Windows 7 Readiness Test


Take the test and get the facts. No reason to wonder if your hardware can handle the demands of Windows 7. One click and you’ll know if Microsoft and PC Pitstop pass or fail your system.

Each component is tested and you receive a pass/fail analysis. Individual suggestions make it easy to see where your system needs help and exactly what it needs.

Windows 7 Versions Information tells you what versions are available and lists their features. Find out if you can do an upgrade or need a clean install. Please note that the test is designed for use with Internet Explorer.

If you are using FireFox, please install the IE Add/on Tab to take the test. All you need do is type “IE Add/on” in your Firefox browser and it will take you to the download page. Once installed you can right click the “Take The Test” link and select “Use IE Tab”. Pretty simple really.

Windows Easy Transfer function makes moving your important pictures, files, and information to your new installation a snap.

Download from Microsoft using the link shown on the results page.

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86 thoughts on “Windows 7 Readiness Test”

  1. Your test is a flunk out. It failed the memory test ,I have 1.5gigs of good memory.It failed the screen res test,wrong again.I have it set to more than the minimum setting. I don’t know what else is wrong I cut the test off.

  2. Robert W. Jones

    I didn’t bother to run the test since I already know my computer WILL run Win-7 (RC-1) just fine.

    Here’s a thought… try putting a disc in your CD/DVD drive before running the test; maybe that will help with detection.

  3. Running Dell Dim C521 (bare bones except upgraded memory to 3GB. Running Vista Home Basic on 180GB HD, 2.2 GHz, and a nice new monitor capable of up to 2048×1152 res. Passed all tests, but my integrated video should be upgraded for optimum quality. Not a gamer, so I didn’t opt for a high quality vid. card. I had no problem with the tests, worked first time, using an IE Tab in Firefox. I try to keep my system tuned up, and it pays off.

  4. I am running Vista on a HP Pavilion Elite m9150f pc the test passed everything but the dvd/cd drive. It did take running the test 4 times with add-ons to pass. Despite the comments I thank you for providing the free test.

  5. you guy must realize that poeple how have window xp love the freindly os,the one how have vista with all the trouble that it has would love to hang you say we can only get windows 7 for free if we have vista. that like saiding buy vista then we can help you.why not upgrade windows xp to the next level there lot of poeple that still have windows xp then vista.

  6. The first time that I told your test to run, it said that my system failed in 3 area’s. (1). It did not have enough Ram,and (2), that my computer;s hard drive did not have enough free space and (3)that the screen resolution was wrong. When I ran it second time, it said that my computer only failed in 2 areas, and when I ran it the 3rd time, it passed in all areas.

  7. Ok, my 2 cents here… I just tried the test..failed to find my cd rw and dvd rw drive..says I Seriously tho..I just bought this new computer with Vista. I’m not impressed with Vista too much. It is pretty, and I do have all new faster parts than my older computer that ran XP. But, the biggest draw back, my HP scanner, which cost me quite a bit a few years back, doesn’t work w/ Vista and is worthless now. So bad marks for Vista and HP who didn’t support it. Windows 7? Gotta be kidding me..only if it’s free..

  8. I practically had to poke this test with a stick just to get it to work!

    Only after a lot of prodding did it pick up my Core2 Duo E8400, 8 GB of RAM, 1792×1344 screen, hard drives, and video, but it still failed to see my optical drives.

    Rework please?

  9. Test ran with no problems once I accepted to run the many activeX scripts.
    Tested OK for a quad Q9550 @ 3.5, 4 GB PC2-6400, Raid 5 SATA & GE Force 9600 GX2
    Agree, upgrade from XP would make Win7 more attractive

  10. I have Core i7 965 3.2 extream edition, 12G DDR3,2 GTX 280 SLI, 2 300G Raptors in 0 Raid,and 2 20x dvd burners, Vista 64 Ultimate ED and failed the test. ROFL

  11. This test is No good.
    The test failed me on 3 items, & it couldn’t see 2 items.
    Everything should have passed easy.

  12. Right-click on the file or program you wish to run (you can right-click on executable file names in a Windows Explorer window, or you can right-click on programs listed in the Start menu). And select Run As…

  13. This test does require IE. Some of the issues you are seeing with missing information may be due to not running Internet Explorer as an Administrator. Make sure you run IE as Administrator and specify in your comment what your results are.

    Right-click on the file or program you wish to run (you can right-click on executable file names in a Windows Explorer window, or you can right-click on programs listed in the Start menu).

  14. What a load of cobblers, it fail on everything and got stuck on scanning my cd/dvd drive.
    Im running a Q6600 Go@ 3.6GHz i have 8gig of ddr2 pc8500 2 x ati 4890’s 1TB hdd and it failed, who made this test? they need stringing up.

