Best Buy Leaks Windows 7 Upgrade Plans


The sleuths over at Engadget have apparently uncovered an internal memo from Best Buy outlining plans for Windows 7 upgrades beginning in late June. This goes along with information from Microsoft describing the Technology Guarantee or Windows 7 Upgrade program, as it has been called lately.

Perhaps, most interesting is the line in the memo that says Windows 7 isn’t just a “Vista that Works”. Not earth shattering to those who have tried Vista, but a nice confirmation from BestBuy that in fact “Vista Doesn’t Work”.

I doubt that this will help with new system sales between now and the slated Windows 7 release date, but it will be helpful for those who are forced to buy during this period.

For those who can’t wait, BestBuy will be offering “select versions” by preorder. Windows 7 Home Premium will sell for $49.99 and the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $99.99. The “Preorder Promotion” will run between June 26th and July 11th, 2009.

Let the mania begin


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176 thoughts on “Best Buy Leaks Windows 7 Upgrade Plans”

  1. hmmmmm, Vista seems to be getting quite the bad rap here. Personally I have run every MS OS since DOS 1 and am quite happy with all of them. TWeaking has not been necessary and I am not running a high end computer. 2.4 ghz processor and 1 gig of ram. It (vista) works like a charm. I also am seeing that a lot of people are complaining about the OS slowing down on boot up over time. Cleaning and proper defragging with a good third party defrag program like JkDefrag works wonders. If, like me you spend a lot of time on line and trial a lot of software then yes vista will boot slower and slower just like any other OS will. Clean and defrag your dang machines once in a while and that slowness does not happen.

    BTW, I have been using computers and building computers since 1986 so I am not a novice by any means.


  2. There is nothing wrong with Vista. Have been using it (Home Premium) since it was issued and have had no problem. I cannot understand what all the fuss is about.

  3. Since windows7 isnt even going to have a movie maker I just wonder how video friendly its going to be. Granted there are lots of other movie makers to use and I do utilize them I also liked the convienance of the WMM and still wonder about the video capabilities.

  4. I may be wrong about the exact time Win7 RC is supposed to start shutting down. I think June or July of 2010. If Microsoft does move up the release date of Win7, when will RC start shutting down?

  5. With out a doubt all you folks that have no complaints are the ones that only use a computer for the internet. If you don’t run programs and let the computer do some real work for you, then no you probably are very satisfied with your Internet. I myself have a lot invested in programs that I use on a working daily basis that I could not afford to be without. So Microsoft needs to update all compatibility issues, or just leave it alone. When they stop servicing XP then that computer will just have to be programs only and no Internet. I shouldn’t have to by a new program every time a new operating system comes out, and the programs should not have to be constantly updated.. All of this just to watch better TV and Movies on a Computer???? What is going to happen to the Big screen TV in your home???? Is this good-bye to TV????

  6. I hate to respond to dumb posts but for the guy above who thinks that his Vista has “conflicts” with HP software, why are you calling MS? LOL, HP has a work around if you have an old printer that you’re trying to squeeze the life from. If it’s new, then HP has drivers for it. Geez, I pity the poor guy in customer service when he listens to some of these cry babies.

  7. I have used every windows operating system since 3.0. The only problem with Vista is SOE…severe operator error by those who found extreme fault in it.

    I am using Windows 7 RC 64 bit and will buy it if the price is not gouged during its intial release. If MS asks a premium price, then I will wait until the RC version expires in March.

  8. Milton Roberts

    I find that I can generally get by with whatever system they are selling, all of the ones I have used had something about them that I didn’t like. But Vista was the biggest slap. To prevent me from using all of the software I have purchased from them in the past was just too much. Being retired, I just can not afford to purchase a new office suite. Even XP prevented me from using much of my software purchased from someone other than microsoft. And I don’t know how to adjust XP to let me use programs made for 98.

  9. Arthur Whitehouse

    Opinions on Windows Vista will be all over the chart, just as exemplified here. And in large part, it is also due to the hardware it was installed on. My brand new Acer Aspire came with Vista, I didn’t want it but had no choice. I have had nothing but problems, although not as severe as some. The main issue is that it takes minutes to move or copy files, and I mean small files not large ones. Another issue for me is that Vista does not seem to like a disproportionate number of flash drives, various ones have crashed my system. My Acer is not tweaked, nor should it have to be, although I have been in computers for over 11 years and am quite capable of doing so. But many of my friends have had no issues.
    I have tried both Ubuntu Linux, and Windows 7 on the same machine and they both perform flawlessly. Windows 7 has given me absolutely no driver issues, files copy/move very quickly, UAC works as it should without preventing the average user from being productive, and all my favorite programs installed without any problems whatsoever.
    But at the end of the day, it’s all about what we as users like and need from an OS. To those who have had no issues with Vista, I congratulate you for your success. For those who hate it as much as I do, try Windows 7 and you will see what Vista was “supposed” to be. And I agree with Best Buy’s memo, Windows 7 is Vista that works.

  10. Is this what they mean by “coming out of the closet”? I never dreamed that so many people loved Vista. I have no opinion since I stayed with my older, home built computer with XP but I doubt I would have been one of the whiners. I am now trying to do a real upgrade; to Ubuntu. That may really give me something to whine about but it seems fun so far. Also, there are really nice people to help me on the forum.

  11. I HATE Visa. There are conflicts with my HP printer software, and I haven’t been able to print for a month. Microsoft tech support via email has been useless and clueless. I MISS MY MAC. Shove Windows 7, I’m saving my pennies and buying a Mac as soon as I can.

  12. I’m using Vista Home Premium SP2 64 bit OS and have never had any problems what-so-ever. I’m tired of all the Vista bashing also. If your not happy with Windows change to a Mac.

  13. I Bought a Dell Laptop with Vista in July 08, did not use it until Feb 09, just because my tax program would not work in my old system. I had purchased a new copy of XP pro because of all of the negative press on these blogs about Vista, but had no problems with Vista until a week ago Wednesday, when the Dell crashed 17 times in three days, and took hours to get rebooted. I don’t know if the problem is with Dell, or Vista, but I was suprised to get a message telling me I needed more memory, since I have 2 Gig. In 1979 I was running a data base and a spread sheet with state of the art 64K memory, but we didn’t have the graphics overhead then.
    I don’t know if I will try to install the XP in the laptop, or try to find the problem. I am typing this on one of my 11 machines that do not run Vista, but are still operating so well that I use them for various tasks, assigning each computer to a different task (my writing, my photo editing,etc.) I have used every version of Windows, (still have an unwrapped copy of NT that came with a machine in which it was installed), and even used OS2, which worked great, just could not get tax programs which were set up to use it. The thing that bothers me about downloading Windows 7 is I am using 12 different printers, including one that prints out my 12 x 17 work, and two laser color printers, and each one of those printers had to have downloads of new drivers.

  14. I have two computers with Vista, a laptop and a new 64 bit desk model. Have had little to no problems with either machine, the laptop is a bit slow at time but thats because it only has 1 GB of memory. The tweaks that are available do help the laptop work a little faster.

  15. Jeanne Therese


  16. Microsoft is bleeding the public once again and maybe this will be their last time? Some people are ready dump on them.
    All the system are based on the NT platform; the rest is decorations. So many who replied here are correct; and those who claim it runs well; actually mean they point and click ICONS and things work. Ask them to prepare a computer for operating system or run in real mode and they wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what your talking about and the term for this is “Microsoft Donkey’s” You need to get Microsoft’s gpedit.msc this will allow you to shut off all the overlapped; security; defender; user control accounts and the rest of the crap, which they used to make Vista run like mud in a drain pipe.

  17. Mike the retired mailman

    I’ve had Vista almost two years, and while it seems fine with me for the limited things I do, I am VERY upset that it won’t play older games (my favorites). I sure hope windows 7 will be more open-minded about what I want to play.

  18. When Vista was being released Microsoft did state what the base requirements were to run Vista, however anyone who’s been around computers for a while knows quite well that those requirements are the bare minimum and are never adequate for enjoying the OS to its fullest potential. Think of it as buying a 61″ 1080p TV to which you connect a VHS VCR, Regular Cable, and hook up to your Boom Box. The whole thing will work, but will you be happy with the results, probably not. Not until you get the Blu Ray Player, HD Cable/Satellite feed, and have it connected to a THX system. Vista got off to a bad start because most vendors had not released drivers for their components, so folks were upset that they couldn’t use a lot of the items they had just purchased. You couple that with an overprotective mother like system asking you every five minutes if you know about change XYZ and do you allow it (both from UAC and Windows Defender) and you can understand why most noob would be quickly turned off by this windows version. Vista as far as I’m concerned, is and remains a great operating system. However, I have to agree that Windows 7 is solid as a rock and I’ll definitely upgrade to it when it comes out.

