OverDrive Update – Memory Load Test

Yet another reason to run the world renowned PC PItstop OverDrive Scan.

OverDrive features a Memory Load Test that measures the percentage of RAM currently in use on a system.

Use the information in your OverDrive test results to learn more about the RAM usage of the applications that are running on your PC and how to make your system run more efficiently.

The most common cause of a high memory load is running too many applications for the available RAM. If you run more applications than will fit in the available RAM, Windows will decrease the size of the disk cache and increase the amount of paged virtual memory coming from disk. RAM access is much faster than disk access, so when you overload RAM and the system uses disk space to compensate, the system slows down. This is sometimes called thrashing.


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11 thoughts on “OverDrive Update – Memory Load Test”

  1. Where is this info?

    In the example above I can see Total Memory Load, Application Memory and Recommended Memory.
    When I run the tests all I can see is Memory Check (1025MB) and Memory Load (76%) – looks like I probably need some more memory, but how much is it really worth adding to a 1.6GHz Celeron Mobile processor before it becomes wasted money ‘cos my old slow processor is slowing the system down more than lack of memory?

  2. Layne A. Lindberg

    What can I do about these results? Can any of the programs using RAM be shut down without compromising other functions? And how?

  3. Older systems like my P4 will take 4gb Ram but runs optimally with 2 (only take 2 slots instead of all 4). This enables the page file system to find memory much faster because simply there are fewer addresses to comb through. 2gb is usually enough for an older system anyway..only when you actually are hitting the limit should u increase. I’m eating a pb&j, pb is quite good for you actually.

  4. Before adding RAM, check that your system can handle it. My Asus CUSL2 motherboard only supports a maximum of 512Mb.

  5. ……wat’s listed is 235 megs….nowdays if you have less than 1024 you’ll notice lag in your OS…if you use Vista or try the Win 7 beta you’ll realy need 2gigs or more…I just looked (using XP) after this has been on all day and out of 2048megs I still have 1470 free…I know using Win 7 (I don’t have Vista) I’ll have about a gig still free… ram is cheep & a very worthwile upgrade – my next build will have at least 4 gigs….

  6. Yesterday I was working on a Dell desktop with XP and 256Mb RAM and it was very slow, due to multiple programs working in the background and the graphics drain. I contacted Crucial and they recommended an extra Gb for £10.95 including post. Should anyone put up with a slow PC for a tenner and 10 minutes installation ? There must be a glut of RAM to be able to supply this for around £7 + vat

  7. I’ve always wanted something that would consisely show the memory usage for my programs.

    I run the Second Life viewer and task manager always shows way more total memory used than the total combined memory of the individual processes.

    Maybe now I can find out where all my memory is being consumed. I suspect it’s the Second Life viewer which is known to have lots of memory leaks. Maybe now I’ll know for sure.

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