Bits from Bill: Twitter Under Attack


By Bill Pytlovany

No, it’s not under attack by rebel’s in Iran. It’s the same old malware attacks using popular topics or trends on Twitter.

It’s natural as soon as something on the Internet is popular, it will be the target of greedy, bad guys. These days most of the buzz is about Twitter and sure enough Twitter is the new playground for evil tricksters.

The popular attack continues to be the old “You have a virus. Pay us to remove your virus or else”. The virus comes in the form of an rogue AntiSpyware program or what we I call ExtortionWare. Some other attacks will just trick you into entering a name and password.

Rule #1: Just because the tweet or messages comes from someone you know and trust, there’s no guarantee it’s really them. If there is a link they want you to click on, contact them and confirm they still have control over
their account.

But what about a verified Twitter account?


This post is excerpted with Bill P’s permission from his blog

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