Windows 7 Beta Takes the Test


It’s here, it’s public and it’s time to give it a spin. My Windows 7 beta 64bit download was fast and uneventful. While it was downloading I dropped a new hard drive into my existing work box.The system is a couple of years old now and was built using a MSI P35 neo motherboard, Q6850 Intel Quad core, 2 gigs of memory and a once decent 8800GTX vid. card. A nice box when new, but now showing it’s age. I’ll need to double the memory for this to really be ready for Windows 7 and 64 bit computing, but I can add that later. Here are some PC Pitstop test results: [OVERDRIVE] and a more recent setup [OVERDRIVE]

When Vista first appeared I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It didn’t take long before I realized it was not ready for prime time. It lived quietly on my laptop while recovering from its UAC-pendectomy. There I monitored Vista’s turbulent teen years and dosed it with SP 1 and other medications. It seems now to be past its original seizures, but still gives way to XP for work. So it’s with this background that I look forward to an updated MS operating system that is not saddled with the poor genetics that caused Vista’s demise.


Installation was slick and easy because the included driver support seems to be excellent. The only drivers needed were wireless drivers, which seem to be a universal problem for Windows 7 64 bit. There’s also a still missing bus driver. Unavailable now I’m sure they’ll show up eventually. I hooked up a standard wired internet connection and connected without problems. Basically up and running in about 40 minutes. Prompts during the install were few and familiar, the only thing new being the Home Group. More on that later but basically it provides an interface for sharing pics, documents,and music within a Home Network.

1 Installation Extremely smooth. New Home Groups prompts
2 Drivers Excellent out of box experience. Missing Wireless but wired is fine.
3 UAC Big improvement on boot is immediately obvious. Handy slider for adjusting settings.
4 Applications NotePad, WordPad, StickyNotes, Paint, Gadgets.
5 Live Essentials Mail, Live Writer, Media Center. Sky Drive is especially nice.
6 Control Panel Increased number of items to 53 from about 36 in XP..The New Action Center is big news.
7 Libraries Documents Documents in multiple locations but appear in one location.
b Credentials Saved passwords. It’s a wonderful thing.
8 DeskTop Search improved, SuperBar allows arrangement of icons in SuperBar
9 Internet Excellent auto configuration as with Vista, No wireless drivers yet. Networking much improved.
10 Display Dual Monitor configuration on first boot, View desk top button is very slick, SnapTo and Preview not so much.

During the installation I worried that configuring my dual monitors would be a problem but at boot the monitors were set using span view and all resolutions were correct. All I did was remove the boring Beta Splendens and click the latest Scenic Ocean background and bingo, we got beauty!

UAC was my next concern. An accepted irritant in Vista, I was ready for continued problems in Windows 7. I was surprised when I realized I was unaware of it so far. Hadn’t received a worthless warning yet. Maybe I’ll leave it as a test to see how long before I tire of it. I’ve already read that adjusting it is much easier now and enables a user to choose the amount of irritation he wants. This is it’s intention you know. It’s intended to irritate us into not running with Administrator privileges. As of this moment, I haven’t adjusted it at all. With that being said, I went to Control Panel /Action Center/Change UAC settings/ and looked at the slider for adjusting to the desired level of irritation. Nice job, this is way less intrusive than Vista’s original UAC configuration. Yes, I’ll just leave it.


SIDE NOTE: News Flash! Microsoft has returned the [shut off] button. They didn’t put it out there in plain sight on the desktop,the still hide it a little but it’s one click closer. Clearly MS needs to take a hint from Nike and JUST DO IT.

The Action Center mentioned above is where the new and improved UAC controls are, but it’s also home to other important features for maintenance and security. Notices for Windows Firewall and Virus protection are here along with revamped Backup options. The Action Center is where to go to consolidate notifications in the task bar and reduce internal popups.

Paint has finally been upgraded with new features for transparency added. Not earth shattering but still an upgrade and it’s early yet. I’m sure by midyear there will be even more improvements. Its also enjoying the new ribbon look to cap off the changes.

I’m not sure how much effort Microsoft should put into older applications like Paint and Word. It might be better to concentrate on creating new apps. while the switch to cloud computing and all things browser controlled takes place. I imagine they are just keeping us pacified while the switch happens.

Add-ons for Windows are a trend that started with Vista and continues with Windows 7. What used to be included with the Operating system; Outlook Express Mail and Media Player must now be downloaded separately and are included in the new Windows Live applications.

I’m kind of blown away by all the Windows Live applications. Sky Drive, what a deal. 25 Gigs of free storage space that I can use and operate for file and picture sharing. I’ve already added the Windows Live Mail which is funneling Gmail and mail without problem. LiveMail has a nice interface and loaded my over 2000 saved emails without much effort. I don’t believe it’s going to be a problem getting comfortable with it. Layout is intuitive and simple. Most of the commands are along the top of the application and the InBox, Saved, Deleted items are along the left margin. Will check some of the included feature but so far I’m liking it.


Windows Live Writer immediately caught my eye. I’m hoping it’s going to be a nice addition. Right now my options are Windows Live Writer, the old and tired Notepad, a revamped Word Pad, and the new and quite handy Sticky Notes. I know Sticky Notes are no big innovation but they’re nice for holding short term info on the desktop untill needed. They are easy to color code and with no effort can have your desktop looking like a Soccer moms frig. What I’m not seeing is Robs wish for a new and improved notepad with spell check, auto-save or close tags. The newly updated WordPad might be just the ticket. Sporting a new ribbon bar, it’s a slimmed down version Office Word 2007. Slimmed down yes, but still allowing for text editing, adding a pic, and even viewing docx files. That’s enough right there to make a lot of people happy, just don’t try to edit the imported docx files. The new Live Writer has a spell check, table insert, and a couple of other nice features including the ability to publish in WordPress. Might be just what we’re looking for.


SIDE NOTE: FireFox 3.0 works great with Windows 7. In fact the reason I downloaded it was because of problems with Internet Explorer 8 and WordPress. I kept getting “Tab Recovered” errors and was unable to work in WordPress. Even using compatibility mode was no help. I’ll keep looking for information on a fix, but so far nothing.

Credentials is a feature that really has me excited. I had visions of not having to continually log in and remember passwords to the many applications I use. Alas, that was not the case, but you can bet I’ll continue to work on it. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch in the program or a glitch in the user. I’ll let you know when I get it figured out. If it works it will be a huge time saver for a lot of us.

Update: yes, it was user error. It’s working fine now using the “Generic Credentials” rather than the “Windows Credentials”. I know some Help Desk crews that will love this. Being able to open password protected applications without having to type in the varying passwords will save a boat load of time.

The Desktop: is it like Vista? You bet. Does it have some nice changes? Sure does. First there’s no Welcome Center. The new and improved Welcome Center is now kept under a different name, “Getting Started”, and is found in the control panel. Another item you won’t find on the desktop is the Sidebar. it’s been completely eliminated but there are still Windows Gadgets available by simply right clicking on the desktop.

No more Quick Launch Tool Bar, it’s now the SuperBar. The new SuperBar now allows for changing the order of items and also incorporates the jump lists, which are basically an expanded menu for the applications in the SuperBar. A new “Show Desktop” button all the way over on the right edge is a nice addition. This button makes it easy to clear all the open windows and view the desktop with a single click and then return them. I checked out the new SnapTo and the Preview options but I’m not feeling it for these. Nice gimmick but I don’t really see a use for them.

Networking is getting a big boost with the addition of Home Group. Start/Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center. Pictures, movies, files, printers, and a whole host of other changes involving security and easier access within the network is going to make Rob and a lot of others very happy.


