Introducing Exterminate 2.0

Exterminate 2.0

Today, we are launching Exterminate 2.0 – a groundbreaking, mold smashing – malware, virus and spyware fighting solution.

The number of anti-malware applications using outdated technology is overwhelming and many of these same programs carry their own suspicious activity. With that in mind, we created this brief video to explain exactly how Exterminate 2.0 is different.

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How is Exterminate 2.0 different from all of the other Anti-Malware applications?

#1. The Latest Anti-Malware Technology Available.

From Spyware to cookies to the baddest of the bad Viruses, Exterminate will find and EXTERMINATE them all. Not only does it identify hundreds of millions of different malware, but our scanning technology performs behavior analysis in order to detect many of the more sneaky and malicious malware. Exterminate goes beyond typical anti malware solutions using sophisticated heuristics and behavior analysis to achieve industry leading detection rates. Exterminate categorizes each threat, so you can accurately and easily assess the danger that malware poses to you
and your PC.

#2. Revolutionary Scheduling

Exterminate 2.0 breaks new ground allowing you to schedule and maintain all of your PC’s remotely. With Exterminate you can use ANY PC to view test results and security status of all your PCs. This will revolutionize the anti-malware industry. And through our amazing Scheduler you can schedule a scan and clean from any PC, too. Meaning you don’t have to be at the PC to fix or diagnose it. That’s huge for those of you managing multiple PCs.

#3. Great Reporting

Each and every time you scan and/or clean a report is generated and archived. Furthermore for remote scanning and cleaning, an optional email report is also sent.

#4. Easy to Use & Informative

Unlike any other anti spyware product, we have designed Exterminate 2.0 to be easy-to-use and informative. Try it yourself for free, and see the difference.

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