  19. I’ve read that Windows 7 is just as buggy with downloads and music as Vista.
    Now I’m wondering if I should just downgrade to XP, and if so, how do I do that/buy that?

  20. Ric:

    The comment you made about people who like Vista probably don’t go further than turning it on is a horrible assumption. I for one have been in the Vista world for 2+ years and have loved it from then to now. I consider myself an expert computer user (my career, education and certifications prove that). Vista is a solid OS and as time goes on, just gets better and better. I do run high end hardware with lots of RAM, because I know that Vista needs that to run efficiently. I am going to go one step further than you and say that the people that do not like Vista are either people that do not know much about computers or are too scared to change based on what SOME other people are saying about the OS. Sure I have had some issues with Vista, but what other Operating System is flawless? None that I can ever remember. I go back to the pre-Windows days as far as Operating Systems, and have thought that Vista is the best one so far. I am not trying to knock your opinion, I just think that you are very uneducated with respect to Vista.

  21. Well vista some problemes with me 1. boot disk error on bootup for some strange reason Never did anything to deserve that but reboot again boots fine. Explorer DEP error ALL THE TIME! And HP printer driver problems All in all will keep drive with vista BUT will buy windows 7 for my main OS. Have tried windows 7 beta already like it.

  22. Vista sucks in all ways, period. Windows 7 will stomp on Vista and then we all can forget it.

    My computer is a P4 1GB ram and vista run very slowly. I installed Windows 7 RC yesterday and wow, that’s a difference even with Aero enabled. Boot time was faster than Vista.

    And come one, Vista fans, don’t come with the excuse “that happens because you are too cheap to buy a new computer”, that’s getting old. Peeple don’t have to be buying all the time new computers (but i recommend at least upgrades) if they have a good working one and now thanks to Windows 7, we have a good proof of that.

  23. Ive had Vista home premium 64 bit sence it came out. It only has 2 problems for me the video drivers andc creative sound drivers. once that was fixed its 1000% better then anything i have tryed as far as OSS has. I beta tested Windows 7 and its a great system and its fast. I will be upgrading!!

  24. I have to agree with all of the ones above that have had no issues with VISTA. I may have had some issues with it at the begining but it was through the fault of my own and to be surprised VISTA is what corrected any of my mis-steps. I will probably not switching to Windows 7 at this time. It will only be done if it can be loaded without having to do a fresh install for me.

  25. One of the first posted comments that caught my attention stated in part:
    “I suspect that those people who are happy with Vista don’t go much further into their computer than than turning it ON.”
    Why should they have to go any further?, the average user buys the machine with the expectation that it will work out of the box, no “expert tinkering” needed.
    The PCs is a tool for the purchaser’s work or pleasure. To the average user an updated Vista OS will work without glitches. The buyer who puts down, say, $2500, does not expected to tinker to have the new machine working as advertised. The cost of a PC is a large investment for any home or home office user. The buyer’s assumption is that the machine should work within the manufacturer’s specs without further intervention. Downloading MS regular updates should be enough to keep the OS performing free of trouble. And this is why the positive comments on Vista.
    Sure, the usual complaints about bloating and trying to be the be all-end-all OS are justified. Many of us will be happier, fingers crossed here, with the coming W7 version. On the other hand, I suspect that most of the “non-technical” users will stick with their current OS.

  26. Marshall Jones

    My Vista came preloaded on a new Sony laptop in 2007 and I’ve had absolutely no Vista problems (wish I could say the same about the Sony, whose hard drive failed within a year). In any case maybe the greater problems were for people who upgraded XP to Vista on an older machine?

  27. I was one of the VISTA supporters for as long as I could be, but it got harder and harder until I gave up and installed XP Pro on a second hard drive. Before switching VISTA often wouldn’t turn on, never would turn off (just hang on shut-down), Windows Explorer no longer worked, some network problems happened, etc. I did no tweeks. Dual core computer with 4 gigs of memory. Some programs need to have a single processor allocated to them, but that is the same in XP so that’s not it. Sure the problems above are probably driver issues that have become more complex as updates occur, but isn’t it the OS’s job to tell me which drivers are problematic? XP Pro had none of these problems for me.

  28. I run Vista myself and have had no problems. IE8 on the other hand, has left me disgusted and I now use Mozilla.

  29. Why do manufactures insist on selling laptops with !gb of memory when video hungry vista takes 1gb to operate?It makes it completely useless unti you upgrade to 2 or 3gbs.Also why do they insist on putting in 2x 512mbs,instead of 1gb,so that adding an extra gigabyte of memory will increase it by 1 full gigabyte instead of one half!!!!!!

  30. I still fail to see why alot of people say that Vista does not work? I personally run Vista Ultimate x64 and do not have ANY problem. I have Windows 7 RC and to me, they still have a lot of work to do on it.

  31. Today’s hardware and operating systems and why upgrading vista to 7 64 bit should be either free or at distribution cost:
    I see all users declarations here, about Vista working fine and being good for them, but I suppose most of the commenters here use 32 bit vista (which except for some cosmetic changes, is as good for a 32 bit computer user, as XP sP3 is.
    Today’s hardware consists of 64 bit CPUs (most with 4+ cores), 6-36 GB of tripple channel RAM (DDR3) and chipsets that go with all that and with the right operating system give performance that 32 bit systems users can only dream about if they know all this.
    I believe most “Windows bashing” would come from 64 bit systems users !
    Even Notebooks today have 64 bit CPUs. The amount of RAM and not having gone up to DDR3, is making them somewhat hybrid and they can’t give what I call a full computer ability can give, but they are mostly used for work and internet and for that Windows 98/ME can be enough 🙂
    Windows Vista 64 bit is as safe for the user as a prison is safe for a prisoner. It’s extremely “safe” but only within prison rules and only as long as everyone goes by prison rules. I hope in Windows 7 Microsoft corrected their fatal error with this sort of “safety” and that it replaces Vista with the same capabilities, but also with the thought of some “freedom” for the user and for the developer. It’s like stamping food with the stamp of “Kosher” (which means someone paid the Rabbi to sign the product as Kosher) vs. allowing kosher food without it being stamped as such. What doesn’t work will not work, stampped or not. Windows 7 64 bit should do that and for those who upgraded XP to Vista 64 bit and got trapped, Windows 7 64 bit should be a sort of a general pardon for that sin and be free or at the cost of materials only. Vista 64 bit was costy enough for both. It is my guess, that not correcting these strategic mistakes done with Vista 64 bit is not done and are only done in Windows 7, is due to legal issues to avoid suits from big corporate users who were promised upon issuance of Vista, that extreme safety and will possibly sue MS if it’s lowered.
    I don’t know if you remember I.B.M.’s attitude to the home or personal user when their P/S-2 started, but this is what got I.B.M. to almost completely disappear from PC market. Microsoft should learn from that too. The home/personal user is the real power in personal computing. Corporate users may be big and may purchase a lot and pay instantly, but they will never have the real power in the PC market, as whoever makes their decissions, is almost never the person who has to use what they buy.
    Bottom line – for 64 bit personal/private users, upgrading Vista 64 bit to 7 64 bit should be a service pack or a free or almost at no cost upgrade.

  32. I have never installed Vista and am quite happy with XP sp3 home, but then I would have still been using 98 se if I had my way. Funny, I was downloading MS last & final update for 98 when the whole thing crashed and I had to buy a new pc as the old one wasn’t compatible with XP. I still suspect the last update was the cause of it all. Hope the same thing doesn’t happen when ms stops supporting XP, forcing me to buy the newer operating system. That’s just me, I never needed the new os in the first place, as I don’t use a 10th of what they can do. Why don’t they make simple streamlined os so that I can use word and excel and email and internet browsing. All the rest is wasted on me and probaly millions like me. Nice to have, if I knew it was there.

  33. I have never understood what the bad press is all about i love Vista ultimate its a great program a bit slow for an impatient person like me,and i got feed up with user account and immobilized it Otherwise i would recommend it to anyone and do.I built 2 computers for my grandchildren and installed home premium their friends at school told them it was no good,try telling them that now they love it

  34. I too do not understand the whole business of Vista bashing. I am also one of the few(?) who use Vista on a laptop, windows defender enabled, Internet connection running, downloading speed feels normal – so what’s all the whining about?

  35. I can’t wait for windows 7 or whatever they call it in the retail final version. I have had this pc I’m typing on since august ’08 and I’ve had to frag my hdd, 8 times. Not my fault in anyway. Vista just hit a brickwall somewhere 8 times. I did get the win7 rc download but dont have any software to unpack the iso. I dont have wads of money to spend on iso programs. I would delete my whole hdd again just to install windows 7. I can love it ’cause the uac thing is optional. and it wont pester you to turn it back on. I hope installing this new o/s wont use up an install of Spore,the sims 3 or fallout 3. When is the street date for windows 7?? I haven’t heard anyword on that yet.