It’s a winner. Doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a streamlined Vista or this something more that people are looking for. It’s a very nice improvement and if the rumblings heard in the background are true, it might get to our Desktops sometime in 2009… before the Holiday Sales Season? Now that would be fine with me.


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  1. The big problem is the recession. Most people can not afford to upgrade. I have 2 vista computers and will have a fight with my wife if i try to buy 2 copies of win 7. She is verry money conscious.

  2. I’m happy to have users of other operating systems comment and compare here. The more information the better. I’m an MS user, and it sounds to me like we just don’t want to hear our “fandom” bashed. Instead of telling other OS users to go away, why not actually debate their points, and we all learn more.

    Alan M. Izzo: I’m with you. I much prefer the “move to” and “copy to” buttons in XP and its version of Windows Explorer. No mistakes possible, whereas with Vista I frequently end up copying when I intend to move and have files end up in the wrong folders. How hard could it be to bring back those buttons? They certainly can’t be CPU hogs, so no excuse.

  3. XP has been the peak that Microsoft reached. I don’t think any new features they will include in the new systems after that will be anything more than eye-candy. As for me, Ubuntu Ibex satisfies all my needs and more with just one CD, drivers, codecs, office suite, media players, games, graphics suite, you name it…anyone interested can go to the Ubuntu Home Page. Who knows what more will be included with the release of Ubuntu Jackalope.

    As far as antivirus software is concerned they are mere placebos, as they can only detect known threats, whereas in reality a new virus will be detected only after your computer is infected. Most viruses target Windows Operating system as the majority of corporates use them because of it’s relative ‘user-friendliness’. Linux users do not face any real threat, yet. Besides safe browsing habits and a well configure firewall is the only way out if you have to use the net. Ubuntu has an antivirus and also a ‘virus killer’, but i have never had occasion to use it.

  4. Mehboob Sadicote

    Without a doubt XP has and will continue to be Microsoft’s best work. As for me, Ubuntu Ibex gives me all i need and more with one CD,drivers, codecs, games, graphics software, office suite, you name it–and who knows what wonderful things lie in store with the release of Ubuntu Jackalope!
    And centralscrutinizer, go to if you are really interested, as far as viruses are concerned, these antiviruses are only a placebo as they can only detect known threats, whereas in reality, a new virus is made almost everyday; safe browsing habits and a well configured firewell is the only solution. There is a ‘virus-killer’ in the Ubuntu package repository but i never had occassion to use it. Besides most corporates use Windows so the viruses are more often than not, designed to attack that system. Single Linux users or home networks do not face any real danger.

  5. Quote BM: “I have one question to ask you linux guy. Say you got a virus on your Linux machine and you didn’t have an antivirus utility. How would you remove the virus by hand. That means only using the features of your Linux OS. You can’t download any type of antivirus removal tool from any source.”

    We’d delete it. We’d have plenty of time to do so, since it would just sit there and not do anything. UNIX-based operating systems are nice like that.

    Seriously though, anyone who knows anything about *Nix is vigilant about their security situation, simply because in order to run it they have no choice in the matter. It’s a primary difference between MS and *Nix: Windows users are reactionary, dealing with the problem after the damage is already done, while *Nix OSes prevent the problem from happening in the first place by being truly multiuser and allowing the admin to decide how bloated or minimalist they want their OS to be, instead of paying a multibillion dollar organization to make that decision for them.

    Oh, and for the record, I think Windows 7 is a nice step up. I have it in VMware and don’t have any problems with it unlike the Vista VM that I had to delete because it kept crashing.

    Running any anything and all things. It
    puts vista in the dirt. Runs like xp.
    Love it

  7. Why so happy that you can bypass the password protection via General Credentials? Why even bother with password protection (AKA “permissions”)?

    Apart from that, W7 seems OK. Perhaps too much Applesauce, though.


    wolf k.

  8. Wow, reading through the posts I see a lot of people bashing Microsoft, especially with regards to Vista. I personally will tend to disregard most of them because, as the old adage goes, “Opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one and most of them stink.” I myself will happily admit that I’m pro Microsoft. As an IT technician, I enjoy a sense of job security knowing Microsoft holds an 85 to 90 percent market share. I’m not going to return the volley of fire from my counterparts from the Apple and Linux worlds. I just find it funny that we find a lot of them posting on Microsoft centric sites regarding topics that have nothing to do with their OS. I guess with their limited user base they need something to do. Oh well, back to the topic at hand.
    Being a higher end tech user I like to take a look at the upcoming Microsoft products. I’ve downloaded and installed the beta of Windows 7 64bit on a test machine and I like what I’ve seen so far.
    Test system specs: Dell Precision 670 workstation with two 3.06GHz Xeon processors, 2 x 1GB R1 PC3200 ECC RAM, 73GB & 146GB SCSI Hard Drives, nVidia Quadro FX 550 Video card and 2 x DVD -/+ RW drives. I had to install drivers for the SCSI controller before Windows 7 would recognize my system had any usable hard drives. The fact that Vista 64bit drivers worked is evidence that Microsoft hasn’t reinvented the wheel in Windows 7. The rest of the install went smoothly and Windows 7 identified all of the system components except for the on-board audio. Again, the 64bit Vista driver solved the problem. The system scored a 4.0 on the Windows Experience Index. The limiting factor was the older 128MB video card that’s geared more toward workstation graphics then 3D gaming. I also installed Office 2007 Professional, Acrobat Reader 9.0 and Kaspersky Anti-virus 8.0 for Windows workstations. I had originally installed the Prerelease version of Norton 360, but since the trial version only lasted for 14 days I uninstalled and loaded the Kaspersky trial. It lasts for 90 days giving me a longer testing period.
    Like I said earlier, all in all I like what I’ve seen. That being said, will I upgrade right away? In a word, “No.” Although my home system can easily handle it, I’m going to let all those super geeks and rich kids who think they’ve got to have the latest and greatest have at it. My rule of thumb is to wait until the first service pack is released before determining whether or not I need to upgrade. Currently I’m still working with Windows XP Pro. It does what I need it to. I’ve decided that when I do upgrade I’m moving to a 64bit environment, but I’m going to wait until more applications are specifically designed for 64bit.
    My advice to those of you out there looking for it: if you’re a standard home user with a computer you purchased a few years ago, I’d say wait until you’re ready to purchase a new system. That way you can get a system that’s designed to work with Window 7 and you’ll have the manufactures tech and warranty support if you have a problem.
    For those of you who build your own systems and are more tech savvy, I’d say do your research. Check with your component manufacturer to see if they have the drivers. If your hardware is Vista compliant and you’re willing to work through any issues that may arise, you make the call. If you have the time, money and ability to upgrade, go for it. I’d suggest purchasing another hard drive and use it for the new OS. That way if you do have problems you can pop the old drive back in and be up and running without having to format and reload.
    If you’re a member of the Vista group who upgraded from XP, you’re having issues and are hoping Microsoft will give you a free upgrade to Windows 7, all I can say is “Don’t hold your breath.” While there will possibly be a cheaper upgrade version, I highly doubt it will be free. For those who say “Microsoft knows Vista is flawed because they’re releasing another OS in two years,” you need to take a look back at the evolution of Microsoft operating systems. Except for the five year stretch between XP and Vista, Microsoft had been releasing a new OS every couple of years. This wasn’t because each previous version was flawed; it was because newer technology and innovations required a new operating system to take advantage of it. If you’re the type that has to go out and buy something new because you’ve got to be the first one on the block to own it, don’t blame Microsoft, blame yourself.
    There’s nothing saying you have to upgrade. Microsoft has extended support for Windows 2000 until July 2010 and XP will probably go for several years beyond that. Use some common sense and think before you act. He who sits and starts before verifying there is paper on the role will have a real mess on his hands.