  15. The test needs help.
    – Did not find drive on which windows is installed, apparently only checked the C:-drive … my “Windows” drive (I:) has 193 GB free, so the 17 GB on the C:-drive is irrelevant.
    – Could not find my CD and DVD drives ?????
    Better get some better programmers, eh?

  16. What a waste of time your test is.
    It tells me that it can only run on a Windows machine… therefore not on this machine operating under Vista 64-bit !!!

    You should be embarassed.

  17. Test ran perfect for my machine: Quad Core 2.6, 4GB RAM, 8800 GTS 640MB Video Card, DVD R/W, 1680 x 1050 resolution, and XP Profesional. Only warning I received was regarding the inability to upgrade directly from XP. Don’t know what the fuss is all about. I’ve never complained about a free too that you can choose to use or not.

  18. I tried to test.

    Apparently if you are not using windows, then you can not test to see if your computer can run windows.

    Odd isn’t it? lol

  19. …well, I would have to agree with a number of people replying. Your TEST failed at recognizing my screen resolution possibilities, whether I had a DVD drive (I do, I have 2), and a number of other issues. Ran the TEST a 2nd time and got same results. Just like a lot of other people replying I would not and will not install Vista just to get this update! Microsoft is pushing people away slowly but surely. Their decision to not allow upgrade from XP will push even more away. I regularly use Google Chrome and I love it. Goodby Microsoft!

  20. Your test says that my PC does not have a CD drive and of course it has a DVD writer w light scribe. For that reason only you test tells me that I have to upgrade my PC or replace it. NOT TRUE. WHY?

  21. The test ran ok I guess except for every test level I had to tell it to run the Active X script. Nothing major but a little bit of a pain.

  22. I sure hope the win 7 works better than the checker…..Completely missed the mark on correctly finding my information…Not much faith in either of them …… XP’s is working fine……Just another way to force people to upgrade and spend more money just to create a nightmare of un-researched problems.

  23. @David Frady: There is nothing wrong with my PC, unlike your insults at the rest of us, or your spelling for that matter. And maybe some people on here are not technical wizards, but that doesn’t give you the right to have a go at them. I suspect that many of the people who have written posts here are perfectly competent, but did not have the test for Windows 7 work, like myself. The Windows 7 test asked me repeatedly to run an active X control, which I allowed, and allowed again, and allowed again, until I ran out of patience and cancelled it.

  24. Very poor. Doesn’t work without IE (Integrated Exploiter!), not in Firefox at all. When I did fire up IE, it failed to diagnose my hardware very well at all. I agree with Mat. While my system is not up with his, it is a quad core AMD 9850 with 4 Gig of ram, and runs Windows 7 quite successfully in Virtual PC. So M$ thinks my system is good enough, just not PC Pitstop! Back to the drawing board, guys!


    If you had your PC tuned-up and tight, you would have had NO problems on this test. You all WHINE & COMPLAIN about everything BUT you don’t follow PCPITSTOP’S simple – unwritten – RULES. When in PCP Do as PCP says DOH !!!!!
    Use PCP to run the Full Tests AND after the tests DO what they say to do. DO it right away. DON’T wait until next week. You did the tests now so fix it now. JEEZE !!! What a bunch of MORONS All I know is most of you must have some really crappy running PCs that you don’t take good care of for not being able to complete that test without a problem… STOP YOUR WHINNING AND GO FIX YOUR COMPUTERS NOW – – – IT’S NOT LIKE YOU JUST STARTED THIS CRAP YESTERDAY !!!!! JEEZE !!!!

  26. Okay, ran the rest of the add-ons and everything then passed successfully. Despite the fact that I have been using computers since 1987, doing hardware upgades since 1991 and have been building my own since 1995, even I didn’t see all the add-ons that needed to be run. I can imagine that newbies would be totally lost running this test which requires, what–four add-ons?!

  27. I have XP completely updated. I did a clean install a couple months ago, something I do at least once a year just to clean out the crap that builds up no matter what else you do or “fix-it” programs you use.

    The one time I tried to do an upgrade from one version of Windows to a new version, it failed spectacularly and I have never done an upgrade like that since. (When I called Windows tech support they told me to do a clean install anyway, because so many people were having trouble doing the upgrade.)

    I started using Windows when it was 3.1, and have had much experience doing clean installs of Windows. In those days, once a week was not at all unusual, and you could rarely go more than a couple of months without doing a clean install. Each version of Windows has gotten better and I can go longer between clean installs.