  36. I also have had every windows version that has ever been. I read all the time about Vista be a piece or crap.

    I have had Vista X64 since it has been out and have NEVER had a single problem with it. Below is my system.

    Windows Vista X64
    Gigabyte Motherboard.
    8 Gig of high speed Ram.
    1-500 Gig Hard drive (Seagate)
    EVGA 8800GTS Super Over Clocked from the factory with 640 on board.
    850 watt power supply
    Antec Tower
    Intel core 2 qaud (Q6600)

    I did at first have a couple of problems with 64 bit drivers for my printer and other things but that was the printers company’s problem but it didn’t last that long.

    I also have a LG 22 inch wide screen LCD Monitor that works great with Vista X64.

    I think alot of the problems that user’s had was trying to put Vista on older machines and they blamed that on Microsoft.

    I built this computer to run with Vista and it has been a pleasure running Vista X64. I recommend Vista to anyone.

  37. I have XP on my desktop and Vista on my laptop. I like both. Vista works fine. I think the presss is giving it a bad rap.I smell Apple behind all this bad press.

  38. I have built webportals in asp and php as a hobby from 1999 and Vista don´t let me use my RAD-tools or any other tools i need without lot´s of problems. I other aspects it works fine, I prefer XP.

  39. For those who are having trouble with Internet Explorer (any of them), try Mozilla Firefox. Members in my family were having issues with Internet Explorer. We’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for almost a year with no problem. It’s compatible with XP and Vista. It updates and fixes itself–and it’s free. Just Google it and try it out. It works like a dream.

  40. Have used Vista 64 bit ultimate now without any probs. Ditched Defender and UAC early.
    Ony hassle was drivers early on.

    A bit slow to load up but good overall.

  41. I have had no real problems with Vista and have used the Vista O/S since it came out. What I have seen while working on others’ computers is that most systems sold by retailers, especially early on, were woefully lacking in two areas: the amount of RAM and the strength of the video card. A good video card makes a big difference in the way Vista handles, even if you have the Aero interface turned off. And RAM below 2 GB is a liability. Factually, I see fewer system glitches on my Vista computers than I do on in the XP machines I supervise. I have been happy with XP and Vista and by all accounts I am going to be pleased with Windows 7, especailly in conjunction with Windows Server 2008 in domain environments.

  42. The only one that gave me problems was ME! Vista works fine like everyone says after Defender and UAC are turned off.Had no probs with XP either… Might try 7 don’t know as yet.

  43. I have a pretty good computer, 4 gigs ram, asus m2n-sli motherboard, dual core 3.2 ghz amd processor, etc etc, and i installed windows vista onto it. Ultimate i might add, and its been a b***h to be ever since. I’ve been using the Windows 7 RC ever since it came out and its working perfectly for me. Only hitch ive had is the lack of anti-virus and firewall support, but it’ll be fixed as soon as a final copy is out. Im in love with windows 7!

  44. I too like vista. I’ve been using PCs since pine let me talk to my local library. Last OS was XP Pro. It got so flaky I decided to buy a new PC loaded Vista Ultimate expecting to upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as possible. I may stay with Vista it works fine for me. All my Adobe products run well and fast, IE 8 is fast, some uncommon stock trading programs are fast, it handles my wireless stuff well I now see little reason to upgrade.

  45. I loves Windows 7 while in beta I have it on my main computer but it did not support my network printer and a few other hardware and software that was installed so I had 2 uninstall it and my main computer is back to being totally bloated and slower than before

  46. Win7 will be considered after SP1 is released, and there will be a SP. You early adopters go for it and thanks for paying for the final testing phase.

  47. NOT SO FAST! A smart person will wait for the initial introduction of Windows 7 “Dust” to settle before changing horses. Remember, everyone jumped on Vista when it was first released. And where did it get them?
    Microsoft doesn’t exactly have a good track record so far. And why is the U.S. Government & Defense Department still using XP Pro Embedded? Because they worked all of Microsoft’s “BUGS” out of the O.S., before using it. That’s right! The government did the work that Microsoft either didn’t, or didn’t want, to do!

  48. When i bought a Lenovo Desktop,Vista Basic(32 bit) came as a default OS. I consider myself an above average comp.geek and did my best to keep it on. I upgraded my RAM to 4GB,installed Kaspersky’s internet suite2009, shifted to Firefox3 for more safety,etc. The final nail in the coffin was the incompatibility between Nullsoft’s Winamp and Vista(at that time) and out of sheer desperation shifted to”Ubuntu” Linux version. Since i was not very conversant with the Linux language,”upgraded” to my old and dependable XP PRO SP3.Now it’s sheer pleasure!

  49. I installed Vista 64 a few years back on an AMD 3700+ SLI, with 4 gb of RAM. At the time, it was a beast. And I still spent 8 hours combined on the phone with MS techs trying to install simple things like my soundcard, graphics, ect. While it was a nightmare, I put up with it for about 3 months. My games seldom worked right.
    I eventually reinstalled XP, knowing that vista and the software co’s would eventually created the needed drivers and such to iron things out, so I waited a few years and reinstalled Ultimate. Problem solved. The trick for me is not to buy OS’s hot off the grill. I give them a year or so to work on any big kinks.

  50. Terry W Spencer

    I run Vista on three different computers (one a laptop), virtually no problems (none unique to Vista). I’m wondering if Best Buy’s memo is simply a way of generating upgrade business. Hmm-m-m-m…

  51. I laugh at people who love Vista after turning off it’s supposed extra security. That makes it an XPPro machine. My XPro boots in 17seconds and internet speed is blistering.
    Usually when assisting Vista User’s on downloads, I have the page opened……wait.
    Click to download with the vista user…….I’m done, their still getting permission…… sloths down
    My install 10 seconds…….waiting….waiting.
    A well tweaked XPPro, kills Vista everytime.
    I also love how windows 7 will give a free Xp install that will run as XP with OS7 improvements. They Just can’t get Millions of businesses to switch out from XP so they had to sweeten 7 with free xp to keep those customers.

  52. I was forced to buy a machine with Vista, since my old computer’s hard drive crashed and I can’t afford a MAC, almost 2 years ago. I have had nothing but problems. I spent weeks on the phone with Microsoft (some days it was a full 8-10 hours straight.) I still have the same problems. I can only run scripts under 1 of 3 user IDs and only when my User Control is turned off. I have to turn on the User Control to run my printer. Turning User Control on and off requires rebooting. It crashes at least once a week or more, too. Due to Microsoft’s Supports suggested fixes I no longer have the restore function. Kudos to those that have had a bug free Vista! I’m hoping that the new OS works as well as reported.

  53. I have endured Vista for its inception. My greatest complaint was “NO DRIVER”!! Example,
    The printer drivers that came with it would not work, I had to go to HP to get(download) the correct drivers. And on and on. I am glad I heard
    in advance about it is a RAM HOG, so I increased the RAM. Other than that it appears to work fine.
    I am still finding bad drivers!!! and on and on!!!
    Bill Mauer
    Kingman, AZ.

  54. Lets start with a listing of Windows Versions….Windows 286 (1) Windows 386 (2) Windos 3.0,3.1,3.11 (3) Windows NT 3.51 Windows95 (4) windows NT4 Windows 98, 98SE (5) Windows2000 Windows ME (6) Windows XP (7) Windows Server2003 Windows Vista (8) Windows Server2008 Windows7 (9), As you can see there have been actually 2 families of Windows, with a total of 14 Major versions.
    I am running an AMD64x24600+ with 4GB RAM. It is currently dual booted with Vista32bit Ultimate, and Windows7(64bit)RC Ultimate. I see very little difference between them, except that the Vista has Sound, and the Windows 7 doesn’t. It doesn’t even show that suond hardware is present, except for the Windows HD Audio.

    Both systems have the same difficulties with Wireless connectivity…ie.losing the connection, and not allowing you to re-connect, changing the connection from local to Public without warning. etc. Not like the Ubuntu 8.10 release, which finds your Wireless access point, and remains connected, switching to new connections when signals change, and maintaining your Internet connectivity without hassle.

    The only plus I have seen in Windows7 is it’s handling of the User Account Control. It appears to work, and should be a boon to Corporate IT Staff. But it still should be fully disabled for most home users.

    Oh, by the way, I am currently writing this on my Windows XP machine, as I think it is still fully capable of handling most Internet tasks better than Vista or Windows7. Of course, so will my Linux box.

    I will advise my customers to hold off for a few months to see how Windows7 will fair after it is released.