  9. The reason Windows Vista is running slow for you guys is because you insist on using the low range PC’s. I’m not kidding. If you tried to use my Visual Studio 2008 Express edition Visual Studio would be continually crashing. Why? Your computer wouldn’t have enough resources to run Visual Studio well. The same thing applies to Windows Vista. The same result applies to Office 2007. I have one question to ask you linux guy. Say you got a virus on your Linux machine and you didn’t have an antivirus utility. How would you remove the virus by hand. That means only using the features of your Linux OS. You can’t download any type of antivirus removal tool from any source.

  10. I hear all the time about people reverting their machines from Vista back to XP. I also remember the fuss about 98 still being superior to XP. I still run a multitude of computers from DOS to Vista. The differences are drastic from one to the other but they tell their own story. Your computer has to be up to date with the times. You can’t expect nor do you want operating systems to cater to old needs but future needs. If you arn’t ready for a change don’t upgrade to something that will downgrade an inferior system. I believe the Vista platform was too big a step for computer makers to get right and caused the issues by not meeting the specs needed for the operating system to perform. Even my HP high dollar comp didnt come with a strong enough graphics card to run Vista. Got one and system runs great. If I had taken the time to build what I wanted I would have been better off.

  11. Like CeeVee, I upgraded from xp pro to ubuntu. What a great move. I have a good office suite, OpenOffice and it’s free. I have Kompozer for website design which is free, instead of Frontpage, the worse web-designer on the planet,and a great DTP, also free. My ubuntu entire system dwarfs MS and I haven’t spent a penny. Beat that Microsoft.

  12. How much ram does windows 7 need to run smoothly on 32 bit?

    What proceesor speed and how many cores?

    Is MS going to keep releasing updates for vista like they did for previous versions of windows?

  13. what is the great fuss with windows 7. running a basic system toshiba a100 with 2 gig ram and all i find with it keep on crashing had it for 2 weeks and guess what it crashed again might be better than vista but not better than xp reason for crashing connected to internet with kapersky 2009, installed wireless lexmark printer, install office 2007 and all those times it laptop did not respond with windows 7 i just did a fresh install of xp and guess what no problems with anything all worked brilliantly try and fix problems with vista and you might get 7 to work properly.

  14. Although it was mentioned as not being looked at we gamers need some good data on it. I am a very heavy gamer and have little prob’s a far a few inbetween to boot with XP Pro. But what does 7 have to offer us?

    I’m thinking of putting an older HDD in my machine to load 7 on it to test with games but really would like to know much more about it for gamming!


  15. CeeVee, you said: You now use Ubuntu Linux. It’s simple to install, fast, no DRM, no phone home apps and it’s free.Goodbye Microsoft, you’ve lost your way and I’ve moved on.

    Obvioulsy, you HAVE NOT MOVED ON you are here in this forum… It’s OK to say you WUV MS. I use Ubuntu too, but it does not give me wood like Vista and W7 🙂

  16. Did you not know, vista has been around a long time since the 90’s it was called longhorn,redmond shelved it,because their was’nt the hardware to run it and it was to complicated, back then for most people but the geekest to run or the weathest. I guess most people already forgot they even had a contest on what to name it.And its not the only sys that had been shelved for later, this is just old history, there was a lot of blogs and talk at the time.

    They used the kernal,from Longhorn Added apps, uac and other things to make the os useable note uac Which is annoying,even with it shut down,it still gives you ballon pop ups telling you its thinks thinks your to dumb to know that you went through the trouble to shut it down, because it pops up for anything you do, i’ve been beta testing win 7 for a while now and it does have some problems,at this point its not for every one, and it will have glitches and problems when it is finalized, there will be service packs an such after its out. there is no perfect operating sys.Its like note pad in win 7 has a few glitches with it’s save features, Thats why were beta testing,there millions of different, configerations on computers,and there hardware,and in the way we all set them up to use them

    They also warn you not to use this in beta as your regular operating sys.

    And hardware companys have’nt really started on the driver issue’s. It takes time to code an test.

    I Like Linux and Microsoft, if you could get them both together, with out all the bloat and hardware issues it would be one hell of a OS that you could do anything with it.where people could build apps to run with it seamlessly,or Games or what ever a person needs,as for DRM i see it fading out some day as its just for the greed that some seem to need ,and not every one that can afford the biggest and baddest computers or hard ware out there,so a OS needs to be able to work on low end systems or high end, Linux does this very well because it is designed and been redisigned this way by your adverage an geeky type of users,the reason i see vista or win 7 as needing better hardware,is because manufactures and redmond, are trying to get the older hardware and computers out and and newer stuff in. What a lot of people have’nt noticed is our computers run about as fast as they did ten years ago, even with the Ram icreases, and new threads from the dual and quad cores,dual and quads allow most people to run more apps,at one time which i see as an improvement over single cores, but single cores are still very usefull, i use single, duals and quads. the trouble is we don’t really have much software thats for 64 bit computing to use. We really need software that can capitlize,on the hardware that we have

  17. I have been running windows 7 for a month. I have reported issues with Explorer 8 and the infamous bus issue with older components like a TV tuner card. I am really impressed with the performance of this O/S. I installed 2003 office and no problems with old applications.(because it’s NT technology) I would like to see how much it’s going to cost, How much discount MS is going to give for Licensed Vista owners(ms apology for Vista) .and how many flavors it comes in.

  18. I installed M$7 on a 5+ year old Fujitsu P5020 Notebook. Old, weak, but great in its day. Installation was uneventful except for a couple of drivers that aren’t available. I doubt the drivers will ever be available, but it’s just a test machine now so it doesn’t matter.

    M$7 works fine, it’s fast, I’m networking with a USB wireless adapter (the internal adapter works sometimes), and the only real problem is that the wide screen format is not supported so everything is stretched out a little.

    But, the beta of W$7 works 1,000 times better than the production version of Vista when it first came out. Vista was an alpha version still waiting for user feedback to fix all the bugs. I could never install it on my old 1 GB RAM notebook.

    I hate to say it, but I’m impressed.

  19. Just shows how bad vista is if microsoft need to bring another operating sys so soon after release, More money spent coz they cannot be bothered to make vista better and give all a cheap upgrade …
    Wich is what the customers deserve the most and buy then you would have the time to create better os without the bugs.

    The avarage user dont need another bigger/better bug filled system rush released …

    Come on gates there is no real compertition for you yet so stop milking the cow before it kicks you!!.

  20. I guess this proves it! Microsoft knew that Vista was a bomb from the beginning. Logic dictates that you don’t write an OS overnight.
    Now we have yet another Microsoft OS to debug for them FOR FREE!!!
    Isn’t it wonderful how Microsoft uses us like puppets, instead of paying Beta testers.
    Google! Bring on the Android ….. PLEASE!!!!!

  21. All of the desktop,internet,game, dual screen, fast bootup stuff I’ve had little concern with Vista or XP. As your review and the comments indicate many concerns are improved. EXCEPT those of us who use the systems at work. The disabling of the SUMMARY attributes in the filing system in VISTA rendered it useless as an operating system. I use the fields for labeling information sorting to select specific items from a mixed bag of product specifications. In XP I was able to input any pertinent info I needed. Did the Windows 7 bunch add that attribute back into the system?

  22. PeaceMarauder,

    I agree. They should’ve said something about how it would perform on a single core. I prefer single cores myself. But as some have pointed out, we do have good news. Windows 7 should work even better on older computers than XP does. I may feel skeptical that it could be better than XP, but I suppose its worth the virtual install to test it. Until then, I’m still enjoying XP and Linux.

