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It appears Dell is doing something right when it comes to providing users with desktop computers. It is quite interesting and I am more than a little surprised to see Dell sweep the top ten positions in the PC Pitstop Satisfaction Rankings for Commercial Desktop PCs as of July 2009. The rankings are based solely on user feedback describing their experience with their systems.

For the purpose of PC Pitstop satisfaction results, Commercial Desktops are PCs with an available name and model number that can be captured during the PC Pitstop online scans. These desktops are available commercially as “branded” PCs.

Below are the top ten satisfaction rankings for commercial desktops. The PC Pitstop Satisfaction Library Reports are being updated continually as users complete the satisfaction survey which is part of the free PC Pitstop on line diagnostic scans. In addition to the {STAR} ranking you will find total users surveyed and comments. These comments and results are unbiased and are not given as a result of purchasing products from us.

Add your own results and comments and check them out in the PC Pitstop Satisfaction Library Reports. Just run the OverDrive scan and add your review.

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PC Pitstop Top Loved Commercial Desktops
As of July 16, 2009

Rank Make Model Average Satisfaction Model Info
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30 thoughts on “Top Loved Commercial Desktops”

  1. I had a bad experience with a brand new Dell Vostro 1500 laptop I bought from them a year and a half ago and tried to post my review on the Dell site and they wouldn’t post it. 3 times I tried to put it up and they wouldn’t allow it to post so, so much for Dell allowing all sides to be aired on their site.

    But I’m assuming that the user feedback you are talking about is on a PC Pitstop poll and not the Dell site. Unless they made some major changes in the past year, buyer beware. When my brand new laptop malfunctioned in the first week, they sent a replacement but it was a refirb. And it was even worse than the first one.

    I ended up doing a youtube video about my experience (search youtube for “Dell Vostro 1500 review aka Dell Hell”)

  2. My Dell Dimension 3000 was a nightmare. There were problems in its 1st week; the technician who came to my office said that the hard drive was bad. Four months later, after I spent countless days running various diagnostic tests, replacement of the fan, heat sink, motherboard, etc, Dell finally replaced the hard disk, but technical support sent a completely blank hard drive. I am a total newbie. What a mess. Years later, Dell has never corrected their records for the new service code for my machine. That means I can’t get everything you must get from their support site: firmware updates, diagnosis of hardware problems, downloads, etc. Dell cannot find my computer and has not responded to numerous requests to fix the service code problem. I will never buy another Dell.

  3. I had a really bad experience with a very expensive Dell Laptop. Their customer service was terrible. NEVER AGAIN DELL!!!!!!

  4. I think emachines is now part of Acer, but the best desktop I’ve owned (so far) is an emachine. I bought it several years ago. Until recently, I kept it powered-on around the clock and experienced only one problem just a few weeks ago that required a minor service shop visit.

    I have owned a number of desktops, laptops, and PDAs over the years, including several custom-built desktops during the early years of the computer age. My emachine’s 2 Ghz CPU, multiple-drive (160 GB hard drive, CD, DVD double-layer read/write, and multiple memory card), 512 MB RAM (adequate for my needs), and 17-inch standard monitor was and still is an excellent bargain, performance-wise and cost-wise.

  5. My son bought a Dell some years ago and had nothing but trouble. I recently decided to try them in spite of his problems. However … when I call Dell and gave them my parameter requirements … and they gave me a price … I said I wanted to think about it for one day and was told the price they quoted me was only for now and would be gone tomorrow. I don’t deal with high pressure salesmanship … nor do I trust those companies who allow their help to use those tactics. I am in the process of searching out a new manufacturer. Just an opinion for what it’s worth.

  6. Don’t believe this for one minute. Over 75% of all PC’s that come in for service are Dell compared to only 11% of HP and most of those are for upgrade. Think carefully here, maybe Dell are coming high on your scores because Dell users are needing your scans more frequently than other systems! Not a true picture at all….

  7. We have 8 HP PC’s of various models…all of which have been running since brand new. Two of our servers are also HP’s. We had a Dell previously which crashed after about 1.5 years and we have not been able to get it running since. Conclusion? Not sure about the results of your study, but somewhere in the top ten belongs at least one HP computer…

  8. Well i don’t know everything there is to know about all PC’s, like some of you seem to claim. I’m fairly new to the game. I have over the last 20 years owned a few different brands. Mac, Dell, Acer, HP, Gateway, and an E machine. I currently am using a Dell Dimension c521 that is about 4 years old. it was a free bee. because it was riddled with virus’s. After about a month of cleaning. tweaking. upgrading RAM to 4GB, and OS from XP Pro 32, to Vista HP 64. This Machine is far from in the grave. My ex replaced it with a Dell XPS420 only a couple years old. and My c521 walks all over hers. No issues. No crashes. No nothing. I’m not saying Dell makes the best computer out there by any means. I don’t really know. But I do know that even if you took 1000 of the same products. cars, computers, phones, vacuum cleaners, etc. I guarantee that there will be a few out of the bunch that don’t do what they are supposed to. a few that wont work at all. and a few that will exceed all expectations. Just cause one or two don’t work doesn’t mean it isn’t a good product. just means you got a bad one. so fix it. Or replace it.

  9. I purchased two dell units from, very cheap in price, both dells are reconditioned with no problems at is a satifactory piece of equipment.however very limited in expansion or upgrading.I hope this helps.