    Rex A. Clough
    Harmony Computing
    Deming, New Mexico

  55. Oh, and PS: Why should I try to be among the first to adopt Windows 7, rather than among the last after all the computer geeks out there have wasted millions of hours working its bugs out for free?

  56. Let’s see: If Vista was able to make it through Microsoft’s pre-release debugging without being stopped (even though it didn’t work), how do we know Windows 7 will work, after going through the same company’s de-bugging protocol?

  57. I have also been quite happy with Vista Home Premium over the past three months particularly since Service Pack 2 was distributed. I find it more stable than XP and I’m sure it is more secure as well. I rarely use my XP system anymore. It has been relegated to a position behind my monitor as a backup system in case of emergency.

  58. I have recently installed the windows 7 rc, I personally don’t like it also, i think it’s way too early to even really base a good or bad opinion on it.

  59. Actually, I’m thinking of installing the win XP upgrade to vista. WHILE VISTA SORT OF WORKS IT SURE IS A RESOURCE HOG. In reality, M$’s last decent os release for the general publix was win 2000, XP had and still does have many problems and Vista isn’t any better. The only way I’d load Win 7 is if M$ admits that their Vista release was a colosal mistake and mails a free dvd to do a win 7 install. Since that probably will never happen in my life time, I’ll continue to use what I have now, but any new installs will be Fedora 11. At least that os works.

  60. I wish I could say Vista has been a dream…yeah a nightmare. Every day I must deal with some stupidity in the way it operates or something it SHOULD do but doesn’t. I spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to get an external hard drive to work that just quit – it USED to work on Vista and works fine on XP but I finally gave up and bought a new 500gig Toshiba – which i am amazed worked right out of the box – a first. That doesn’t happen often as my printer, scanner and about 4 other peripherals have never worked properly on Vista. In all, Windows Vista sucks. I’m dubious about upgrading to anything Microsoft but probably will since I spent $2,900 in software for Vista because most of my software from XP wouldn’t work on it. Pretty sad when you have to keep your old antique computer because the new Vista one is pretty useless for anything except email and Internet (when it works). I’m an optimist and am hoping Windows 7 is all it’s touted to be – but I really am skeptical …wish I could just go back to Windows 2000 – that was the only operating system that ever worked reliably IMO.

  61. I remember when XP came out. A lot of people said it was trash. Now, a lot of those people are testifying how great it is. I am dual booting my laptop with Vista home prem.64 and Win7 ultimate 64. I have not had any problems with Vista. At times it is slow starting. I really like Win7. It starts really fast, and I have had no problems. All software works fine, except Tuneup Utilities 2009 and HP’s printer software. I think the biggest problem with Vist is bad press.

  62. Sheldon Bilsker

    Vista is a huge resource hog. It should never have been put into low cost machines. I do a lot of DV and HD video editing and even though I have a fairly high end system I still crash on a regular basis. I always blamed this on Vista but now wonder if it’s just a matter of upgrading even more to the point where resources might stop becoming an issue. What surprises me is how long Vista takes not only to boot up but to access folders and drives. It seems that Windows 7 probably uses resources more efficiently and I look forward to using all of the good things about Vista without the crashes and lag time.

  63. This is probably just a way to make people pay for windows 7. Vista works fine, if you know how to tweak it.

  64. I am going to keep the Vista on my desktop system, but I have installed the Vista RC on the laptop and it is an awesome system and so… I will buy the upgrade for the laptop.

    Those who have installed the 7 RC will find beginning in late February to early March, the 7 will shut down on its own one to two times a day. But implanted by Microsoft to remind the 7 users that the Beta will expire June 10th… LOL. But by June 10th, the final will be on the shelves and the daily auto-shutdown will be a thing of the past.

    From what I have experienced with 7, it runs much smmother and uses far less resources than Vista, so I see the upgrade as, as one poster said previously… a 1000% improvement.

  65. The only problem I have with Vista is that a goodly amount of time when using IE it tends to lock up “temporarily” for someone reason. When I first purchased my new laptp vista was so bad on it that I ended up doing a complete destructive format and re-install(I blamed a poor factory install on that more than Vista itself). After that it has worked fine except for the above ongoing problem. Up to this point Vista has not been a reason for me to not buy a new computer. I am looking forward to 7 and a bit faster system though

  66. Quote “Perhaps, most interesting is the line in the memo that says Windows 7 isn’t just a “Vista that Works”. Not earth shattering to those who have tried Vista, but a nice confirmation from BestBuy that in fact “Vista Doesn’t Work”. ”

    The extrapolation process you use here from one statement to the next ending with the assumption that they meant that Vista doesn’t work is sensationalist journalism and something I would expect to see in the National Enquirer or The Globe, not a PC and Software info site. You discredit yourselves with such “news making” tactics

  67. Vista has been pretty good to me. I still have compatibility issues and IE 8 is constantly crashing on me – but all in all I like it. My only hope is that the new version will solve all my compatibility issues and I can finally connect to my printer via wifi.

  68. Michael Sprintz

    The problem with Vista is that most of the machines bought by users when it first came out, really weren’t “VISTA” capable( didn’t stop companies from slapping those stickers on those machines either).

    Most complaints stem from those with systems specs at the very low end of spectrum, machines that would’ve operated perfectly had XP been pre-installed( instead of Vista ). Really who sells & markets a machine pre-installed with Vista that has less than 2 gigs of ram( only companies bent on deception ). It didn’t help that it was a little to over-protective( IE: do you want to run this important windows file? hmm may need to think that over ).

    The other complaints are from those using 64 bit versions of OSes, for which there are still many products that remain unsupported( that can mostly be fixed by using the 32 bit version of the OS ).

  69. I’ve got a computer science degree and 30 years of experience. I’ve only just gotten a Vista Ultimate PC to do what I could do with an XP machine without crippling the user’s productivity. My customers lost tons of money because of Vista.

  70. Granted that ME was somewhat less than ideal, still Microsoft was and is the leading provider of nearly adaquate software. From all the carping of MAC- and Linux-landers and the spirited defenses of Vista offered here, I get the impression that these folks do nothing with computers other than play with their OS. Surely it is time to break for a round of solitaire.

  71. I am using Vista 64 Ultimate on a machine with 8G of memory and have no problems; except for my HP All-in-one that does not have 64-bit drivers, the things that I could do easily with XP that I can’t with Vista, like schedule backups the way I want instead of using the built-in baby-steps wizard. All in all, it is a frustrating system, but unfortunately, I don’t have hardware virtualization on my system, so it looks like I won’t be upgrading to 7 just to use the XP-mode feature.

  72. I add my name to the list of Vista haters. Came on my new Dell dual core box, and it kept getting slower and slower until it would not connect to internet at all. Dumped the hard drive, re-loaded from the factory disc, and turned off all the crap except Defender. It at least hooks up to my websites now. I STILL like my old XP box much better. faster, smoother, and easier to use.

  73. I have been using Vista on all of my boxes and I have not had any problems yet. Now server2008 is still giving me problems with its security. I have to say that Vista does work well with Server 2000,2003, and Linux

  74. If you are comparing Windows to Windows then Vista is an improvement but try a Mac and you will see shortfalls in all Windows versions. The Mac OS has always been miles ahead of Windows.

  75. Well, I loved 98SE,hated ME, loved 2000, really loved XP….vista borders on hate/love kind of like the X-Wife.

    In the begining, it didn’t do what I wanted when I wanted…. (the hallmark of a good OS!) Since then I have learned, and got it to perform at least respectfuly in the gaming environment I play. UAC, Defender, Mcafee,leaning to control all the indexing options, installing DX9 for game compatability… left a bad taste at first.

    I have leaned to deal with the issues, and the OS is behaving. It is bloated, uses too many resourses and gaming wise, slow and less capable than XP. I do not hate it anylonger, but like my X-wife, looking forward to an upgrade. Hopefuly Windows 7 will be closer to what I want, and need out of an OS.

  76. I am very happy with my Vista64 Ultimate on my HP Pavilion with 2gb of ram. It runs all of my vintage software including WordPerfect Executive calendar by way of MS Virtual PC 2007. I have tried the Win7 beta and now the Win7 RC1, but find that the Virtual XP runs the calendar program but cannot find the associated data file (hmmm). I also find that I have to run Quicken 2007 and Quicken99 as an administrator to get them to open data files (another hmmm). I will probably stick with Vista64, although I have imported the Win7 wallpaper for use with V64 (it is nice)!

  77. Richard Says:
    >”Vista will not run Lotus 1-2-3, Word Perfect and other non-Microsoft products…..”<

    Whose fault is that? Should MicroSoft take the blame because software vendors aren’t offering Vista-compatible drivers?