    Shogan, you did forget one item I’d need. How does Windows 7 perform as a virtual install? I’d be surprised if it had issues.

  23. Haven’t tried W7 but after wrestling w/ Vista for 1.5 yrs. & would say when you set the bar low enuf its easy to exceed expectations.

    Also i agree w/ Hamish, Vista has cost me so much time and aggravation that even a free copy of W7 would hardly cover my expenses.

  24. Nice to see MS may have an OS that kinda works out of the box.
    I’ve been through W3.0,3.1,95,98.98se,2000,
    XP home & pro and now Vista 64 home premium.
    I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert with computers. I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks.
    The transition for me from one OS to another is always a painful proceedure.
    The transition from most of the OS seemed to be a gradual improvement nothing earth-shattering til the XP. It came with a lot of new bells and whistles and once the drivers were more readily available worked flawlessly for me. Then came Vista…
    Vista seems faster in some applications that are CPU intensive, due to this system being a quad core with 64 bit. The internet is MUCH slower, since I went from a p4 2.8ghz XP pro to the quad core 2.33ghz Vista 64. Two different computers.
    For me the difference between XP and Vista are not so much what Vista does that XP doesn’t but what XP did and Vista doesn’t. As far as I can tell so far, if you move files from one location to another with Vista you do a drag-n-drop one file at a time or a few with the ctrl key, and drop them to where, who only knows. Seems like I’m chasing the drop point all over the screen. XP had a simple send to statement with a select all / invert all option. Maybe Vista does too, but I haven’t figured out how.
    I’m not sure but I think XP was the only system with this option. Drag-n-drop was almost always around.
    What does W7 do with this? Am I the only one that may have used this option?
    The only thing I know for sure is that MS will make $$ whether it works or not.
    All my OS changes came with a different computer no upgraded systems.
    MS has a base of customers with disposable income, that just want the newest versions, not the best versions.
    In the words of Denis Miller…
    That’s just MY oppinion, I could be wrong.

  25. I to have been running W7 since the hour it was released. memory in windows index jumped from 5.9 to 7.1. now all I have to do is to upgrade graphics card to to increase bottom score from 5.6. Using Nvidia 8600GT with the graphic drivers from there site(bete VS 186.) which boosed it from 5.5 to 5.6. There is one problem I forgot Media Player having problem scaning or finding video files. But audio is fine.

  26. I’ve been using Win 7 32 bit for the past 3 weeks under extreme conditions, I’m using an old PC with a 1.2 ghz CPU, 782 Mb ram, old monitor, in other words I test it under very minimum conditions and I’m really impressed, haven’t had any problems running applications.
    So I personally think that MS has it this time, and surely there will be additions before the final versions comes out.

    So if it works for me, it will work for you.


    PS: Since most of my clients are French speaking, I hope that that version is available soon.

  27. Microsoft should give this to Vista owners as a free upgrade. We vista users have suffered long enough with a crap product. Enough is enough Microsoft!

  28. Will my 2004 Dell Dimension 4600i running Win XP Home Editon with a 2.8 GHz Intell P4 processor and 2 GBs ram be able to upgrade to the Win 7 without having to buy new hardware like a video card and CD ROM R/W? Because when Win Vista came out I could not upgrade to it because Microsoft told me that my PC was not compatable with Vista OS, which made me very mad. But then since I’ve heard many stories that XP preforms application faster than Vista and vista takes up a lot of HHD space I;m not that mad now but still one would like to upgrade a system as much as possible to try and keep up with new technologies. My Dell is a very nice PC and has been very good even with a few major attacks that killed it I still got the system back to proper working conditions and have invested much into upgrades since the day I purchased it.

  29. Windows 7, what can I say, been using it for over a month now and I love it. Even on my old system, AMD AnthalonXP @1.3 GHZ and 1 Gig ram, It rocks. It runs much faster than XP Pro and is much more stabile. Had a few problems installing some software, but after using some common sense, turning off UAC, was able to get everything installed that I had on XP with one exception. Virus protection. I had to go to Norton 360 for that. Microsoft also directs you to this this solution so I can’t complain. I tried Vista Ultimate on this machine and for all practicle purposes it would not even run. i finally check the User Experience index and was very surprised that this system came in at 2.8!! Vista never went over a 1 flat. That is the lowest rating possible. Will I stay with Windows 7? You will have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers to get it away from me!!!

  30. Hope that 7 works better than Vista, it´s on my wifes labtop a I hate it. I´v grown up with 98 and then XP and I love both, hope that some geeks will keep them alive and make updates and stuff.
    Hasta la Vista.
    The Dane

  31. The replies sound like children waiting for Christmas. Everybody is hoping they don’t get screwed again by Microsoft. It’s kind of sad,you know?

  32. Hey Robert: If your a person who doesn’t own your own OS and have to buy it loaded—you should pay someone to downgrade it for you…..and if you shop at Dell………wellll
    ‘nuf said!

  33. Windows generic wireless driver, worked great with no problems. The only driver I’m missing from XP is for my tv tuner. I really miss my DVR, but having W7 is like having a new machine so it’s worth the compromise.

  34. Love it, love it, love it. I just hope its not too pricey because I will need it right away! Its better than Vista (sons computer) and I like even better than my Win XP Pro 64-bit!!

  35. I have built computers now for about 8 years and i still get people coming to me and saying please can you take Vista off this computer and put XP onto it.
    Vista is slow and as soon as XP is put on, it speeds up the computer no end.
    Vista was one of microsofts failures thats why windows 7 was bought out to fix all the issuses on it that was causing so many problems.
    I don’t think they will ever beat XP and should stop trying, after all every time a new system is put on the market it costs you more and more money, and thats the whole idea to get more money out of you.
    When will you all learn.

  36. I have been running the 32 bit version for about 2 weeks. My computer is old and weak, an Athlon 2400 with 1 gig of memory and the cheapest 128 MB graphics card money can buy. It boots fast, runs all my applications great. So far my only gripes are: 1. You can’t right click a folder or drive and start the search function. 2. IE8 doesn’t play nice with Adobe Acrobat (printing locks up the whole shebang). Firefox has no such problem. I never did figure out how to use the Windows mail, so I put Incredimail on, which works dandy. But, when I try to send a webpage link by email, I get a message saying the email isn’t properly set up. Oh well, it is a beta.

  37. I installed 7 on a separate formated drive and installed the OS on my ‘C’ along with XPpro 64 bit. The first thing I noticed was that it gave me a boot choice right away and I’m able to go either way. Its funny though, I can’t use NetFlix on my XP with Internet Explorer 64 but with 7 I can ??? Usualy I have to open it with IE 32 bit. interesting. Not all drivers are present but since 64 bit drivers are available for almost anything these days, its not an issue anymore.
    Faster than XP. I’m running dual core AMD 6000 with 4 gigs of Crucial memory and it couldn’t be better. I DO know, however that Murphy’s Law will prevail eventualy but hey, I never bit on VISTA in the first place ! LOL

  38. Free Windows 7 is coming! Well, maybe.

    the next iteration of Windows is on its way, but when and how? The latest rumor making the rounds in the blogosphere is that Microsoft will provide Vista users with a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it becomes available.

    Full availability of Windows 7 is still a mystery, but Microsoft is also staying mum on the subject of a free upgrade.

    “Microsoft often explores options with our partners to determine product offerings,” a spokesman said. “We are not announcing anything new at this time.”

