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Our good friend Chris Pirillo has stepped in to help us answer one of the numerous Ask the Pros questions that have come in. This week, Chris tackles a question from Candace who is wondering “how (she) can speed up her computer without adding memory”. If you have ideas for Candace beyond what this video provides, please feel free to leave your thoughts as a follow-up comment.

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About Chris:

Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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18 thoughts on “Video – Ask the Pros Answer from Chris Pirillo”

  1. Business Email Marketing

    Why would you recommend Safari as a browser? The security on that browser SUCKS. And Google Chrome, because it’s still relatively new, is not compatible with a lot of sites at the moment. Firefox is a secure browser and pretty much your best bet right now.

  2. also I forgot to mention advanced system care at it does the work of around 5 or more programs
    and it has a internet booster that really speeds up your browser in firefox or I.E and so much more itgets downloded downloaded at cnet A must have peeps!

  3. i,m surprised nobody mentioned turning off superfetch or open your windows folder and open prefetch and delete everything in it! it’s all clutter and slows down your P.C
    also this site can be very helpful he has tons of great tips tricks freeware and more he knows all the tricks for vista and X.P

  4. Chris, glad to see you again. It’s been too long since you were on “Call For Help”. Look forward to checking out your tips here on PC Pitstop.

  5. Hey, glad to see a bunch of old friends – names I recognize from the end of the 80’s.first of the 90’s!!! I’ve used a number of AntiVirus and cleanup programs for the other parts. I’ve never found zombie ware, little ‘seedlings’ left by other bad visitors. I guess FireFox and Yahoo! are doing their jobs! But I am all for increasing speed. I’m paying Verizon Fios big money for great PC performance and I’m getting almost as slow as dialup! $40 v, $10. Any suggestions gladdly accepted ;)Nancy

  6. Thought I’d give Google Chrome a go, but decided to read some reviews first. Didn’t like that it always tells Google all about my pc. So instead I downloaded the SRWare Iron browser. apparently a clone of chrome, but without reporting back all the time. So far so good. Works ok and quite fast. I’ve done all the scans since I’ve used it and not found any hinky stuff.

    PS also check out easy cleaner from Toni Arts. No trouble in years of using it. It has a reg cleaner, useless file cleaner, program uninstaller, and everything goes to the recycle bin (if you say so) and can be stored if necessary. So far I’ve never had to restore anything and I’ve used it hundreds of times. Of course other reg cleaners will always find entries easy cleaner missed, but then it also finds some that they missed.

  7. I’m surprised he didn’t mention running some sort of registry cleaner. I tend to switch between Ccleaner or Eusing Registry Cleaner, and have been pretty satisfied with the results.

    Both programs are, to my knowledge, still freeware.

    Firewings13 – you are right on the money.

  8. check out its a list of hints and tips that you can do if they apply to your system. There’s also I used some of the tips on the xp one and it made a huge difference. It’s basically a collection of all the tips the people above have suggested. I couldn’t believe the difference prefetching made for example. Opened programs in a blink. Check it out.

    P.s. this Chris guy isn’t so bad. If you didn’t need his help you wouldn’t be at sites like this.

  9. Has anyone mentioned increasing the paging file to 4095 MB? Make sure your hard drive isn’t close to being full before doing this.

  10. …tried Google Chrome; it is as Chris says, fast! I have it as my default browser replacing IE8.

    As for the rest of the tweaks, I’d already done most of them.

  11. Speeding up the windows computer, is very simple. Defrag and clean windows, then get rid of temp files, cookies, and cache files. Doing this is as close to restoring the computer without doing so. Also turn off programs that is not being used that is running in the background. Do search and type in “temp” and open folders then delete the files and do the same with cache and cookies. But only delete content of those folders not anything that is not in a folder. Now turning off programs that runs in the background. click on run, then type msconfig, then startup and clear the checklist…I suggest to not uncheck your virus program and spyware program, but everything else go for it. You’ll have a much faster running computer and experiment with different browsers other then internet explorer.

  12. Chris Pirillo is the most irritating person on the planet, and that includes the ads featuring the cave men. Stop him, please, I beg you!

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