    I keep all my data on a separate physical drive and back that up regularly to an external hard drive of identical size. So doing a clean install of Windows and my programs is relatively easy.

    The first time I ran the test it did not recognize my memory (I have 2 GB). But that was before I allowed it to run the test; after clicking on the yellow bar above the page window and allowing it to run the test, the memory was recognized and passed.

    It failed to recognize my screen resolution, which is at 1920×1200 (I have a 24″ monitor).

    I have a DVD burner–the test is STILL checking to see if I have such a drive.

    I have a a GeForce 8800 GTS video card with 640 MB of memory and the test is STILL checking to see if I have a video card.

    The five items it successfully told me about I already knew the answers to so this test was of no value to me. It produced an incorrect video resolution result and never completed two of the checks.

  28. Oh and yes I did run ALL the add-ons. The final recommendation was to replace this PC if I want to run Win 7

  29. What a joke this test is. I took it just for the heck of it. I’m running an i7 set up with 12 gigs ram 2 1Tb hard drives. 4890 vidcard and a 25 in monitor at 1360x 768. Also a DVD and Blu-ray burner

    Yet I failed on memory, HD, Screen resolution,Cd/Dvd drive, and video memory..

    Guess my rig isn’t good enough.. LOL

  30. your test is flawed. I have a Gateway Core 2 Quad with 2.50 ghz and 250 gig hard drive and a 24 in hd monitor. Your test said I failed all items except the first one.

  31. I allowed ALL of the Active-x add-ons to run, until there were no more add-ons to run, when I ran the test, and it still did not detect my CD/DVD ROM.

  32. Your test ran perfectly on my computer AFTER I allowed all the active-x add-ons.

    I think many of the posters here did not allow all the active-x add-ons

  33. With ref to :

    Ernie Mink Says:
    May 28th, 2009 at 6:47 pm
    I will say I have family who works for Microsoft and it is a great company who continually seeks better ways to improve on already great services and software. Of course Version 7 is only upgradeable from Vista because Vista is version 6 of Windows, so that is NOT a drawback, and you should already be upgraded to Vista anyways for security and contemporary reasons as XP is outdated and pointless. You should if possible start from a fresh hard drive with a FULL, NON-beta copy of Version 7 when it is released and prepare to keep all software updated and use good security and utility software like Norton internet security, Spyware Doctor and Advanced Systemcare Professional with Smart DeFrag, all which I use.

    What can i say your full of sh*t, xp is pointless no way its reliable and works vista still causes lots of problems and its demanding Mr gates has forgotten that its just a gateway to play games, music,net,office etc so why so resource hungray…Funny the new operating system will have the same min specs as xp !!! Pointless ehh so why he taking a step back…Also use norton anti virus no no no!! its also resource hungray and clogs up the system, better to use something like AVG !!, so i have bought every operating syestem since 3.11 and i like xp i was to have support stop by now but so many people like me who keep their operating systems have gone back to xp its supported till at least 2014 and wont cost u at least 80-100 quid for oem and i can game happy again and listen to music without rethink your point of view plonker Microsoft A*S ki*ser!!!

  34. I agree with many of the comments posted. The test showed I had NAMemory on RAM Test, whereas I have 4GB installed. Screen resolution is inaccurate also. Drive space inaccurate as I have sufficient for the install. How does this test run anyway? What does it actualy check on computer?
    I also agree that 7 should be an upgrade from XP – I had and have no intention of using Vista, XP works just fine. Even Microsoft have admitted they got it wrong with Vista.

  35. Long time computer tech, not a fan of Vista but running it since April 08. Ran an upgrade first and ran buggy. Usable, but buggy. Upgraded to 64 bit in March. Better than XP? Nope. Better than XP 18 months after launch? Are you KIDDING?!? Does anyone REMEMBER Pre-SP2 XP? I ran XP for 2 weeks about a month after launch, then went back to 2000 until SP2 came out.

  36. I have been using xp for some time now and I suppose Im the only person on earth that liked windows me which I used until turbo tax and utube stopped support for them. I think its great! There is only one game I need a better operating system that I want “the halo one” requires vista. but one game dosent warrent the cost of a new operating system for me.



  39. Something wrong somewhere. The test failed me on free disk space, yet I have 96Gb free. It also failed me on screen res, yet I have 1024×768 set up. It also gfailed me on memory, yet I have 1Gb.

  40. When I first ran the test, the only piece of hardware it successfully identified was the CPU. Everything else failed. What I noticed was that you have to keep clicking on the button to Allow ActiveX Controls to run (see top of the browser window). Each time you do, another piece of the test works. Eventually most of it worked and my machine passed in all areas except one….it failed to recognize the USB DVD R/RW I have attached to the machine.