    The idea is not a completely foreign concept to Microsoft, however. A document that Microsoft provided to PCMag earlier this month includes a list of questions and answers for the press related to Windows 7. One of those questions asks, “How about the rumors that customers who buy Windows Vista after a certain date can get a free copy of Windows 7. Is that true? Will there be certain SKUs that qualify?”. It’s obviously an idea that’s being kicked around in Redmond.

    Adding fuel to the fire is a post from TechARP, a Malaysian blog. The site posted what looks like a rollout timeline for Vista users that want to upgrade to Windows 7. According to the document, users who buy Vista machines between July 1, 2009 and January 31, 2010 will be eligible for the free Windows 7 upgrade.

  39. When will MS let us have an OS where we select what components we want installed, similar to compiling Linux so you include ONLY the features you want? They could have compiled modules that each run from a separate shell process. You install/run ONLY what you want. Is this really asking too much?

  40. love the new vista (look at the build #’s anyways as far as install everything including wireless worked right off the hop, both as upgrade and clean install. only issue i had was my own ID10T error when trying to install on raid 0+1 … my bad forgot to load driver

  41. I was just looking at computers at Dell. Which come with Vista. Or they want an additional $150 to “downgrade” to XP. Tells alot about what an “upgrade” Vista is over XP! 🙂

  42. I’ve been running Windows 7 on a base Macbook with 2 GHz Core 2 Duo. I’ve been running it for weeks without any problems. It works perfectly both in Boot Camp and as a Parallels virtual machine. Pinch me – MS finally done good.

  43. Running both 32bit and 64bit. Found my wireless connection, no problem. Only problem HP1018 laser printer on 64bit. Otherwise fast and reliable.

  44. Oh yea, in some of the benchmarks I’ve seen reported, on the same hardware… 7 benchmarks 4X faster than XP and 8X faster than Vista.

    7 uses a lot less memory than Vista OR XP too.

  45. We’re running 7 64 bit here at the office. On a 2.4Ghz single core chip with 2GB of ram and an older nvidia 8xxx video card, The GUI/Windows portions run faster than on my wife’s Quad core 4GB ram Vista 64 bit with an nvidia 9800 video card.

    Some of you must not be reading the news… XP users will be able to upgrade directly to Windows 7. But unlike Vista to 7 upgrades, we XP users will have to reformat our hard drives first.

    Ditto with those who run the 7 beta… once it expires in August you MUST reformat your hard drive as there will be no upgrade path from the beta to anything else.

    7 is still available on the torrents and to MSDN subscribers.

  46. Guess everybody has different ‘trials and tribulations’ with OS’s. Here’s mine: I ran dual boot between XP and Vista for several years. Slowly but surely I migrated from XP to Vista and now with my new computer–I only have Vista. XP is history for me at home now as Vista is rock solid for me and does my CAD and games with ease (outperforms or is equal with XP in all phases–even boot). XP still lives at my work (and on my older laptop) and is preferred over Win 2000. Thats where I see XP’s niche– at work stations. Not sure I need Win 7 but will compare against Linux systems as I hear good things from that camp. Sorry no Macs as it was the first computer that was ‘hacked’ at last years competition (hosted by anti-virus companies)….while PC’s with MS and Linux systems stood side-by-side deep into the 3rd day which is when I gained much respect for Linux.
    But as I say–we all have different stories to tell—the only problem I ever had with Vista was getting drivers as vendors were slow to write them……..

  47. Here I am suckin’ hind tit again. I just heard about W7 and it is allready no longer available for download. I am impressed by most of your opinions and would sure like to try it. Guess I will just have to wait for the finished release. My system is as follows;

    Manufacturer: Custom
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 4008MB RAM
    Hard Drive: 150 GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX
    Monitor: ViewSonic VX2835wm
    Sound Card: SoundMAX HD Audio
    Speakers/Headphones: Logitech IHX
    Keyboard: USB Root Hub
    Mouse: USB Root Hub
    Mouse Surface:
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.080814-1236)
    Motherboard: Asus P5B Deluxe
    Computer Case: Thermaltake

  48. I had a lot of problems install Windows 7. I formated my hard drive but Windows 7 still did not want to install. I could not figure out why Vista did just fine on this computer. So I just shut down my computer and let it sit for a day while I thought about why it would not install. The next day I removed the TV card and gues what Windows installed just fine. I should have thought of that sooner. Now Windows 7 run great most of the time I keep running into some hardware problems and Windows 7 will lock up, I’ve been send this info to Microsoft feedback got to remember it’s a beta. Maybe by the August they will have is fix LOL I got to be out of my mind Microsoft never get’s Windows fix. If they did they would all be out of a job.

  49. Hey Old Hippie,

    I believe the windows, icons, mouse, pulldown(wimp) idea came from the PARC and first appeared in the xerox star.

    I also believe that Microsoft word and the apple product lisawrite both descended from BravoX another xerox product.

    The concept of wysiwyg computing might have been discussed as early as 1945.

    A really old alumni of the 1401 days.

  50. I am using Windows 7 on a Compaq EVO with a 478 2.0 GB chip and 512 ram. Other than not having enough memory this OS works great even using the generic Intel video onboard. It gives me great resolution and I am using it on a a 19″ Acer widescreen. It is very much improved over Vista. Unfortunately I tested Vista Ultimate RC1 which ran great for the duration of the testing and never had a problem. So i bought the released version and had nothing but issues after issues. So the release version had been changed over the RC1 version. I hope they don’t mess with Windows 7 release versio likewise.

  51. The only problems i have had. I did a windows update, updated the driver for the ethernet. after that no connection. Switched driver back it was ok. Ran Malwarebytes and lost my desk top. Other then those 2 problems i have no complantes. And it seem to run quicker then when iam using xp.

  52. I can’t wait. Come on Microsoft, now that you’ve ‘listened’ and even promised to put UAC right post 7 beta, lets have a FREE upgrade (with the same loophole of a clean install)for ‘genuine’ users of VISTA. (Make the old XP stalwarts pay though)!

  53. After over 10 years of dealing with Windows BS, I will be done with it when I buy my next computer. It will be an Apple of whatever kind. I still rue the day I ignored my Uncle’s advice all those years ago and did not go Apple from the start!

  54. Well ,
    Having a core2 extreme quad @ 3.67 Ghz and 8 gigs of ram and a fast hard drive setup ( 4x wd raptor – raid 0 )with a single 260 GTX and I am not having any problems with vista with my 10,000 + daily driver in overdrive , I know what the hell I am doing … I am eager to check out windows 7 after it has matured a bit more , I am also a sli veteran in the sli zone forums , Have my certificate as a certified pc tech , you can always stay behind with XP …I will never go back … I will admit that you have to train the OS with Vista , but hey , just remember right click and drag and drop , lol …

  55. “A new “Show Desktop” button all the way over on the right edge is a nice addition. This button makes it easy to clear all the open windows and view the desktop with a single click and then return them.”

    You mean thís button?
    *points at bottom-left of screen next to ‘start’ in WinXP*
    How new…

    I guess they just moved it to the right, don’t say it’s additional.

    And I agree that any Windows newer than XP probably wouldn’t improve about any single-core-system.
    At least I couldn’t imagine that for mine.
    Unless they aren’t thát heavy after all and possibly even lighter.
    Which I doubt after reading about them.

    Nope, I won’t hassle it with some new and heavier(?) OS, I’ll leave it humming on with XP.
    And I’d suggest getting a new computer to start off with a new OS.
    That’s what I would do and will be doing this or next year.

