Chris Pirillo Video: Having Problems with Win XP SP3

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Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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11 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo Video: Having Problems with Win XP SP3”

  1. Hi I have tried all the Microsoft published instructions, I have it on disk, even tried safe mode and just cannot install Service Pack 3 by download or the disk. Any ideas

  2. I can’t instal Service Pack 3 because it’s incompatible with a dual boot into Ubuntu Linux. It’s NOT Ubuntu’s fault: it hasn’t touched the Windows XP instal! WHY, OH WHY should the service pack care, or be dependent on the boot sequence? I can’t think of a better way to drive me into abandoning Windows altogether.

  3. i had problems with service pack 3.So,i unninstalled it.Then i unninstalled IE8.Then i downloaded .net framework 3.5(which is part of service pack 3) to desktop,then you run it.After installing .net framework 3.5,you restart your computer,then you receive remaining updates,but if you are asked to install IE8,click dont will be better off with IE7.IE8 still giving problems to everybody.And if you can not unninstall IE8,first you have to go to add/remove programs to remove service pack 3.Then you can remove IE8.After that you can download .net framework 3.5.But remember to save it to desktop,then you can click on run the program.I hope this tip help someone.

  4. I also have the same problem as Philip Branch with IE8. Most of the time, but not all of the time, when I click a link it won’t load the first time and eventually goes to a windows diagnostics page to test connections when there is nothing wrong. If I leave that page up and click the link again, it invariably loads to a new page properly. Is this an IE8 glitch or what? ANY IDEAS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED as I’m pis*ed off with it. Putting out these programs without proper testing should be a criminal offence. Imagine the millions of hours wasted by people.

  5. Phillip Branch

    I didn’t know where to turn for this problem but after installing IE8, I’ve been getting errors when trying to lunch certain links from some web sites. I have tried googling errors for IE8 and I haven’t gotten any solution to the errors and they aren’t defined errors with a number attach to them. HELP.

  6. You would have been a lot more informative if you hadn’t tried so hard to be funny (which you were not). You need to listen to yourself once and try to keep your voice more at an even volume. All the up-and-down saturates our speakers (those of us who don’t have the most expensive brands) and makes your voice very hard to understand, on the rare occasions when you ARE invormative.

  7. Chris your cool, and I certainly respect your answers- fully, cause you mentioned your lack of need for sunscreen. That means your indoors and on the computing scene rather than the beach scene – Time spent=Prowess!
    Me?, I have a nice tan, so I need your skills.
    …and speaking of complexion, your plaid is showing…
    0:45- vista… after a looong pause, is”generally not a great OS”
    2:55- turning to your only computer, “that’s running windows right now”.
    3:44 – “when windows was my primary OS”
    4:14- Windows7 will _”remote into the application”_d”oh
    5:07-” I love that App.”_dou x2
    5:19 to 5:30-another looong pause_ Och ay, enough said…

    Keep up the good work!

    Diagnostic tool: * SiSoftware Sandra * 2009 SP3 * __ __
    _well worth the money!… enough “benchmarking modules” that you can find out anything/everything going on with your windows computer. Lite version available too.
    Cheers and good luck

  8. After installing Service Pack-3 which went well there is one file that remains. It is in connection with Windows Professional 2000 year 2002. The update is looking for an application “PROPLUS.MSI” and states that it can not make a connection on the internet with \fileserverZ (E)MS OfficeXP. I have searched my C drive and the original CD for both XP Professional and Office 2000 but can not locate a “PROPLUS.MSI”. How can I remove this pending update application that keeps coming up every time I do a Microsoft download and update, or is there a way to get “PROPLUS.MSI” Thanks,

  9. I have tried to install SP3 several times. Near the end I get the ‘error’….and it says your computer may not work right any more, and SP3 may have screwed up some files. You would need to be very good w/ software to use the work-around published.
    It’s a joke to many….

  10. I’ve had problems installing SP3 but solved them by installing it in safe mode. In one case I got an error and just told the installer to ignore it. The rest of the install went smoothly and I have never experienced a problem from ignoring whatever file was that caused the error.

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