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Wake the kids, phone the neighbors! PC Pitstop is proud to announce a new partnership with Chris Pirillo. Chris is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at techtalk.pcpitstop.com and pcpitstop.com.

More about Chris…

Chris Pirillo has been participating in Internet conversations since 1992, having launched Lockergnome.com as a content publishing network and building Gnomedex to be one of the blogosphere’s highly regarded conferences. He publishes a personal blog and lifecast to tens of thousands of viewers, and is a top subscribed partner on YouTube. When searching Google for “Chris,” his site is listed as the first result. He’s a monthly columnist for CPU Magazine, and has authored books on business and personal technology. Chris also produces weekly video segments for CNN.com Live, where he offers tech advice to a savvy audience.

Having recorded over 1,000 videos in the past year, he cracked the “Top 100″ most subscribed throughout the whole of YouTube. His live stats are even more impressive: over 5 million unique live video viewers watched Chris do his “thing” in 2007 – a total of 2+ million LIVE viewer hours with an average viewing time of 25 minutes per visitor. In the month of August 2008, stats from the live video feed were recorded at 279,878 Viewer Hours, 1,141,472 Viewers, 827,159 Unique Viewers, 395.5 Average Viewers, 707 Hours of live broadcasting.

His daily email newsletter goes out to 100,000+ confirmed opt-in subscribers. He launched what is now a prolific blog network in 1996, and started hosting
his own tech conference series in 2001. The blog has 40,000 readers, his YouTube channel has 60,000 subscribers, and he has over 40,000 followers on Twitter.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome Chris Pirillo”

  1. Hi Chris, I missed seeing you and Leo on Call for Help! I know you will be a great asset to PC Pitstop. Good Luck!

  2. Fanastic! You go Chris. I am really happy to see you movin’ again. I have been with Pitstop only slightly less time than I have been watching you on your various programs. I have enjoyed Pitstop and their additions for almost 10 yrs. Wish you the best again Adell

  3. mr.pirillo,
    i first seen you on the old tv help show.very good helped me out alot. there’s no question that you are very good at what you do. but can you tell me and everyone else if your going to help pcpitstop or are you going to disapear again? i don’t fault you for moving on and bettering yourself. just that you stopped helping people like me that aren’t computer smart like you. you left us hanging and when we found you again your advice came with a price tag. i don’t fault your for making money gee we all want to do that. but we also like free stuff too. and tro learn from a mind like yours how to use it properly. how about being mr. nice guy again and giving us somemore of your free advise on different problems we novices face.

    thank you,
    robert skiles

  4. Greetings Chris! I sure did miss call for help and you and Leo and the gang.I even stayed up for that marathon broadcast and laughed when you lost control.You will be an asset here and I couldn’t be happier about it!

  5. Hi Chris, and Welcome. I too started with CFH, and still miss it very much. That is how I learned of PC Pitstop.

  6. Des Moines, Iowa checking in-remembering the fun radio broadcasts on WHO. Great to have you partner with this site!

  7. Hi Chris so glad you are here. I sure miss you being on Call for Help. What idiots for changing that channel. I’m looking forward to learning from you again.

  8. Hey Chris, Got-a-smile. Been following you since tv’s “call for help”, PC Today,G4 tv network & Lockergnome. Sure learned much from your insight. Can’t wait for new experiences with you as partners with PC Pitstop.

  9. Herman QuesadaTorres

    Man am I glad to see you. As others have stated i followed you and Leo daily. Would tape it if I was not going to be home. I happened to mention to my son about he change in the old TechTv and when it went to G4tv. You guys explain everything so the average person could understand what was going on. Now all they seem to do is BAD jokes and skids. I would love to be able to watch again a show like the old Screen Savers. Anyway welcome hope you stay a while

  10. Hi and hello Chris!!! My wife and I really loved your insight to the problems that happen with the thing we call a computer. We really liked watching you back when you were on “Call For Help”. BTW I name all of my PC’s “The Thing”. Sometimes there are a few other words in front of “The Thing”. I think you can guess what some of those words are.

    Thanks for your past help and I am glad to see you here.

    Lenny Tatara

  11. Douglas Burnett

    It is nice to get your wisdom once again. I watched CALL FOR HELP for many years and when It disappeared I WAS disappointed I am looking forward to learning much from your great computer skills.

  12. Welcome, Chris!!!! Is there any way to bring back great old Tech TV like it used to be? Damn that worthless G4 network. TTV was amazing, it also got me through 2 back surgeries and taught me hundreds of useful ideas. I look fwd to reading your columns!!!!

  13. MCP - in progress

    Welcome Chris. I was one of Chris’ ‘live callers’ on Call For Help several years ago. On that program, he introduced me to Audacity. I too have missed Chris, as well as the former TechTV network. Looking forward to his techno insight…cheers.

  14. Chris is a welcomed addition. I was a regular watching “Call For Help” and was disappointed when it was cancelled. I always looked forward to tips that Chris and the others shared on that show.

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