  56. I have WinXP Pro and it awesome. I am running a Dell GX280 with a Pent 4 3.2ghz, 2g ram, WinXp Pro SP3, onboard video & sound. I have no problems at all. I have tried Vista on a friends system and it is not for me. I will stick with XP. I understand it, it loads quickly, and it is easy to update. XP does everything I need it to do, why would I switch to another OS? The only thing I may switch to is a MAC. I have thought about it for a few years now but have not done it. I know nothing about MACs though and I am a little intimidated I think. From what I have heard and seen though, MAC is the way to go. I just wonder though, if MAC is the bomb….why doesn’t everyone use them? Then I realize that MS has made it so easy to cuddle up to a PC, that the MAC seems almost foreign.
    I may just jump in this year and buy a MAC and leave the whole PC and MS world behind. That might be nice!
    Friday the 13th….be careful today!

  57. Joe Bledsoe:

    “It Appears that Mac is understanding simplicity, is the way of the masses. The rest of us Minority can play around trying to tweak Vista and windows 7…”

    Did I fall asleep and awaken in a world where Mac has more than 8-10% market share? Because they’ve been stuck in single digits for…ever!

    Old Hippie:

    “No matter how good Windows 7 is, Microsoft will never fix all of the problems, instead they will want you to buy a new version”.

    How many new versions of Mac software have there been? How many have they “given away” as opposed to selling it to you? Is ANYONE using a version of an operating system from, say, the year 2000, and is said operating system able to run current apps?

    Myself, I’ve been looking to upgrading to 64 bit computing for awhile now, but am reluctant to try Vista 64 bit. Windows 7 looks like the time and place to move up…

  58. Runing 3 systems with Win 7, including one VM. All systems (32 bit) freeze when shifting webpages, sometimes will self correct, other times require shutdown or reboot. Anyone had a similar problem? Otherwise, a big improvement over Vista.

  59. Also, Old Hippie – Thats what happens in the technology world. Good ideas are appropriated, and old technology eventually becomes obsolete. You can’t really say the market is being unfair by progressing, and you can’t say big software companies should do everything in house, if it ends up being better for all concerned to just re-brand someone elses source code. After all, why reinvent the wheel? Just buy an already existing wheel, and then use your vast amounts of money and expertise to improve said wheel to an extent the other company would likely have not been able to do. Its not like microsoft bought out these companies against their will. They sold by choice.

    As for the 98SE point you Raise, back then 56K was FAST. How do you suppose microsoft release a servicepack to an entire OS through that kind of connection speed? And as for the inevitable ‘free upgrade in store’ reply, how would microsoft make people aware of it? Most people weren’t online back then, and who on earth would go into their local PC shop complaining “My OS needs a service pack”, if they weren’t already more than technological enough to just do something about it themselves? That’d just be microsoft pandering to less than 1% of their userbase, to fix issues that the very same 1% would likely never see. SE was never intended as anything but a product to be sold on newer PCs, and to placate the nerd contingent who actually gave a shit. as for asking people to pay again for the upgrades…well yeah. Software companies release upgraded versions of products, as new products with new features, and then people buy the new version. Thats why we have coreldraw 9, painshop pro 5, adobe photoshop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, elements etc. Expecting EVERY new release to be a vastly improved reimagining of the original is asking too much.

  60. I was a long time Microsoft user but faced with what to upgrade to from XP Pro I chose Ubuntu Linux.
    It’s simple to install, fast, no DRM, no phone home apps and it’s free.
    Goodbye Microsoft, you’ve lost your way and I’ve moved on

  61. 1 – juan, I’m sorry but nothing on 478 is considered ‘midrange’ anymore. Your system is a fair while older than the VAST majority of other systems in use today. While Windows 7 may well run fine compared to Vista, i doubt it will run at anything like a reasonable speed. The last 478 system I saw is at least 6 years old if its still running today. in computing terms, thats ancient history.

    2 – For those complaining that a service pack could have fixed all of this, i think you’re underestimating the amount of changes that need to be made to make something like this feasible. Adding a servicepack to enable this kind of change is pretty much ridiculous and will lead to many complications because its essentialy patching major parts of the OS’s underlying structure.

    IMO, far better to start with a clean and reasonably compact existing codebase (e.g, 9x core, NT core, vista style core), and work upwards from there, rather than trying to ‘de-bloat’ an already HUGE OS.

  62. I was smart enough not to waste my time and money on Vista, even though a few have no problems with it, many more do. Xp was the most stable of all previous versions and has held up despite security issues. It sounds like W7 will be worth a serious look when it comes out. With that said keep in mind that windows has one of the worst fileing systems ever concieved. Any OS that has significant degradation in performace just because you put more software on the hard drive is not a quality minded system. This is why they have resorted to faster cpu’s to compensate for this design flaw. It wasn’t until that the coming of the duel core’s and quad core’s that they are finally starting to get the hint of whats needed to fix the problem with this. In all fairness there maybe patent issues they face with going forward with this fix since Commodore Amiga’s had this solved 20+ years ago, or maybe it’s just poor management like we have seen a lot of lately.

  63. Why on earth should we have to pay for Windows 7, when W7 is MS’s way of saying “We screwed up with Vista.” Anyone who spent hundreds of dollars on Blista should get a HUGE discount on W7. And that doesn’t mention the countless people who downgraded to XP just so they could have a useful computer again.

    After 2 OS’s in 2 years, MS should be lighting their Cuban’s with $100 bills…..

  64. @Old Hippy: They COULD have just called this “Service Pack 2” for Vista, and been done with it. But that would be saying that it’s just another Vista.

    Instead, they did a lot of re-writing from the ground up.

    The other issue with that is the image that Vista has in the marketplace.

    To do that, they’d have to have a positive pull on the market. Let’s just use this analogy for how the public’s perception of the two OS’s has been.

    When Vista was at this stage, it didn’t have as positive of remarks.

    Windows 7 has had amazing reviews for a BETA, and that never has happened with M$.

    Here’s the analogy.

    Vista = President Bush at the end of his presidency. Nothing he could have done would have changed the public’s perception of him.

    7 = President Obama. Bring in the new to replace the old, because it’s a fresh face, and it’s easier to promote something new and different than to change the perception of something that has been tarnished.

    It’s the marketing.

  65. I’m using the 32 bit version on a P$ 3.0GHz hyperthreading CPU 2GHZ Ram and a ATI 1600 video. No problems. Works much better than Vista

  66. Kevin, I haven’t tried the upgrade myself but Microsoft says you certainly can. Just be sure to check that all of your programs are available before you make the leap. I’m sure the operating systems can make the upgrade but it’s up to third party software companies to have their products ready.

  67. I use XP and have always liked it, I do a completed backup weekly into a seperate hard drive using Ghost, at some time I would like to upgrade but, do you know if it “XP” will restore into 7? I think I already know the answer but would like to hear from someone more experienced than me……
    Kevin Belfry

  68. I ran it on my old HP ze5170 laptop. Performance was not great, but it did run. Could not even get Vista loaded on it. Had a few issues with the drivers on such an old machine, but it is a beta, so I do not expect as much as a finished product. I was able to get all the needed drivers, as the vista drivers seemed to work. I will be buying it to replace my Vista (but will keep XP at least for a while).

  69. I am quite happy with Win 7…I tried Vista and quickly went back to XP. I am using Win 7 most of the time, however, I still have to reboot to XP quite a bit of the time as there are no drivers for some of my hardware e.g. Logitech MX 3000 keyboard/mouse, HP 7650. I was also disappointed to read the Creative Labs is not planning to support my web cam, even though it is only just over 2 years old.

    If the hardware companies provide the drivers I need, I would definitely consider this OS if it is priced reasonably.