  10. I have purchased two Sony’s since 1997. The latest, VGC-RA820G series has lasted 5 years with only one problem, it needed a new CD player. It is still running great and the only reason I am looking for a new machine is I am starting a new business doing photo restoration, both new and vintage work. It is a liquid cooled computer, never misses a beat. I just need a duo processor and the old mother board won’t support it. Dell? I think not. I always consider Dell a school kids computer

  11. I’ve had my Dell XPS Gen2 for over 5 years & have never had any problems with it. I love it! I recently had it professionly “cleaned” because I’m not comfortable with doing that myself. I’ve had other PC brands over the years but this one has been the best of all.

    To Jan Nanning regarding the color selection: My home office is in my living room, so to me a color choice is a wonderful idea. Please don’t judge Dell on the basis of those types of questions.

  12. I will never buy a Dell computer again. Since they moved their customer service overseas, it is as if they no longer have customer service. If you can’t understand the person who is trying to help you, they are of no help.

  13. I have had a Dell Dimension 3100/310E for the past 5 years. I have dropped the tower on the floor and it still works fine.
    I would encourage ayone of my friends to purchase a Dell desktop or laptop not just for the reliability but also for the excellent aftercare and support.

  14. I have a Dell laptop (I bought refurbished)from 2001, a desk top from 2002 and another desktop from 2008. I also have an HP 17″ laptop from 2008 to replace the Dell laptop as I had dropped the Dell and cracked the case. All the Dells (including the laptop with the cracked case)are going strong still (as is the HP). I have replaced nothing on the 3 Dells.

  15. I call BS on them all being dells. I had a dimension for a few years. It was the worst PC I ever owned. I had a video card, two hard drives, two motherboards, and a power supply all fail after the one year warranty -all with simple, regular use. I will never buy Dell again. This is the second HP Pavilion I have bought. Never had anything fail on them. Suppose the advertising dollars have to come from somewhere.

  16. I don’t understand why so many people seem to have a problem with Dell. I’m a network manager, have been working in IT for over 15 years and in that time i’ve stuck to buying Dells. So as you can imagine I’ve bought hundreds of desktops, laptops and score’s of servers.

    I’ve found Dell kit to be exceptionally reliable and if and when you do get a problem they’ve proved very quick and efficient to get it sorted. Unlike HP or IBM who I’ve had horrendous dealings with in the past…

    As testament to what I believe in I can tell you that all my kit at home is Dell and we’e talking about 10 laptop / desktops of various ages.. some as old as 6 or 7 years and still going strong.

    * no i don’t work for dell, no i dont get any special deals, and yes i have a free choice of the kit i buy and have worked with a lot of IBM and some HP kit.

  17. I started with a Dell Dimension 8100. Got it in ’99 or 2000 and just replaced it this year. It worked great and was still working fine just a little slower than new computers but performed well all those years. I only replaced it this year because it was getting a little ancient. It has now been handed down in the family. The only thing I had to fix was the power supply. I have now purchased a Dell Studio XPS 435MT and I love it. Faster than sh**. Had great support from Dell too. If this one lasts anywhere as long as the old comp I will be happy.

  18. I have been buying PC’s since 1983. At one point I even built a couple but just don’t have the time now. I stopped buying Dell computers 4 years ago due to poor quality. Similarly, I gave up on HP’s. For my money the best PC on the marketis made by ASUS. They make motherboards with many extra features e.g. overclocking, SLI,RAID, Healthy power supply,DDR3/DDR2). With a click of the mouse my i7 goes from 2.6Ghz to 2.9Ghz. Lets see a Dell or HP that does that! ASUS has been building quality electronics for years. ASUS has much better systems and features, just not as much marketing. Check them out…by the way, my new ASUS is fantastic!

  19. I was in the market to for laptops and heard great things about Dell so I go online and look for busines laptops so I start going through their ‘find a computer’ program and have to deal with questions like what kind of sexy cover do I want, and color I thought I was in some teenage dream machine store… So I left because I figured that they do not sell business or commercial use computers. I have no doubt that these are good machines but I am convinced that they are only interested in the teenage market.

  20. Since 2000 I have purchased 3 desktops and a laptop for myself, 5 or 6 for my kids and grandkids and helped at least 6 friends customize and purchase their own Dell. I’ve found them to be very user friendly and dependable. Lately I’ve assisted friends with their Lenova & HP laptops and find them very nice machines. If it works well we are all going to be satisfied but have always used Dell and been happy with them. And they are so easy to customize and order on line!

  21. Remembering that most people share their opinions on a product within the first month of ownership, it should not be a surprise. Dells are good machines for the life of the warranty. It is after the warranty period is over that the construction methods and cost savings historically become evident.

    until then they see an inexpensive computer that works. I guess that is what you really want.

  22. I am the proud owner of a second hand SPIRE tower and I have found that although discarded by the company I used to work for, since I rebuilt it (back in November 2008), it has run perfectly. The only maintenance I do on it is a monthly defrag using defraggler (a freebie) and a monthly standalone AV check using SAV32CLI (another freebie).

  23. love the Dell Optiplex 280 Small form Factor. Has a poweful Pentium 4 , DDR2 memory and I:1 clocking of memory with CPu. Incredibly stable and fast. Cant beat the price on refurbed models. Great for business use.

  24. This comment applies to your whole PC Satisfaction Library.

    Well, OK. I’m looking to buy a new system, and it’s nice to know who the top ten are, but it would be a whole lot better to be able to look at the actual reviews, and to be able to look up the companies I’m interested in.

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