  41. Had to run all these little “add ons” in order to run the test, and then the test “failed” my computer, because it failed to detect my CD/DVD ROM. Not a very reliable test.

  42. When I first ran the test, I got the same result as most of these guys; a lot of stuff missing, but after I ran it a 2nd time, my sys. passed everything except my OS which of course is XP.

  43. Test worked fine on my Compaq Presario SR 5610f., however, I hate the way vista makes you go through more steps to get things done, instead of saying go and getting it done. Most of my printers and programs would not work when I went to a new computer with Vista from my dead computer with xp. Wish I could have xp back. Will be years, I pledge, before I upgrade to Win 7. The main reason for the changing os is making people buy more stuff,imo.

  44. Heinz K Jahnke

    I do not understand how you could publish this test. I had installed both Windows 7 Beta and Windows 7 RC and they both ran without any problem. After I switched back to Vista, I tried your test “on a lark”. My computer failed. Enough said.

  45. reading all these comments is pretty damned scary! First of all I find XP the most stable of all Windows operating systems and I’ve been using Windows OS’s starting back with 3.1. I love XP – rarely crashes. Why the hell would MS insist that Vista was an improvement in spite of all the evidence to the contrary? Admit your mistake and get on with it.

  46. This test is a washout. It said o Processor when In fact I am running a Pentium D 945. My memory also failed even though I have 2 Gb od Crucial 667 Mhz ram installed. never detected the optical drive or Hdd and the Monitor was a bust also. Over all, this test is waste of time.

  47. I am glad that I read some of the comments before I tried it or else I would have been wondering what was wrong with my computer. The test is wrong.

  48. The test is very inacuate,I have 2 GB of ram and the test is telling me I don’t among other things,Sorry guys but your test just keeps getting it wrong,think I’ll stay with XP,works great for me.

  49. I just went & bought a MacBook. My 1st & definantly not my last. With their introduction of Vista, they lost alot of customers who are feed up with their incompetence & shoddy OS´s. XP still is the best but the only people who dont see it is MS. If Vista is a sign of what is to come with Win 7, its already a loser. Mac sales have soared since the introducion of Vista, any one guess why?¿?¿

  50. I tested Windows 7 on a 5 year old Dell (P4, 1gb of ram, a AMD X300 128mg vid. card,a SATA 150 160gb HDD, and a SoundBlaster Live card)and it ran great. The only problem is that it didn’t like the game port on the sound card. I put on a lot of different programs from new to old, and Windows 7 fixed the compatibility problem and the software ran fine. A friend stopped to look and play with it runs Vista on his system, said it’s Vista that’s fixed.If Vista was the only OS left to by, I would never switch from XP till my system died. Or go to a Mac. 🙁 But Windows 7 is a different story. When it is released I’ll by it.

  51. I am running Vista Service Pack 2. I’ve ben using Vista for about 2 years now. I love it. The only hardware I had to change was my video card. Some software and drivers needed replacing but it was no big deal. I can’t imagine going back to XP. I ran the test and I passed on every item. I can do an upgrade to windows 7. Vista runs so well I hesitate to upgrade because Vista runs so well but I’m sure I will. I can’t wait until it is released.
    I have a Dell XPS/Dimension 410/9200. 4 gigs of ram and 500 gig hard drive.

  52. Your test reported that I have no processor, no memory, my screen resolution was on the old blue screen variety, ….Need I say more?

  53. Yep, test wouldn’t run with Firefox. Did it with IE and it only recognised the OS. But I noticed that it prompted me for permission to run activeX modules. I agreed and had to agree for each component of the test. Finally it spat out my correct specs. I still failed because of my video card.

    I always want the newer versions of software so I will go for win7, just don’t like being forced to get new software with bugs galore. If non-MS affiliated peeps give it the green light then I’ll bite.

  54. Don’t know why so many are having problems with your test. It gave me feedback on everything. Only caveat (since I’m running XP Pro) was about doing a clean install. I’ll be purcahsing a new HD soon and will install Windows 7 on that.

  55. Having Windows 7 require Vista to upgrade is a big mistake on Microsoft’s part. It may be “obsolete” but it’s the most prolific OS in the world, Vista notwithstanding, and I for one have no intention of upgrading to Vista or to Windows 7. My XP Pro machine runs EVERYTHING

  56. I’ll have to pass on the test also.
    Vista left me with a very bad aftertaste so Microsoft’s new 7 course meal just doesn’t sound to appealing. XP is still the best and most reliable.
    Hey Ernie… sounds like you have been swayed by some MS propaganda? They deserve the shots Mac has been dishing out and they better wake up!