  70. Microsoft does it again! Instead of fixing the problems with the current version of Windows, they want you to buy a new version. They could update Vista with all the Windows 7 programs and features with a Service Pack, but they won’t.

    I started out using DOS back in the 80’s, then went to Windows 6.11, Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Millennium, XP and now Vista. History will prove that Microsoft WILL NOT fix the problems, but instead want you to buy a new and improved version. Anyone who has gone through this knows what I am talking about. I bought every version listed above, and I refuse to buy another version of Windows from Microsoft, not matter how good it is.

    No matter how good Windows 7 is, Microsoft will never fix all of the problems, instead they will want you to buy a new version. And after awhile your collection of obsolete versions of Windows will look like mine. 🙂

    I still can’t believe they got away with the Windows 98SE (Second Edition) thing, why didn’t they just fix Windows 98 instead of wanting everyone to buy 98SE? Windows 98 was exactly like Windows 95 with some new whistles and bells (features). See what I mean? And it’s still going on!

    Back in the 80’s Bill Gates said “No computer will ever need more than 640K of RAM”. It’s true! And that’s the problem with Microsoft, they have always been way behind Apple and Linux, and stole their ideas and incorporated them into Windows.

    Years ago, Microsoft stole the “windows” idea from Apple, and Apple sued Microsoft. I still can’t believe Apple lost, no one else could either.

    Oh yea, Microsoft once bought a company that had an excellent word processor, and changed the name to Microsoft Word. They did the same thing with Excel and Windows Explorer. And the list goes on. Microsoft can’t seem to come up with anything on their own, they have to steal it or buy it from someone else.

    And when Microsoft does come up with something on their own, they just can’t seem to get it right. Just look at all the different versions of Windows over the years.

    ‘Nuff said.

  71. Juan and alur, chill out. I have tested it with a P4 as have others that have posted, and Windows 7 seems to work just fine. So far, I find that 7 is superior to what the vista betas were at this point in their development. All that I can say now is that the finished product will be as good as it seems.

  72. Tested on Asus p4p800 deluxe socket 478 with
    Presscot 3.0 cpu 2gigs corsair 400mhz ram.
    9600ati 256ram….no overclock on anything.

    Like it….some sound issues but corrected.
    seems fast, quickly boots. Dont trust it yet so partitioned of section of my drive to test win7 so far so good.

    funny thing is it runs cooler with win7,,xp is 2 or 3 c warmer ??? no biggie but worth mentioning. Over all I will keep xp but will also keep win7 — dual boot worth the down load to check out win7

    No issues so far but more time is needed to see if it will crap out better than Vista in my opinion and a better vid card than my old ati 9600 doesnt do it justice..yet gaming was for all acounts smooth doom3 COD HalfLife seemed to work just fine.

    Hope this helps someone…..


  73. I am nursing along a XP pro laptop.A “warehouse membership” store has several on line now running XP pro downgrade with “Vista bonus kit”. This lets you go Vista if want or back again to XP your choice. What to do? Wait for Windows 7 or pop for a XP bonus Vista? HELP

  74. alur, you are the one that need to shup up, the site is not yours and i hope mods warn you. You can’t come and call people names because they are pointing important things. I don’t care if you are rich or have a lot of money. Not all people have that luck, and besides that, is not your problem. You are a stubborn that thing everyone have to jump quickly to any new OS? no sir You should shut up, go to microsoft site and review their Windows 7 features where they state that it will run “better” than Vista in low computers and that’s an important thing to test.

  75. I have a crappy system
    AMD 5200+
    2*1Gb DDR 667
    2*500Gb SATA2 HDD
    MSI 8600GT silent

    Downloaded Windows 7, yes it is just a beefed up Windows Vista, but what a version. No problems to date but tried hard to find them with Games, Apps etc……nothing major, only usual compatability issue….hopefully this is the 1 they got right.

  76. Running Windows 7 on 2 computers an FX-55 w/2 gig of memory and a x2 6400+ w/ 8 gig of memory. 7800gtx vids in both. Only annoyance is anti-virus. I am trying Norton 360 beta and Kapersky 8. Both seem to always run in the background. and are as bad or worse than the Vista UAC for pop-ups. Looking forward to the final release

  77. 1) If u are Mac. Shut up. You are not in the market for Windows7.
    2) The guy who is whining about his older single-core processor not being mentioned in the write-up. Shut up. You are too cheap to invest in a faster system and you won’t be buying a new operating system.
    3) For those of us who update our systems and want smooth running 64 bit computing, it will take more than this superficial article to get me to buy Windows7, but it looks like it will be an improvement.

  78. Installed it on an old Dell Optiplex GX270, with 2.26 GHZ P4, 1.5 gb Ram and a GeForce FX5500 agp card. Not done anything more demanding than playing media files and browsing the internet (all i need it for), but it runs really smoothly and looks great.

  79. It’s a term that causes otherwise reasonable people to revert to the childish habit of calling people names simply because they do not understand something and are incapable of politely asking a question. Works like a charm doesn’t it Mntncougar? ; )

  80. The information that you mentioned above are fine for any home user. For most people you are using a super computer and the 64 bit version. You need to use a single 1GHz, 512MB RAM and then let us know what you think. That is what the average person has in their computer.
    For Business, that could be a whole different story when you look at a POS system of 3 or more stations all working to get orders in for 12 to 15 hours. Vista was a pain to network with a POS because of the security safe guards. I wish that Windows would leave out security issues and let the anti-virus companys have it.
    I really did not hear anything in your comments yet to calm my fears about Windows 7 and how it will work with the POS industry except the glimmer of hope you mentioned in networking. I just hope I am being overly cautious. Thanks

  81. I’ve been a linux user (Ubuntu distro) because of all the initial problems with Vista. I dual boot with Linux/Vista depending on whether I want speed or applications. Just switched from Vista to 7 and find that I’m not using Linux as much because 7 runs almost as fast as Linux and I can run my Windows apps which are far superior to Linux. I may switch back to Windows and use Linux for emergencies.

  82. I think valid tets need to be done with single core cpus, at least from the 478 socket because as peacemarauder wrote, the real “shine” of Windows 7 it was suppose that mid range computers can handle it better than Vista.

  83. Put Vista where it belongs, in the corner with ME. Get something on the market that will use all the new hardware while we finish developing “the” system. Like ME, it was a mass market test bed.

  84. In my drafting firm I use Autodesk Inventor pro along with AutoCAD and Adobe Pro. Unfortunately I must utilize that memory Pig we know as SQL.
    Did you notice any foreseeable conflicts while running these programs?

  85. Stalker, what are you talking about? THe main reason people are still using XP is because its faster, more mature, and much less annoying.

    Also, NFS ProStreet? Who cares. If that was DX10 Bioshock, or Crysis, I’d be impressed.

  86. Mac is understanding simplicity, is the way of the masses. The rest of us Minority can play around trying to tweak Vista and windows 7, to act like XP …

    Windowa Xp , LOL , I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit on my machine with no problems at all , and can easily run 35 programs , while defragging and playing NFS ProStreet at the same time , all at the once , XP is for the low performance mainstream masses machines , curious about windows 7

  87. Installed and uninstalled within 24 hours. Installation was hassle-free and all my gadgets and gizmos seemed to work perfectly (it even found the correct drivers for my Nokia’s wireless presenter function), however, it resolutely refused to play a few video formats, most notably mkv. Nothing I tried seemed to help so I had to say bye-bye to W7. I don’t know why MS doesn’t add the driver functionality of W7 to Vista – after all, it was just searching the net to find the correct drivers, surely that could easily be added? I liked the new superbar, but everything else just seemed to be Vista with a few tweaks here and there. I won’t be rushing out to buy it when it comes out (whenever).