    The only difficulty I encountered software-wise was with my pricey Adobe CS3 package – I’m NOT ready to upgrade to CS4 just yet. However, that was on Adobe, NOT MicroSoft.

    There’s always plenty to fault Gates and MicroSoft for, and I’ve been as vigorous in so doing throughout the years, but non-MicroSoft incompatibility with an OS, Vista or otherwise, ain’t on the OS, it’s on the individual software companies. Period.

  78. I just got an Asus with 64 bit Vista Home Premium. But it won’t run my Cannon usb scanner, usb Creatve webcampro, and several software programs (no 64 bit drivers blahblahblah). Will I run into the same problems if I upgrade to Windows 7?

  79. After listening to the “experts” bemoan the slow performance of Vista, I half expected Vista to be a real resource hog when I first installed it on a dual core AMD machine. Performance was adequate and stable, but nothing to write about compared to XP. Having upgraded my system to a Q9770 and maxing out at 8 GB (on Vista64 ultimate) was an eye-popping improvement. Vista was able to utilize resources that XP could not and performed extremely well. In no instance was it unstable and I had very rare instances of BSODs, and these were normally due to video drivers. Overall Vista64 is a good OS. If Windows 7 improves on it, that is the next step for me.

  80. I have a HP laptop running Vista Home Premium 64 bit os with 6GB of ram and 500 GB hard drive. The system is updated daily and I have not experienced any problems at all. I cannot see the need to upgrade this setup just to shell out money to MS. Why dump something that isn’t broken just to have the latest os?

  81. This machine came with Vista Home Premium SP1, it has worked fine.
    Installed SP2 and it’s still working fine.
    $50 for an upgrade? Might do it.

    BTW, Windows 7 RC is running fine on my 5 year old laptop, W7 will surely run great on these newer machines.

  82. I had no major issues with Vista – it works! I’m sorry this website is so anti-vista. After SP1, it worked even better/faster.

  83. I was frustrated with Vista at first because it is a lot different than the XP I had in my previous computer. Now that i’m used to it though, I have no problems with it. By following some of the advice on various tech websites, I have my Vista just the way I want it and I have no plans to upgrade to Windows 7.

  84. Gottfried Keller

    My response to Vista. Best OS since XP. I have 3 PC, 1 with Vista Ultimate, 1 with Vista Home Premium and 1 with XP. Vista no problems at all. Runs smooth, no blue screen. So what’s the fuss about a better system than Vista.

  85. I’ve used Vista on two of my machines since it’s initial release and have always been prefectly satisfied with it. Underpowered machines and inexperienced PC users are responsible for most of the complaints.

    And I just have to shake my head at those chronic complainers who wanted more security built into their OS, then whined about the couple extra mouse clicks Vista’s UAC requires.

    There’s not a darn thing wrong with Vista.

  86. I have not had any issues with Vista 64. Works better than Windows XP and performs well. Will most likely upgrade to Windows 7 and have upgraded to IE8. All seems to work well, even the 32bit programs I use.

  87. I have been using Vista Ultimate 32 and 64 since the first betas, on to RC’s, then RTM. currently using action pack subscriptions, all of my machines are dual booting Vista and Windows 7, my vista has been flawless on all of the machines with a little bit of tweaking, sure there are things that you dont need in vista but are very easy to deal with. my machines are all built with the exception of the laptop, and all use quality parts, all AMD procs and no problems at all. I also have a Macbook Pro running vista in bootcamp and parallels, that does just fine as well. Windows 7 is a good move as it worked right out of the box, I will continue to use Vista but I am sure that 7 will get used more and more till I will have no need to use Vista.

  88. Probably stick with Vista until the machine dies. Problems, sure. Mostly hardware, 3rd party software compaibility. Got Vista because it was on the machine when I bought it 3 years ago when a Norton’s update crashed my 6 year old ME (again).

  89. It’s mostly about the drivers! As a MSDN member, I began running Windows 7 beta (now RC) back in January. The only performance issues I’ve experienced thus far were caused by faulty device drivers from a few third party component vendors such as Authentec (biometric reader) and Toshiba (Dynadock).

    While it’s true that both of these vendors clearly state that their Win 7 drivers are beta versions, they both cause very serious performance problems, and even bsod in some cases.

    I loved Vista when it was first released, but as I begin installing more and more third party software applications and drivers, the level of system performance degraded rapidly. One of the biggest differences with Windows 7 is that Microsoft is aggresively pushing these third party providers to resolve compatibility and stability issues. This combined with improved backward compatibilty features is one of the key reasons that Windows 7 out performs Vista from a long-term stability perspective.

  90. I’ve used Vista since being introduced on several different machines and I have been more than pleased. I have had zero problems to date and found it to be very solid.

  91. I was a late comer to the Vista party, I bought a computer with Vista SP1 on board.

    The machine is a brute, loaded with RAM and a hot processor, so I would expect that it could handle the most demanding OS….it has and I’ve not had one moments trouble from the computer or the system.

  92. to tell the truuth the only people who slate vista are thoes who either not verry good and or up2date machines.On saying that i beta tested windows 7 and id say its got the speed of winxp which most people want and the added features of vista.Its a win win realy.But i do think people will still moan because you really need to start to think of using 4 gig of memory as a starting pad and for the agressive gamer 8 gig.By the way samsung have brought out 4 gig merory in one module got to get me some of thoes.

  93. Larry Cosgrave

    Vista was junk when I first bought my desktop with it, constant crashes, freezes, etc. But with the gazillion huge updates over the years it seems to be working quite well now. It is a bulky cumbersome OS compared to XP however. And Windows Mail is a joke compared to Outlook Express – unnecessarily complicated – try sending an email to a folder group – klutzy PITA.

  94. I have little to no problem with Vista, beyond the normal. I am a Windows 7 tester and the fact that tesing is going on until 6/2010 I have to wonder where Best Buy thinks they are going to get their upgrades from? Makes me wonder if this blog is a hoax…

  95. I have been with all the versions of Windows, and I have noticed that most people will bitch about the new operating system regardless of how improved it is. Vista had its share of bad press due to people trying to run it on old dumpy machines with inadequate CPU and memory resources. Fault also goes to the computer and component manufacturers for not being timely with the new vista drivers. Vista works better with more processing power, more memory and hard disk space. Vista64 in the right machine configuration is a wondrous machine to do your photo and video processing. (Gigabyte X58 Extreme, i7-920 overclocked to 4 GHZ, ATI4870 x 2, 12 GB Corsair DDR3 RAM, RAID 0)
    I tried installing Windows 7 beta in that same machine, and it kicks ass!!! Windows 7 beta ran and stably, and was even faster than Vista64. I will be preordering Windows7/64 for sure !!!

  96. I have been using Windows since Win98. I loved XP, but was forced to go Vista when I bought a new computer. The only reason I had problems with Vista was the drivers for some of my older stuff (hardware and software), that I added myself. The driver issue with Vista was not MS’s problem, it was the hardware and software manufactuer’s getting up to speed.

    Once my drivers were sorted out it ran like a champ. Anyone who buys a PC or laptop from a mainstream retailer should know that it is all the crapware they force on you that slows you down. The first thing I do when I buy a new computer is strip it down, then load it back up with what I like. Yes, it is time consuming, but I only do it once and then I am happy until it is time to upgrade again.

    In all honesty though, I believe Windows 7 should be called Vista Final release. I feel robbed that I didn’t get all that was promised in Vista until they came up with the next gen.

  97. I don’t know a lot about computers but Vista works fine for me. I thought at first that I would hate it because of what others had said so if it is bad I don’t know it. I am in England and when W7 comes will it cost me to upgrade?

  98. Never having used vista to any extent i cant comment on that , but have been test running windows 7 and found it the best i have ever used ..intallation went without a hitch and first time i wasnt asked for drivers for all my peripherals hope this is how it will continue ….

  99. I have also had no problems with Vista. I run Vista 64-bit quite smoothly. I’ll upgrade to Windows 7 once it has been out a little bit … no need to jump the gun.

  100. I really can’t see what all the fuss is about. Any company worth it’s salt will continue (ad infinitum) to develop and upgrade their product as technology advances. This is called customer service. Sometimes they get it wrong (ME) and MS are always quick to replace it with a modified version. At our expense, of course. This will continue. I currently run XP pro on four PC’s (my three kids have one each) and am very happy with them. I will eventually upgrade them when XP becomes unsupported or obsolete. Maybe it’ll be Windows 10 by then, but for now I’m happy, and I really don’t care how far ahead the Joneses get, I don’t need to keep up. Let’s face it, I’m still able to do this on my old XP.

