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Hey Pitstoppers, here’s your chance to get an answer to all those questions you have about computing. Today PC Pitstop is starting a new feature called “Ask the Pros”. Can’t find the “How To” article you need? Give us a try and see what we can come up with.


*How do I make a bootable CD?
*What is blue tooth?
*How do I know if my Hard Drive is dying?
*What’s a network and how do I set one up?

It’s very simple, just submit your question using this form and we’ll respond to at least one question in each of our monthly newsletters.

Please note: we will not be able to respond to every question submitted. However, we intend to respond to as many questions as possible – through our monthly newsletters.




The best looking group of Techies this side of the Pecos is waiting. Don’t be shy, get that question in and the pros at PC Pitstop will get you an answer pronto.

Please submit your questions through the link provided. Questions previously submitted through comments will be added to our list

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