  88. I have Win 7 running on an almost 4 year old laptop, with a single 1.73ghz Centrino processor, and 2gb memory. It runs better than XP! Only problems are Media player, which locks up, and a couple minor things. A vast improvement.

  89. Installed 7 on my computer that has xfx 9800gtx installed with 2 monitors connected .Needless to say I didn’t have my 2nd monitor on.The installation seemed to hang until I realised that the installation seemed to have switched my primary and secondary monitors.

  90. Bill Berninghausen

    Win 7 set up as a dual-boot with XP on my old P4, 1.8 GHz, 1 G
    RAM clunker. No sweat. Boots from the dual choice page in 42-47 seconds. Runs anything. No driver for my old nVidia Geforce MX4K card, but it’s pretty obsolete.

    Runs fast, smooth, but taxes the CPU pretty heavily much of the time, according to the CPU load gadget. Native drivers are pretty effective.

    Beats XP, but I never tried Vista. First Windows OS that even comes close to any Linux distribution. Any Ubuntu variation, PCLinuxOS, Linspire, even Knoppix will run Win 7 into the ground, but it’s not a bad effort…Linux is free!

  91. I have been using Windows 7 for a few weeks now on a P-4 3.0ghz with 2 gigs of ram. It installed quickly and had the driver support needed. It crashed randomly so badly several times that i could not even repair it.

    Since the latest install everything seems to be OK now for some reason. It’s very fast. Usefull features too.

    I think the final product will be the best Windows ever.

  92. Ernie Mink’s views notwithstanding, Vi$ta is in every respect slower, more prone to lockups and incredibly poor for home networking.

    Will 7 improve on Vi$ta’s wireless network problems? I’d love to see better than 900bps – yes, bps – on my Wireless G network that delivers over 17Mbps under XP.

    Having spent significant $$ on Micro$oft’s undercooked and poorly conceived Vi$ta, I imagine I will not be alone in a) Expecting some sort of improvement in every area
    b) Hoping for an OS that supports other Micro$oft OS and applications without hanging
    c) Expecting a pricing structure that is geared towards the user instead of the profiteers.

    Using a DualCore Intel 2.5GHz w 4GB Ram, 3860HD ATI; would love to play some games but with Vi$ta I wouldn’t even try installing them.

  93. My friend is on his 3rd Mac OS software version and his computer is running GREAT! He hasn’t even updated his hardware. I’m on my 3rd computer and limping along with Vista. What say u? Will Microsoft give us Vista users a reasonable upgrade?


  94. installed it on a blue h1 netbook with via mobile chipset, processor running at 1g with 1g of ram and it worked! palyed with it for about 3 days – the video card can’t catch up. but all in all it’s a great os if it can run on a cheap and slow netbook.

    also installed it on an old dell inspiron pentium dual core 1.5g and 1g of ram. was it faster than vista? definitely! was it faster than xp? it seems it is but i’m no benchmarking kind of guy.

  95. Has anybody tried it on an i7 with touch sreen?
    I’m suprised that all the negativity about
    XP has dried up? Yes I’m running XP Pro. and
    still run into hickups? Now that “BIG BLEU”
    is going to be replaced, I’m going to bid on it
    and if succesfull run Windows 7 on it. Would it

  96. Vista is 100 percent more stable than XP, more secure, more up-to-date and better all around. You should NEVER EVER use an odler version of ANY operating system period. Vista is awesome and I am using the Ultimate 32-bit AND 64-bit on 2 computers. When the NON-BETA Version 7 (updated version of the Vista kernel) I will do a full erase and complete full install of Version 7, just as with Internet Explorer 8. You never are supposed to use Betas unless you are testing, and you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep up-to-date and that includes Windows updates and Office.

  97. Oh, one other thing – it doesn’t like Windows Live One Care. I’ve been running without protection ever since the upgrade.

  98. Installation was smooth except – got a warning that it did not like the drivers for my video card, but I installed anyway assuming that it would assign generic driver. Well it didn’t. On final boot up, got NO display at all – couldn’t debug – pondered for a day, then installed a different video card (3 generations old). It booted right up with display and assigned drivers. Been running smooth ever since.

  99. Been using Windows 7 64bit on a Dual Core for 2 weeks and it rocks! No problems here once I found how to run my all-in-one for the scanner.

  100. Will we be able to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows7 with out first upgrading to Vista? If you have to buy Vista first then I will have to stay with XP until I can buy a new computer.

  101. Just another reason for War Baby Boomers to switch to Mac. The Biggest computer market in the world, have as usuual been left out of the comp game by the never ending complexity of Microsoft. I hear it over and over and over. ” I just want to send and recieve mail, have a place to store and share pictures, use google search. That’s it thats all. A foreign country will come up with that computer, and watch them fly out the door. I can easily set up XP to do just that for them, no popups no complexity. No Wonder Microsoft is extending it’s update for XP, 85% of businesses still demand and use it, And it is still number one on home machines. It Appears that Mac is understanding simplicity, is the way of the masses. The rest of us Minority can play around trying to tweak Vista and windows 7, to act like XP. My XPPro boots to desktop in 30 seconds and I have 267 programs running on various partitions with 500 gig HD, 4 gig ram,and Nvidia x series on a 3 year old comp and Loving It.Cost of keeping it up to date 130Bucks. Much cheaper than the Vista and win7 O/S alone.

  102. i have my computer on multi boot windows xp vista windows 7 64 bit and windows 7 32 bit windows 7 is far the best on my computer dual core 2.4 4 gigs of ram 64 bit is great but i have 32 bit for one program i been run it since the prebeta on day one i cant wait i hope they let us vista owners upgrade for cheap $50 to $99 lets hope

  103. Is it as good as Leopard? I have both a Mac and PC (still running XP) and both are due to be renewed. Has anyone tried running this under boot camp, parallels or similar?

  104. I have a duel Core..Also no mention..Bit thing does it plays nice for gamers…Adaptibility that is…That’s where Vista sucked big time..

  105. i just bought my computer with vista home premium.If I were to buy windows 7 can I still keep my vista?and what are the computer requirements to download this?

  106. Faster than Vista? Great. Is it faster than XP? It better be. Back in the “good old days” before Windows, OS upgrades were always faster than the previous version. I’d like that to be the case today.

    I hope the pricing isn’t like Vista. Home, Home Preium, Business, Business Kinda, Business Best! and Ultimate Shamewow. Somebody high-up at must have taken an online Marketing class. Make one version, allow a light and heavy load, cut out the cr*p, and let’s all get on with life.

    I hope Seven is as good as what I’ve heard of it lately.


  108. Hey i been using windows 7 for about 3 weeks now & its gr8 i’ve not had a single prob.
    i think microsoft might have it right this time, im not sorry to say but my vista disk is going to meet with an extremely painful death lol.

  109. PeaceMarauder – I doubt very much that comparing a multi-core system with a single-core system running Windows 7 would be much different performance-wise for basic OS operations. The multiple cores really only come majorly into play when multiple apps are running or heavier-duty apps written specifically for multi-core are being used. Just my 2¢

  110. I’m also testing the build on an older HP Box.. vista ran sorta shakey on it but with Windows 7 OH BOY!!!! Talk about an improvement!! the only conflict I am getting is with McAfee, but it has pretty much fixed itself. It’s a great improvement over Vista, but you know I have Vista on my Laptop and have not expirienced any issues, maybe speed every once in a while that’s it

  111. Everyone who’s tested vista and windows 7 and said good things about it have been using quad core. I’m still on single core socket 478. You tell me nothing.

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