  101. Sounds like Microsoft employees trying to keep their jobs. Vista is for stupid people. I moved to apple.

  102. I’m no pc expert just a normal user but it seems to me the problem with Vista is it was sold on too many laptops that couldn’t handle it. I have it on my “Vista ready” Toshiba and it’s always been a dog despite upgrading the RAM. You should not have to spend hours every week maintaining your OS and regularly reinstalling everything

    By the way IE8 crashes constantly too where IE7 was fine. Vista sucks.

  103. I should also add I’m a die hard AMD user..and in my opinion brands of chips have nothing to do with how well vista works

  104. I’ve used pc’s and macs from the age of 5.
    People complain about vista being bloated but fail to see that every Prebuilt pc and pc based laptop is more bloated by the manufacturers preloaded crapware and the preloaded settings for said crapware than by the operating system itself.

  105. Ok, I’m on of those Vista haters. I also have used Microsoft since it’s DOS days. I got a new HP computer and while browsing the net with either IE7 or Firefox my internet would cut out. It’s not my modem, it’s Vista. I have to reboot and then it’s fine until it disconnects again, then reboot afterwards. Keep repeating. I hated the UAC. I don’t want a computer to keep asking me if I wanted to do something, then ask if I’m SURE I want to proceed again. HP was no help w/ internet connection. They wanted me to update firmware to my DSL modem..??? It works fine w/ my old system w/ XP. Finally said the hell with it all and installed LINUX Ubuntu. Now that’s how a computer should work. Same system, no internet disconnects, no bloatware, no constantly asking me permissions, and actually works faster and better! Go to Windows 7? When hell freezes over.. I’m done w/ M$0ft….

  106. I too am pretty pleased with first the Beta and now the RC of Windows 7. Let’s face it, MS’s approach to us with W7 is loads better than Vista that was trying to be everything to everyone – and bloated, but more importantly was crammed down on us without the year of try it and get used to it.

    Why can’t they build an OS with the small size , speed and light touch of Linux? Everything is big and has hundreds of tweaks. It’s just too much.

    But Jim — hey what’s the beef with AMD? I’ve used AMD processors for years and have nothing but great results.
    Besides the hard working underdog gets my vote. Intel is a bit too much like MS competing in more than a few unfair ways. Why can’t they just compete on price, performance, features and customer service? I don’t get it. I have a Phenom 5500 running in an HTPC running W7 RC and it runs like a dream. I have an Athlon64 3500 as my main desktop and it seems pleased to run XP, Ubuntu as well as W7 RC7100.
    Intel’s confusing nomenclature makes it impossible to compare anything anymore. I guess the engineers like it that way.

    Thank heavens MS is keeping the number of flavors of W7 down to only what is it? 6?

  107. The Windows Vista operating system is the best I have used. I have 4gb RAM and Intel Dual Core processor. I don’t know what percent of those resources it uses, and I don’t care (or understand why this is important). It does everything I want and does it faster than any of the previous Windows OS I have used.

  108. It was with some trepidation I took the plunge and bought a new laptop last week. I’d downloaded the Win7 beta and gotten the beta license, figuring I’d copy off the Vista recovery discs and set about doing a clean format and Win7B install.

    I’ve had a home computer since the old 8088s and have built a few of my own systems through the years, so while I may not qualify for upper echelon geek status, I’m pretty tech savvy.

    While there are a few irritating quirks (disabled Defender straight away in deference to my preferred antivirus/antispam software), I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Vista 64. Granted, my processor is pretty powerful and I always tend to go overboard on my RAM.

    The new laptop boots much more quickly than my desktop’s XP-Pro and I’ve yet to encounter the dreaded BSOD or any kind of system freeze. Since ample HD space isn’t an issue, I figure Vista is no more of a resource hog than each subsequent Win OS has always been.

    I guess I kept waiting for some kind of dastardly system seize-up for daring to boot into Vista64, but with the few minor quirks, which I’ve generally been able to tweak away, other than being a stodgy old fart who doesn’t take to change easily, I can’t see where Vista is the demon-child of Mr. Gates it’s been universally made out to be … provided of course one is running it on a system with sufficient processor and RAM

    But that’s just me and I’m sure no fan gal of MicroSoft.

    Vista just ain’t that bad.

  109. Vista is a MicroCrap Virus!!! It is the worst thing ever since Windows 98 – Extremely Slow, Difficult to work with, & just an all around failure. Why it is still bought is a wonder to me. There can’t be that much ignorance – or can there?

  110. I think alot of people where put off by Vista due to lack of Drivers at the beginning, even though it wasn’t Vistas fault per se.

  111. I am a computer geek. My experience goes back to 1958 with wired panels. Vista is bloated but that is not an issue because most PCs have a large hard drive. I have zero customers with hate for Vista. The only ones I know of are those that buy from “Johhny come lately” companies who promise the moon such as “I can fix your PC by dialing in”, just give me another $150.00. If the hardware is crap, Vista is crap. Buy Intel, forget AMD. There is no way to remote support Vista if the network is down. I have those who buy Vista laptops from Best Buy and suddenly find they cannot go wireless in their home because they have no internet service at all! It appears those that bitch about Vista will bitch about Windows 7 because they simply cannot read and follow instructions. A big issue is the 64 bit version of Vista and no drivers, same issue as Windows ME. Microsoft needs a lower level Windows, Windows 7 for Idiots.

  112. First let me say that I Like Vista. Second I Like XP. They both have good side and a dark side. If you like vista AND XP I think you will LOVE W7. For me it was so much faster that I have not reinstalled Vista-ult. I have tripple booted XP-home32/win7-32(replaced Vista-ult 32)/and W7-64. I will be one of the people who use the Beta untill I have to go retail.
    PS. this is starting to sound like a OSX-vs-Windows fight… oh no i mentioned that other OS =}

  113. I have a 9 mos. lemon from Dell with constant problems they won’t admit happens when Dell and Vista get together. It is horrible. I do have Home Premium. Dell has been horrible to deal with for return of the lemon. It’s been one problem after another. Each problem fixed gave me hope this was the last problem and I didn’t ask for escalation to handle my concerns till very recently. It has been like this: fix, break; new problem: fix, break; new problem fix, break and never knowing when the break would happen. GOLD support has been fabulous, been in the system numerous times trouble shooting. Tech has been out here I believe 3 times and replaced parts. Dell never admitted it was a Dell issue. I didn’t create any problems so it was not a user problem.

    The Escalation Dept. to date has been a nightmare. After close to 15 years of owning many Dells and satisfied, this has been a horrible experience. It’s been a time waster, a business hindrance besides massive down time. If Dell continues to do business with a non caring management team, I see them as history to this world. They need to look at the zappos model and adopt excellent customer service. Imagine expecting a customer who was sold a lemon to pay for shipping and insurance to get back to Dell who sold customer a lemon originally in order to get a credit back to the credit card? Shipping and insurance could amount to perhaps $100 out of pocket which we didn’t even create the initial problems with. The Escalation Dept. is taking this problem as if it coming out of their pockets and maybe they should be thinking of their job on the line if they continue operating this way. The one great thing owning this lemon has been is that I was glad I paid extra for excellent GOLD support. Other than that, bye bye Dell unless you want trouble like I have continously had. Plus not admitting a problem that exists for some customers is like slapping a good customer in the face. They obviously keep staff around who doesn’t realize their jobs can leave if they have enough customers that spread the word and leave too. I discovered I am not alone with Dell nighmares either.

    Incidents always pop us and about 2 weeks ago my HP printer crashed. I decided to call HP, who couldn’t help due to warranty expiration, but chat did. FOUR hours later my printer was back working. I see the connection between Dell here and my HP as I did with many other issues Dell worked on. Just one more example of how this Dell lemon has wasted time.

    Now all the great memories of why I originally bought another Dell has gone sour with this horrible 9 month tiring ongoing problem.

    Again, bye Dell and hello I believe HP. Nothing can be as bad as Dell for me right now. Anything I buy has to be a step up from Dell.

  114. I work on computers for a living and can tell you Vista works! I get most of my calls from user errors. However, although Vista works (I’m a beta tester for windows 7) I do like all the enhancement’s in win7! It will be worth buying. For less than 1/2 the cost of a new mac you can build a Intel® Coreâ„¢ i7 based Processor system that will scream!!!

  115. Installed Vista business and now run SP2 and will not upgrade to Windows 7! Why? Vista business runs great for me for over a year now. Yes, it does like 4 gig ram but that is cheap these days and cheaper than the upgrade that will do nothing more than what I got in Vista unless BlueRay is in your plans.

  116. Neil Goldstrom

    I hate Vista (Home Premium SP 2) with a passion….my huge gripe is…..when I open IE (8)…its cool..then..while surfing…after approx 10 to 15 minutes…I get zapped back to the previous site ..and it continues…sometimes tossing me back 2 previous websites…or..even within the SAME website!!!..AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS OR FIXES WELCOME…Ive had HP on the phone numerous times…and they reset IE8 etc etc…doesnt work….it continues….any comments gang??