  57. Your test could not recognize anything on my computer. If a computer has a sticker on it that says “Windows Vista Capable” on it, well then, it sure as heck should run Windows 7. I like XP! It runs well and very possibly the best O.S. so far!

    XP is far from being outdated. It’s just that Microsoft is bound and determined to get it outdated as soon as possible. Just another way of bringing in millions more to Billy’s pocket

    You guys operate just like microsoft. Put it out without really testing it. Vista maybe?

    Don’t you people listen??? There are too many people that do not want Windows 7. Let alone Vista. It’s as if XP is almost……well…too good.

  58. The test is inaccurate. My computer failed on Ram according to test, but in reality it has much more Ram than required. Required per test is 1GB. My computer has 3GB of Ram. Required is 32 bit. Mine is 32 bit. Sooo… don’t put much stock in the results of this test

  59. I agree that if it’s not available for XP; forget it! I like XP!!!! I’m not going to use Vista!!!! And, in response to Ernie…I had many issues until I got rid of using Norton! I’m happy with Windows Live OneCare and have been using it for 2 or 3 years now.

  60. Based on the posted comments, I’ll pass on the test. (I wonder if the guy who wrote it used to work for MS?)

  61. I have been running Win 7 rc 7100 for about a month now. I’m running it on an ACER Aspire 6500 with 1.5 meg proc. and 1.25 megs of ram. It’s fast and I have not had any problems so far with it.

  62. The test is flawed as it failed to find my 2GB of RAM, 3.1GB Processor, 320GB HD, etc,. etc., etc. PCPitStop at one time was a valuable resource to compare your PC against its database, but after this fiasco, I think I’ll just try the Windows 7 RC on my own and determine whether the upgrade is worth going through with.

  63. Bad Test Results

    Ok,My computer failed the test too. I have a 2.4 Ghz Quad Zeon processor, 1,500 GB Hard drive (7200rpm), and 4 GB of memory. It didn’t recognize any of them! (LOL) Oh well, I will not upgrade until my DAW updates require it, and that all the bugs are out of it anyway. I still like XP Professional, it may not look as nice as Vista, but it is more stable for what I do, and less intensive on the processors too.

  64. How amusing. It failed to detect my 500GB hard disk, my screen reolution, even said I have no processor….I think the checker should be re-written, don’t you?

  65. XP is outdated and pointless? This man doesn’t read much, does he? Obviously he’s part of the MS family! I have to agree with some of the other writers. Your test doesn’t really check much at all. I’m running WIN7 64 bit BETA on a separate SATA drive right now. It doesn’t like much of my software nor does it like my Creative Sound Blaster card. I sit here wondering just how many of my software sellers will provide WIN7 software when 7 becomes retail? Hate it when Micro$oft comes out with a new OS which renders so much of my stuff obsolete. Can’t afford to run out and replace all of that. Really got ticked when Polaroid wouldn’t write software for my $2300 Polaroid film scanner when I switched to XP some years ago. Run it on WIN98 on a different puter now. It was either that or the junkpile and it was only 2 years old.

  66. The test did not detect the CPU, memory, hard drive, graphics, etc. It only got the current operating system right. Advise when fixed and I’ll try it again.

  67. Norton internet security, Spyware Doctor? You must work for Best Buy. 2 of the worst non-functional system hogs.

  68. I will say I have family who works for Microsoft and it is a great company who continually seeks better ways to improve on already great services and software. Of course Version 7 is only upgradeable from Vista because Vista is version 6 of Windows, so that is NOT a drawback, and you should already be upgraded to Vista anyways for security and contemporary reasons as XP is outdated and pointless. You should if possible start from a fresh hard drive with a FULL, NON-beta copy of Version 7 when it is released and prepare to keep all software updated and use good security and utility software like Norton internet security, Spyware Doctor and Advanced Systemcare Professional with Smart DeFrag, all which I use.

  69. Larry Williams

    Your test is a bummer. It did not recognize anything on my computer except the Operating System. Better try again.

  70. I will NOT go to VISTA 1st, and will NOT do a clean install. Windows 7 MUST be an upgrade for XP or NO GO 7 !

  71. I believe Joseph has a valid point and it applies in more ways that just memory.

    Your scan tool requires a revision or two to have it working as it should.

    System check failed on Memory and screen resolution, minimum of 800×600 required for Win7……come on how many ppl at home would still be using a 14″ crt not capable of running 800×600? CD-ROM and Graphics are stuck on checking……

    All in all only CPU and HDD are a working functions according to the result shown vs my hardware spec.

    The Mole spreading its ways to PCP I wonder? 😛


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