be somewhat the odd one out, it appears that time has confirmed good judgement on my part to avoid the first major waste of money from the MS stable (sorry BillC but I wont give it away that easy, you’ll still have to guess 🙂 ) and having read the available info on Vista architecture and my subsequent decision to wait it out regarding a Vista upgrade, this article allegedly comfirms my better judgement once again. Im a happy man if I may say so myself.

    The moral of the story however is that there is a very close similarity to Vista from another MS OS release which survived all but a couple of years prior to the release of the next operating system which as far as I am concerned is the best MS has released to date.

    Come on Bill I’ve given the game away now.

    Lolipop to the first one to name the sacred OS name 😉


  280. Well I see everyone hates MS and Windows but does anyone hate them enough to switch to Linux or Apple? NOT me. I have 3 machines. One with Vista and a broken hard drive. One with Linux, have it in the spare bedroom unplugged, no way is it nearly good enough for everyday use. The one I am using now?? Windows xp with SP3. Solid as a rock and does everything I ask of it and that is a lot.

    No troubles with Windows since Windows 2000 SP4. Never have had the blue screen of death since then. Windows 3.11 and 95 and 98 and 98se. I must admit that I only broke DOS 5 once and that was the black screen of nothing.

    What does PC Pitstop think of Windows? How do you think they make their money. They LOVE Windows!!!

  281. Vista can be taken off your pc and xp installed. Or you can use both. My husband done it. Just find and pc repairman that knows what he’s doing and it can be done. There is also a website telling you how to uninstall vista and replace with xp.

  282. i feel a bit let down by microsoft i dashed to the shops to buy my copy of vista ultimate ooops big mistake, nothing but bugs & glitched from day one.
    And now they giving up on us those who have spent quite a lot of cash on trying to keep our machine going on a sub-standard product.
    Well windows 7 not even going to go there think i will be going back to xp.

  283. Windows 7, huh? I feel very skeptical on account of all the headaches Vista users have to deal with. I’m always helping them get rid of Vista. XP was fine, though it needed some simplifying. At least Windows 7 only requires 512 MB RAM. That’s a huge improvement over Vista’s monstrous hoggyness. I guess I have about 3 years to debate between Windows 7 or sticking with XP. In both scenarios, I’m keeping Linux on, just in case.

  284. Like a dummy I bought a new HP desktop the day after Vista was introduced. At the first power up it crashed and has been doing so ever since. At the time of purchase Staples had an introductory sale, so I bought three total for two other friends. We all have this problem. Boot up takes FOREVER (if it boots at all) and is very unstable after that. Surfing the net takes longer than my original dial up. Thank goodness I still have a laptop and desktop with XP. Vista does not even deserve a proper burial, just trash the junk.

    John Youngblood

  285. I don’t understand all the whinning about Vista.I knew from reading that I would have to BEEF up my old computer(6yrs old)or build one for Vista.So build one I did,and glad i did.Although I admint on start-up its a little slow. Once I’m in its all good.

  286. I have had (as have many others) the “NEW-FANGLED” Windows 3.0 and 3.1 after that the “INNOVATIVE” 95 subsequently the “SUPERB” 98 followed by the “SPLENDID” 98se passed on the “BRILLIANT” 2000 then had the MAGNIFICENT XP and now the GROUND-BREAKING and ASTONISHING VISTA! RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How much of my money does Microsoft have and for what???? Now, I will have to pay for another “IMPROVEMENT” to another MS ERRONEOUSNESS OS???? Is MS beta testing their operating systems using their PAYING CUSTOMERS as testers. (Their “real” beta testers must be programmers or people that just don’t care or people that just like to brag that they beta tested a new program).

  287. So where does that leave us people that are stuck with Windows Vista ?
    Does that mean I’ll have to pay more money for Windows 7 to fix the problems that Vista has ?

  288. That makes us out alot of money and time waiting for that glorified program to boot up. Vista should have been Windows 7, then we would have that now. Jack

  289. It isn’t surprising that Microsoft is now willing to toss Vista under the bus: This is exactly the tactic they have used for every single release of their operating system.

    Given that their primary “competitor” is the resistance to upgrading from users of their prior versions, this is how they sell the next version. “Boy, that last version sure was a turd…but this new shiny one…boy it’ll be the be all and end all!”

  290. Now that MicroSoft public announced that Vista is defective, I hope they are going to give us Vista Owners a FREE Copy of Windows 7.

    MS at least NEEDS to AT LEAST fix Vista for us Vista owners. :rolleyes:

  291. Maximilian Ferro

    I am underwhelmed. By then, I will have abandoned Windows after all these years and gone to Apple. My present Vista laptop can’t even be converted back to XP, and my XP desktop is ailing. I would NEVER replace it with Vista, and Microsoft has seen to it that there is no other choice. Their only option to keep me as a costumer would be to repackage XP again with new computers, and forget Vista ever happened, but they are too stubborn to do it, and may lose the bulk of the PC market yet!

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