  117. Apple makes computers? Thanks for letting me know Sandy I thought they just made MP3 players & cell phones. Or is it that MP3 players & cell phones are the only things they make that are worth buying????

  118. VISTA: An O.S. program that used to separate the computer techies from the herd. The herd jump off a cliff together and winy in unionist that hurt themselves when they land [Vista sucks]. The techies step aside and watch the herd jump off and then gets their computers for low price or free.
    Most article I read over the last couple of years on Vista have been miss-leading [including here at PC Pitstop]. I can’t remember what the blue screen of death looks like since I started using Vista. I turned on every firkin bell and switch and I can find with Vista and I’m still running fast. I personally think most people don’t like change and Vista was too big of a jump for them.

  119. I used to have windows xp, and it’s a pain, but now i have vista and i haven’t had any problema at all.

  120. Just have to weigh in to the Vista love fest here and say we got one computer with it and had to downgrade to XP on all future machines. Programs we used daily did not run and printers did not work. We’re just a small business with no IT department, we didn’t have time to figure out “why”, we just knew XP worked. We are terribly disappointed at the inconvenience and additional expense caused us by Vista. We only had to deal with it once, but every time I paid Dell to “downgrade” a new machine for us it caused me to lose a little more love for Microsoft.

  121. As a long term “techie” who spent several years upgrading and maintaining systems for commercial clients in a major metropolitan area, I have said the same thing about Vista almost since I began using it in pre-release…

    IF the hardware was designed for it and meets its minimums, it usually works quite well, BUT, if you are trying to retrofit an older machine which is marginal or doesn’t meet the recommended minimums, give it up. You will never be satisfied with it on that machine.

  122. C. L. Polsgrove

    XP always worked well for me. However, will I have to throw away another printer because Windows Seven does not support network printing for my printer? With the mobility of today’s society, we should be able to connect to a network, (wired or wireless) and be able to print with full functionality, including the duplexer that I paid extra bucks for. Vista made me plug in directly to the printer using the USB cable, and I loose all but the most basic functions of the printer. Needless to say, it’s a little inconvenient to have to drag the computer out into the hallway where the shared printer resides on the family network.

  123. I don’t know why PC Pitstop hates Vista – has MS EVER done anything you like? I have had two computers – a desktop and a laptop for more than two years, and once I got all the new drivers downloaded, I have no problems. I ditched Defender and signed up for OneCare, works great! I was a big fan of DOS, and reluctantly switched with 95. I really had few problems, most with 98, but it still worked. I wouldn’t trust ANY comeents from best Buy. My son bought a Vaio there and it locked up often, freezing the screen into a pretty kaleidoscope of pixels. FOUR trips to the Geek Squad and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I ran sysinfo, found this VISTA machine had 512 megs of RAM! Added 2 Gigs, problem has been solved for over a year, no freeze-ups. My son wouldn’t buy a AA battery form Best Buy!

  124. I have to agree vista was a good steping stone to windows 7. it has a lot of new and completely re-written features that are a definate improvement from XP just that it wasn’t finished off quite well enough. but isn’t that the same for any software? you look back and say `that could be done better!`.

    My only major complain about vista is the networking, while they are trying to make it more secure they have missed that some people just want things to work like xp did (share a drive and connect without passwords, easy) windows 7 seems to lack this as well to some extent.

    The next challenge to MS is Ubuntu’s 10 second boot time plannd for 9.10, if they can match that then they’ll have an amazing system to beat everything!!

  125. Ask anyone with Vista who has suddenly found themselves unable to connect to the internet via lan or wireless whether Vista is flawed.
    Minutes after it was Beta released and continuing through its existence, it has been reported by users and experts alike to be as poor a release as the oft-maligned Windows ME.

    We have reached the age in which speed to market has overshadowed quality and stability. It’s time to tell companies such as Microsoft that this will no longer be acceptable.

  126. Must have took some doing to line up all the
    people who love Vista, but why are they all changing to 7 when it comes out.
    Now, why does a person need to be a geek to get
    a system running?
    I bought a new systen with Vista, would never
    work, then I bought an XP license. Now do you thank I’m gonna buy the 7 that makes 3 systems
    in less than two years. To hell with
    Bill Gates.

  127. Hey Frank, I believe that the site AlPon refers to is BlackViper has a lot of tweaks for everything from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 RC.

  128. The funny thing is people b***h about xp during it’s first year. Than suddenly booom! It became everyone’s favorite o.s. For the most part the problems with vista have been fixed with sp1. Now sp2 is out and now it has rare problems. Yes M.S released vista before it was ready. Did they fix yes. Did people give it another try after sp1, nope. Poeple need to paintation when a new os gets released. The people whom hate vista are the sameones who almost dumped xp in it’s first month! Has others have stated, all OSs have they’re bugs. Remember good things come to those who wait.

  129. I have used every operating system since Win 95 I like Wind 98SE, I Like Windows XP , but I did not like Vista the reason I did not like it is it is too slow it will not allow working across dual hard drives and it interfers too much with what you are doing , as a system builder I see a lot of computers come and go Vista takes the longest to set up, repair, or make the customer happy . Now we come to Windows 7 I have the final version before retail and have been using it since the first beta This version I have now is absolutely converted me from XP and I loved XP the only thing about 7 is some programs work strangely on it such as Quicken when you back it up in 7 it keeps adding dates untill soon it is too long and it will not allow any futher backups.You have to change drives or put it too a complete new drive. XP does not do that. Hey I am not perfect so I guess I can’t expect Windows 7 to be perfect, or can I?

  130. Well the only OS I have had problems with was Windows ME. As for Vista, I have a Dell with 4 gigs of ram, and it runs Windows Vista Home Premium with no problems for me. Like I told people when I had my own computer repair business, if you do not like Windows OS then go and create an OS like you want.

  131. I use Vista Ultimate, installed with V-Lite, I have also used the hacking windows vista guide, and use windowblinds, with a whole lot of other bells and whistles on my laptop, and have had no problems at all. I can also run allof the latest games on it too. I love Vista Ultimate, and will be a long time upgrading to 7. Why change when my 64 bit Ultimate does everything I need to do and more. I clean my system regularly, and keep it defragged weekly. P.S. I have tried the win 7 rc and I am still happy with Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
    Just in case anyone thinks I have a super laptop, I am using an HP DV5-1183cl Pavilion with 4GB of Ram, and an 2GB Intel Turbo Memory Minni Card.

  132. I have had no problems with Vista and I,like a lot of us have been beating on keyboards a lot of years. I think that the users who are having problems with Vista were installing it on an older machine and MS told them it would work. Well work is like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. I think that the ones of us who purchased a machine with the proper hardware with Vista installed are pleased. Any one remember ME?

  133. BOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Uncle Bill and his team FINALLY got it right….LOLOLOL I,ve been using windows 7 beta and MANNNNNN I love it It,s not just buttermilk being passed off as a new O.S. and man does it work…:<)
    I really love it icon on the task bar that tells me if I have a problem and then tells me how to fix it…hahahhaha most xcellent Microbro’s and Microgerl’s hehehehehhe all the congrats there is for FINALLY gettin it right !!!!!

  134. I agree, the most important thing with Vista is to have above average hardware, especially RAM. It is my opinion that MS & Intel messed up by putting out those “Vista Capable” PC stickers on machines that could barely run the OS. To me, that was THE #1 Mistake.

  135. i totally aggree with AlPon
    except i have vista as it came out of the box and never had a problem and i dont know anyone else who has had a problem so vista cannot be that bad
    but look foreward to windows 7

  136. When XP came out loads of people said it was rubbish and they were going to go back to Windows 98. When Vista came out loads of people said it was rubbish and they were going to go back to XP Are we beginning to see loads of people saying Windows 7 is rubbish and Vista is wonderful? Personally I run 3 computers on Vista and 2 on XP and am perfectly happy with all of them. Vista has some useful extra features such as auto defragging, auto backup and Sidebar, and it looks better, but it uses more resources. It’s a trade-off like most features of life. Not worth getting steamed up about.

  137. I have been running the Evaluation Copy of Windows 7 for around 3 months, and can report that it is a 1000% improvement over Vista. In that time, it has not crashed, it runs faster and uses much less resources. I am almost tempted to say this is the best operating system that MS has made. Isn’t it interesting that this is the first version since Bill Gate went into retirement?



  139. Larry Williams

    I have had windows vista ultimate since January of 2007 and have not had one bit of trouble with it. It has performed well for me and I can’t understand why people are having so many problems. I do not agree with the bad press this operating system has received. At least from my experience. I would buy it again that is for sure.

