The Candidates and Computing


Everyday we’re bombarded with segments on the worlds sinking economy. Satellite and cable delivers spin on everything from Housing to the cost of corn. But what I don’t see is how the candidates view computing and the internet. It may not seem as important as other issues but since my livelihood depends on it, I worry. Will someone try to limit my access? Will congress tax it out of reach for the average citizen? Will the next president support censoring it into impotency?

What does the next nicely wrapped, political present, have in store for us? That’s what I’m worrying about, and if your job is linked to computing, you might be too.

Let’s find out how we view the candidates and their understanding of computing.Your answers are totally anonomus and you can leave any comments in the “Leave a Reply” section below.

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11 thoughts on “The Candidates and Computing”

  1. McCain may not be able to use a computer, but I don’t think Obama could land a jet on a carrier deck in the middle of the night or during a rain storm. Nuff Said.

  2. Response to Glen – there are voice recognition programs that can be used, mice, trackballs and touch pads. There are even programs that use almost no movement of body (Steven Hawking uses this). I like McCain too, however, what he endured in no way interferes with his ability to use a computer or become minimally tech savvy. In McCain’s situation it has been choice and nothing else.

  3. Obama has already shown his hatred of free speech. Any website that criticizes him will be shutdown.

    And Mc Cain is physically unable to type on a keyboard, so what? As long as he can read, that’s all that counts.

  4. Dont think its important for The President to be computer literate, any good Commander knows how to relegate duties to his subordinates,especially if he’s a military man

  5. If McCain gets elected I think there will be some strict bills passed on the way the networking world of machines conspire. He seems to be an old fashioned moralistic type of person, making me believe that once he figures out what P2P programs are and what torrent hunting sites do, he is going to act severely. Obama seems a little more in touch with our reality, for his reputation, I do believe he might be a bit of a puppet towards the internet.

  6. You don’t have to be able to use your fingers to type to have the understanding that should be required and expected of a national leader in the 21st Century. They are two separate issues, especially in McCain’s case where he has a physical limitation.

  7. It’s very important for them to have an understanding of the Internet in terms of new laws concerning DRM / copy write and so on. We are in the middle of that battle here in Canada and it’s evident the politicians making these decisions don’t have a clue what the net is about and are only being informed by Corporate Lobbyist from the Tech industry.

  8. It would be nice if the so called “leaders” were puter swavy, then maybe they could relate with the American public. I seems they have all forgotten us and only look for votes and our money

  9. If you had your fingers broken while you were defending our country, you wouldn’t type either! If you’re for ‘bambi’, be ready to share your wealth – all of it!!

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