  140. Windows 7 can ‘t come soon enough as since we have suffered with Vista we have converted 3 PC users in our home to Macs. I’m the lone PC user left and sick to death of Vista crashes and frustrations.

  141. By the way RIC I build computers and maintain 14 PCs and Mac’s at my work. That is my job. It’s all about what you like, some folks like Chicken some like Beef…they are both meat, just depends what you do with what you have. I go sooooo far into the PCs, hardware and software, that I think I know more than to just turn it on.

  142. I have Vista Ultimate x64 on my gaming rig and Vista Home Premium x64 on my laptop. Both have 4G of RAM and neither has ever given me any proplem. Yes I do tweak and no I have not turned off the gadgets. I even turned them on on the laptop because they were off by default. It does take a few min to come up but big deal. When it is ready it has downloaded all the anti-virus updates and checked for Windows updates. I have always been happy with it and wondered why all those people were having such a hard time with it.

  143. Vista works fine for me. I thought at first that I would hate it because of what others had said. However, I run it on three machines and Vista works fine. I run everything from word docs to sound editing and really give it a workout.I hope Windows7 will work as good and that all the hype is not just a “come on” from Bill Gates. If Windows7 uses LESS RAM then I am all for it. Vista works very well for me at home and at my business.

  144. I bought (within the last month) a new machine with Vista Home Premium. I was very comfortable with XP for years, but I have to say that Vista is not the Frankenstein it has been made out to be. It actually runs a lot “smoother” than XP, and mine actually loads a lot faster (msconfig takes care of loading time). The only “complaint” I have with Vista is that I need to upgrade the two applications I use most (Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and Pinnacle Studio version 9.4). Both of these are actually way out of date anyway, and Vista simply gave the reason I need to upgrade these.

  145. I’ve been a computer “enthusiast” since the Altair 8800. I’ve used every version of DOS since 3.0 and every version of Windows since 3.1.

    Vista works fine. I like it as well as I’ve liked any other OS or version of Windows. In my opinion, most of the bad press/opinions about Vista is mainly MS-hating combined with the natural human trait of resisting change.

  146. windows #1(3.1) #2(95) #3(98) #4(me) #5(2000) #6(xp) #7(vista) ant thay on windows 8?? its just thay do make a new os every few year to keep us whanting the most updated one and thay make more cash i still run 98se and xp

  147. I installed the Windows 7 OS on my laptop computer. I love the Beta of 7, as it uses far less resources than Vista. However, I am disappointed in one thing. My McAfee software is not compatible with the Beta. McAfee says that their software will not be compatible until the Windows 7 final release sometime next year.

    The Wallpaper features with 7 are sweet, and being able to minimize a window just by shaking it is pretty cool too.

    I will be pre-ordering the OS and recommending it to all my friends.

  148. Sorry Ric, but Vista can be “Tweaked’ just as any software can. However, by trying to insult users of Vista by snide remarks won’t endear you to any on this forum.

  149. grr hit return to soon but i will shell out the 49.95 to pre order home basic premuin for windows 7 form best by ty for the heads up tested the rc1 and like it heck alot better then vista.

  150. I’m also one who didn’t experience all the headaches I’ve read about Vista. I probably fall under the computer type who basically turns their computer on as I don’t have the need to go beyond working the surface.

    My only problem was incompatibility issues with a few programs but have learned it was not all Vista but actual quirks running a Core 2 Quad.

    There are things I really liked with XP over Vista but find it now difficult going backwards. Major plus with XP for me was the drivers that Vista didn’t come with. Otherwise I’ve been quite content with Vista and will be slow to dish out more $$ for the new OS.

    The one thing that does bother me……..IF (capped for emphasis) Vista was so bad to where companies (including Microsoft from what I’ve read) admit as much, I have a problem with the customer having to pay for Microsoft’s goof. Especially those people who had no choice when buying a system during the Vista age and couldn’t opt out of having Vista on the system.

    I’m sure the next OS will have issues………they all do to some degree. I think it depends on how much a person understands their computer, what people use their systems for, and what they become accustomed to.

  151. i find it strange folks attack a good system vista, i agree get rid of bloat ware windows defender and turn of UAC and vista works like a charm for me just got it 5 months ago o this 2 gig system with 2.4 celron possistor. only complaint i got is it does boot slower as time goes buy but what OS dont?

  152. I’ve heard there are two types of people who use PCs, those who never go into the software to tweak and those who never stop tweaking. Vista can’t touch XP for tweaking. I suspect that those people who are happy with Vista don’t go much further into their computer than than turning it ON.

  153. Being a computer user for more years than I care to remember. Long before TI99’s and Commodor 64’s, I find Vista to be an excellent OS. Microsoft are very fast with fixes when required, and the OS just works well. Sure it had its faults on start up, But it does work as well as anything from Apple and, as I said, they do issue very fast fixes. More than I can say for Apple.

  154. I find it a litle strange. Ever since VISTA hit the scene, all I heard were complaints of how bad the system was, and now I see these praises for VISTA. I installed VISTA as soon as it was released to the public, and have never had any problems, but will have to shell out more cash for 7 so as to be current on the new software for my customers. Seems that I remember a similar attack on XP.

  155. I agree with the satisfied Vista users. I even installed Vista Home Premium on my little Asus 1000H play computer and it works very well and performance is great–not a gamer. And I had to geek together drivers because Asus only provided XP support.

    Maybe it’s time to nix the anti-Microsoft reflex. I’ve worked with just about every OS over the years and could whine about ’em all. Apple is no better than MS in the “buggy” dept., and every Windows’ change brought the usual BS from the elite.

    I haven’t tried Windows 7 yet, but I look forward to it.

  156. Hey AlPon, how about a link to that site you speak of?

    I find Vista to be very bloated and slow, much slower than XP. The general user who is not really familiar with all the different OS’s wont know how bloated it really is. I find Windows7 to be a good compromise. It has all the beauty (if you really need that) of Vista, with the speed of XP. That makes Vista just like WindowsME, a release that was really not much more than a beta that got released. Unfortunately, there are millions of machines running Vista now, and MS will be charging for the upgrade to what should have been Vista.

  157. I’ve been using Vista for about as long as it has been out, mainly because I am in the support and repair end of it. I have used several different versions: Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. In the gaming world there are little glitchy annoying things that happen. But the most glaring and annoying thing I have found about Vista is that it takes longer and longer to boot up as time goes on. Or the more applications that you install. My original installation of Vista takes over 2 minutes to come up to the Desktop. It used to take about 45 seconds. This is a 3ghz PC with 2gb of RAM and a Nvidia 9500 PCI-e video card. I have been testing Windows 7 Beta and RC2 and have found that Win7 will even run on a 680mhz CPU with 512mb of RAM. It runs slow but not unusably slow. With a newer PC like I am running Vista on right now, Windows 7 runs like a charm. I think Window 7 is going to be a refreshing change.

  158. I, too, have not had all that much difficulty with Vista. Sure, there are quirks, but nothing that can’t be dealt with.

    I’m looking forward to Windows 7, however. I have a WinXP box that’s been pretty flakey lately. I think it’s time for an upgrade.

  159. I agree with the two ladies whose messages precede me. I have been around PCs since the days of Atari – 8 bit systems. I have used every version of Windows and found many bugs and errors in all of them with the exception of Vista. When I first came in contact with Vista my initial impression was that it was a bloated operating system (OS). I still think that it uses too much overhead. The clue to having an efficient Vista OS is to have a fast machine with plenty of RAM. Also, because Vista tries to be all things to all users it can trip over itself and slow way down. Early on I found info on the internet that explained how to streamline Vista. Following about 10 tweaks to my system I have for 3 years used Vista without a single crash or blue screen.
    You really can’t please everyone. I know bashing MicroSoft is some peoples passion. I also am aware of MSs restraint of trade and patent enfringements. But the fact remains that some one needed to take the reigns and unify the earlier plethora of disassociated software. Each manufacturer had there own scheme of things.
    Now when a person sits down on just about any computer anywhere there is no big mystery as to how to operate said machine.
    Doesn’t everything have it’s pros and cons?
    There will always be the rugged individualist who needs to be different or has unique needs, and for those folks we have many other OSs and machine language programming available. But for the average to above average user consistancy and user friendly will always be the prime concern.
    Keep On Smilin’

  160. I’m running Vista Ultimate and (once I disabled Windows Defender and UAC) am very happy with it. Vista just got off to a bad start.

  161. Patricia Kinnee

    I have Vista and am very satisfied with it. I suppose I got a good one because I’ve had no problems with Vista Home Premium at all.

  162. Thanks for the update. I’ll certainly upgrade to Windows 7.

    However, I must confess, that Vista works fine for me. I must be one of the few people who have had excellent service from the Vista operating system. 🙂

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